Best 2.1 Speakers In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Philips 2.1 Speakers2. Creative 2.1 Speakers3. Logitech 2.1 Speakers





We can’t think of life without music, be it our parties or your little outdoor adventures, music is our everyday need. We also need to have the best music listening experience, which is why there is a need for the best 2.1 speakers in India.

These speakers are not just the regular Bluetooth speakers but come with a subwoofer and a pair of satellite speakers. The presence of subwoofer and satellite speakers give you the best audio quality to rock all your parties at once. But, you need to know about what to look for in 2.1 speakers before buying them. Our experts have also mentioned the advantages and specific terms related to these speakers.


We have also made you a list of the best 2.1 speakers in India along with their specifications to make sure that you can take the best decision, even if this is your first time buying these speakers.

What are 2.1 Speakers?

2.1 speakers are the ones that come in a system of satellite speakers, a subwoofer, a control pad and a quick setup guide. These kinds of speakers work with the latest wireless technology from any Bluetooth device. These speakers are compatible with Bluetooth version which comes in almost all Android and Apple devices. They have different volume and bass controls on their control pad to help you manage different functions.

What are the Types of 2.1 Speakers?

When it comes to buying 2.1 Bluetooth speakers, you must know how to look for each component quite carefully. Single subwoofers can be a good option for people who love the bass effect. On the other hand, if we talk about people who are into hip-hop or techno music, two or more subwoofers are generally preferable. Here, we have mentioned the different types of 2.1 Bluetooth speakers to make sure you know about each one in detail.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers: Bluetooth wireless speakers are one of the most trending speakers in town! They are generally desirable because you don’t need a wire to connect your device to the speaker. All you need to do is connect your speaker with the Bluetooth device and enjoy endless hours of your favourite music. The 2.1 speakers available in India offer a great bass and the clearest possible sound quality.

Non-Bluetooth portable Speakers: People generally always want to have their speakers handy and need all their devices to be portable. The non-Bluetooth portable speakers fit in your laptop bag or other carry bags and are easy to be transported. These speakers are the best pick for people who don’t have Bluetooth on their phones. All you need to do is connect your speakers with an audio cable and enjoy your music anywhere.

AirPlay wireless Speakers: The third kind of speakers that we would want you to know about are the AirPlay wireless speakers which are kind of similar to Bluetooth speakers. They differ from the first kind of speakers as it can only work with the Apple’s airdrop technology. This can also be taken as a limitation as only Apple users will be able to use these kinds of speakers.

What are the Components of a 2.1  Speaker?

A typical 2.1  speaker works with full range speakers that come in their own small cabinet to give you the best sound quality possible. It is designed with a bass reflex to help you enhance the bass in your music. The voltmeter and micro USB charging port also help you connect your speaker with a number of audio devices.

The components of a typical 2.1 Bluetooth speaker include a woofer, a bass reflex tube, a USB Bluetooth audio module, a battery holder and a few batteries. All these components along with a power switch help you to take complete control over your speaker. The best speakers, therefore, have all the best features to give you an amazing music listening experience.

Once you know about the design and components of a typical 2.1 Bluetooth speaker, you should understand the features that you should look for while buying your ideal Bluetooth speaker. Once you understand all these features, you will be able to take an informed decision of choosing the best speaker for yourself.

What are the Features you Should Look for in the Best 2.1 Speakers?

1) Power and Frequency Response

The normal audible range for a human is 20-20000 Hz. The frequency of the 2.1 speakers must cover this entire range to be the most effective. A full frequency response loudspeaker tends to cover the entire range of audible sound waves, and thereby offer the best sound.

These kind of speakers also are quite expensive. Other kinds of frequency response speakers are the restricted ones, which offer around 45-20000 Hz of the frequency range. You must know which frequency range does your speakers lie in to know your product completely.

2) The Usage

The usage of the 2.1 Bluetooth speakers is a very important feature that you need to look into before buying them. Different speakers have different usages, and thereby must be chosen on the basis of your requirements primarily. In case you’re a party lover, and love bass, a speaker with a subwoofer, is the most suited for you.

On the other hand, if you are an active listener, tower speakers are your ideal choice. These kinds of speakers give out a great sound and make you dance with it. For a movie lover, wireless Bluetooth speakers are the best choice. There are a number of options of these kinds of speakers in the market where you can choose from.

