Best Baby Products In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Pampers New Diapers Pants Best Baby Product

Aquaphor Ointment

Boppy Baby Pillow


Taking care of a baby and nursing it can be one of the most challenging tasks you will face. Whether you are to-be parents or have already given birth to a baby, having complete knowledge about baby products is very important.

Babies are extremely sensitive hence, you must only buy the best products provided by the best brands for your little one.

In order to make an informed choice about what to buy for a baby, you should choose from a list of the best baby products in India. As parents, your job does not merely end at providing your baby with the basic needs- food, love and shelter. A baby needs more than that.


If you have already had children before, then you will know this. However, if this is your first time, there is nothing to worry about. Reading reviews like this and doing some research can go a long way for your baby.

Babies are sensitive and the products you use on them should be trustworthy in terms of the materials used to make them, how they function and so on. In order to take good care of your baby, you need a variety of products such as skin care products- shampoo, lotion, oil, soap, diapers and so on.

Along with skin care products, you also need feeding products like milk, feeding bottles, pacifiers etc.

While you are out with your baby, it is advisable for the baby, as well as you to have certain travel systems with you like a perambulator or wrap carrier. You want your baby to be comfortable travelling as it is comfortable at home.

The list of baby products can go on and on without an end. This is precisely because babies need to be given all the attention and taken care of with the best products available. No compromise should be made in this regard.

The market in the modern world will go to any extent to sell different products to you. It can confuse you. However, your baby’s safety is in your hands and keeping it away from harm’s way is up to you.

The immunity system of your baby is still at a nascent stage, which is the reason why babies fall sick more often and easily.

Harmful materials used in baby products can be dangerous for them. It is always suggested that you buy products belonging to trustworthy brands that have some years of experience in this industry.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Baby Products

1. Read The Labels Carefully

Buying all kinds of baby products for your newborn can sometimes be a nightmare for first time parents. There are so many products and so many brands selling each of those products, that it is truly a challenge settling on one.

Keeping your baby’s safety and health in mind, make sure you read the labels on the product carefully. Steer clear of products that contain chemicals like parabens, sulfates and phthalates. These can be harmful for your baby.

It is best to go for more natural products that use as few artificial ingredients as possible. If it is any kind of travelling gear that you wish to buy, make sure it is safe enough to carry your baby and is not accident prone.

2. Make Sure That Your Baby Is Not Allergic To The Product

Babies can develop allergies very quickly, due to exposure to the smallest of things. Like adults, a baby is not tolerant to a lot of chemicals. Knowing about your baby’s allergies is possible only through a process of trial and error.

Everytime you use a new product on your baby, look for signs of allergies. Make sure that the products you are using are tested for allergies by the company. Another good way of avoiding allergies is checking for ingredients in products that you have used before but discontinued.

Skin care products can pose a threat of giving allergies. Hence, you must take good care. Measures like this will ensure that your baby is safe and sound.

3. Look For Natural Or Herbal Products

The baby care industry is booming now, as parents are getting lured by the glossy, well-scented products being advertised. However, it is advisable to not fall for this trap. Natural products are a more prudent choice for babies.

Products with no preservatives and petroleum are much safer for your baby. Natural ingredients can prove to be more beneficial than the ones with fruity, flowery fragrance and false promises.

4. Check For Efficacy Of Products

How can you know that a product is effective before buying it? Most trusted and good quality baby products are tested by doctors. Ask your baby’s doctor what is best and if she gives the ‘go ahead’ signal then you can be rest assured that the product is safe for the baby.

5. Say No To Artificial Fragrances

Products which have a strong artificial fragrance added to it can be extremely harmful for your little one. With regard to skin care products, the fragrance can linger for a long time and cause respiratory problems.

It is in your baby’s best interest that you use products that have mild to negligible fragrance.

Once you have made a note of all the factors to be considered before buying the best baby products in India, you have the tedious task of choosing the right products. Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, you may make the choice. However, a list of these products has been charted out for you below as well.

Top 10 Best Baby Products In India 2020

1. Pampers New Diapers Pants

Pampers New Diapers Pants Best Baby ProductPampers baby dry pants style diapers are the only pants in India with an ultra-absorb core, double leak guards, and lotion with aloe vera. The ultra-absorb core locks in wetness for up to 12 hours.

