Best 2.1 Speakers Under 5000 In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Philips MMS-4040F2. F&D F550X3. Philips MMS-4545B





Life without music is like food without salt, tasteless! It is nearly impossible to imagine life happening without music. Be it parties, outdoor adventures, weddings, or even get-togethers, music is needed everywhere to uplift the mood and bring a little spice.

Today, many of us also prefer to listen to music while we’re working on our computer screens. Whether you’re happy, sad or in a peppy mood, all you require is some good music that can either soothe your soul or get you into a jolly mood. Also, it is believed that when you listen to music while working, it enhances your productivity level. Music doesn’t only mean listening to your favorite song.


If you do not have the perfect audio device to enjoy your favorite song, then your music experience is going to be incomplete. Besides music, having decent quality speakers can also be good for watching movies and also for playing games on your screens. Thus, if you need to get the best music listening experience, it is essential to look for the best 2.1 speakers under 5000.

There are a vast variety of speakers offered in the market today, but the 2.1 speakers are best among them. This is not only because they are economical, but also because they offer some mind-blowing features that are good enough for personal use. They require less space, are budget-friendly (available under the price range of under Rs.5000) and also offer superb durability.

The 2.1 speakers are not merely the regular Bluetooth speakers that you often come across, but these also come with a subwoofer and a pair of satellite speakers. The subwoofer and satellite provide the best possible audio quality that will rock all your parties.

However, there is too much competition in the market, so it becomes difficult to understand which the ideal one for you is. As such, it is important for you to know what you are looking for in 2.1 speakers before you plan on purchasing one.

This guide is specifically designed to make your task of buying the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in India easy, fun and quick. An ideal speaker must have great sound, low price, and good performance. For all this, you need to understand the factors that can help you make the right choice.

Keeping in mind the needs of the customer, we have listed the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 along with a brief review and factors to consider before purchase to ensure that you can take the best decision.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best 2.1 Speakers Under 5000

Speakers play the most important role in determining the overall sound quality of your system. As such, it is undoubtedly worth the extra time to choose one for the perfect music listening experience. You will have to listen to several different models and read about them before you make a decision.

The sound quality of a Speaker is dependent on various factors such as Size, Shape, RMS, and Frequency Response and so on. Thus, before you go shopping to buy the best 2.1 speakers under 5000, it is essential to learn and understand some crucial factors that may affect the sound quality.

As such, a thorough research is required before you take a final call buying yourself one. There are a number of key points that need to be considered while choosing the right model that comprises of stereo components powering the system, speaker types and, of course, design and whether it suits your personal preference. Below are some essential factors that need to be taken into account before buying the best 2.1 speakers.

High RMS

The Power output of the speakers is determined directly by the RMS Value. A High RMS value denotes high sound or amplification. As such, it is advised to be careful while choosing a subwoofer with High RMS. Several Manufacturers in the market denote the Power Output in PMPO. As such, the power of speakers must be taken into consideration while buying a speaker. The speaker generates in watts and it is necessary to check the RMS audio output to enjoy your music listening experience.

Opt for Larger Enclosures and Speakers

Generally, subwoofers that have a large dimension have the capacity to create a very good bass. The bass is directly enhanced by the size and shape of the enclosure. Thus, it is better to take this in account when buying the best 2.1 speaker under 5000 in India. A large and wooden enclosure is a better option.

Bass and Treble Controls

It is advised to choose speaker systems that have a Bass and Treble control along with Volume Control. It will help to adjust the sound quality right on the speakers. It is also very helpful while your input is from a DVD player or a Smartphone.

Remote Control and USB Input

If you feel the need, then buy a 2.1 speaker system that comes with a remote control. Opt for a 2.1 system with multiple Inputs like USB port, Memory Card Port, etc. but be sure that the Sound Quality and Number of additional features are balanced.

Compare Prices and Specifications

Since there are so many options available by different reputed brands, it is necessary to make comparisons. So, before you buy an ideal 2.1 speaker, compare the prices, specifications and other details of the products you like the most on various websites and cull out the best. After doing so, pick the one that suits your needs as well as your pocket.

Read Reviews and Test Speakers

Knowing how the product has actually performed is of great importance. As such, it is advisable to read reviews by other customers online. Also, read expert reviews that will give you a better understanding about the pros and cons of it.

Apart from reading reviews, it is also recommended that you visit the store and test the speakers personally. Test the speakers at high volumes to know if there is any noise present or if the sound quality degrades at high volumes.

Look and Appearance

Well, many of us don’t think this way, but speakers also play a large role in complementing your home décor and system. In modern times, there are a number of speakers that have various designs and colors that enhance the look and feel of the place they are kept in. You can choose from a plethora of black, silver, wood-finish, and paintable models that appeals to your eyes.

Room Size

The speaker and its output are greatly affected by the place in which they are kept. While small sized speakers may work well for regular bedrooms, larger speakers can easily overwhelm tiny spaces. Usually, big sized speakers offer a good capacity to deliver higher decibel levels, but it is better to check the watt output as well.