3) Selecting Audio Cables

The next important feature that you need to look into before buying the best 2.1 speaker in India is selecting the audio cables. For that to happen, you need to analyse the design of the speakers and survey your space.

4) Understanding the Specifications

You need to understand the specifications of your speaker before buying one for yourself. These specifications include its frequency response, the kind of driver and also the kind of sound quality that you need for yourself. Once you know your requirements, you can decide which one of the best products you can select.

What are Some of the Terms that you Should Know Before Buying 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker?

Driver: A driver in a speaker is the component that gives out the powerful sound that you get from your speakers. The more powerful your driver is, the better sound quality your speakers will have to offer. The speakers have the most powerful drivers which show a complete spectrum of frequency response. These drivers can be classified according to the kind of performance, which is mid-bass, mid-range or bass-drivers.

Cabinet: A cabinet in a speaker is nothing but the house of all the components of a speaker. It is the structure where all these components are placed, to make sure your speakers look nice and match your style.

Tweeter: The next term we would like you to know about is the tweeter, which is a small driver responsible for the tremble. It is quite small as it comes in an inch or half in diameter and must be chosen carefully.
Port: A port in a speaker is the hole where you can connect your aux cable in. It is situated in the speaker’s cabinet to increase the bass response.

Book shelved speakers: These speakers are medium sized and come with a driver. It also has a tweeter to make sure that the tremble is in tune. The kind of book shelved speaker depends on the type of brand that you are looking into.
Monitors: Another term in the dictionary of speakers is a monitor, which is an oversized book shelved speaker which comes with better bass. Its bass is directly related to the size and thus gives you an extraordinary performance.

Tower speakers: Tower speakers are more commonly known as floor standing speakers. These kinds of speakers can beplaced on the floor without the support of any other stands. These speakers also have multiple drivers and a tweeter which means better performance and a great sound quality. The driver sizes that come with these speakers vary on the basis of size. Some of these speakers are built in a compact size, but must not be underestimated for their performance.

Surrounds: The term surrounds refer to the feature of a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker which is responsible for producing the directional sound effects. Surround speakers are usually smaller than the main speakers and are kept near the listening place.
Back Surrounds: You will need to know about these speakers if you need some realistic touch in your songs or movies. These speakers work the best in television so that the viewers enjoy the most of their leisure time.

Satellite: Satellite speakers are the kind of speakers which can fit in any space especially where people have space constraints.
Sub-woofer: This component of a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker helps to produce bass. It comes with a driver without any tweeter and can be used with low-frequency speakers to maximize the effects.

Stereo, 2.1, or Surround sound?

You must know what you’re putting your hands into for buying the right kind of speakers. There are so many different kinds of speakers, but there are a few closely related speakers that people generally confuse among. These are stereo speakers, 2.1 Bluetooth speakers and surround sound speakers. We are here to help you with the difference among the three and thereby helping you to make an informed decision.

Stereo speakers mostly consist of a left and a right speaker, whereas a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker is a pair of speakers joined together by a subwoofer. The surround sound speakers are the ones that involve five to seven speakers plus a subwoofer. These three differ in their kind of functioning and the occasions they are used in. The role of the subwoofer is to cover deep bass frequencies, generally lower than 10 Hz. You need the subwoofer to add drama to your videos and a little bass to your music. Some speaker pairs, however, work great even without a subwoofer.

The vast majority of desktop speakers are stereo pairs. Some of them have subwoofers with them, but you won’t likely have more than two or three satellites to deal with. These speakers let you have the perfect party because of their extremely loud and clear sound quality. You won’t have to look back once you choose 2.1 Bluetooth speakers or even any one of the surround sound speakers.

Which are the Best 2.1 Speaker Brands in India?

2.1 Bluetooth speaker systems are the new trend in town, wanted by almost everyone around. But it is important that you buy these speakers from a trusted brand so that you get the most of your speakers. Here are a few brands that offer a varied range of 2.1 Bluetooth speakers and are the best in town.

Sony: One of the best speaker brands in India has a great range of Bluetooth speakers, known for their sound quality and elegant design. The powerful drivers that come with these speakers offer a great sound clarity and the most powerful bass. It tends to rock all your parties and your outdoor adventures.

JBL: The next brand that has reached the top because of its amazing products is JBL. JBL speakers are known for its loud sound to make your stressful days go away.

