Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Logitech MK2152. iBall Dusky Duo 063. Dell Km117





When it comes to computers, nothing is quite enough. In this modern and digital age, computers have taken over our lives like anything. They are everywhere. From our schools to our offices to our homes, there is not a place in our lives that you won’t find them. And it is all for good reason too, since they have given us so much to make our lives easier and better.

Before the age of digitalization, we were living in a time where everything was complicated and slow. But now, almost all of our work can be done in minutes. You often find people discussing about the best wireless keyboard and mouse but choosing one can be confusing.


They let us learn endlessly with the help of the limitless learning resources available on the internet, they make calculations and other complex processes seem like nothing with their computational prowess, and they help us exceedingly in our day to day lives by letting us book appointments or tickets, look for places to eat, make financial transfers, invest in stocks, buy useful or useless junk online and so on.

If we got down to actually list out the applications of computers right now, perhaps it would take a good few days. But the question we are asking here is, how do we make our computing experiences better?

It is obvious that the computer is already giving us everything it has, and we are using it up to its full potential. But for that full potential to effectively reach us, we need the right accessories. And that is something that we often fail to account for.

When we talk of hardware, we mean the monitor used for display, the keyboard used to type, the mouse used to click and point and so on. Without these, the computer is actually just a mere husk, for while it will still be able to perform all of its functions, it would have no way of presenting any data to us or even accepting any data from us.

And thus, the most effective way of presenting any kind of data to a computer is by virtue of its various hardware input devices, the most important of which are the keyboard and the mouse. While the mouse is a simple point and click device, the keyboard contains an array of keys all of which serve a distinct function and correspond to a different symbol.

Now the most important part here is to accurately gauge the kind of keyboard and mouse devices you require and then make an intelligent purchase. Talking of the kinds of such devices, the most convenient and user-friendly would undoubtedly be the wireless kind. Without the added hassle of wires and not being limited by a certain distance at which you can work away from the setup, there is really no limit to how productive you can become. Investing in wireless devices not just increases the profitability of your work, but also makes work seem like less of a chore since you are not constantly being held down by wires.

But you can’t just walk into the markets and claim a wireless keyboard and mouse for yourself. That sort of thing first requires some careful planning. You need to make sure that the models you are investing in are actually the best in the market or whether you could find a better deal elsewhere. And in order to help you with all of that, here is a handy guide.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: What to Look For

1. Size and Ergonomics

Quite obviously, the very first factor that comes to mind is regarding the size or handling of the devices. If your mouse is too big and doesn’t fit the palm of your hand, you might have trouble operating it. On the other hand, if it’s too small, that could be a problem too.

Therefore, whenever you are buying a mouse, make sure it’s just the right size as if not, it could have a serious impact on your productivity. The same applies to keyboards as well.

2. Wireless Or Not?

Now while going wireless seems like a very interesting prospect, it can actually be not all that fun if you think about it. It all depends on your personal customization and how you use it. Sure, letting go of the hassle of wires could be comforting, but also take note that wireless devices generally display a lag of somewhere about 8 ms.

While that sounds negligible, it could prove to be appreciable in some situations. Also, wireless keyboard and mouse devices have a tendency to interfere with the other wireless devices you might have at home.

3. Spare Buttons

Now while this may seem like an extra feature, it could have a really positive impact on your productivity if utilised in the right manner. A lot of mouse and keyboard devices these days offer extra buttons on the side that could be assigned to perform a variety of tasks.

You can, for example, control the volume or brightness settings on your system, or you could switch between multiple application windows which are currently open on your screen in addition to doing a lot more. Such simple tricks could really boost the amount of time you need to complete a task and thus, should not be ignored.

While choosing a wireless keyboard-mouse combo for your system, make sure you keep these buttons in mind and you’ll most probably grab a great deal for yourself.

Top 10 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse India 2020

1. Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech-MK215-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-ComboLogitech has been a world leader in providing hardware equipment for computing systems for quite some time now. The reason why they have stuck it so well in the business for so long is that they are extremely committed to creating great quality products.

They never cut corners and they have been known to make exceptions and go out of the way to ensure customer satisfaction. The keyboard runs on the very trustworthy Logitech 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The specified battery life for the keyboard is two years while that for the mouse is five months, provided that you use two AAA batteries. The quality and build makes it the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

The design has been conceptualized to be sleek and stylish along with being compact for both the mouse and the keyboard. You will find media hotkeys on the keyboard along with high definition optical tracking for the mouse. It runs on a plug and play setup and is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems. Finally, they also come with a limited hardware warranty of a year.


2. iBall Dusky Duo 06 Wireless Keyboard with Wireless Mouse

iBall-Dusky-Duo-06-Wireless-Keyboard-with-Wireless-MouseAnother great up and coming brand which has been steadily climbing the popularity charts are iBall. Their products, much like bigger and more experienced brands, have a distinctive touch of quality and yet, are some of the most budget-friendly options available in the market.

