Best Gaming Keyboards in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gamdias Ares2. Redragon Karura K5023. Logitech G413





You will get easily overwhelmed when you are introduced to the amazing dimension of gaming keyboards. One will run after so many features of the gaming keyboards such as mechanical switches, anti-ghosting, N-Key rollover or macros. This is a must have computer accessory if you are into gaming.

If you wish to buy the best gaming keyboard in India, you will most likely have chaos going on in your mind. You don’t need to worry anymore about choosing the wrong gaming keyboard due to over-excitement as we have prepared a list of top 10 best gaming keyboards for enhancing your gaming experience.


The traditional keyboard which comes along with a PC is at the best enough for typing essays and casual emails. However, for professional gaming, you need a gaming keyboard. The professional gaming teams won’t ever compete by using the traditional keyboards. The gaming keyboards used by the professional gaming players are engineered for great reliability and high-performance. Such gaming keyboards are made up of high-quality materials due to which they tend to last longer. Even after using such keyboards for years, their performance won’t get affected.

You might be thinking about the specialties of a gaming keyboard which differentiates it from a traditional keyboard. You are addressing a false belief if you think that gaming keyboards are just the overhyped keyboards with hyper-futuristic designs and flashing lights. We all can agree that those features make a keyboard remarkable, but that’s not the reason for buying a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards deliver an excellent gaming experience. Your regular gaming life will be impacted by the remarkable features of a gaming keyboard.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Gaming Keyboard

The following are the factors which one should consider while buying a gaming keyboard:

1. Key Rollover

1 or 2-key Rollover is offered by most of the traditional keyboards. If you press more than 1 combo of buttons at the same time, your keyboard will not respond. This destroys the magical gaming experience which you require for enjoying your gameplay. Such an issue is known as ‘Ghosting’. Gaming keyboards have a solution to the ghosting problem. They come along with at least 6-Key Rollover. Thus, you can perform simultaneous keystrokes with gaming keyboards. This feature is essential for professional gamers and fast typists. Each keystroke of yours will be registered if you have a gaming keyboard with N-Key Rollover!

2. Switches

For registering a keystroke, a gaming keyboard has a physical switch under each key. The two common switch types are:

  • Membrane
  • Mechanical

More variety is offered by mechanical switches and they are quite durable. The gaming keyboards which come along with mechanical switches are expensive. Compared to membrane switches, the mechanical switches are much louder. You must pick the right type of mechanical switch if you don’t wish to cause a disturbance in your house with the noise.

3. Build Quality

You can’t expect a gamer to be gentle on the keyboard. The traditional keyboard has the ability to handle the light tapping but it couldn’t stand against frantic button-mashing for a long time. For gaming, you require a keyboard which won’t suffer from your ruthless rage during the gameplay. The durability of a gaming keyboard is quite higher than the traditional keyboards.

Metal backplates eliminate flex as well as the risk of breaking and bending. Thus, they are used for high-end keyboards. The components of a gaming keyboard are encased by ultra durable plastic or metal housings. Such components protect and support the circuitry within the switches too. Being oil-resistant, these high-quality plastics increases the durability of a gaming keyboard.

PVC is the most common plastic which is used for manufacturing traditional keyboards. It is cheap but it breaks and wears off easily. Fortunately, the gaming keyboards are manufactured by keeping the feature of long durability in mind. ABS plastic can bear the stress of forceful and repeated keystrokes along with being resistant to natural oils. Thus, gaming keyboards are generally made up of ABS or metal.

4. Macros and Software Customization

The function of any key can be reprogrammed in case of gaming keyboards. The software of a particular gaming keyboard records an entire sequence of mouse clicks and keystrokes. Such a feature is beneficial for activating multiple abilities or skills with just a tap. There are some gaming keyboards which consist of additional unassigned keys. Such additional keys are meant for macros.

The launching of Discord or Steam can be done by a macro key. It can also be used for triggering a complex combo or loading your game profile which contains all of the favourite presets.

5. Backlight

Almost all the gaming keyboards have the backlighting feature which ranges from one specific colour to full RGB. The gaming keyboards which have single colour backlighting allow the users to adjust the brightness levels. Individual key colour customization is offered by the gaming keyboards with full RGB backlighting. Such keyboards also offer effects such as colourist, breathe, wave, etc.