The double leak guards provide upto 100% protection from leakage – even after 12 hours of usage. The baby lotion with aloe vera helps protect your baby’s delicate skin from diaper rash and irritation.

The diaper has a top layer made of cotton like soft material that will ensure that your baby has a comfortable night’s sleep.

The diapers have fun exterior graphics and designs that make sure that your baby has a good time wearing them. This particular pack of Pampers diapers has 86 pants and is suitable for babies weighing upto 5 kgs, that is, newborn babies.

Pampers has, over the years, become doctors’ number 1 choice and hence, you can be rest assured that this product is perfect for your baby.


2. Aquaphor Ointment

Aquaphor OintmentThis is a healing ointment produced for advanced therapy. The ointment provides an essential solution for many skincare needs, such as protecting the baby from a diaper rash, moisturizing chapped skin and red cheeks and even healing minor scrapes and cuts.

The Aquaphor healing ointment is uniquely formulated to restore smooth and healthy skin. You can also use it if your baby has cracked hands and feet. It is uniquely formulated with 41% petrolatum to allow oxygen to flow and help heal the skin.

It is a skin protectant ointment with panthenol and glycerin to moisturize, nourish and protect your baby’s skin. The product has been approved by pediatricians and hence, is completely safe to use on your baby. It is easily available online at a price of approximately Rs. 2000.


3. Boppy Baby Pillow

Boppy Baby PillowThe Boppy feeding and infant support pillow is designed to give you and your baby the support that you need throughout the first year.

This versatile pillow lifts the baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable feeding, then transitions to the perfect spot for propping, tummy time and learning to sit.

The pillow comes with a peaceful jungle cottony cute slip cover that is removable anytime and is easy to wash. The product first came into the market in the 1980s, and has been a must-have for parents since then.

This Boppy pillow has been voted the number 1 baby product that mothers cannot live without. The pillow is available at an affordable price of approximately Rs. 5,700.


4. Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator

Nosefrida Nasal AspiratorNosefrida snotsucker is a brilliant technology invented in order to suck snot out of your little one’s nose, so that it can breath again properly. Developed and recommended by doctors, this non-invasive baby nasal aspirator is BPA and Phthalate free, and hence completely safe for your little one.

Also, this Nosefrida Snotsucker Aspirator comes with disposable filters which prevent bacterial or mucus transfer while using it. Featuring a new Swedish design, Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator comes with a tube that needs to be placed against your baby’s nostril and not inside, making it comfortable for both you and your baby.


5. LuvLap Stroller

LuvLap StrollerA stroller is very much needed by parents when they take their baby outside the house. Babies can relax in it, look around and fall asleep when needed. Luvlap galaxy stroller is suitable for infants between 0 months to 3 years, and can carry weight upto 15 kgs.

It is certified as a safe product as per the European Standard EN 1888. The stroller is extra spacious with heavy duty wheels and is the best choice for outdoor use. It is enabled with a 5 point safety harness for your baby’s safety.

Along with this, it also has an extended double layer canopy to give shelter to your baby. The stroller can be easily folded. It has a reversible handle bar that allows your baby to face you while strolling, giving it a sense of security.

The stroller has 3 position seat recliner for sleeping, relaxing and sitting. Lastly, it has a 360 degrees front wheel rotation with swivel lock and brakes for extra safety.


6. LuvLap Carrier

LuvLap CarrierBaby carriers are a great option in order to carry your baby around and keep them close to you. This product has been certified as per European Standard EN 13209, which makes this product safe for little ones.

It has four carrying positions. The material that it is made of is polyester and it has a horizontal feeding position. It has 3 belts for safety- 2 shoulder belts and 1 waist belt for superior lumbar support.

It has removable and adjustable hard board support with air holes to provide protection and support to the baby’s head and back. Along with this, there is an adjustable side opening buckle to ensure safety.

It has easy adjustable wide padded shoulder straps with breathable mesh fabric lining provided for the parent’s comfort and convenience. The cushioned armholes are for the baby’s delicate arms.


7. Dr. Brown’s Newborn Feeding Set

Dr. Brown's Newborn Feeding Set
Dr. Brown’s feeding bottles are different from other bottles, due to its unique venting system. Keeping your baby’s comfort in mind, this bottle uses a patented 2 piece internal vent system.

A positive pressure flow is created which gives your baby the experience of breastfeeding. It allows for the free flow of the milk or formula without the nipples collapsing.