When it comes to wireless transmission, you can’t beat this brand as they come with a lightning fast wireless transmission with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience with the computer, then this is the way to go. Also, you get an additional feature of Auto Connect, which is great since you do not have to manually establish a connection and has been implemented with the Smart Link technology.

The design is one of the sleekest and compact you will find in the market today and as an added bonus feature, it is also water resistant. What this means is that no amount of splashes or spills will degrade your experience with the product.

Also, how wonderful it would be if just like your smartphones or laptops, even your hardware could intimidate you whenever it was running low on battery? Fortunately, now with this product, that is exactly the case.

The iBall wireless keyboard and mouse feature a battery indicator which will inform you whenever the battery is about to run out. However, that is not to say that you will often scramble for new batteries since the battery life offered on both the devices is pretty long and stretched out.

Finally, since both the products are USB operated, a USB is provided along with the specified items and is placed on the back side of the mouse.


3. Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Dell-Km117-Wireless-Keyboard-MouseDell has always been a pioneer in technology. Their laptop devices are easily one of the best in the market and their other peripheral products have always managed to charm the customers and gain more than enough profits from the market.

This particular duo from the tech giant comes with a stylish design that will not only enhance your computer’s overall looks but will also give it a unique character. It is available in a slim profile with silver accents along with a battery life that is easily one of the best computer hardware devices have to offer.

Being compatible with different versions of the Windows operating system such as Windows 8, 9 and 10, you simply can’t get better service than this due to the sheer convenience they shell out to the customers. Now you don’t have to think about changing your operating system simply for the sake of hardware devices since these two are compatible with almost every widely used platform today.

The mouse wheel can be used to scroll not just vertically but horizontally as well. If you are a Windows 8 user, the side buttons on the mouse can be used to switch between applications.

The keyboard has been exclusively designed to maximize comfort while typing with chiclet keys that are easy on the fingers no matter the duration of use. There are also multimedia shortcut keys for quick access along with utmost precision in point and click using fast-tracking.

You get a full-sized laser mouse with a processing speed of 2.4 GHz. Finally, there is a one-year national warranty from Dell that makes sure you never have to face any extra charges unless absolutely required.


4. HP HP-200 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

HP-HP-200-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-ComboWe don’t have to tell you how big a brand HP is. Almost everyone already knows that. What you do need to know, however, is the fact that they also manufacture some really great wireless keyboard and mouse variants that could easily be some of the best the market has to offer right now.

The most exciting part about these devices is that they carry a battery life which is simply the best in the business.

While ordinary devices last maximum up to a few months at a time, HP devices will easily have a battery life of about a year, even after repeated and everyday use. The keyboard they sell is actually pretty revolutionary in the sense that it is totally modern and comes replete will all of the features that you might expect from a latest gadget and more.

Functions that you can expect are dedicated keys for sleep and other multimedia processes. The mouse in this combo comes with a high-resolution laser technology for accurate and fast results while the 1000 DPI facilitate the smoothest and most accurate cursor movements you have ever come across.


5. Logitech MK275 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech-MK275-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-ComboAnother one of Logitech’s great products, the MK275 is pretty revolutionary in its own right. This wireless keyboard and mouse combo has been quite successful in the market and has broken sales records for the manufacturer. It comes with many amazing features and also a great look that you’d definitely want to have.

The wireless connection has a frequency of 2.4 GHz while the connection between the mouse and the keyboard is established through just a tiny little piece of hardware called a receiver which does its job using just one USB port. The battery life is also delightfully long with this pair as the keyboard lasts as long 24 months at a stretch while the mouse lasts a good 12 months.

Also, there are as many as eight different hotkeys on the keyboard for accessing various functionalities such as multimedia playback, email, volume and more. Some external features include a full-sized keyboard, low profile keys and a contoured mouse. Finally, there is not much installation required. You can use it as a simple plug and play device straight out of the box.


6. Lenovo USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo KM4802

Lenovo-USB-Keyboard-and-Mouse-Combo-KM4802Lenovo has been around for quite some time now. With their vast experience and amazing products, they have managed to become quite a customer favorite over the years. Their sales are record breaking and a lot of their products have been received better than anything else that might have been on the market at the time.

But all of this hasn’t come easy. It happened because of how committed they are as a brand and how vigilant they are about customer issues.

Now, for such a brand, it comes as no surprise that their foray into wireless keyboard and mouse combos has been such a huge success. The KM4802 is one amazing product that comes with not one but many amazing features which are simply the best of the best. Both of the devices are sufficiently powerful along with being really fast in processing and transmissions.

