Best Wireless Keyboards in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Dell KM1172. Logitech K4803. Logitech K400


As we live in this millennial era, it was not swegway boards or fidget spinners which had been with us through thick and thin. Rather, it is our very own sweet friends, the keyboards. From large to small, online to traditional and ergonomic; the best wireless keyboards are accessories that enable us to communicate with the all-knowing computers.

However, there comes a time where these computer keyboards are not functioning to its optimized levels. Maybe, it may have typed its last words or users may be discontented with their indifferent models which came with their PCs’.

This, in fact, is a sign and indeed a good chance to upgrade to a better option. Whatever the reason may be, here are certain factors that are needed to be considered before purchasing the best keyboard in India.


Factors To look For When Buying A Wireless Keyboard

Keys and Switches

This is one factor which people have not seen in numerous reviews found online. Most of the people do not stop and analyse for a second for it as well- which is the type of switches used for individual keys. Consumers may not take into the consideration what goes on inside the minute and specific mechanisms which are found below the keys, but consumers will feel the difference.

Silicone dome switches, scissor switches, and mechanical switches are the three primary types of switches for a keyboard. Those keyboards which come along with the new desktop PCs i.e. “Budget keyboards” generally use silicone- dome switches. Where there are two dimpled layers of silicone membrane that create a network of rubber bubbles or domes as the switch for every key.

The elasticity of the silicone rubber makes for a tender, and pappy feel as each key is being pressed. Usually, these switches enable consumers to “bottom out”- a term to describe pressing the key to the edge or bottom of the key to type a letter. Du to this, it will lead to repeated hooking of the rubber membrane thus eventually lead it to break down thus these type of switches lose their elasticity and responsiveness quickly over time.

Seldom, newer keyboards try to create a parody low-profile, cliche style keyboards which are found on laptops (full-size) and ultraportables- slim and lightweight. While some of these keyboards use simple silicone dome switches, many engineers integrate usage of a scissor switch, therefore includes a mechanical stabilizer for each key to ensure a stable feel, along with an attached plunger beneath each keycap that allows for brief key travel.

Due to this, scissor-switch keyboards have a glib of a typing feel. However, they are generally more resistant, and life long than rubber dome switches itself.

It is always recommended to ensure and check the keystrokes as the first factor when a consumer is purchasing a computer keyboard. Usually, you don’t want to end up buying a keyboard which feels like a typewriter- it will give you a hard time!. Consumers such as viewers yourselves need to check and test how the keys feel.

Soft or hard? Rigid or ease of use? There are numerous keyboards that are built to be sensitive, soft, with a feather-like touch and in contrast, there are other types where it requires some extra pressure and sounds when typed onto.

Layout and Ergonomics

Certainly, not all keyboards are being created to work equally. Shedding more light into this fact, most of the keyboards are not even presented to be as the same standard QWERTY keys but are indifferent according to different groups being targeted.

On an estimate, almost half of the best keyboards that are present in the market provide a 10-key numeric pad, despite being an exemplary tool for anyone who constantly needs to type and tally numbers or enter continuous data into a spreadsheet.

Smaller dissimilarities include placement of the keys such as an arrow, Page Up and Down, and Home and End keys. Furthermore, most contemporary keyboards have simple media characteristics such as playback controls and volume up and down.

There have been severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury thus to help users to stave of this issue, and multiple keyboards are now available in the market with designs that put hands into a balanced position (neutral) as a user types. This has been proven not only for greater comfort but even has led to reduced stress for joints and tendons wherein users now no longer need to feel painful swelling and circumvent expensive surgery. New features such as the well known ‘Ergonomic’ features can be from a range of basic—like padded wrist rests—to the more in-depth, with keyboards which are built to slope and curve.

Mechanical Keyboards

For those who are keyboard passionate lovers, they seem to have no inclination towards either style of a keyboard- however, they’ll be in pursuit towards mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards is the best keyboard for typing.

As mentioned before on switches, concerning mechanical keyboards; the switches are a more complex. Beneath every key, there is a spring-loaded sliding key post. Additionally, these keyboards are customisable. Custom keycap designs can individualise the appeal of the keyboard and therefore make it distinctive.

