Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1.  JBL Go2. Boat Rugby3. Portronics





A portable Bluetooth speaker is a handy and useful accessory to have for your smartphone or laptop if you often love listening to music with loud and deep bass. Hang this audio device anywhere in your room and you are ready to groove to your favorite tunes, be it working out in your home or partying outside. However, given the sheer number of options in the market, picking the Best Bluetooth Speaker under 3000 can be a stressful task, especially if you don’t have any previous experience with such devices.

Speakers are available in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a few hundred rupees all the way up to Rs. 30,000 and beyond. As Bluetooth speakers are becoming ubiquitous in this modern music freak world, their manufacturers are increasingly adding quirky features to make them stand out in the crowd. Pairing it with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, you can hang it anywhere near you for an awesome sound effect; even you can use it in the shower, as most of them are waterproof or splash proof, but of course, you can’t dip them in water!


Before you take the plunge, go through this ‘what to look for in a speaker’ guide to make an optimum purchase so that it meets all of your requirements and expectations. The article has highlighted a small checklist of features that you should consider before buying your next portable Bluetooth speaker.

Factors to Look for While Choosing the Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000

1. Frequency Response

Frequency response is typically described as a range, say from 100Hz – 20,000Hz. Theoretically, it is believed, the wider the range, the better the ability of the speaker to deliver audio as it was intended. However, sometimes how much good the frequency is, depends on how your ear perceives sound, which can vary from person to person.

2. Bluetooth Version

When you pick the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000, it is very important that you look into the version of Bluetooth. The version of Bluetooth determines the quality of audio and the distance you can keep between your phone and the speaker.

Bluetooth version 4 or higher support Low Energy profile, better battery life and a distance of about 60 meters between your smartphone or tablet and the speaker. Though Bluetooth 5 is the latest standard which is designed to improve the data transmission rate and range, it will take time to catch up in the market as other versions.

3. Drivers

Most portable speakers will typically have a 40mm driver, which is a decently sized driver to start with. If you want to buy a speaker with a bigger driver or twin drivers to enjoy a louder sound, then expect that the overall size of the speaker will increase too. However, note that the number of drivers and their placement in the speaker also make a difference regarding how it will produce audio.

Smaller and lightweight Bluetooth speakers typically come with a single, full-range driver that is positioned either facing upwards or downwards, to deliver a better sound quality. Whereas, numerous speakers comes with twin driver setup, to produce a louder bass. Such devices are imperative for outdoor parties, camping or social gathering in your garden terrace.

Since woofer can’t be placed inside a portable Bluetooth speaker due to a shortage of space, most manufacturers install passive radiators to produce bass to fulfill the need of rock and electronic music lovers.

4. Portability & Durability

Make sure your Bluetooth speaker is easy to carry around and durable if you are planning to take them out often. Check for their durability if they can withstand accidental drops. Furthermore, if you want to spice up your shower time with your latest collection, then check for its water resistance power. Numerous brand offers decent speakers across various price range with IPX water-resistance to resist water splash and light rain.

Moreover, they should be dustproof and most importantly have a rugged outer if they are not meant for the delicate corners of your room. However, if it’s mostly for home use, then you should ideally consider something with a contemporary design that will blend in perfectly with the decor of your urban living room.

5. Connectivity

Besides wireless connectivity, your Bluetooth speaker should have the option for the wired connection too, to pair it with non-Bluetooth devices. So check for Aux cable for such connectivity option. If it supports Aux cable, ‘Aux-In’ is stated in the specifications page of the speaker.

Moreover, a wired connection is useful if you need to save a bit of battery on your phone or speaker. Many speakers also come with NFC, which helps in quick pairing with your devices.

6. Inbuilt Microphone

A microphone is a good feature to vouch for in your Bluetooth speaker as it allows you to answer calls directly through the speaker as you do in your speakerphone. This way, you don’t have to look for your phone for an incoming call as you can answer it directly through the speaker. Having a microphone also lets you interact with your phone’s virtual assistant without using your phone, so you can schedule appointments and check for weather updates when needed.

7. Charging Style

Having a standard USB charging port is an added advantage, especially when you’re outdoors or at a friends meet and in case you forget to pack the cable with you. Most speakers these days use Micro-USB port, to provide you the option to charge it with power banks too so that you can keep using the device without the need for a wall socket for charging.

8. Battery Life

Battery life is another important factor to consider, especially if you’re out camping and or overnight partying when you won’t have access to a power source. Also, a speaker with low battery backup or if it takes a long to get fully charged is sure to hamper your music listening experience.

9. Enhanced Features

Most Bluetooth speakers these days are into innovating Smart speakers that can do much more than simply streaming music. Such devices are the next big thing in the industry and they are increasingly making their way to India.

