Best 5.1 Home Theater System in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Sony Ht-rt32. Sony DAV-TZ1453. Samsung HT-J5100


‘How come the best 5.1 home theatre system costs more than a car?’

Most of us might have heard a person say those words in an audio exhibition — and it’s certainly true since a majority of the best 5.1 speakers in India are shockingly expensive. But when we think about it, a home theatre system is a prominent investment these days and resides near to frequent car purchases.

Both cards and home theatre systems are important, and both of them do serve basic and typical needs. With this, both of them also vary tremendously in terms of aesthetics, size, price, quality, and performance.


Nevertheless, a majority of the people whom we know spend weeks or even months, trying to learn, test-drive, bargain and finally purchase a brand new car, while the very same people usually just walk into a large electronics store, listen to small demonstrations, and then walk out with their new best home theatre systems.

However, truthfully, if you purchase an ideal set of speakers and if it’s taken care of properly, it will dramatically last much longer than a car. The major mark to achieving supreme sonic quality is to educate yourself with research, gain knowledge and spend a little time on how a certain home theatre sounds before making the final purchase.

Ultimately, let’s admit it. Most of us desire to have the best music system for home or apartment purposes. When searching for the perfect system, new or first-time shoppers can find themselves in a multitude of choices; which can be quite distressing. You can hear a lot of common, self-raised doubts such as “Why do the best home theatres cost more than 5 digits?” “Which is the best 5.1 home theatre system for me?” “What does even an HDMI ARC mean and is it even necessary?”

Well, answering all these questions might seem challenging at first, but our intention here is to provide you with helpful information so that it’ll be easier for you to make decisions. We’ll also concentrate on 5.1 home theatre systems as well.

Why Should I Purchase A Home Theatre System?

These days, we all live in the world of entertainment. In order to watch movies, listen to your dearest tunes, or even carry on the usual, a typical theatre system or maybe even a smaller stereo system gets the job done. Yet, users can miss out the real value and enthralling experience which can only be provided by a home theatre system.

A normal integrant system or a surface stereo system does not deliver the expected quality of acoustics compared to an amp supported speaker setup.

In order to amplify the entertainment system (if you do have one., it is surely important to include in a home theatre system. Unfortunately, even HD TVs are turning out to be insufficient when it comes to supporting speaker potential since they are produced to be much more thinner as time progresses.

Additionally, these type of TVs can’t offer the clarity and quality of acoustics in terms of the slightest whispers or even intense explosive soundtracks which elevate the watching experience.

In a nutshell, consumers should take time to research on the right type of home theatre system since there are a lot of designs which can make heads dizzy. We recommend keeping reading below since it will help you filter down your options further.

What Can You Use A Home Theatre System For?

As mentioned before, a home theatre system can be used for a lot of different things. Apparently, it’s not universal to own a high-quality 7.1-channel surround system in order to achieve a phenomenal sound.
If you enjoy hearing music then a single pair of speakers can be perfect; which also can be combined with casual TV watching as well.

On the other hand, if you listen to music rarely and don’t like to sit down for long periods of time to appreciate the sounds, then in-wall speakers or a good pair of bookshelf speakers may do the trick. If you wish to have more bass, then a tiny subwoofer can provide the further low end of which you are seeking for.

Moreover, to all those who are active listeners, a pair of floor-standing or monitor speakers can be a great solution. Do note that a tiny floor-standing speaker with several drivers can bring you a life-like sound that is highly satisfying and does not take up a lot of space.

Users can select a soundbar or a soundbar with a wireless subwoofer combo in order to strengthen the sound of your TV. This can be beneficial when you watch movies with families or perhaps listen to music occasionally. There are a plethora of quality choices available on the market as well.

Sensitivity, Impedance, And Other Usual Technological Bits

As you start researching and looking for the perfect home theatre system for your household, you will most probably hear that it’s crucial to get a set of speakers with either an amplifier or a receiver. There are usually two sides to this concept. First, you have to ensure that, at a technical perspective, your amplifier has the potential of controlling and operating your speakers securely and effectively.

The other side is how well your amplifier (amp. or receiver sounds when it blends with the speakers. Let’s dwell a little bit on the technical aspect. You see, speakers contain an electrical feature that is identified as impedance and is measured in ‘ohms’. You can imagine impedance to be as a sort of resistance your speakers force out to the electrical signal once your amp starts delivering it to them.

Even though it might seem that resistance is unnecessary, in reality, it’s certainly pivotal. Any amplifier needs to obtain some sort of resistance to the power it delivers. If not, it will continue to pump out power until it completely burns out. Many demanding amplifiers and receivers these days enjoy their rides on the 8 Ohm “load.”

Even so, a majority of the high demanding speakers have a rating of 8-ohm. It’ll be quite a loss if you attempt to force in a low-impedance speaker (either 2 ohms or 4 ohms. with an amplifier which doesn’t have sufficient power that’s necessary to carry out the job safely.