They are also ridiculously easy to manage and do not prove to be a hassle even for the newest of customers. They provide a much sharper and a much clearer surface to work with so that whatever work you do is done to perfection. Additionally, it gives you the option to switch easily and seamlessly between your favourite applications and programs.


7. Rapoo 8000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Rapoo-8000-Wireless-Keyboard-and-Mouse-ComboIf you are looking for a compact combo for wireless keyboard and mouse, which doesn’t take up much space and yet manages to deliver a powerful performance, then you have come to the right place. This is because that is exactly what Rapoo stands for.

This well-meaning brand markets products which are not just heavy on features but also low on prices. Their marketing strategies are great and so is their approach towards customers.

With this particular combo model, you get reliable and accurate cursor positioning with the mouse, as well as an added spill proof feature which will protect your devices against unwanted moisture or liquids. As for the keyboard, you get customisable multimedia keys along with an ultra-small nano receiver for effective and fast transmission between the devices.

As far as battery backup is concerned, you won’t be disappointed there too, since it offers as long as one year’s worth of standby time. The cursor control is replete with 1000 DPI high-definition invisible tracking engine so that you never have to struggle with point and click.

Finally, unlike most other brands which deal only in standard colours, Report offers you a wide range of creative colours for the devices to make your workstation as trendy as possible.


8. HP Wireless Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse

HP-Wireless-Multimedia-Keyboard-MouseBrands like HP are in a league of their own. Being a market leader in technological innovations and breakthroughs, it comes as no surprise that the products they market always receive the best responses and are actually one of the best to have ever hit the market.

Being a pioneer in their field, HP has a pretty solid following of customers who swear by their products and their service as well. In fact, with the kind of recognition that their products now receive, it won’t be wrong to say that they’ve effectively set a benchmark for more up and coming brands or manufacturers in the sector.

Now for a brand that’s as remarkable as this, you can’t expect anything less than the best. And that is what you get with this model. There is a 2.4 GHz wireless connection for lightning-fast transmission and connectivity.

There are as many as five different multimedia controls to ensure that you get the best kind of customisation there is. Finally, due to the compact yet catchy design, you won’t ever feel stressed while working since they have been designed for the user’s comfort. Plus, the simple look really brings out the best of your workstation. This probably the best keyboard and mouse under 2000.

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9. eErlik Lapcare Smartoo L999 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

eErlik-Lapcare-Smartoo-L999-Wireless-Keyboard-Mouse-ComboWhen it comes to wireless keyboard and mouse combos, what you really want to look for is comfort, features and a great customer service. And that is everything you can get when you decide to invest in the fantastic eErlik Lapcare Smartoo L999.

This great combo features a keyboard which has keys which wouldn’t stress your fingers out. The mouse is configured quite perfectly to have accurate point and click. An added feature that you’d find in this product is the auto sleep functionality.

Along with that, you get the comfort of being able to operate it at a distance of roughly around 8-10 metres without any problems in transmission.

The optical mouse gives you 1200 DPI and is perfect for precision tracking. The processing speed is as much as 2.4 GHz for lightning-fast transmission and processing. The nano receiver lets you easily plug and play and the USB dongle runs seamlessly and smoothly without the need for any external driver.


10. A N Enterprise 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

A-N-Enterprise-2.4GHz-Wireless-Keyboard-Mouse-ComboIf you are looking for simplicity with utmost convenience and comfort, then this is the product you are looking for. It comes with some unique features that are undeniably useful and have managed to carve a niche for itself in the overcrowded market.

The reason behind this product’s success is not just its many features but also the fact that the company is willing to go all out in treating their customers right and giving them the best deals and discounts. Perhaps the most striking feature of this product is that it comes with an amazingly useful clear transparent silicone keyboard cover.

Now, this cover not just protects your keyboard from dust and getting dirty by smudged fingers, but also saves it from any harsh impacts and basically acts as a shield against any unwanted external pressure. Therefore, the keyboard will definitely last longer than usual and will never seem to lose its brand new charm. With two triple-A batteries used in the keyboard and one in the mouse, you get a decent battery backup and won’t have to look around again and again for batteries.

With a processing speed of 2.4 GHz, you just know you won’t have any problems with transmission or connectivity, while the prescribed operating distance is a maximum of ten metres which is also quite decent. As per compatibility, you can run it with Windows 7, Vista, 8 or 10.


Go for the Best Keyboard and Mouse Combo!

When it comes to technology, there’s really no end as to how far we can go. No matter what kind of latest gadget you buy, sooner or later there will come another which will have an even higher or greater collection of features.

Therefore, it is best that while shopping for electronics, you opt for a product which is not just up to date with all of the current breakthroughs, but also future proof to some extent. And that is something you can do if you choose to follow the guide we laid out above.

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