Philips: There is no need to introduce this brand, as Philips has continuously given a number of masterpieces in the world of Bluetooth speakers. You can choose any one of these speakers, which are known for the loudest sound and comes with a great design.

The other two popular brands in the field of music and Bluetooth speakers are Logitech and Creative.

What are the Advantages of 2.1 Speakers?

There are a number of advantages that come with the 2.1 Bluetooth speakers. From being able to enjoy the best sound quality to be able to easily control all the features from a distance, these speakers provide you with everything that you need to have the best leisure time.

Rock your parties: The  2.1  speakers come with a subwoofer and a varied number of satellite speakers, which also include the most powerful drivers. These drivers let you enjoy your favourite music on your own or for the most rocking parties. These speakers literally put life into your parties, which brings up all the need to have them at your place.

Integrated Controls: The 2.1 speakers come with a number of integrated controls, which makes it a lot easier to control the volume, keep track of your music and also search for your favourite songs online. The integrated controls also include some of the features like voice recognition feature, which helps you to take orders by recognising your voice. The latest technology that comes in the speakers also helps you do your basic tasks, like order for your food, or cabs and even book your flights.

Warranty from the best brands: The speakers that come from the most popular brands in India also tend to give out some years of warranty along with the speakers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
Input systems for isolation: These speakers also come with an input system which makes sure that you not only can enjoy the music out loud in your parties but are also able to enjoy it in your alone time.

Once you know about the different features that you should look for in the 2.1 speakers, you need to know about the 2.1 Bluetooth speakers and their specifications to make an informed decision. We have made you a list of the ten best 2.1 speakers and have mentioned their specifications so that you know everything about the product in detail.

Top 10 Best 2.1 Speakers in India 2020

1. Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker system

Philips-Channel-Multimedia-Speaker-SystemOne of the best 2.1 speakers in town is Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia speaker system that has everything that you’ve always wanted in your ideal speakers. It has two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. It comes with a USB, FM and remote control to make your life easier. You would be glad to know that it is compatible with almost all your audio devices, computers and music players.

Along with these attractive features, the speakers also come with a 4000 W PMPO and a 2.1 channel configuration to make sure that you get the best possible sound quality. With Philips, you can also be sure of the customer care service that they are offering. They make sure that you don’t face any troubles related to the product.

The highlights related to the product include an entire year of warranty that Philips offer on the product, its amazing sound quality and an wonderful design. It matches your elegance and makes sure that you can party hard with it. It all comes at a reasonable price which also makes sure that you don’t have to create a hole in your pocket. All in all, this product is a great pick for people who are into loud music.


2. Creative SBS A-120 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Creative-2.1-Channel-Multimedia-Speaker-System-1Next, on the list, we have another amazing speakers called Creative SBS A-120 2.1 Channel Multimedia speaker system. These speakers are specially designed to offer you with the perfect party sound quality and also to fulfil your music cravings. It comes with a subwoofer, powered up to 4w rms which is responsible for the super loud music.

Some of its specifications that you would want to look into before buying the product are mentioned here. The frequency response of the speaker lies in the range of 50 to 20,000 Hz. The output that the speaker offers you with is around 2.5w, It is a small package that gives out great sound quality, and is paired up with a wired remote control to solve your little problems. These speakers are an amazing pick for someone who loves listening to loud music or is into partying.

With the Creative SBS A 120 2.1 channel multimedia speaker system, you will never feel the need to go out for enjoying loud music. It makes a mini theatre at your place. Not just this, it also comes with one entire year of warranty along with all these desirable features. Therefore, this becomes your favourite speaker, making you get it home right away. You must also look up at a few customer reviews to make sure that the product works fine for you. The featrures and the price makes it the among the most cheapest and affordable 2.1 speakers in India.


3. Logitech Z-623 2.1 Channel THZ-Certified Multimedia Speakers

Logitech-2.1-Channel-THX-Certified-Multimedia-SpeakersYour search for the super classy speakers that will shake you and your party like nothing before ends with Logitech Z-623 2.1 Channel THZ certified multimedia speakers. There is no other speaker like this, available in the market. You can be sure of the sound quality that the speakers have to offer, as they come with a 200 watts power to give you the chills of your life. These speakers come with a THX certified 2.1 speaker system which brings your music to life.