In addition, If you search out for Ohm speakers, then it’s crucial to note that it requires an intense amplification in order to drive out the speakers to suitable volumes without allowing your amp and speakers to be at potential risk.

If you do search for speakers that are rated at 6 ohms, then you should know that it will take additional power to pump those speakers to the volume you desire. But if you own a well-powered amp, then there are fewer chances of you running into issues, unless, you tend to drive multiple 6-ohm speakers simultaneously at maximum volumes. During that point, your receiver can begin “clipping” out which ultimately damages the speakers.

Generally, this can debate over how much power is needed for your amp (or even the brand new you may buy in the near future.. Also, you might be under the notion that an amp power out an estimate of 100 watts per channel. Nonetheless, you’ll be surprised to know that the electronics producers tend to over exaggerate the power ratings of their products in order to look good. Due to this, there are incidents where you might own an appliance which operates at a lesser power than you expect.

However, don’t fret. If an amp sounds phenomenal with 8-ohm speakers during the past, it will still operate the same in the future. Besides, this point is important to note only if you’re thinking about a low-impedance speaker. If so, take a closer look at your amp and decide if it’s that powerful or not.

If users are searching for 8-ohm speakers, then whatever amp you own or going to own in the future is just fine. Don’t place too much emphasis on over-powering the speakers as well since it’s pretty uncommon to find speakers getting damaged if the amp is too powerful.

Another calculation which you should consider when researching on speaker specifications is “sensitivity.” Usually, this often refers to how noisy a speaker can play per watt. Speakers which have a low sensitivity issue might need more power in order to obtain loud volumes.

The statement mentioned above proves to be the opposite for high-sensitivity speakers. Typically, users should consider a home theatre system that offers a speaker with a sensitivity rating range of 80 dB to 88dB per watt as the lower end, and 89dB to 100 dB per watt as the top end.

Fortunately, there is a blending consideration as you join an amplifier with speakers that are linked to sound features. You might have heard of speakers that are noted ‘punchy’, ‘bright’ (due to treble., or ‘laid back’.
Just like how speakers display peculiar sound characteristics, amplifiers tend to do the same.

When it comes to deciding the synergy between a speaker and an amp, there are gigantic amounts of combinations available. This factor is essential for users that are either buying a brand new amp and for those users who already utilize an amp and want to search for speakers that suit it well.

Basic Factors When Considering The Best 5.1 Home Theatre System

5.1 Home Theatre System And Other Versions

Judging from the title itself, we are focusing on the best 5.1 speakers in India. However, do you really know the difference between a 2.1, 5.1 system and a 7.1 system? There are huge amounts of contrasts between all of these systems but what makes a 5.1 system stand out?

In a 5.1 home theatre system, you’ll be given a subwoofer for a low-frequency enhancement track (LFE., three front speakers that are positioned near the TV, and two surround speakers that reside near the audience sofas (left and right.. For a 7.1 configuration, you’ll get access to four surround speakers which means that you can hear multiple sounds beside and behind you.

Going back a decade before, things were really simple for any consumer. If a consumer walks into a shop and asks for ‘the best home theatre system” available, the number of choices is restricted. Still, as technology progressed over the decade, users are now exposed to a myriad of options when it comes to purchasing a suitable system. As a matter of fact, it can be quite challenging and confusing.

A good system can include floor standing speakers or a set of bookshelf speakers, a pair of rear sound speakers, a channel speaker in the middle and a subwoofer. In a nutshell, this is a typical 5.1 home theatre system of which it comprises of five speakers and a single subwoofer. Naturally, a high standard theatre system tends to involve more speakers than the norm. For a 7.1 system, there are additional pair of speakers which are paired behind the audience or the listener. We can see this on a more clarified note below:

When you observe a 2.0 system, it consists of a simple stereo setup that includes a set of speakers (left and right. and an output stereo sound. If you add in a subwoofer for extra bass, it’ll convert to a 2.1 setup. Nonetheless, if the price and wires are less, then users shouldn’t expect high-quality surround sounds which is similar to a 5.1 setup.

As we mentioned, for a typical 5.1 home theatre system in India, users will gain access to five speakers and a subwoofer (which is a separate component.. Overall, this system benefits users for its ultimate surround sound experience and is a worthwhile investment.

If a middle speaker was to be removed from the 5.1 system, you would typically get a 4.1 system. Users can gain the most out of this system however, it does not recreate the similar experience to a 5.1 setup.

Coming back to a 7.1 setup, users can add in two surround channels beside and a set of two speakers behind the rear. This helps in developing and adding to the expected sound experience, but; users should expect to pay a higher price and find more wires on the ground.

Additionally, when opting for the best 5.1 home theatre system, consumers should not be quick to invest unless they can confirm whether or not they have a digital optical port or an HDMI ARC port.

