Best Keyboard For Typing In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. AmazonBasics2. Logitech K400 Plus3. Logitech K230


Keyboards are generally used for typing but the modern keyboards offer much more. The few extra features of this computer accessory makes a difference in user comfort and experience. If your old keyboard needs to be replaced, you will be inclined to buy the same model which you are accustomed to.

But a lot of keyboard varieties are available in the market these days and they are probably better than your older model. The list of the best keyboard for typing will help you to choose the most suitable keyboard as per your needs.


What To Look For In the Best Keyboard for Typing

The following are the factors you should consider when choosing the best keyboard for typing that fulfils all of your computing demands.

1. Work Type

First of all, you need to consider the kind of work you will be doing with the help of your keyboard. If you are a hardcore and serious gamer, get a keyboard which is specially designed for gamers. Special gaming keys are incorporated by the gaming keyboards to assist playing games.

Get the best keyboard for typing if you require your computer for typing tasks. You should go for a keyboard with a numeric keypad if you need to work with numbers. The kind of keyboard you must choose depends on your type of work to a large extent. Hence, determine your work type and do not unnecessarily spend money on the wrong type of keyboard.

2. Keystrokes (Switches)

While buying a computer keyboard, you must check its keystrokes. A keyboard which feels like a typewriter will prove to be a headache. If you are buying physically from a store, check how the keys feel while you press them.

The best keyboards have soft, sensitive and feather-like touch while some of the keyboards need extra pressure while typing. ‘Switch’ is the mechanism which makes the keys respond to touch. Switches play an important role in the comfort, sensitivity and level of noise. Most of the keyboard manufacturers use scissor switches, mechanical switches and rubber dome switches.

3. Compatibility

The majority of modern keyboards connect to the PC via USB ports. The PS/2 ports have become almost obsolete. The wireless keyboards connect to the PC via Bluetooth. However, they are a bit tricky to setup unlike the keyboards with USB cords. For using the function keys, most keyboards require some software installed on your PC. Before buying a keyboard, make sure it is compatible with your system.

4. Design

The architecture and design of the keyboard make a huge difference in your computing experience. On the basis of design, the keyboard can be categorised into ergonomic, gaming and standard.

Ergonomic Keyboards: Ergonomic keyboards are built by considering ergonomics. They are designed in such a way that your hands are positioned naturally and the strain gets reduced as the wrist is offered proper rest. Eventually, you get maximum comfort. An ergonomic keyboard will be a fabulous addition to your PC peripherals.

These keyboards are a bit expensive but they are worth the price. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, then go for an ergonomic keyboard. While using it for the first time, you find it difficult to type with a good speed. But your speed will dramatically increase after some days of usage.

Gaming Keyboards: Gaming keyboards incorporate special keys for gaming as well as the multimedia keys. These keyboards enhance the gaming experience as they are specially built for gaming.

Standard Keyboards: The most common type of keyboard is the standard keyboard. The latest standard keyboards have a set of 104 keys and multimedia keys.

The keyboards with illumination are recommended for those who use their PC mostly in the dark night. As foldable and flexible keyboards do not take much space in the bags, they are preferable for those who focus on portability. Some keyboards are liquid-resistant and they are prone to accidental spilling of any liquid over them. The keyboards with a proper wrist rest pad and split-style design are recommended for the ones who are concerned with comfort.

Compared to the standard QWERTY layout, the keyboard in the DVORAK layout is better for programmers. If you are obsessed with cleanliness, there are washable keyboards available in the market. A lot of manufacturers are being creative with their keyboard designs. Choose the design which fulfils your requirements and makes you feel comfortable while typing.

5. Wired Keyboard Vs Wireless Keyboard

Both wired and wireless configurations have their advantages and disadvantages. The cords which clutter your desk gets cut out by the wireless configuration. But it may interfere with other wireless devices. Wired keyboards are preferable for gaming as the wireless ones tend to lag which affects the gameplay. Batteries are used to power wireless keyboards and they need to be replaced or charged from time to time.

6. Extra Function Keys

For speeding up the tasks, most of the keyboards these days have extra function keys to control music player, launch apps, control volume, etc. The best keyboard for typing also incorporates customizable shortcut keys, power management keys and special character layouts which are an added advantage. Some keyboards also come with a mini joystick or a touchpad for replacing the mouse.

7. Price

The keyboards are available in different budgets; the range depending on their features. The keyboards in the expensive-range have more features. Of course, you should go for a keyboard which meets your budget but keeps your requirements in mind as well. Think wisely to avoid spending on the keyboard with extra features which you will hardly require.