It comes with RCA and 3.5 mm inputs that suit all your audio devices. It becomes quite easy to plug in up to three devices with these speakers at one time. Be it your computer, iPod, DVD or any other game console; you can connect it all with these speakers and enjoy the most of your leisure time. Logitech Z-623 2.1 Bluetooth system comes with two satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer to make sure that all your parties are rocking. Even on your worst days, you won’t feel low with these speakers as they have everything to lighten up your mood with its extravagant sound quality.

All in all, the product comes at a reasonable price so that the users don’t have to empty their pockets to have the best 2.1 Bluetooth speaker in town. The company also offer a warranty of two years on the product and a great customer care service to make sure that the customers are happy even after buying the product.

The highlights of the product include THX certification, 400-watt peak power and multiple inputs. The built-in headphones jack offers you to listen to the powerful bass and wonderful sound quality on your own. The integrated controls are another one of the many highlights of the product which makes it all the more attractive. Some of its customer reviews are given here to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


4. F&D A110 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

FD-A110-2.1-Channel-Multimedia-SpeakersF&D A110 2.1 channel multimedia speakers have everything in them to become your favourite speakers. It offers you with a great aesthetic environment anywhere you go. It decides your vibe, and a good hood one at that, you can be sure of that. Along with that, it can be carried almost anywhere because of its lightweight.

It comes with a lot of attractive features which include a 3000W PMPO which delivers the greatest bass along with the loudest sound to give you the perfect party feels. The wooden cabinets of the speakers make it possible for the customers to hear a clear sound. It helps to reduce sound distortion and thereby delivers a thumping base. It also comes with metal grill satellite speakers which are present to enhance the volume while maintaining clarity.

The best part about this speaker is its elegant design that saves both energy and electricity. It is built in such a way that it only adds to the beautiful decor of your place. This speaker from F&D is best suited for you as it comes with great connectivity with almost all your devices. It has an in-built AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) which makes sure that you get a wide main operating range. It is unbelievable that all these features come in a great package at a reasonable price.

You can also be sure of the quality of product and not worry about any problems related to it, as F&D offers a warranty of one whole year along with the speaker. Some of its customer reviews which you can look upon to make sure you’re buying the right product for yourself.


5. F&D F-203G 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

FD-F-203G-2.1-Channel-Multimedia-Speakers-SystemF&D has successfully made a great name in the field of speakers and music systems. It has an exclusive range of Bluetooth speakers which are specially built for people into loud music. It has a number of masterpieces which have the potential to make you fall in love with them. One of these masterpieces includes the F&D F-203G 2.1 Channel multimedia speakers system. It comes with a 2.5-inch full range drivers for satellites and 4-inch bass drivers for a subwoofer. The amazing design and the presence of a subwoofer gives you the perfect sound for your parties.

It comes with an excellent output through its 1500W PMPO. It gives out an extremely influential sound quality to make you completely thrilled. The speaker set is an ideal choice for you as it has wooden cabinets to prevent the sound from distorting. This set of speakers add a lot of class and elegance to your house. It makes sure that you don’t have to look for any other speaker for your parties or other hangouts.

The highlights of the product include a QQ shaped design for better performance, a shiny finish on satellites and is quite easy to carry around. It weighs under three kilos and is perfect for the outdoor parties. Some of the specifications that you must look into before buying the speakers are its frequency response, which is about 20 Hz to 160 Hz. The satellite speakers frequency response is around 100Hz- 20000 Hz. The subwoofer works on around 7W of power and gives an output of about 11W.

You can easily pair up these speakers with all your audio devices so that it is easier for you to enjoy your favourite music tracks from anywhere around. It works on an alternate power of around 220-240 Volts. All in all, the product is an amazing choice for all the party lovers. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the cost of the speaker, as all these features come at a great price. The company also offers a warranty of an entire year on the product to make sure that the customers don’t face any products.


6. Mackie CR5BT CR Series Channel Studio Monitors with Bluetooth

Mackie-CR5BT-CR-Series-Channel-Studio-Monitors-with-BluetoothSixth on the list, Mackie CR5BT CR Series channel studio monitors with Bluetooth is one of the best 2.1 Bluetooth speakers in India that have a studio quality design and is specially made to take away all your sorrows. It offers a great sound and performance which is ideal for multimedia and entertainment. It is a great catch when it comes to playing loud music and have parties as you can literally play music from everywhere around.

This model from Mackie comes with professional grade components which give out an optimised sonic performance. It gives you a great and convenient front panel to use which includes features like a headphone out and an aux it. You can also connect a number of devices to this speaker at the same time.

