Best Car Speakers In India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Kicker DSC652. Infinity 6032cf3. Harsh Itch Skin


When it comes to your car’s stereo, the car speakers are one of the essential components which should not be overlooked. Whatever you might be listening to while driving your car, be it music or a podcast, the car speakers provide a clear way for it to reach your ears.

However hard-hitting and excellent the subwoofers may be, you can barely listen to the vocals if your car does not have good speakers. All your enjoyment on a long drive will drain away if your car lacks them.

The best car speakers have amazing volume and great sound potential. You should go for new car speakers which sound better than the factory-installed ones. These speakers will not require an external amp to reach ear-splitting volumes.


The car speakers which produce clear highs, mid and lows, are mentioned in this article’s section of the best car speakers in India. Each pair has different features as per their prices, but all of them provide an excellent auditory experience for sure.

What To Look For In the Best Car Speakers

Don’t settle for less than the best when you go for aftermarket speaker replacement. It is necessary to keep a few important factors in your mind while purchasing the best car speakers for your car. Your stereo system will be brought back to life by the new speakers. Speaker units usually come with various features such as type, shape, size, etc. The following are the factors which should be considered while purchasing car speakers:

1. Speaker Type

The speaker type is the first thing which should be considered while buying car speakers. You will experience the sound-quality you have been looking for by getting an ideal pair of speakers for your car stereo. The two main categories of car speakers are:

Component Speakers

Due to their design, the component speakers provide the best sound quality. The speaker components – tweeters and woofers, are featured separately in component speakers. This separation allows the speaker an easy ‘movement’ within the car. Sound waves have the best movements on different speaker sizes, and as a result, a better overall sound is produced by the component speakers. Small speakers produce better high-pitched sounds while larger speakers produce low-pitched bass sounds more clearly. If you are looking for a more advanced system, then go for component speakers. However, they are a bit expensive.

Coaxial / Full-Range Speakers

Full-range speakers are packed in a single system, and they can be installed easily. They can produce any range of sound. These speakers are priced low in comparison to the component speakers. If you want to replace your factory car speaker units, then go for new full-range speakers. One possible downside is that unlike component speakers, the full-range speakers do not allow for customization.

2. Sound Quality

Sound Quality is the factor which stands amongst the most important considerations while choosing any speakers. By looking at a particular speaker’s frequency range, you can determine its sound quality. The car stereo systems usually feature specific frequency ranges. The lowest frequency is 10 hertz, while the normal peak frequency is 20,0000 hertz. It has not been proved that extreme frequencies offer audible sound and so, you don’t require the whole range.

​3. Power-Handling

Power-handling gives you the amount of power that can be handled by the speaker. If your car’s stereo system features powerful external amps, then it requires speakers with power-handling close to the output of the amp. A lot of people think that peak power handling is the key feature. But actually, Maximum RMS is the most vital feature of power handling.

4. Speaker Sensitivity

If the stereo system of your car is low-powered, then the high sensitivity range speakers would be the best match for your stereo system. The factory-installed audio systems of most of the vehicles are low-powered. You need car speakers with lower sensitivity ratings if your car has a high-powered sound system (an externally installed amplifier or aftermarket stereo system). When such speakers are adequately powered, they produce brilliant sound.

5. Components

The sound quality produced by the car speakers is largely impacted by the speaker materials featured on the components. The lifespan of the entire system also depends on the materials used. The following are the speaker’s main components and the materials used for producing them:


Tweeters feature soft materials such as polyurethane, textile blends or silk to deliver a warm sound. For producing sound with higher tones, the tweeter components are built with harder materials such as graphite or ceramics.

The Speaker Surround

The casing around the woofer is called speaker surround. It should have the capability to withstand heat and humidity. For speaker surround, the best-preferred material is rubber. Speakers which are less expensive have speaker surround featuring foam or cloth.


Woofers with lightweight construction produce the best bass sounds. Due to its accurate bass sounds, polypropylene is the most preferred material for the woofer. Materials such as woven fabrics can be used as well.

6. 2-Way or 3-Way

2-way speakers and 3-way speakers are the most common types of speaker systems. 2-way speakers are called coaxial speakers. The standard units of 2-way speakers have only a tweeter and a woofer while the 3-way speaker consists of added mid-range component along with woofer and tweeter. The 3-way speaker has higher frequency range due to which, it can produce highs and lows of the sound. Thus, 3-way speakers offer more accurate and much fuller sound.

7. Speaker Compatibility and Configuration

Even if your speakers don’t raise your vehicle’s value, they can enhance your driving experience. It is necessary for the new car speakers to fit in your car. Also,no one wants to end up with low-quality sound while connecting your smartphone’s aux with the sound system of their car. Thus, you should pay heed to the speaker’s compatibility and configuration before buying it.