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is now available in India while Google has already started their Home series of smart speakers. Other features to check for is if there’s any companion app support, to manage functionalities such as operating multiple speakers, checking the battery life, or simply to update the speaker’s firmware.

Moreover, if you listen to a lot of high-resolution audio files then you can look for high-resolution audio source support in the Bluetooth speaker like aptX HD or LDAC to make a difference in your experience. Finally, another handy feature to count is the ability of the speaker to pair multiple speakers to create a louder sound effect.

As sometimes, one speaker isn’t loud enough to evenly cover a big room or justify a big outdoor party, where pairing two or more same type of speakers is always an advantage for providing a much better audio experience.

Having all the above information, you are well equipped to go for the Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000, listed below.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000 in India 2020

1. JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Jbl-Go-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker-Black-300x250With built-in Speakerphone that produces great sound (output power 3.0W), JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is an amazing way to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth from smartphones and tablets.

Equipped with a noise-canceling speakerphone, this JBL product allows you to pick up calls with a touch of a button while it was playing without turning your speaker off. With a rechargeable battery, it gives up to five-hour playtime.

Available in 8 catchy colors with a smooth and durable finishing, the JBL GO easily accentuate anyone’s style. A built-in strap-hook and optional carrying strap, allows you to hang it anywhere and enjoy the music from close.

Being small and lightweight, GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is easy to carry and hang anywhere in close proximity to you. It conveniently fits in your pocket or backpack, so it is a great travel buddy. With high-quality sound, you will love to hear music from all genres including pop, rock, Bollywood, classic etc.

Moreover, if the Bluetooth option is not available in your smartphone or tablet, you can plug the audio cable into the speaker and enjoy music wherever you want. The GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from JBL is indeed one of the Best Bluetooth Speaker under 3000 in India.

Technical Specifications

  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • It supports: A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.5, and HSP V1.2
  • Transducer: 1 x 40mm
  • Output power: 3.1W RMS
  • Frequency response: 180Hz – 20kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥80dB
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion polymer (3.7V, 730mAh)
  • Battery charge time: 2.5 hours

2. Boat Rugby Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

Boat-Rugby-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker-Blue-267x300With Super bass and passive radiator, Boat Rugby Portable Bluetooth Speaker produces high fidelity stereo sound. Connect it with headphones, smartphone, tablet, and MP3 players and enjoy amazing music. The Bass Radiator fitted in the device wonderfully produces loud bass with super clarity to make you engrossed in every beat of your favorite music while blocking the distortion at high volumes.

It is loud enough to fill a big bedroom or drawing room. This Boat Rugby Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes with an AUX input and cable to connect to your non-Bluetooth devices.

With an affordable price and super sound quality, it is a must-have device for music lovers. Equipped with a capacity of 1800 mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, this Bluetooth speaker enables you to listen up to 8 hours of music. Charge the speaker using the micro USB cable available in the pack.

Furthermore, with amplification power of up to 2 x 5 watts, the sound technology reduces echo and cancels noise while giving you a louder sound experience. The lows, mids, and highs are perfect. With a lightweight design, the Boat Rugby is extremely convenient to hold and carry around. It looks pretty attractive in its rubber case.

The protective cover with a durable body inside, safeguard the device from occasional falls and drops. The string attached to this Bluetooth speaker allows you to hang it anywhere you like. Battery life is amazing with 7-8 hours of continuous playing. With all such great features, this Rugby Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Boat never fails to deliver the best sound. It is undeniably one of the Best Bluetooth Speaker under 3000.

Other Technical Specification

  • Audio Connections: 3.5mm Line in
  • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
  • Bluetooth range: 30FT
  • 1800 mAh Rechargeable
  • 5V/1A AC/DC Adaptor Charger
  • AUDIO: 2 Drivers

3. Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Speaker

Portronics-POR-871-SoundDrum-Bluetooth-4.2-Stereo-Speaker-300x300The SoundDrum Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Speaker from Portronics offers a high Bluetooth range of almost 10M. It comes with powerful 10W in-built speakers with an invigorating amplifier that wonderfully produces crisp, clear and loud sound.

Its Wireless FM with inbuilt antenna lets you groove to your favorite music on the go. Moreover, being water resistant, this Bluetooth speaker is protected against splashing and light rain.

With Bluetooth version 4.2, it is much faster and more secure than Bluetooth 4.1. Furthermore, it also offers connectivity with Aux and Pen drive to enhance your music experience from various devices.

Enjoy a thriller on your smartphone, tab, laptop or computer, with its super sound technology using the Bluetooth feature or Aux cable. The 3.5 mm Aux cable help you listen to your favorite music stored in a non-Bluetooth device like mp3 player or PC.