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards in India 2020

1. Gamdias Ares Gaming Membrane Keyboard and 4000DPI Mouse

Gamdias-Ares-Gaming-Membrane-Keyboard-and-4000DPI-MouseEstablished in 2012, GAMDIAS Technology determines to the set the bar of excellence with its quality. Along with emphasizing on service and creativity, GAMDIAS also pays close attention to the fundamentals. It strives to go above and beyond its potential. The motto of this brand is ‘Gaming Art in Motion’. It continues to invest a lot in designs, which leads their products to another level of an artistic pantheon. The GAMDIAS ARES Gaming Membrane Keyboard is the best gaming keyboard in India.

The GAMDIAS ARES Gaming Membrane Keyboard has dazzling features such as:

  • 4-Layer Structure
  • 7 colour (spectrum) backlighting
  • Adjustable breathing frequency
  • Premium Micro-Processor
  • 4 brightness levels
  • Spill Resistant Design
  • ALL-Keys Lock Mode
  • Multimedia function keys
  • Game Mode (Windows key disable)
  • 3 Programmable macro keys with macro recording
  • WASD – Arrow Keys Exchange Mode

This keyboard has grooves etched into it. If any liquid enters the keyboard during the cleaning process or due to an accident, then the liquid is allowed to filter out through the grooves. Your keyboard will stand out during LAN events and parties due to its amazing 7 colour spectrum lighting. Be it the lightest taps or the most furious presses, this keyboard is always combat ready as it has 10 Million Keystroke Life Cycle.

While playing shooting games, fighting games or even adventure games, one requires multiple key combinations. This keyboard has a 23-Key Rollover. Due to this, your previous key presses (the ones which are held) would no longer be deactivated after a new key is introduced.

The OUREA FPS Optical Gaming Mouse has special features such as:

  • Ambidextrous design
  • 8 million click lifecycle
  • Premium microprocessor
  • Selectable 400/1600/3200/4000 DPI
  • Weight system

This Mouse has 6 smart keys which allow quick button presses to implement your crucial attacks and skills. It also has a weight-tuning system which helps to make it lighter or heavier as per your needs. Your mouse can be customized in a way you want to feel it by simply adding or removing weights.


2. Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard

Redragon-Karura-K502-USB-Gaming-KeyboardA seamless input experience is provided by the Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard. You can indulge yourself in gaming or prepare a presentation with ease due to this keyboard. It consists of 19 non-conflict keys, 12 multimedia keys, and 104 alphanumeric keys. There are standard arrow keys for smooth scrolling through large documents.

Navigation becomes quite easy too. The WASD keys can be used for ergonomic movements while playing your gaming characters. This keyboard has adjustable input speeds. Thus, you can personalize your typing, emailing, social networking, gaming, blogging, etc. During the sessions of hardcore gaming, the WIN key can be disabled for temporarily isolating your system from other programs.

7 bright LED backlight Colors are featured on the laser-engraved keys of this gaming keyboard. The colours can be switched between different intervals for giving a superior look to your computer accessory. You can choose out of 4 LED brightness levels for suiting your ambience lights settings such as a lighter level for the day and brighter level for the night. The chiclet-style keycaps of this keyboard are small squares which have curved edges. You get a soft key feel due to these keycaps on the keyboard.

The tough case frame of this keyboard is durable and sturdy as it produced from high-quality ABS material. You get the reliability of a wired connection with the fibre braided cable which comes with this keyboard. Through the gold-plated USB connector, this keyboard syncs with your PC. For matching the comparability with this gaming keyboard, you must have Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 as the operating system of your PC.


3. Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech-G413-Backlit-Mechanical-Gaming-KeyboardThe Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a perfect combination of capability and simplicity. It has a simple yet attractive design. Advanced features, technologies as well as unrivalled performance are delivered by this gaming keyboard. This keyboard has a separate and integrated USB passthrough port.

The Romer-G mechanical switch of this keyboard is faster, quieter and more durable. This switch is purposely built for pro-grade responsiveness, durability, and performance. The Romer-G switches are used by the professionals of eSports worldwide. At 1.5mm, the short-throw actuation is up to 25 per cent faster. Amongst the mechanical gaming keyboard switches, the Romer-G mechanical switch is the ultimate ninja.