8. Speaker Size

The size of a speaker ranges between 3.5 inches and 6 x 9 inches. Before purchasing replacements, it is essential to check the size of your car’s speakers. You should select a speaker bracket if you wish to install the speakers yourself. However, the holes of the screws have less chance of matching up with the after-market speakers as there is no standard cutout for speakers by car manufacturers. Universal speaker brackets are an easy solution to counter this problem. You can even fit a smaller speaker into a larger cutout with these brackets.

9. Budget

The prices of simple replacement speakers are not too high, but hi-tech systems are quite expensive. You need to determine your budget before looking for the speakers. Adjusting your budget for favouring more speaker features and capabilities will prove to be beneficial in the long term. The speaker size doesn’t necessarily reflect the overall sound performance of the systems and the same goes for the price too. It’s not necessary that expensive speakers will always work better than budget-friendly speakers.

Testing The Quality Of Your Sound System

The evaluation of audio speakers sums down to a simple fact – whether the speakers are reproducing the audio signal or not. A woofer’s ability to produce sound gets affected by too many variables like air pressure, humidity and altitude.

But a good speaker produces the received audio signal as accurately as possible. If all the speakers are compared in the same environment, one can find the best one which performs more accurately amongst all of them.

While recording an album, musicians record and mix music in different ways to get a particular sound. A speaker system is regarded as an excellent one if it accurately reproduces the sound intended by the musicians. Speakers vary in quality and stereos often diminish or boost frequencies.

This makes it difficult to know how a song was supposed to sound if you didn’t record and mix the audio yourself. It’s highly possible that you haven’t heard the original version of your favourite song which you’ve been listening to for years. Shocked to know this? Well, it’s the truth unless you have listened to the songs on an excellent audio system.

It requires practice and patience to critically evaluate audio. You cannot assess speakers with heavy metal or hip-hop tracks. You can play the following songs for determining the quality of a car speaker:

1. Overall Balance

The National Anthem – Radiohead

2. Treble Quality

Lonesome Lover – Max Roach

3. Bass Control

Uh Uh – Thundercat

4. Midrange Quality

Baby plays Around – The Chemical Brothers

5. Rhythm and Timing

Spoon – Can

6. Dynamic Range

Rhapsody in Blue – George Gershwin

7. Detail

Montagues and Capulets – Sergei Prokofiev

8. Stereo Focus

Pretty Vacant – Sex Pistols

9. Space

Turn Your Lights Down – The Wailers and Bob Marley

10. Attack & Decay

Das Spiegel – The Chemical Brothers

These challenging mixes would expose your average speakers.

Before upgrading your car speakers, make sure the new ones are compatible with your desired A/V system plans as well as your existing equipment. To get the most out of your car audio, car speakers need to be installed by a professional.

Even the most economical and basic equipment can produce brilliant sound if installed properly. No matter how high lauded or expensive your speaker is, it won’t give you desirable results if it isn’t installed correctly.

Top 10 Best Car Speakers in India 2020

1. Kicker DSC65 D-Series Coaxial 2-Way Speakers

Kicker Best care speaker in IndiaThe Kicker DSC65 D-Series Coaxial 2-Way Speakers are professional grade car door speakers which will provide you with amazing sound quality. As Kicker produces excellent subwoofers, there is no way that their car component speakers would disappoint you.

The exterior shell of these speakers is not flimsy, and it is indeed durable. Your ears will experience a deep and clean bass with the use of their extended coils.

The mid and high-level notes delivered through these speakers will make you realize its worth. The bass is pretty good. The high-level audio and crispy vocals are a result of their titanium-dome tweeters.


2. Infinity Reference 6032cf 2-Way Speakers

Infinity Reference 6032cf 2-Way SpeakersThe Infinity Reference 6032cf 2-Way Speakers are considered as a fantastic upgrade from cheap aftermarket speakers as well as OEM. The bass output increases and the efficiency is improved by their conical surface area.

For pointing into the direction of the listeners, you can adjust the provided centre tweeter clockwise or anticlockwise.

The tweeters can also be adjusted in levels. One can switch from 0 dB to +3 dB if the speakers are located down low. Any car speaker system will give an excellent output with these speakers.


3. Alpine Sps-610c 2-Way Car Speakers

Alpine Sps-610c 2-Way Car SpeakersAlpine stands as a premium brand for automotive speakers. Being Type-S series car speakers, the Alpine Sps-610c 2-Way Car Speakers deliver an impressive mid to high notes.

The vocals are brought out in the midst of high bass levels by the wide-range silk dome tweeters of these speakers. The grills have to be purchased separately.

These speakers are at their best with their sibling subwoofers such as Type R and Type S. For getting the best sound quality from these speakers, it is important to ‘break them in’. Constantly playing audio for 30 minutes to 1 hour will result in the break-in period.