If you observe Dolby Atmos systems; they include in additional speakers wherein it starts to output upwards from the left and right channel speakers. Or even downwards if it’s being positioned from the roof, which is even better. Furthermore, these speakers develop audio effects that don’t create sounds from a common part of a room but in fact, delivers from a single point or area in terms of space.

This is intriguing since it generates a three-dimensional and supreme quality experience. These systems can be bought within a complete package most of the time wherein you will receive everything that you need thereby allowing your decision making to be made much easier.

Eventually, users who pick the pre-packaged option can find it seamless to setup and don’t need to invest in a lot of money than compared to buying speakers, individually. Also, many of the best 5.1 home theatre systems are being created to blend well with upholstery aesthetics so that the system won’t be unappealing or an ‘eyesore’ to anyone who walks in on it.

Breaking Down The System Layout

Before you go ahead and purchase the next home theatre system, you should start to consider the space layout of which it’ll be placed. If a user has goals in optimizing the quality of a home theatre system, then it’s necessary to visualize and understand the layout schema.

Let’s take a small glimpse of what are the most essential elements needed when it comes to setting up the new speakers at home.

Speakers positioned inside furniture: Do you wish to place a few of the speakers inside cabinets or ant entertainment shelves? If yes, then you may need to keep away from monitor speakers with ports or gigantic bookshelves since they tend to generate high bass levels.

A majority of the bass will typically bounce around in the shelf or cabinet causing it to generate unnecessary resonances. If it’s that necessary to position speakers inside a shelf, then you should search for a bookshelf speaker that hinders any bass which plays an approximate of 80Hz or so. As we’re discussing cabinet interiors, this place is identified as the worst position to install a portable subwoofer in. Always pick a spot for a subwoofer or rather, a peculiar shape for a subwoofer so that it will be less of a disturbance once it’s tucked away easily in a hidden spot.

Size of a room: It’s best to inquire a qualified salesman or a professional for prominent tips. Usually, they won’t try to force on you a huge speaker for sale but rather, they will try to understand the room’s characteristics and the impact it might have on a speakers’ sound/ operation. The size of the room is just a part of the evaluation. You need to consider whether or not the room is exposed openly.

Typically, a tiny, closed in area with walls found on all sides are not the perfect scenes for large-scale speakers. The reason being is that they tend to consume a lot of space. And two, they fill the room with unwanted bass.
This results in displeasing, muddy noise. On the other hand, huge and open rooms tend to create a small speaker sound which makes it small-scale and localized. Whereas, sizeable speakers can assist in maintaining the authenticity of sound-stage, and make it more immersive and seamless which are all crucial elements of a good home theater sound.

Speaker placement choices: As our main focus is on a 5.1 home theatre system, then placement becomes a piece of cake. If you were focusing on a 7.1 home theatre system, but your furniture such as couches and chairs are spotted against the wall then it would be a waste of a system since you’ll be cramming it.

Moreover, you will face a multitude of difficulties in between when it comes to positioning the surround speakers in an ideal. We recommend planning an effective layout for a 5.1 system and decide where you should place those surround speakers in order to achieve the best, optimal effect.

As a reminder, if there seems to be no wall found behind you or even to the sides (cause they are far away., then you might face some difficulties as you start placing the surround speakers. Even so, in-ceiling speakers can be utilized as surround sounds but only if there is suitable space at home.

Floors and walls: Good sounds’ worst enemy are hard surfaces. Irrespective if a speaker produces great sounds; if there seems to be a couple of immense, undisturbing surfaces for that particular sound to reflect it off then there’ll be significant changes to what you usually hear.

One way to test out whether or not a room is too loud, you can always go stand in the middle of the room and clap as loud as you can. If you happen to listen to a large ringing sound or even an echo, then do consider placing your brand new system in a different room. Even better, you can always take steps to quiet down the echo. Plants, furniture, carpet, drapes, or anything helps in breaking up hard, or flat surfaces can promote effective sounds in any speaker system you purchase.

Speakers placed in the corner: There will be some challenges if you position full-range, floor-standing speakers on any side of a TV that tends to block off the corner. This sort of placement can be a good solution when it comes to canceling out bass sounds. In such cases, it’s more preferable to opt for a subwoofer or bookshelf speakers in order to get the most bang for your buck (so that you can get some bass.

Décor: Rather than clashing with interiors of your home, you should find a good theatre system that complements it especially if you invested a lot of time and money into making your home appear nice. It’ll be pretty hostile to have a bad system that doesn’t blend in with the aesthetics of a room. The good news, however, is that there are few graceful, and flat-out speakers that come in dynamic furniture-grade styles that are built to blend in well with any room’s décor.

The common norm would be to position the front channel speaker either right below or above the TV screen while making sure it’s placed well in order to face the audience. If these speakers were located on a single stand, then it is suggested to position the edge of the speaker towards the stand’s end.