The audio output by the speakers is also affected by the room dimensions, contents in the room, and materials kept. Thus, it is recommended to make sure that the system you choose fits the room perfectly. It is good to maintain a balance of both.


Regardless to say, checking the warranty provided by the manufacturer or the seller for any product is one of the top considerations. Warranty becomes much more important in terms of electronic items, as they tend to create issues quite frequently. As such, it is recommended to consider a longer warranty period. If you’re facing any technical issue, then you can easily get it solved within the warranty period without spending money.

When you plan to buy an ideal speaker, it is natural to get a little confused and you may be having a lot of questions that run through your mind. Give your decision-making process a little tweak with the key points mentioned above to buy the best speakers. You may have to spend some time, because needs vary from person to person, but whatever your needs may be, you will definitely find the best speakers that will suit your budget as well as expectations.

Here is a list of the top Best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in 2018 that you can choose from. Read the reviews carefully to make a wise choice. The products are chosen keeping the mind the customer requirements and budget.

Top 10 Best 2.1 Speakers under 5000 in India 2020

1. Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

Philips-MMS-4040F-94-2.1-Channel-Multimedia-Speaker-System-BlackThe Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System is among the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 wooing customers in the market. It has everything that any music enthusiast always desires for, thus making it an ideal speaker system.

It contains two satellite speakers and also a subwoofer. It has a USB, FM and also a remote control that makes your life simpler. The best and most enticing feature is that this speaker system offers great compatibility with almost all types of audio devices, computers as well as music players.

Apart from these fantastic features, it comes along with a 4000 W PMPO and a 2.1 channel configuration that aims to give you the best possible sound quality.

You don’t have to worry about any technical or other issues, as Philips offers a good and dependable customer care service.
The product comes with one year of warranty by Philips.

All in all, the speakers have an amazing sound quality and a marvelous design. It is elegant and ensures that the party never stops! The best part is that all of this comes at a very economical price, thus, ensuring that it is not a burden on your pockets. If you are a party animal and love clean, clear and loud music, then just grab the Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System.


2. F&D F550X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers

FD-F550X-2.1-Channel-Multimedia-Bluetooth-SpeakersThe &D F550X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers is one of its kind as it offers power of 14 watts (satellite), 28 watts (subwoofer). The system produces clear, loud and high-quality sound at various levels such as 30Hz-110Hz (subwoofer), 130Hz-20kHz (satellite).

It allows you to maintain sound at INPUT with the help of Input source like Mobile phone, Laptop, TV, computer devices and more as well as Speaker unit. The Voltage of Input given varies according to the device used. It comes with a remote control that enables the user to increase the Bass level. Also, you can adjust the level either by Bass control knob or through the keys on the remote.


3. Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 Channel Speakers System (Black)

Philips-MMS-4545B-2.1-Channel-Speakers-System-BlackYet another model from Philips has made it to our list of the Best 2.1 speakers. The Philips MMS-4545B offers amazing sound quality and comes with two speakers and also a subwoofer.

It allows you to stream music from your smartphone by using an Aux wire, computers, digital music players and almost all the other music devices. Additionally, you can also attach a USB and SD Card input to play music. The product comes with a 4000 W PMPO and 2.1 channel configuration. It offers a rich bass, real life like stereo sound, remote control to handle and control all the functionalities.

The speakers offer a power range of 40 watts along with a subwoofer that helps you easily listen to the sound. You can also connect it to Bluetooth devices.


4. Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 High Performance Speakers System (Black)

Creative-SBS-E2800-2.1-High-Performance-Speakers-System-BlackThe Creative SBS E2800 speaker system is especially designed to satisfy your music needs. The speaker has a unique and discerning all-black design that makes it aesthetically appealing.

It produces a loud and clear audio output and provides multiple connectivity options and features. It can be connected to a laptop, desktop computers, mobile phone tablet, television set and other music enabled devices.

The speakers have the capacity to produce an output of 50 Watts raw, rock solid audio power. It provides a crystal-clear, loud and consistent audio output. It does not compromise on the sound quality and offers a rather immersive audio experience.

It features 3.5mm inputs, RCA via cable, SD card, USB thumb drive support, and a built-in FM radio receiver along with memory to store. All in all, the Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 High Performance Speakers System (Black), is the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 offering high-level performance.


5. F&D F380X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers

FD-F380X-2.1-Channel-Multimedia-Bluetooth-SpeakersNow enjoy the real essence of music with the F&D F380X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers. It offers crystal clear sound that makes your music experience all the more enticing.

Also, the supreme quality bass will make you fall in love with each and every minute detail. Its robust subwoofer device adds up to the bass, thus enhancing your entertainment level.

The speaker has a uniquely designed body and structure. One of the things that will make you fall in love with the design is the NFC feature that is easy to connect. It has a SD card and USB slots attached to the left side of the woofer. Additionally, it also offers Bluetooth connectivity. The whole unit is made of 3 units, one subwoofer, and two speakers.

It also comes with a small remote control that is slim and serves as a great control to control volumes. It meticulously controls the device and has buttons like Standby, Source and Bluetooth button Play/Pause/FM auto scan button Previous/CH-, Next/CH+, Volume+/- button are available.