4. JBL GTO609C Component Speaker System

JBL GTO609C Component Speaker SystemThe JBL GTO609C Component Speaker System produces clear and strong sound from an amplifier or head-unit, which can deliver a power of up to 270 watts. This speaker can keep up with systems that feature one or more subwoofers.

It will satisfy high-fidelity audiophile listeners for sure. The reliability of this speaker system also increases due to its excellent power-handling specifications.

This speaker system also features patented plus one woofer-cone technology. Compared to other cones, the more overall speaker-cone area is provided by these carbon-injected cones. The speaker radiates more air due to an effective increase in cone area.

The carbon-injected cone material produces a stiffer and lighter cone. All these results in a better low-frequency response. FRP (fibreglass-reinforced plastic) frames are used in the woofer/midrange drivers of this speaker system.

Even if you mount these frames on uneven surfaces, they will resist warping. Also, the magnet’s energy is controlled with the help of their nonmagnetic carbon composite. Instead of being wasted as heat, the energy is delivered to the voice coil. As the plastic doesn’t resonate, you will experience accurate sound in your car.


5. Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial Speakers

Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial SpeakersThe Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial Speakers have assured longevity due to their water-resistant posterior part, and 10% increased flexural rigidity. For bringing stiffness into the fragile pulp cone, mica is pulverised and later infused onto a pulpy cone design. Their voice coil is effectively supported by the P.F.S.S. (Progressive Flex Suspension System).

The system dampens the vibration of a large cone and enhances the linearity of sound reproduction. The movement is made smooth by the soft part, and clear sound is reproduced.

Excessive vibration is controlled by the hard part at excessive input, and movement error is prevented. The grille of these speakers delivers high endurance and reliability. The full covered grille prevents any physical damage.


6. Sony XS-FB693E 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

Sony XS-FB693E 3-Way Coaxial Car SpeakersThe Sony XS-FB693E 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers feature a rigidly-constructed cone woofer for high power handling and tight, punchy bass.

As a result, the volume of these speakers pumps up without the sound quality getting affected in any way. The super tweeter gives a high-frequency extension.

For thumping bass through the car, one of Sony’s latest Mega Bass head units can be added to blast out your favourite driving songs.


7. Rockford Fosgate R169X3 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial SpeakerFrom automotive to home, Rockford Fosgate makes audio for almost every application and so, it is counted as a bonafide audio company. Compared to the Kenwoods and Boss speakers, Rockford Fosgate’s speakers have better bass quality.

The bass sound clarity of cost efficiency of the Rockford Fosgate R169X3 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker makes them a suitable choice for your car’s audio system.

Each of these speakers have a stamped steel outer shell, integrated tweeter crossover, silk dome pole tweeter for midrange and a vacuum polypropylene cone with rubber surroundings. The pair has separate mounting hardware along with the grill.


8. JVC CSJ620 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

JVC CSJ620 2-Way Coaxial Car SpeakersBeing budget-friendly, the JVC CSJ620 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers are of the best options to consider for replacing your old speakers to get more bass and clarity.

In most cases, a bit of improvement over stock speakers is noticed with these speakers. With their size at 6.5″ all around, you need to make sure that they fit properly.

High notes are brought out by their poly-ether imide balanced dome tweeters.


9. Kenwood 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

Kenwood 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial SpeakersRegarding head units, Kenwood stands as one of the most popular brands. It also produces good car speakers too. The fitment of these speakers is limited as they are sized in a certain way.

If they fit properly, their clarity will leave you satisfied. The 2″ inch tweeter gives more defined high notes.

They also have a 1/2″ inch ceramic super tweeter.

These speakers sound good in vocals and bass levels.


10. Boss Audio NX654 Onyx 4-Way Full Range Speaker

Boss Audio NX654 Onyx 4-Way Full Range SpeakerIf you are looking for a budget-friendly car audio equipment, then Boss is the ideal brand to go for. The 4-way 400watt car speakers with NX654 by Boss delivers good sound. These speakers have RMS ratings of 200.

The sound sensitivity is 90dB, and the range of frequency response is 65Hz to 20 kHz. High vocals are brought out by the two 1.25″ tweeters.

These tweeters compliment the mids and lows. These speakers are available in various sizes such as 6.5″ inches, 6×9″ inches, 5.25″ inches and 4″ inches.

However, the efficiency of the Boss Audio NX654 Full Range Speaker is not up to the mark, and hence, their volume is required to be turned up a bit more.


Being the life of a car stereo, the car speakers are used not only for enjoying music but also for listening to podcasts and receiving phone calls via Bluetooth.

Choosing the best speakers for your car’s stereo system might seem like a challenging task. However, it will become quite easy if you go through the above-mentioned best car speakers.

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