Due to this, it will avoid the system from crashing down and with about six feet distance (at least., the floor standing or bookshelf speakers can now be fixated on either side of the television set.

It’s pivotal to note that there should be a uniform distance from the screen in order to gain optimal sound delivery. In regards to surround speakers, it’s essential to place these speakers either overhead and/or behind the ‘field of vision’ – which is above the viewer’s heads by an estimate of two to three feet. In addition, these speakers can be placed uniformly from all sides in order to capture most of the sound.

What’s more, is that it’s critical to know how to place the speaker cables. It’s more imminent if it’s positioned on the walls. This can’t be done all by yourself thereby calling a technician is a good solution. To ensure that these wires don’t get scattered along the way since it can be a walking hazard for anyone passing by. If you wish to avoid wire clutter, then manufacturers have an immense amount of options concerning wireless speakers.

Things will be much easier if you purchase a subwoofer as well. Even though placing speakers near corners are a great solution for a convenient location, the reflectivity from the walls does not always guarantee a soothing performance.

With this, taking care of the best 5.1 home theatre systems in India is important as well. Things such as spending a good amount in an AC system helps the home theatre system to cool down. Moreover, unwanted vibrations and shakes can be sucked in if an ideal speaker is bought and lastly, you shouldn’t block the speaker with other furniture items because it’ll lead to a reduction in sound production.

There are a lot of factors than the ones listed here and these are just some of the most probable scenarios. The key point to note is that it takes time to understand on where you’ll be placing the speakers, what you’ll be utilizing your speakers for, and what other multiple speaker placement choices are available. Having a gist of on the type of speakers you require and how many you need will help you narrow down your process.

Arranging A System

To all the audio enthusiasts out there, it is quite common for a pre-packaged system setup to be favored than compared to its counterparts. Although, for some people like yourselves; it is suggested to construct a customized system from scratch. Even though it’s a bit time consuming, this self-approach is phenomenal and comes with several benefits. Ultimately, users who can design their own personal system can meet their personal needs.

This is usually done for ideal performance reasons wherein, for example, a movie enthusiast can opt or be choosy about his/her center channel speaker. Nevertheless, there can be a music enthusiast who can decide to personalize an entertainment center or a system with a set of amazing floor standing speakers. Often times, it is even probable that few peculiar needs of individuals aren’t met with the complete package systems.

Each and every room differs from each other when it comes to sound and can persuade people to develop frequent setting changes. To illustrate, immense performing speakers can be installed up front, however, there might be not adequate space to allow surround speakers to be placed behind the room. During such scenarios, it’s suggested to employ in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, just to be safe.

By making use of the ‘a la carte’ method, it supports you in picking distinctive components where you can combine and mix several products which seem to fit well. This may sound challenging but as you soon get the chance to view different parts for different types of speakers, it gives you the beautiful freedom never experienced before.

With this method, users can have the liberty to select between four to five choices only and prevent from selecting five out of say, 50 options; which can avoid dissatisfaction due to the large ‘opportunity cost’. Individual systems are more expensive, but you will get to witness one of the most remarkable audio experiences on a cinematic ambiance which makes all the money spent, worth it.

Opting For A Soundbar As The Final Key

Comparatively, we feel that a soundbar still adds a bonus when it’s joined with a default speaker system than to a great whole surround sound system. With a soundbar, it’s much effortless to install and has the capability to draw out more power than compared to the big speaker systems. As a matter of fact, a single compact speaker device, which is perfect for small spaces, can produce exceptional sounds.

In the end, a sound bar interacts and resonates surround sounds. A benefit to utilizing this sort of system is its lightweight size with a smooth design and does not provide several wire connections making it hassle-free. A soundbar can be linked with Bluetooth connectivity thereby you can expect continuous and smooth music plays from any handheld device, computers, laptops, and tablets.

Despite it featuring a few awestruck specs, there are some users who like to blend both a soundbar and a subwoofer together in order to increase frequencies that are low and resonant. Even so, there is an easy plug and play function which is an intriguing feature since it does not limit a home theatre system set up in a living room. Due to this, users can seamlessly move from the bedroom to the kitchen, or even to a covered porch.

There are cases where a sound bar can halt a TV’s remote sensor, but then again, it all varies on where the remote sensor is located and how it’s being placed along with the soundbar’s size. Oftenly, sound bars display surround sound experience without actually inquiring the need for rear speakers. However, in most cases, this is inaccurate.

Don’t get us wrong though. We aren’t saying that surround modes are not-so-effective but they do provide a suitable experience if it’s being intensified on the sound stage. But, consumers won’t be able to hear the sounds from the rear or sides.

Features Of A Typical Home Theatre System

HTiB with DVD or a Blu-ray Player?