Types Of Keys On A Keyboard

Almost all keyboards have some of the same keys such as numbers, special symbols or letters. Some of the keyboards have special command and function types of keys which can be used for giving commands to a computer instead of typing. The following are the types of keys on a keyboard:

1. Navigation Keys

The navigation keys are situated between the numbers keys on the far right of the keyboard and the letter keys. These keys consist of four arrows. The 4 arrows point up, down, right and left respectively. Like the mouse, these keys move the cursor.

While typing a document, the navigation keys come in handy when you wish to move the cursor left, right, up or down. The next number, symbol or letter will be typed wherever the cursor lands. These keys can also be used for scrolling through online sites.

2. Alphanumeric Keyboard Keys

A set of keys called as the Alphanumeric keys are present on every keyboard. ‘Alphanumeric’ refers to either numbers or letters, but not command or symbol keys. A keyboard has its number keys on its two different spots – to the right side of the letters and above the letters. The symbol keys consist of number, percentage and dollar signs.

3. Function Keys

A lot of keyboards have function keys beginning with ‘F’. These keys are generally located at the keyboard’s top. Functions in various programs are invoked by the function keys.

4. Punctuation Keys

The keys related to punctuation are called the punctuation keys of a keyboard. Punctuation keys include the colon, period, comma and question mark keys. These keys have multiple functions. While holding a punctuation key along with a shift key, you can type the another function. Example: The question mark key is also used as ‘slash’ key and similarly, the colon key is also used as the semi-colon key.

The keyboards designed for Microsoft Windows have a special ‘Windows key’ which can be used to open the first menu of Windows. It is also called as ‘Super’ key when used on other OS. The return, enter and delete keys are called as command keys. The eject key allows you to load DVDs/CDs.

For shortcuts, you can use the ‘alt’ and ‘control’ keys in conjunction with other keys. Some of the other special keys include shift, tab and caps lock keys.

Many of us spend a lot of time using a PC regularly. We press the keys innumerable times. Plenty of typing jobs such as school projects, homework or documents need to be typed. We rely heavily on our computers and to get our work done as fast as possible, it is necessary to have a keyboard which delivers the best performance. The following are the top 10 best keyboard for typing:

Top 10 Best Keyboards For Typing 2020

1. Wired Keyboard By AmazonBasics

Wired Keyboard By AmazonBasicsThe Wired Keyboard By AmazonBasics is long and slim, featuring comfortably spaced keys and one-touch access to functions which are frequently used. This keyboard comes in shiny black colour and appears stylish and modern.

Accurate and quick movements are offered by the well-spaced, low-profile keys. Compared to most standard keyboards, this keyboard is easier to clean.

The keys are quite responsive. You just need to plug in the USB cable for activating the keyboard. The one-touch keys are for My Computer, calculator, volume, video and music controls.

The basic calculations can be done smoothly and quickly by the full-number keypad. The manufacturer of this keyboard offers a 1-year warranty.


2. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless KeyboardThe Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard makes it easier for you to navigate your TV-connected computer from the comfort of your sofa. It acts as an all-in-one TV keyboard/touchpad.

With this keyboard, you can browse the web, scroll and click to watch videos, check Facebook and chat with friends on the PC-connected TV.

Better control over your TV-connected computer is provided by the keyboard’s long wireless range of up to 10-meter without the clutter and hassle of too many devices. Even in the largest rooms, an uninterrupted and responsive connection is provided by such range.

The navigating entertainment is made easy by the large touchpad and quiet keys. The plug-and-play Unifying receiver makes it easier to set up this keyboard.

Up to 6 devices can be wirelessly connected to your computer with the help of keyboard receiver.

The navigation is simplified by easy-access volume controls, an arrow-key layout and comfortable keys. Two-hand navigation and selection are permitted by a second left-click button. For Windows and Android users, the control is simplified by shortcuts.

No configuration is required for the hotkeys to work. The battery lasts up to 18 months. For extending the battery life even further, use the on-off switch. This keyboard is compatible with Windows 10/8/7, Chrome OS and Android 5.0 as well as their further versions.


3. Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K230 Wireless KeyboardThe Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard comes with an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless feature. Dropout, interference and delays are virtually eliminated by the wireless connection.

A range of up to 10 meters is provided. With one of the highest levels of data encryption available, the 128-bit AES encryption encrypts data transfer between the receiver and the keyboard.

Thus, your information is protected by the keyboard’s encryption. The setup is quite easier as you just have to plug the wireless receiver into your computer’s USB port. The keys of this keyboard barely make a sound and thus, you won’t hear any noise while typing the keys.