A clean and precise lighting through the keycaps is also looked upon by Romer-G. As a result, the keys are never distracting and always visible even during the dark. In this way, the focused and premium look of this gaming keyboard is achieved. Your night gaming sessions will be more joyful than before. The keyboard’s top case is produced from brushed 5052 aluminium-magnesium alloy which is an aircraft-grade alloy.

It serves as the essential part of the keyboard. This overall helps to give the keyboard a full set of features with minimal design.The highest-grade materials are used to manufacture this keyboard. The prime focus is laid on its performance and high-end finish. Speed and convenience go hand in hand in case of this gaming keyboard.

The USB passthrough port is connected with the additional USB cable for data speed and full power throughput. Without missing a beat, you can plug in a device for charging. This keyboard has a built-in Media Control. FN keys can be used for controlling volume, pause, play, mute, gaming mode, toggle lighting, and skipping tracks.

For configuring F keys in order to execute media commands by default, FN toggle feature in Logitech Gaming Software should be used. The features which are required by the gamers are packed in this gaming keyboard despite having a simple and clean design. Downloadable Logitech Gaming Software is necessary for custom macro programming and game mode.

This keyboard also includes additional gaming puller and 12 keycaps. Therefore, critical gaming keys can be upgraded to make your gaming experience as comfortable as possible. With the puller, the Romer-G keycaps can be removed to swap the gaming keys easily with speed. The modifier keys such as Alt, Shift, and Control can be pressed along with multiple keys in order to fulfill your intentions which you have with 26-key rollover. Reliable control is offered by the performance-tuned anti-ghosting if you give multiple gaming commands simultaneously. For disabling the Windows key, you can toggle game mode with FN+F8. By using the Logitech Gaming Software, you can deactivate additional keys.

For programming macro commands and custom functions on the F1-F12 buttons, the same software can be used. Your gaming life will indeed become easier. With the press of a button, you can unleash a timed series of spells or actions and perform complex commands.

The following system requirements for this gaming keyboard are:

Windows 7 or further version of Windows

  • 1 USB port for USB passthrough
  • Internet access for Logitech Gaming Software
  • 1 USB port for keyboard

4. Night Hawk Nk101 FPS Gaming Keyboard

Night-Hawk-Nk101-FPS-Gaming-KeyboardWithout compromising even a bit on quality, the Night Hawk Nk101 FPS Gaming Keyboard delivers superior performances. It has a unique ergonomic design which makes sure that you are gaming sessions are comfortable, however long they may be. The 3 colours LED backlit keys are featured on this keyboard. They give you a feeling of personal touch. For the purpose of Advanced Gaming Control, this keyboard comes with 19 special anti-ghosting keys.


5. Circle Adroit X7C Gaming Keyboard

Circle-Adroit-X7C-Gaming-KeyboardAn ergonomic design is moulded by the breathing light keys of the Circle Adroit X7C Gaming Keyboard. This gaming keyboard has 7 colour backlit modes. It consists of 104 keys along with 6 multimedia keys. 19 anti-ghost keys are included in this keyboard too. The high-quality ABS environmental protection material is used for manufacturing this keyboard.

Each of these keyboards goes through over 30 stringent reliability testings. This gaming keyboard has a Windows independent lock. The keyboard is protected by an advanced waterproof conductive film. It can perform the direction key and WASD function.


6. Trucase TCGK-1 USB Wired Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

Trucase-TCGK-1-USB-Wired-Illuminated-Gaming-KeyboardThe Trucase TCGK-1 USB Wired Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is a multicolour gaming keyboard with a soft keypad. This gaming keyboard comes with 3 LED Colors and 104 keys.
Giving a feeling similar to a mechanical keyboard,
it delivers rapid response and super performance. It ranks the highest among professional sports keyboard in the gaming market. The following are the features of this gaming keyboard:

  • Luminous design
  • PV light guide layer
  • Uniform backlight
  • Ultra-clear characters

The best built-in combinations of multimedia features are used by this gaming keyboard. Professional competitive gaming chips are used by this keyboard designed for gaming professionals. Plenty of resilience is given to the keyboard by the built-in good-quality silica. A cushion lies at the bottom of each key for giving a strong mechanical feel. This gaming keyboard can be used with Smart TV, desktop and notebook computers.