Systems that offer a DVD or a Blu-ray player system with the complete package are only available in an entry or lower end models in the industry. In regards to higher-end systems, it will typically focus on delivering quality sounds that are unbeatable. To do this, a user would need to incorporate speakers and amplifier but nothing else. Additionally, users should require a distinctive player so that they can connect to the sound system and play audio files. Or rather, instead of a player, he/she can just utilize the sounds from the TV.

Amplifiers and Speakers

The best 5.1 home theatre systems in India will implement amplifiers and speakers. The chief benefit of acquiring an all-in-one configuration would be attaining both amplifiers and speakers to synergize and function together in harmony.

It’s important to note that users shouldn’t stress on leveling the quality standards of amplifiers with speakers. Yet, it’s also not that crucial for any user to learn all the technical bits before making a purchase.
If you opt for a complete package, users can obtain access to all the accessories such as a speaker cable or a free wall stand. In contrast, if you do purchase a wireless home theatre system then a speaker cable will not be mandatory, obviously.

Surround Sound Speakers’ Layouts

In addition to the layout information explained above, arranging a surround speaker system is essential as well. From mid-end to high-end home theatre systems available, surround speakers are being provided with the complete package. These days, producers try to make and sell the most common layouts which are both: 5.1 home theatre systems and the 7.1 home theatre systems.

We believe that users are interested in getting a sound system than compared to a 2.1 or a 3.1 speaker system. Being a popular opinion, it is mentioned that the HTiB systems that deliver a 5.1 home theatre with a surround speaker layout are used more often since it’s an ideal solution to listen to high-quality cinematic sounds.

Similarly, there are contemporary models which embed the most advanced audio formats such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X.

If a surround speaker system is necessary for you, then you can determine a speaker layout and buy a model that provides this.

Linking External Devices

Judging from the title itself, this feature may sound a tad bit confusing, at first. Previously, we have made points which emphasize the need of speakers in order to listen to audio and revamp the sounds to a whole new level. To illustrate, these sounds can be outputted from Amazon, a Blu-ray player, TV, a game console or even Netflix. Users should ask themselves if they really need a playback system via the speakers. If yes, then he/she can select a system that promotes this.

On a different note, there are several home theatre systems that have one or more HDMI inputs. When you have more HDMI inputs, it will give you the advantage to connect a games console or a Blu-ray player or maybe any appliance which has an appropriate HDMI output.

Nonetheless, few models only seem to limit their input ports. There are quite a few systems that don’t allow the usage of external devices whatsoever and these type of models can be budget models which only implement built-in players.

It is crucial to understand what needs to be linked to the brand new home theatre system and thus buy out the ideal product that suits your audio needs.

Power Grades

Power grades or more commonly known as power ratings is a riveting feature. Power rating is identified as one of the most supreme specifications which are needed to be considered before he/she purchases an individual amplifier and speakers. Power ratings are created to show how loud a system will function in a room in regards to sound. And, to even show how practical an amplifier is on a set of speakers.

Up till now, it may seem like a good idea to check the power ratings before making the final purchase, but our advice is to avoid looking at them. We’ve given you an idea on what and how a power rating works however, it’s not possible to compare one system with another using this metric.

There are producers out there such as Onkyo and Yamaha who mention high power ratings which are quite similar to their independent AV receivers. These ratings can be biased and are either measurements or listings that are employed to beat the normal standard of what is acceptable. Sometimes, they try to exaggerate the ratings in order to persuade consumers to purchase those particular models.

On the other hand, this is not always 100% true especially if we consider the all-in-one systems. You can observe that, for example, Sony and Samsung can deliver power ratings that may sound amazing because they tend to offer phenomenal technological models.

Surprisingly, it is interesting to note that these ratings aren’t comparable at all since they don’t align well with the same policies or standards employed by either Yamaha or Onkyo. Realistically, these ‘upper dog’ theatre systems are probable of not even sounding that loud than compared to the specifications it suggests.

Furthermore, manufacturers such as Sonos, Bose, and Enclave Audio don’t seem to show out their power ratings at all. Indirectly, this may prove to be one of the most ideal methods in showcasing power ratings accompanied by the all-in-one systems.

Lastly, going back to amplifiers and speakers, they are engineered to combine, harmonize and work well when used together. Even so, they are designed to permeate in order to ‘load’ up an average sized living room. Judging from an approximate, if the watching distance is around 5 to 10 feet, then a home theatre system is certainly suitable.

On the contrary, larger spaces are more appropriate but it all varies on a consumer’s opinion when it comes to deciding how loud he/she wants the sound to be. Therefore, it all boils down to one question: If there are a lot of certain needs, then should an all-in-one system be a good solution to opt for?

Brick And Mortar Vs. Online Shopping

There are multiple benefits and drawbacks to going online shopping versus visiting a local electronics store. We’ll discuss both the advantages and disadvantages in order to guide you in deciding which might be the most suitable for you.