You do not need to worry about changing batteries as this keyboard has an extended battery life and auto-sleep. This keyboard’s battery door doubles as an element of fun design. It comes in blue, light grey and pink options. The manufacturer of this keyboard offers a 3-year limited hardware warranty.


4. Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard

Dell KB216A convenient typing solution for everyday office or home computing purposes is provided by the Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard. It has a compact design which features a number pad and a full-sized keyboard. It meets the demands of desktop usage with its quiet keys and durable build.

Comfortable and efficient typing can be enjoyed by the chiclet-style keys of this keyboard. Such keys prove to be excellent for routine usage. This keyboard has convenient multimedia keys which let you easily access the functions of fast-forwarding plus volume control, phase, play and rewind.

The palm rest of this keyboard is available separately. This keyboard is ideal for office and home environments. The manufacturer of this keyboard offers a 1-year warranty.


5. Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard

Logitech K120 Wired KeyboardThe Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard is a sleek keyboard with excellent durability. It features spill-resistant design, adjustable tilt legs and thin profile. The keys of this keyboard can withstand up to 10 million keystrokes. For its setup, you just have to plug it into a USB port.

The keys have bold and bright white characters which enhances the readability. The readability and high quality of Logitech have made it the global leader for mice and keyboards. However, this keyboard does not have the number lock key. The manufacturer of this keyboard offers a 3-year warranty.


6. HP Keyboard k1500

HP Keyboard k1500The HP Keyboard k1500 is elegant and sturdy in design. Easy and quick access to all internet functions and popular multimedia is facilitated by the special shortcut keys. The need for guesswork is eliminated by the 3 indicator lights for number lock, caps lock and scroll lock.

A supreme typing experience is provided by the soft keys and spill-resistant keyboard design. The spill-resistant design makes sure that any accidental fluid spill will not harm the keyboard’s inner circuit and thus, avoids any damage. The manufacturer of this keyboard offers a 3-year warranty.


7. Macally USB Wired Computer Keyboard for Mac

Macally USB Wired Computer Keyboard for MacThe Macally USB Wired Computer Keyboard is built for Mac users. For a budget price, it provides a convenient typing experience.

With this keyboard, you will no longer face problems like dealing with a weak connection between your computer and keyboard or constant changing of batteries. Smooth tactile feedback response is provided by this keyboard.

Compared to the Apple Magic Keyboard, this keyboard is more affordable. It consists of 16 Apple shortcut keys which enhances your typing speed. These keys also increase the speed of processing through repetitive or tedious actions scug as iTunes control, volume up/down, cut/copy/paste, etc.

For maximizing the precise and comfortable typing, the low-profile keys of this keyboard are integrated into a sloped frame. The power button powers down the connected Mac system. This keyboard is compatible with Mac OS X v10.6 and above.


8. Dell KB216 (HVG5J) Multimedia Keyboard

Dell KB216 (HVG5J) Multimedia KeyboardThe Dell KB216 (HVG5J) Multimedia Keyboard is ideal for office and home environments. It has a compact design which features a number pad and a full-sized keyboard.

This keyboard has convenient multimedia keys which let you easily access the functions of fast-forwarding plus volume control, phase, play and rewind. The palm rest of this keyboard is available separately.


9. Rapoo Wired Keyboard

Rapoo Wired KeyboardThe Rapoo Wired Keyboard is quite easy to install as it does not require any driver. You just have to plug it in and get started with your work. This keyboard provides a quiet and comfortable typing experience.

You would not get tired easily while typing for a long time with this keyboard. If you come across accidental spills on this keyboard, do not worry about the risk of keyboard malfunctioning as it has a spill-resistant design. The manufacturer of this keyboard offers a 3-year warranty.


10. HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard

HP K2500 Wireless KeyboardFor holding up to the everyday computing demands, the HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard is built with a durable design. It offers a full-sized performance and includes dedicated function keys and a full number pad. This keyboard has enhanced the basics you need. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/8/Vista/XP.

A familiar comfort is provided within a streamlined mobile design of this keyboard. The simplified functions provide immediate access to the features of Windows 8. The manufacturer of this keyboard offers a 1-year warranty.


These are the top 10 best keyboard for typing and they are ready to bear the extreme pressure of your fingertips! For choosing the most suitable keyboard for you, choose 3 of your favourite keyboard manufacturing firms from this list. Pick up the keyboards of those firms from this list and then compare the features as well as the budget of these keyboards.

Go for the keyboard which offers maximum features as per your requirement in your budget. This will help you to choose the most suitable keyboard as per your usage. It’s time to leave behind the out-dated keyboard and get one which makes typing way easier than before!

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