Oxidation is easily prevented as air does not mix with the milk. Air bubbles in the milk are eliminated and this reduces a lot of feeding problems. These bottles are completely safe for your baby as they are free of PVC, BPA, lead and phthalate.

The wide-neck newborn feeding set kit comes with 3 8oz/240ml wide-neck bottle, 2 4oz/120ml wide-neck bottles, 2 extra level-two silicone nipples, 2 storage/travel caps and 3 cleaning brushes.


8. Philips Avent Breast Pump

Philips Avent Breast PumpOne of the most essential items required by mothers today are breast pumps. The Philips AVENT Comfort Manual Breast Pump has been designed to provide the maximum possible comfort to mothers, when pumping milk.

It allows you to lean forward while pumping and the massage cushion stimulates the flow of milk, in a gentle, yet effective manner.

The breast pump includes 3 versatile milk storage cups. It has a compact and lightweight design. The product can be easily cleaned without much hassle.

Lastly, the pump can be easily assembled with easy visual matching of parts. The breast pump can be a beneficial tool to feed a baby – especially if you are a working mother.


9. LuvLap 4-In-1 Car Seat

LuvLap 4-In-1 Car SeatLuvLap has some of the best baby products in India which are widely used by parents. Once you have a baby, a lot changes in your life. Addition of a baby car seat in the car is one such thing, and it is an important change for your baby’s safety.

This car seat is available in black colour at an affordable price. This is a both rearward and forward facing installation for babies aged from 0 to 9 months of weight 0-13 kgs. The 5 point safety belt harness system provides extra safety for your baby.

It has 4 positions handle adjustment- it can be used as infant baby car seat, carry cot, rocker and feeding chair. Its innovative design comes with padded wings for side impact protection, to give the most safety and comfort to the baby.

The height adjustable headrest and harness system is designed to adjust to your baby’s height, which helps provide a comfortable ride to the baby. It is enabled with the one pull adjustment which helps in easy adjustment of the safety belt to tighten or loosen the safety belts, and to get the baby in or out of the car seat easily.


10. Wubbanub

WubbanubPacifiers are a good way of soothing your baby when it is being too fussy – especially during the teething period when babies always need something in the mouth to suck on. Most pacifiers fall out of the baby’s mouth and get lost. This way Wubbanub pacifiers are an ingenious creation.

Its durable one piece construction is both functional and stylish. The patented design makes it easy for your baby to grasp. This brand is widely trusted and hence, even distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units worldwide.

The pacifier is made up of soothie medical-grade silicon. It is latex free, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free as well. It is recommended for babies through six months. However, this pacifier is not suitable for babies during their teething stage.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Baby Lotions Expire?

Baby lotions that have gone past the expiry date can still be used. It will not cause damage to your baby’s skin. However, the lotion will not lock in moisture or hydrate the baby’s skin properly.

Unopened and sealed bottles can be kept for 2-3 years. If you notice changes in the texture or smell of the lotion, then it is safest to not use it on your baby as it has extremely sensitive skin.

2. Why Should Feeding Bottles Be BPA Free?

BPA is a special chemical which is usually combined with polycarbonate plastic in order to manufacture storage containers like feeding bottles, water bottles, bowls and so on. Overexposure to heat can cause this chemical to melt and mix with the liquid. This can be extremely harmful for your baby.

Hence, experts always advise that you read the product description before buying a feeding bottle and check it for BPA.

3. Do I Need To Sanitize Breast Pump Parts Everyday?

Ideally you must sanitize the breast pump every time you use it. However, you need not do it this often. It is recommended that you sanitize the parts at least once every day. This is to ensure your baby has hygienic food.


The products mentioned above are only a few of the plethora of baby products available in today’s world. Taking care of your baby has become easier with the invention of these products.

However, even though the market has so many options for you to choose from, do not get overwhelmed by them and make hasty decisions.

When it comes to your baby, you have to take special care of it. Babies are sensitive, prone to health hazards and accidents a lot more than adults. Most baby products now have harmful chemicals mixed in them.

Continuous consumption of these harmful materials can lead to unforeseen problems for your little one. To avoid such a situation, thoroughly check the ingredients and material the products are made up of. Consult doctors if needed.

Your baby deserves the best and you can ensure it gets to experience the best baby products in India.

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