Firstly, there is only a single yet clear-stated perk to brick and mortar shops: users can hear and touch the products tangibly. Another added point would be permitted to test out multiple combinations of electronics and speakers with a salesman to perform all the necessary tasks for you, thereby making this audition process less stressful or labor-intensive.

Another point to remember is that a majority of speaker producers try to avoid selling their speakers via online, thus going to a legal, authorized shop is the only possible solution left. If you didn’t like the speakers after purchasing it then asking for a return or exchange can be carried out instantly (if it’s permissible by the company..
In contrast, as compared to purchasing a car, the chances of getting a good theater system depend on whether you get a good salesman. But it can even go the other way, unfortunately. Purchasing speakers aren’t objective at all and a personal decision shouldn’t be forced or made quickly.

Moreover, if a salesman keeps breathing down your neck in order to make a purchase, then you should probably request for a new one or just leave the store. Apart from this, hidden costs, sometimes, of a particular system will later show up in your bill.

Few members of the sales staff won’t tell you the mandatory overhead costs and these expenses are moved on to you. Therefore, these products may appear to be more expensive.

Lastly, all audio showrooms are created to sound appealing to the ears. Dealers try to incorporate room treatments in order to allow all of their equipment they display to the public sound stunning. This is not something illegal or morally wrong but a majority of the public expect to hear the same sounds in their homes as well but unfortunately, it turns out to be completely different.

Making huge savings is a point which all users look forward to but users still need to test out the audio potential before purchasing the set. This is why many online companies deliver a free return shipping option. With this, you can decide if the model is the right product for you.

The downside, however, to purchase from online is the buffer time. You may need to wait for the home theatre system to arrive and if an exchange or return is required, then that would mean more waiting time being involved.

Furthermore, if you add in the fact that a majority of these companies are still fresh in the market and don’t come with the similar appeal or brand recognition as compared to those companies that have been operating since the 60s, then online home theatre shopping can be effortless and exciting.

We’ve covered a lot of bits when it comes to selecting the best 5.1 music systems for home but let us now look at the top 10 best 5.1 home theatre systems in India:

Top 10 Best 5.1 Home Theatre Systems in India 2020

1. Sony Ht-rt3 Home Theatre System

Sony Ht-rt3 Home Theatre SystemWith the great Sony HT-RT3 system, you can now indulge yourself in any movie soundtrack due to the modern, life-like surround sounds from all 5.1 channels. For this model, users will get access to a subwoofer and rear speakers which are wired.

Both of these speakers work well with a 3 channel soundbar thus enabling it to provide a profound sound throughout the room. At the same time, the S-Master amplifier appliance helps in reducing distortion levels.

Moreover, you can now effortlessly benefit from listening to all the movies and music with the audio playback and USB video. As mentioned, users will get access to two rear speakers and a sleek soundbar, in order to blend a, equalized, broad-frequency audio response. Whereas, a subwoofer will incur more soul to your bass thereby allowing you to feel each and every action sequence. This creates a realistic and lifelike experience for any user.

This model implements NFC (Near Field Communication. technology which is designed to eradicate any need for set-up sequences that are complicated and even wired connections as well. All you need to do is to connect your device or smartphone to be NFC-enabled and tap on the on-body N-mark. After this, you can start playing your music. If a device isn’t NFC enabled then you can pair it using Bluetooth settings manually.

In regards to the HT-RT3, you can seamlessly plug it in and link up your speakers using connections that are color-coded. Each and every cable connected runs directly into the subwoofer, whereby users have the benefit to avoid wire clutter. Finally, you can now rejoice over experiencing high-quality, dramatic, surround sound from the 5.1 distinctive audio channels which partners with Dolby Digital.


2. Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre System

Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre SystemThe all new Sony DAV-TZ145 home theatre system integrates phenomenal sound technology and brings you reliable video specs. This system features a digital amplifier that provides detailed and sharp sounds and at the same time, the HDMI output allows you to view any visuals in supreme HD quality. This model involves 5 speakers and a single subwoofer.

In order to allow a convenient and soothing navigation plan, this model comes with a remote control that enables you to make changes to the settings. Moreover, it even has an FM radio feature that delivers instant access to any of your most favored radio stations. The committed FM antenna tries to effectively get hold of signals and provide gliding connectivity.

The fancy design and compact size of this system give you the opportunity to save more space in your living room or the entertainment room. The ‘video upscaling’ feature enhances the visual quality which means that you can now watch your favorite movie or any video file in sharp visuals. The Dolby Pro Logic technology creates audio that is loud enough and works with the digital feature which upgrades the total sound quality in a uniform manner.

Lastly, the HDMI port feature allows you to enjoy upgraded multimedia and displays visuals in amazing HD quality. Using the HDMI port, you can now connect with this system to an external screen and view content that’ll be expressed in more vivid and detailed colors. Furthermore, you can link up this system with a Bravia television wherein the remote control has a committed switch that enables ‘Bravia connection’ and is accessible easily.