There are numerous variations and types present in the market, where each type is tweaked to give a slightly different touch feel or sound, but usually, these keyboards provide a more tactile feel and on a side note, a “clickety-clack” sound that many users enjoy when typing. The robust switch appliances and springs are remarkably more durable and life lasting, therefore can be repaired easily.

Despite the perks, there are certain downsides towards mechanical switches in which they usually need a lot more space compared to silicone dome switches. Which interprets that users won’t often find them on keyboards which are shallow. But, all this could change now as the venerable switch maker-Cherry has established a new low-profile mechanical switch.

Connectivity Options

One of the most basic methods towards connecting a keyboard to a PC is via a USB port (standard). Plugging in the keyboard is all that is necessary when setting up with no additional software to install (except for different gaming models where they require driver packages) since keyboards are usually plug-and-play devices. In contrast to wireless keyboards, a wired model can draw power through a USB; therefore users do not need to worry about the batteries.

Wired links are prioritized for gaming use since they are lag-free and issues such as intrusion wherein wireless alternatives are vulnerable to. Few motherboards still are being developed with an older-style PS/2 port for plugging in a keyboard in the absence of a USB.

If this route was to be taken, which many gamers prefer for multiple performance reasons if you go this route, which many gamers prefer for performance reasons, users would high likely need a USB-to-PS/2 adapter. (There are few keyboards which come with these in the market.)

If users need more liberation and limited cable clutter on their desks, the choice should be towards a wireless keyboard. In alternate towards a wired connection, the best wireless keyboards communicate (transmit) data to the PC via one of two important means: USB receiver with an RF connection, or Bluetooth.

For both means, they have their pros and cons, but if users want to decrease the amount of cables on the desk and obtain the advantage to be flexible and use the keyboard from a distance—whether it being on the lap, the desk, or from across the room—wireless is the suitable choice.

Numerous wireless keyboards connect with the same 2.4GHz wireless frequencies which are used for phones that are cordless and Wi-Fi internet; using a PC. A penny-size USB dongle—miniscule enough to plug and forget about—provides the main link to the PC. Proprietary connections like these are used by companies to enable for optimal battery life.

Moreover, these USB dongles give connectivity to multiple devices. Thus users can utilize the single adapter for a wireless keyboard or keyboards. This is possible if a user has one at work in his/her home along with one or more computer mice.

Bluetooth options are recovering demand of late, mostly because they don’t enable to control a USB port. Since Bluetooth connections are stable, simple to manage and provide compatibility to smartphones and tablets and other mobile devices.

With constant use, a Bluetooth connection offers a user an estimate 30 feet regarding wireless range, although may not duplicate or match the battery life provided by devices with a USB dongle.

New designs and innovations, inclusive of hand-proximity sensors which are established to power and connection management, enhance the durable battery life over Bluetooth devices that are older, wherein if switched and maintained to an always-on link, drain power more quickly.


Well, coming over to the most obvious factors of them all.. The price of a keyboard. It is one of the most basic factors which are needed to be considered, but through different research and experience, it is safe to say that the pricing range of a keyboard varies.

If we search online via Amazon itself, users can get the best keyboards in the range of 1000- 4000 INR. One of the few examples is ‘The Seafarer’ keyboard which swanks of its modern yet sassy twist brass design and typewriter-style keys.

Considering how much a user will completely utilize the keyboard and how much he/she is willing to pay for it, then there are different ranges in which a user can pick from.

A normal price range would be between 700 INR to 4000 INR to get a decent, high-quality keyboard with all the decorations along with it. But past this, users are most likely looking for keyboards with physical customization options and will be high likely paying for brand name, unique design and features.

Now as we have looked onto the different factors in prior of purchasing a keyboard, let’s dive in the top 10 keyboards that are in demand:

Top 10 Best Wireless Keyboards in India 2020

1. Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Dell-KM117-Wireless-Keyboard-Mouse-300x300Being black and weighing about 816g, the keyboard is built as attractive design; it gives a user’s workspace a contemporary appeal with a fashionable wireless keyboard and mouse. A svelte form with multiple silver shades or accents which perfectly adjuncts the PC or tablet, while the wireless technology creates a less cluttered and clean look.

Moreover, users have also the advantage towards an extended battery: where they can confidently work for prolonged periods with a high running and efficient keyboard and mouse promoting longer battery life.