The device offers amazing compatibility with DVD, TV or Mobile Devices. The AC adapter is the power source of the speaker. It also has an built-in radio.

It offers multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and FM tuner. The device supports Bluetooth, as well as radio.

In a nutshell, with the F&D F380X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers, you can enjoy hassle-free music and stay connected whenever you want. This is surely the best 2.1 speakers under 5000.


6. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Philips-IN-MMS6080B-94-2.1-Channel-Multimedia-SpeakersThe Philips MMS 6080B is ideal for anyone who loves music. It comes with a bass reflex design that produces higher bass with better quality sound. Its design adds beauty to your home. The system comprises of 3 units, one subwoofer, and two speakers.

The body is made of polycarbonate body that improves the toughness and durability of the device. It has a display that indicates the modes it is running.

It has buttons attached, which are slanted and offer a decent tactile feedback. Additionally, it also comes with a small remote control. It offers great connectivity options and produces an amazing sound. It has a 5.25-inch woofer, 3-inch full range speakers and also a Built in FM radio

It has a Bluetooth connectivity option along with a SD card slot. It is compatible with DVD, TV or Mobile devices and also has Aux-in, Stereo Input / Output Jacks connectivity.

The devices long tube design creates more volume to generate extra bass and thus fetch you more pleasure from your games, videos, as well as musical experiences.

The Philips MMS 6080B is a perfect speaker for all types of home purposes. Thus, if you are looking for a higher bass speaker, then it is an ideal option. This high-performance and beautiful Philips MMS 6080B 2.1 Bluetooth speakers is available at Rs 4200, thus making it the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in India.


7. Iball Tarang Mini tower 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers with handle, Fm, USB and Remote

Iball-Tarang-Mini-tower-2.1-Bluetooth-Speakers-with-handle-Fm-USB-and-RemoteiBall has been appealing Indian consumers with its powerful and unique electronic items since quite a few years. It offers a number of 2.1 speakers that deliver excellent sound quality, one of which is the ‘Iball Tarang Mini tower 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers.’ These speakers amplify the sound and deliver a pertinent bass and treble so that the music can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Experience sound like never before with the incredible speakers from iBall. It also features various sound element customizations, remote control function, and built-in FM. The device also supports Bluetooth devices, allowing you to impeccably stream songs through your smartphone. It has multiple connectivity features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, AUX, and USB connectivity.


8. Edifier SPK-EF-XM6BT 2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker System (Black)

Edifier-SPK-EF-XM6BT-2.1-Bluetooth-Multimedia-Speaker-System-BlackThough the Edifier XM6BT is a quite heavy box, it is filled with some amazing features. The system includes a Remote control, AUX cable, User guide and also the Warranty information.

The device consists of 2 satellites and 1 subwoofer. The satellites are covered by a cloth mesh. It uses the Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF). It has a 6.5-inch driver behind the cloth mesh that helps to create the ideal amount of bass that you can feel instead of just hearing.

The control panel is located at the right side of the subwoofer that helps you to plug all the necessary cables, and also an SD card or USB for the audio source. Overall, the Edifier SPK-EF-XM6BT 2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker System has an impressive and solid build quality.

The device also comes with a remote control that is pretty small and light.

All in all, this device is a great multimedia speaker with some amazing sound effects.


9. Panasonic SC-HT19 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker System(Black)

Panasonic-SC-HT19-2.1-Channel-Bluetooth-Speaker-SystemBlackWith Panasonic SC-HT19 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker System you can enjoy music with the comfortable Bluetooth wireless technology. The device is uniquely designed in a retro design with gunmetal color.

It provides entertainment all the time, thus, you can listen to your favorite fm stations for songs and news anytime with this system. It has specially made handcrafted wooden cabinets to give a rich bass effect with a perfect combination of vocal clarity. The device offers great compatibility with TV, DVD Player, PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone as well as Tablet.


10. LG – LK72BE Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers (Black)

LG-LK72BE-Boom-Blastic-Multimedia-Speakers-BlackThe LG – LK72BE Boom Blastic Multimedia Speakers looks amazing with its unique designing sense. Undoubtedly, it requires ample amount of space to be occupied perfectly due to its 6.5-inch Woofer and tutor speakers. The woofer has a bright red circle that can see through the speaker grills that add some extra style to the speaker.

The speaker is made of a durable plastic body that has a matte black finish. The appealing design of the speaker along with its control panel will grab your attention in no time. The control panel is situated on the top and consists of a large volume knob along with various control buttons and a single line LED display.

The system also consists of a microphone jack, 3.5mm input jack, a USB port, and a battery indicator. On the front it has LED display, Source, Sound effect bass, Voice canceller, Key changer, Mic, Reset/Repeat and Power button. Also, the USB port can be used for USB or portable drives to play music. It also acts as a power bank to charge your mobile phones.


Party On with Best 2.1 Speaker Under 5000

Hope you’ve got all your answers for finding the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in India along with a few amazing options to choose from. So, don’t wait, let the party be on fire by purchasing the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 in the market. Happy Listening to Music!

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