3. Samsung HT-J5100 Home Theatre System

Samsung HT-J5100 Home Theatre SystemThe Samsung HES J5100 home theatre system is engineered to promote a much richer and deeper bass than compared to its rival counterparts. Vibrations tend to resonate through the system which allows all low notes to be generated successfully. You can now enjoy remarkable sounds that will make you feel the real cinematic experience in your very own home.

The Samsung HES J5100 places equal significance to both audio and visual. The model tends to employ peculiar Crystal Amp Pro technology which is patented and significantly upgrades sound quality by using its sound signals as multi-purpose feedback. This allows it to elevate the normal-sounding output of your usual visual systems.

By taking advantage of the user equalizer settings, users can now customize the audio feature which is reachable in your TV display. In addition, you can adjust each frequency band levels directly in order to suit your taste or mood perfectly. By using the Sound On feature, users can watch their TV shows in supreme surround sound quality – which is possible at a single push of a button. All you need to do is basically push the hotkey found on the remote control device in order to quickly initiate this dynamic home theatre speakers.


4. Sony HT-IV300 Home Theatre System

Sony HT-IV300 Home Theatre System

The Sony HT-IV300 system offers another surprising package that includes one of the best 5.1 home theatre system available in the market. This model has a flexible option to link any DTH system to the HT input in order to offer you an experience that is never witnessed before.

You can now watch your favorite videos, movies, or even listen to songs on this unit and make use of its smart features as well. This model is created in a way that will never leave you regretting your purchasing decision due to its power output and compact yet sleek design.

With all of these options presented before you, Sony features one more remarkable option wherein the system is both NFC and Bluetooth enabled. Thereby, you can now avoid missing out on anything.

Even so, you can now plug this model into your DTH system directly via a distinctive optical or HDMI wire input, and enhance the overall experience when it comes to watching TV. Users can now connect the device with a gaming console such as PlayStation, or even link it with a Blu-ray player (if you do own one..

The design, as mentioned before, is compact and sleek which is advantageous since it tends to avoid wire clutter, take up less space than usual, and is 40% smaller than compared to a standard home theatre system but has a phenomenal performance level.

In detail, the stylish design appeals to the eyes of the homeowner and prevents any sort of clutter which can be hazardous. The model includes multi-angled speakers that can be positioned in any way in order to achieve the ideal, perfect sound. Users can now stream any app or audio track easily with Bluetooth.

You just need to pair up your tablet or smartphone with this Bluetooth-enabled model and voila! you can now stream music and even take control over the playlists as well as the volume operations directly from your device.


5. Yamaha YHT-3072 Home Theatre System

Yamaha YHT-3072 Home Theatre System

The Yamaha YHT – 3072 system is a 5.1 channel surround sound system that offers an engrossing listening experience. With its YPAO sound optimization feature, it delivers instant speaker setup automatically.

By offering a whole compatibility configuration along with the advanced HDMI standards, this AV receiver offers stunning transmission of 4K quality video at 60 frames per second. It even provides HDR (high dynamic range. video which includes Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision thus delivering authentic contrast, rich and vivid colors and sleek tone.

This would generate a complete high-definition experience with an overall lifelike, and organic picture quality. This exclusive theatre system supports HD audio playback such as DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD etc., and offers sound imaging that’s both expansive and natural.

The cinema DSP converts the entire dynamics of the whole listening ambiance to soothing acoustic production of highly popular venues such as the Roxy theatre, Bottom Line, and European cathedrals. All of these environments can be experienced right in your living room.

The Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO. evaluates the room acoustics along with the system, and accurately adjusts multiple audio boundaries in order to deliver surreal sounds in the room. By positioning the microphone at the usual hearing position and turning the YPAO on, the system is tuned for maximum performance automatically in any home theatre room.

This unit is designed with a strong aim to achieve phenomenal clarity sounds. It utilizes an individual amp configuration system and a PLL circuit that adds to the overall audio performance.

Lastly, the model brings you bi-amping capability, therefore, driving the bass and treble ranges of both the left and right front speakers with distinct amplifiers. Additionally, in order to offer high amounts of power, it avoids any sort of interference between high and low sounds thus enhancing the front speakers’ sounds.


6. Sony HT-RT40 Home Theatre System

Sony HT-RT40 Home Theatre System

The Sony HT-RT40 system brings you an overall output of 5.1 ch authentic cinematic sound effect. It comprises of an efficient soundbar and a tall boy home theatre configuration which is easy to use.

You can now have the option to choose between either a tabletop or a wall mount design in order to include appealing aesthetics to the entertainment room or any room which houses the system.

The speakers allow you to fully immerse yourself deeper into crisp movie soundtracks along with both audio and visual files with life-like surround sound.