The keyboard is operational for Windows: The KM117 is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Effortless navigation for Windows 8/10 tied with a mouse mechanism which scrolls up, down, left or right. Using the mouse side buttons, users can obtain access of the Windows 8 Charms bar to switch between different applications or can be used for controls regarding navigation (applicable to Windows 8 Only)

The keyboard in its full size with an accessible ‘chiclet’ keys ensures users to type comfortably, during which multimedia shortcut keys offer instant access functions regarding audio and video. Precision point and click functions using the mouse which is fast-tracking and a full-size laser. It is indeed a generation of being wireless so Go wireless! : Keep workspaces clean and free from cable hazards with a wireless blend. Users obtain access which is undisturbed when using a compact USB nano receiver to the remaining USB ports for simple and easy connection to other devices available. All the features and the price makes this one of the best wireless keyboard in India.

Finally, concerning the features: it has a scrolling wheel device type with a keyboard and mouse set- wireless buttons. Quantity: 6 interface: 2.4 GHz Wireless receiver with a USB wireless receiver. Also, Dell provides a One-year national warranty where users can go to the stores in case of any inconveniences found in their devices purchased, eg: may be broken.


2. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard (Black)

Logitech-K400-Plus-Wireless-KeyboardA Logitech brand of being black and weighing in about 272g, this keyboard has a built-in 3.5-inch touchpad on the right side enabling users to control the mouse functions with the left and right buttons just like how a normal touchpad does. This is useful for gamers who tend to play without using a mouse.

Moreover, users can enjoy easy access of control when using the TV-connected computer with the usage of the wireless keyboard using transmit receivers which connect the keyboard to the screen making it versatile, flexible and effortless to use.

Also, a compact and elegant design which is slim to make it a perfect family device when watching series/shows or movies in the living room. The keyboard has built-in comfortable and quiet keys making it easy to type and not creating too much sound which can be abruptive and a disturbance for the people around. The keyboard provides a 10m wireless range which enables a hassle-free connection even in the largest room of a household.

Obliterate any learning manuals or instructions while offering instant and easy-access to volume controls and arrow keys with the common, media-friendly key arrangement design. This keyboard operates and integrates well with Windows 7, 8, 10 or even further upgraded softwares including Android 5.0 or further upgrades and Chrome OS.

Coalescing receiver ensures setup of TV keyboard to be without straining effort with plug and play design. In addition to this, the battery life extends up to 18 months, and also users are being offered a 1yr finite hardware warranty.


3. Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech-MK220-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-ComboThe Logitech MK220 series which is black in color weighing about 640g, it is built to conserve space without removing all the keys since the compact keyboard is about 36 percent smaller compared to standard keyboards however, it still contains all the standard keys, hence performing all the things which a user loves is now made effortless and easy as ever.

Users receive an authentic connection up to 10 meters (33 feet) away, with practically no sudden or any delays at all along with dropouts. The keyboard works effectively during the busiest wireless environments, due to the Logitech developed 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.

Moreover, it contains a 128-bit AES keyboard encryption which aids in keeping user’s private and all information safe. On the same note, the wireless range can differ and vary according to different environmental and computing conditions.

When going in-depth, the keyboard has a 24 month life along with a 5 month mouse battery life and auto-sleep therefore users are being given the privilege to watch view youtube videos, surf social media sites plus can search and explore for many months without the need and obviously the hassle of batteries being changed however, the battery life can be dependant on the user and computing conditions.

The keyboard’s design not only shows minimalism along with beautiful combination with the décor but also serves a motive to avoid creating extra spaces between the keys which in the end, makes it compact and velvety. The developers have also created a 3-year manufacturer’s assurance and product support.


4. Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech-K480-Multi-Device-Bluetooth-KeyboardBeing a black Logitech weighing about 821g, it is a multi-device keyboard, which has the capabilities of working on different mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and mobiles.

It has a simple-Switch dial for typing on one to three Bluetooth devices, therefore, provide a base to connect to multiple devices. Along with this, it has a built-in tablet/smartphone support, therefore, make it more convenient to place their devices on when working.

The keyboard is a multi-platform device wherein it is functional on Android, iOS and windows where it also offers a one-year limited warranty to the users. Keyboard works on Android, iOS and windows.


5. Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)

Logitech-MK345-Wireless-KeyboardA MK345 series are weighing about 603g, it has the potential to enable users to type wherein giving them access on a full-size layout with 12 upgraded F-keys for control in media.

It enables users to skip a song, pause on videos or even muffle, deaden the audio quickly. Users now can completely enjoy an awestruck 3-year keyboard and mouse battery life of 18 months offered by energy efficient engineering.

Moreover, shedding light on this, the comfortable palm rest, elegant figure of a right-handed mouse and The generous palm rest, the contoured right-handed mouse and the convertible keyboard incline will give users more comfortability.

Also, the keyboard offers a wireless system: Modern and advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity wherein the keyboard provides a design to avoid spills or accidental spills. This brings it in a blend of comfortability, innovative design, sturdy features with overall prolonged battery life.


6. Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech-K230-Wireless-KeyboardSimilar to the Logitech MK220 series, this compact keyboard is roughly 36 percent small-scale compared to the normal standard keyboards however it still has all the standard keys.

Also, it also has an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity where it enables users to work or play anywhere as they please. It provides a wireless connection and eliminates interferences, setbacks and dropouts thus giving users range for up to 10 metres.

Using 128-bit AES encryption, it pursues to protect secure information by coding data and convert between the devices: the keyboard and the receiver using complex levels of encryption of data that is available.

The setup is easy to install where the user plugs in the wireless receiver into a USB port on the computer and start using right away without the need of software.

When using the keyboard, it barely makes any sound thus users can listen to songs they play and not listen to themselves typing. Moreover, with the battery life being extended and also auto-sleep; users can view social media updates, emails for many years without actually taking time and effort to change the batteries.

Finally, a cool design element has been created wherein a battery door above the keyboard has been duplicated with colour choices such as light grey, pink and blue options where users can trade in to match a user’s mood or decor. This keyboard provides a three year limited warranty concerning hardware.


7. HP-200 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)

HP-200-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-ComboThe HP-200 keyboard weighing 880g has a prolonged and durable battery life for 12 months when used every day.

The keyboard, being a trendy design with new and improved functions, it offers multimedia keys and auto-sleep. The mouse operates as a high-resolution laser technology i.e. 1000DPI to ensure

This mouse comes with a high-resolution laser technology and 1000DPI help ensure a smooth and error-free cursor control. The receiver enables numerous cordless systems within a single office without a disruption.


8. Targus AKM001AP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)

Targus-AKM001AP-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-ComboThe Targus keyboard weighing 558g has a reliable 2.4GHz wireless connectivity where it is also built into a full-sized 10 QWERTY keyboard.

Features such as simple plug and play along with high definition 1600DPI optical sensor to provide an accurate response to mouse different movements are being built into the keyboard.

The keyboard has wireless USB receiver present beneath the mouse hence it’s never drifted and constant availability to use. Along with this, the keyboard provides an extended battery life where 1AA and 2AAA batteries are being fitted in as well.


9. Dell KM636 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Dell-KM636-Wireless-Keyboard-and-MouseWeighing 426g, the keyboard has been developed to provide a hot keys function: where users can muffle, play or halt, go backward, forward, volume -, volume + according to their will.

The keyboard and mouse blend to provide a wireless interface experience. The 2.4GHz wireless receiver has also been included in along with a USB wireless receiver.

Moreover, it provides an overlong and coherent battery life where it is the product in which a user can expect comfort and convenience overall.


10. Logitech Wireless Combo MK345 with Full-Size Keyboard and Right-Handed Mouse

Logitech-MK345-Wireless-KeyboardFinally, weighing about 930g, the keyboard has a wireless hardware platform wherein the 2AA batteries are being used. This is similar to the Logitech MK345 wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Along with this, the keyboard shows impressive features of F keys used for media control where it provides extended comfort and convenience to the users for long periods of time and with its good battery life the users do not need to face the hassle of changing the batteries.



Overall, I feel consumers should opt for the Logitech K230 wireless keyboard due to its flexibility in providing a good connection with no delays and uses a complex encryption and protect data along with customisable options however it is always recommended that whatever choice is being made, users need to consider the factors which will guide them in selecting the right option. Choosing 2 out of 3 factors are plenty enough to choose an option and must consider the price of it as well since it all depends on the demand and supply as well.

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