The company provides a number of accessories to ease up your life. This speaker upgrades your listening experience as it comes with the most magnificent components. The company also offers a warranty of one year on the product so that the customers are happy even after buying the the speaker.

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7. iBall Tarang 2.1 Full Wood Multimedia Speaker

iBall-Tarang-2.1-Full-Wood-Multimedia-speakerThe next big thing in the world of music is the advanced technology that the best 2.1 Bluetooth speakers from iBall. It is one of the most magnificent Bluetooth speaker brands in India, offering a varied range of 2.1 Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are perfectly blended with a great design and the best possible performance. iBall Tarang 2.1 full wood multimedia speaker is one such speaker from iBall.

It comes with a wood-encased satellite cabinet which provides a realistic bass for your music cravings and also provides you with a clear sound. You can count on these speakers for all you bad and good times and all your parties. It comes with active separating circuits for frequencies and can be connected to a number of devices, which is why it is easier for you to enjoy your favourite tracks from almost any device.

Some of the specifications of the product that you might want to look into before buying the product are mentioned here. It is a multimedia type of speaker which has a frequency range of about 20 to 200 Hz (subwoofer) and a range of 100 to 20,000 Hz (satellite speakers). It comes with a 1050 mAh lithium battery that has a 4-hour battery life.
All in all, this speaker it is a perfect speaker for people looking for performance blended with elegance. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of an entire year to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


8. Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Sony-SA-D20-C-E12-2.1-Channel-Multimedia-Speaker-System-with-BluetoothSony is undoubtedly one of the best electrical appliance brands in India. It has also made a great name in the field of Bluetooth speakers. Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 multimedia speaker system offers you with the most powerful sound quality for all your parties and outdoor adventures.

It comes with a powerful subwoofer and a 60W output to make sure that it gives you the best of everything. You can also go wireless with this model from Sony, as it comes with a great Bluetooth technology. It also has a USB port for better connectivity, designed especially for connections with TV’s, PCs or other audio devices. The stylish design and an extravagant black color add to the attractiveness.

This speaker from Sony is supplied with a remote control so that it becomes easier for you to control the most basic functions related to the product. Sony offers a warranty for an entire year to make sure that the customers are entirely satisfied with the product. You can also look at the different product reviews of different customers that have earlier used the product to make sure what you’re buying for yourself.


9. Swans M10 Speaker

Swans-M10Next, on the list of the best 2.1 speakers in India, we have Swans M10 Speaker. It is a heart throbbing model that has a 2.1 powered desktop system which includes three matching speakers. These speakers are packaged in a sleek and 10. contemporary design to make sure you get the most elegant look at your place. It has a compact and simple design which is also eye-catching. The cabinets have a distinctive look and come in a black colour which looks good in any corner of the house. It comes with three satellites which make sure that you get your party feels at home.

The highlights of the product include being an easy to control because of the remote control, and a long throw subwoofer. All these features come at a great price along with a warranty for an entire year so that the customers are entirely happy.


10. Edifier XM2PF 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

EDIFIER-XM2PF-2.1-Multimedia-SpeakerLast on the list, but not the least, we have an amazing 2.1 Bluetooth speaker from Edifier, called XM2PF 2.1 multimedia speaker. It gives a great output which is about 4.5W X 2.5 W. The signal to noise ratio is around 80 dBa, which indicates that the speakers give you the best quality sound without any interruptions of unwanted background noises.

Some of the specifications that you would want to look into before buying the product are mentioned here. The frequency response of the speaker lies in the range 80-20,000 Hz. The input sensitivity is around 300mV, and the input type includes AUX/ USB/SD card/ FM. The in-built FM radio adjustment. You can track navigation, input selection and FM radio tuning. The volume can also be adjusted using the controls located on the side control panel.

It comes with two 50×90 mm satellites and a 4 inch downward firing MDF which includes a subwoofer. The audio output is quite amazing as it is one of the best 2.1 speakers in India. All in all, it is one of the best choices for people who are into loud music and grace equally well. You can also look at a few customer reviews through the link mentioned below to make sure what you’re buying is right for you.



It can be quite a task choosing the best of the best products till until you go through every minute detail about the product. You should also look at your requirements and then compare it with the specifications of the available products to make a decision. Our experts have gone through a lot of research to make sure you know what to look for in these speakers. Hope we were able to help you!

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