With its 3 speaker cable only principle, the model allows you to ensure the room is neat and wire free. These speakers are really easy to position in order to capture ideal surround sounds. Even so, with a subwoofer, a three-channel soundbar, and magnificent rear speakers, users can expect an amazing hearing experience.

Also, you can hook up your favorite songs as well by just connecting in your smartphone with the USB port. What we like about this model is that it’s NFC enabled, therefore, it turns into your suitable music companion which adheres to mostly all your music requirements.

All you need to do is to touch your smartphone which is NFC-enabled or any other device to the on-body N-mark and start playing your sweet tunes. Moreover, you can even pair these devices in the Bluetooth settings manually.

With the use of an HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC. feature, it allows you to link your TV with only a single cable, thus providing fewer cables and effortless control.


7. Sony BDV-E4100 Home Theatre System

Sony BDV-E4100 Home Theatre System

The all new Sony E4100 features two large speakers and is included in the overall surround sound set-up. With this system, you can now enjoy amazing sounds which a person usually experiences in a theatre hall.

Along with this, you have the advantage to connect your device easily and involves a one-touch hearing performance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing your top 10 albums or watching a new movie with your family or friends since this system provides audio that outbursts a real impact.

This model consists of two speakers, a 1000W output, a subwoofer and two satellite speakers which enables you to listen to accurate surround sound.

The model has Wi-Fi system built-in, therefore users can effortlessly link their laptops, smartphones, tablets, or even hook it up to the Internet directly. All of this can be done without having mess wires around. Due to this, you can now stream any sort of entertainment forms that can range from your playlists to your personal photos and even to streaming online movies, Youtube clips and catch-up TV.

This model also implements the Sony Entertainment network, therefore, you can stream millions of songs, access TV channels and access the web browser for normal surfing along with game applications, weather reports and more.


8. Logitech Z906 Home Theatre System

Logitech Z906 Home Theatre System

The Logitech Z906 model is a great system that is THX-certified. With this model, you can now each and every footstep, tire squeal, and other movie soundtracks in sharp detail. Therefore, it guarantees you with 5.1 channel systems of dynamic, explosive, and detailed surround sounds.

Users can now appreciate theatre-quality and powerful acoustics for any music, movies, or games streamed. By using phenomenal satellites and chief channel speakers along with a subwoofer that’s powered with only 165-watts; this unit promises to offer immersive mid-range to high-end tones and even a deep bass.

This system implements 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital technology that recreates the ultimate surround sound mix precisely in your DVD, Blu-ray, and game soundtracks. Thereby, you have 100% flexibility when it comes to setting up the system the way you desire. All you need to do is to link up the system to six audio sources such as your music player, game console, computer, and more.

Also, you can wall-mount the satellite speakers or position them on shelves in order to personalize the system according to the seating and size of the room. The design is compact and fits in well within any space in your home. It comes with a remote control which allows you to control settings such as volume, mute, power, and set inputs – all from your couch. The Z906 speakers turn the typical two-channel stereo to an astounding surround sound experience.


9. Mitashi BS-120BT Home Theatre System

Mitashi BS-120BT Home Theatre System

The Mitashi BS-120BT home theatre system comprises of high-quality sound bars, floor standing speakers, and a supreme home theatre configuration which optimizes the overall entertainment experience.

The Mitashi speakers deliver excellent performance but without any sort of compromises and even features newly produced designs that are equipped with the latest technology in order to provide an audio experience never like before. Mitashi speakers adopt advanced technologies that enable users to utilize multiple connections such as AUX input, Blue connect technology, SD card, USB, etc.

With this door being opened, you can now listen to your favored tunes without caring much about the compatibility issue. When it comes to compatibility, it can link with DVD players, the TV set, handheld devices such as Mp3 or Mp4 players, laptops, PCs and even a music system. This unit features a digital FM radio and a remote control that’s fully functional.


10. Philips SPA5250B Multimedia Speakers

Philips SPA5250B Multimedia Speakers

The Philips SPA5250B speakers can be used to play any source of entertainment such as movies, music and any other items that come in the list. With the refined 5.1 channel speakers, you can expect remarkable surround sound each and every time you play the system.

By making use of its multiple connectivity sources and a 150W sound output, these speakers are ideal for streaming games, music, online videos and movies on your Mac, TV, and PC. In order to allow music playback, the system comes with both SD and USB card slots.

This model works well with any device that’s Bluetooth enabled and the whole system has an aesthetic design that not only looks good but performs as expected. The speakers have an elegant matt finish and blend in well with the room’s decor.

Users can use the FM tuner in order to listen to the radio. The overall sound output is being powered with 150W RMS.


Sound on With the Best 5.1 Home Theatre Systems in India 

The best 5.1 home theatre systems can be a challenge to select at first. But if you’ve decided your goals on what you’ll be using the system for along with the budget, then figuring out the right model makes the process less intensive and enables you to get the best bang for the buck.

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