7. Redragon K552 KUMARA Gaming Keyboard

Trucase-TCGK-1-USB-Wired-Illuminated-Gaming-KeyboardThe Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is engineered in such a way that it can handle your intense gaming sessions with ease. This gaming keyboard has plenty of features such as:

  • ABS and heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • High-end switches with mechanical ultra-last springs
  • Bright and crisp adjustable red LED backlighting
  • A gold-plated USB connector
  • 87 double-shot injection molded keycaps

The design of this keyboard is resistant to splashes. You can call it the rough and tough mechanical gaming keyboard. It has 100% anti-ghosting and conflict-free keys. Greater durability and responsiveness of this keyboard are led by custom mechanical switches.

The mechanical keys of this keyboard have audible click sound, tactile bump feedback, and medium resistance. You can turn the Red LED backlighting off or on as per your wish and even adjust the brightness.

The function keys of this gaming keyboard consist of 12 multimedia controls. For gaming and particular applications, there are arrow keys and switchable WASD. It also has the lockout option of Windows key.

This gaming keyboard is built with over-engineered metal like a panzer It supports operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. This gaming keyboard will assist you in any gaming battle. The razor-sharp lighting of this keyboard won’t scratch off.


8. Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB Keyboard and Mouse

Cooler-Master-MasterKeys-Lite-L-Combo-RGB-Keyboard-and-MouseThe Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo of RGB Keyboard and Mouse delivers the best features for a unique gaming experience. The keyboard demonstrates multiple lighting effects ts such as ripple, wave, reactive and active effects.

The two areas of mouse demonstrate static and colour cycle effects. The exclusive switches of Cooler Master are quite durable. They provide a satisfying tactile feedback as they give an essence of mechanical switches.

The accurate detection of each key press is ensured by the 26-key anti-ghosting. With this keyboard, each key can be customized with your own keycaps. You can be in a position of total control with the precision optical sensor as it makes sure the cursor lands where you wish to with a speed of your choice. You will surely love intense gaming with the Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo of RGB Keyboard and Mouse.


9. Zebronics Transformer Gaming Multimedia Keyboard

Zebronics-Transformer-Gaming-Multimedia-KeyboardThe Zebronics Transformer Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard and Mouse combo will make your PC look astonishing. There are a total of 104 keys on this keyboard. The LEDs of this keyboard are multi-coloured. There are 4 modes which come with an integrated media control for your comfort. This keyboard has an aluminium body with laser keycaps. The 2 step stand design of this keyboard gives it an elegant look.

It also comes with a high-quality USB connector and a braided cable. The mouse has a solid structure as well as an ergonomic and compact design. Its 7 LED colours give it a pleasant look. There are extra buttons on this mouse for DPI/ forward/ backwards. The mouse has a high-quality USB connector and a braided cable.


10. GOGOING Razer Cynosa Chroma Membrane Gaming Keyboard

GOGOING-Razer-Cynosa-Chroma-Membrane-Gaming-KeyboardThe GOGOING Razer Cynosa Chroma Membrane Gaming Keyboard provides an experience of absolute gaming. Your keyboard will look superior and attractive due to its infinite lighting. This keyboard takes personalization to an ultimate level.

In terms of response, it is insanely powerful. It fulfils the purpose of being an enhancer of your gaming performance. You can even customize the individual keys of this keyboard with a full spectrum of colours. This keyboard consists of 104 individually customizable backlit keys.

The design of this keyboard is durable and spill-resistant. It has the special feature of 10 key roll-overs with anti-ghosting. The keys are soft-cushioned which enables gaming-grade performance. The backlit keys are powered individually by Razer Chroma. The keyboard has an ultrapolling of 1000Hz. The best can be customized with over 16.8 million colour options. The keys can be reprogrammed with the help of macro recording. The Razer Synapse is enabled too.


Enchance Your Gaming Expereince With the Best Gaming Keyboards!

These are the best gaming keyboards which will not only enhance your gaming experience but also make your PC setup look attractive. Ensure that you thoroughly go through the factors to look for section before you make the choice.

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