The Portronics SoundDrum also allow you to attend calls in the middle of playback, thus letting you enjoy hands-free phone calls. In addition, featuring inbuilt mic and speakerphone, this Portronics Bluetooth Stereo Speaker allows you to take, reject or end calls in your smartphone. When you end the call, the music will start playing from where it had stopped.

Fitted with a powerful 1800mAh lithium-Ion battery, it can play music for more than 7 hours on a single recharge of around 1-2 hours. With its compact size and sturdy made, it is quite handy and easily carried anywhere you go without any hassle.

This drum-shaped Bluetooth comes in black color with stylish metallic grille, providing a classy and trendy appeal. With powerful speaker and FM tuner, Portronics SoundDrum Bluetooth has won many hearts and is wishing to impress you. It indeed falls in the category of Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000.


4. Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker with Monstrous Sound

Boat-Stone-1000-Bluetooth-Speaker-with-Monstrous-Sound-300x165Equipped with 14-watt dual speakers, Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker produce monstrous and clear bass sound. It can go extremely loud, allowing you to use it in small parties organized in your backyard or garden terrace. With IPX5 waterproof and shockproof feature, this Boat Stone Bluetooth Speaker is protected against dust and water, thus perfectly cater to outdoor parties.

Moreover, the body is designed with durable silicon and rubber matte finish that makes it shock resistant. With 3000mAh rechargeable battery, the Bluetooth Speaker delivers up to 10 hours of music playback and talk time up to 20 hours. It is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. With this monstrous speaker by your side, you will feel like showing off your dancing moves for hours on your favorite tunes.

How to Connect

After pairing the speaker to your smartphone or any device supporting Bluetooth, the status light will be on, if it doesn’t, press and hold the source selection button for three seconds and the light will show up.

Now that the Boat Stone speaker is searching for a Bluetooth device to pair with, follow the instructions listed below:

1) Go to Settings on your Bluetooth device and turn Bluetooth to “On” or “Discover”.

2) Locate the list of available Bluetooth devices for connections. “Stone 1000” will appear on your device for selection.

3) Once the pairing is established, the Bluetooth speaker will play an audible tone beep. Start playing music stored in your smartphone (or any other paired device) on your Bluetooth device and enjoy music for hours.


5. Zaap Hydra Xtreme Premium Waterproof/Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Microphone (Black)

Zaap-Hydra-Xtreme-Premium-Waterproof-Shockproof-Bluetooth-Speaker-with-Built-in-Microphone-Black-300x182Equipped with advanced Bluetooth CSR technology, ZAAP Hydra Xtreme Premium Bluetooth Speaker consumes less energy and delivers crystal clear sound. It can be paired with all types of devices (iOS, Android & Windows) that support Bluetooth. Charge it with a USB port (Laptop, Computer & Power Bank) and use it for hours. It allows you to conveniently answer phone calls using the built-in microphone; change tracks or adjust volume without using your phone.

It offers IP65 (International standard) protection against water, shock, snow, and dust. It can withstand dripping sweat, heavy rain, or water splash, however, it is advisable to not dip it inside water. The premium rubberized rugged exterior to resists the impact of the accidental drop. The built-in Microphone allows you for hands-free calling (for up to 33 feet away without much hindrance).

With superior and massive sound, this Hydra Xtreme Premium Bluetooth speaker from ZAAP is perfect for outdoor parties, showers, pool sides fun, group camping and other such activities. The 12+ Watts drivers deliver a high definition sound quality and volume. Equipped with a passive subwoofer and two 50mm drivers, it delivers outstanding bass and audio. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery CE/UL delivers 8-9 hours of uninterrupted playback and super-fast charging speed.

Note that in this Bluetooth speaker there is no inbuilt FM Radio, memory card support & pen drive connectivity. Being lightweight and compact, the device is highly portable and comfortably fit in your pockets or backpack. Apart from the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, you will also get micro USB charging cable, 3.5 mm aux-in cable, carabiner, compass, and a warranty card.


6. Portronics POR-795 Breeze Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Speaker (Black)

Portronics-POR-795-Breeze-Bluetooth-4.1-Wireless-Stereo-Speaker-Black-300x300Portronics POR-795 Breeze Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Speaker allows you to connect two powerful 8W mm in-built speakers using TWS (True Wireless Stereo) connectivity that delivers powerful stereo sound. Its stereo amplifiers produce awesome bass and perfect mid-range treble.

The in-built FM with antenna enable you to enjoy FM radio programs using the powerful FM tuner on the go. Equipped with a microphone, this Breeze Bluetooth 4.1 speaker acts as a speakerphone to enable you to take hands-free mobile voice calls.

This Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Speaker from Portronics offer amazing surround sound output. The powerful 2200mAh lithium-Ion battery in this Portronics device can play music for more than 5-6 hours without any interruption, thus enabling you to playback of your favorite music for hours in an outdoor poolside party or indoor daily fun. The battery can be recharged in just 4 hours.

The True Wireless Stereo (TWS) feature in this Breeze speaker, will let you enjoy the left and right channel stereo while listening to your favorite tunes or watching a thriller on your smartphone, tab, laptop or computer. TWS enables you to easily connect two such Breeze speakers to via Bluetooth 4.1 and form a truly wireless stereo left channel and right channel and get the stereo sound effect in a few seconds. Moreover, it allows you to use Micro SD Card to play your favorite music stored in the card.

In addition, if your music is stored in a non-Bluetooth device like an mp3 player or PC, then use the 3.5 mm Aux port available in the pack. If some of your favorite tunes are in your pen drive, then use it via OTG cable and enjoy music to the fullest. Furthermore, you can easily pair two devices with this Breeze stereo at the same time without any hassle.


8. F&D W12 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

FD-W12-Wireless-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker-300x127F&D W12 Bluetooth Speaker stream music wirelessly producing natural and powerful sound. It comes with 1.75 inches full range neodymium driver and passive radiator design to deliver loud and clear bass.

Moreover, besides connecting via Bluetooth, this Portable Bluetooth Speaker connects to any music device using a 3.5mm Aux input available in the pack. With its waterproof design, it can endure, water splash or rain. So you will have no hassle in organizing a poolside or beach party apart from using it in the shower. With embossed design and a matt rubber coating, the speaker looks classic and elegant.

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery allows you to enjoy music wirelessly for over 5 hours without any interruption. Designed with two handles, it is quite easy to carry. For connectivity, it uses a Micro USB power cable. This Bluetooth Stereo Speaker from F&D Support Multi-Input Sources such as TF card, LED Indicator, micro USB cable, 3.5mm AUX cable,

Other Technical Specifications:
Power Output: 4W+4W
Frequency Response: 80Hz-20KHz
Power Input: 5V – 1000mA
Separation: >40dB
S/N Ratio: >75dB


9. LG PH1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

LG-PH1-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker-Black-211x300LG PH1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers 360 degrees sound effect with LED mood lighting. With clear and loud audio, it excellently suits every occasion or mood. This compact and portable speaker easily fill your room with music and can get a bit shrill at higher volumes. The Built-in microphone enables you to attend calls which just a press of a button. When a call comes in the playback time, the music pause to allow you to hold a hands free conversation using the mic.

When you end the call, the music starts right back up again. Also, it comes with a re-dialing feature. Delivering a 360 Degree Sound Effect, this portable Bluetooth Speaker from LG, allow you enjoy music moving around it without having sited in front of it. Stream your favorite music wirelessly via Bluetooth from mobile devices. If your device doesn’t support Bluetooth feature, you can connect it to the speaker using the Aux Input cable.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in LED light system that keeps changing colors in an attractive see-through glass cover as your music plays. With three lighting modes, Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a delight for music lovers. It relates to a soft glow and leaves it in a solid color while flashing the light to the beat. The LED lights are optional which you can switch off easily. But if you are in a party mood then most probably you would like to play them to add more jazz effect in the party venue.

However, the lights just change color not bothering the beats or tempo of the music. The LG PH1 is small and portable enough to fit on your hand and carry it wherever you go slipping it into your bag. Its round shape and transparent body give it a unique look. Furthermore, the rechargeable Li-Polymer battery supports 5 hours of audio playback with a charging time of 3 hrs.


10. Tantra Thunder Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

Tantra-Thunder-Bluetooth-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-300x282Tantra Thunder Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker provides rich and powerful bass to give you a wonderful musical extravaganza. Producing clear sound with no distortion, you will love to have this product from Tantra to rev up your mood. You can use this portable speaker in the shower as it is protected with a Waterproof IPX4 feature.

The premium aluminum shell (Metallic Grey) in the speaker has made it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Designed in innovative touch control with stylish smooth edges and angles, it looks quite trendy and stylish.

Owing to its portable and lightweight design, plus IPX5 water-resistance and dustproof rating, you can conveniently carry it with yourself for outdoor activities such as pool parties, trip, and camping etc. It effortlessly suits any environment and gives an ultimate musical experience without any disappointment. Keep enjoying its loud and deep sound for 12 hours in a single charge.

Furthermore, the premium passive radiators work together with two full-range speakers to enhance low-end tones. Producing stunning cinematic sound, with smooth highs, crystal clear mid-range and intense bass, this Wireless Speaker from Tantra is an amazing device to jazz up your evening. It works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, desktops, MP3 and DVD players etc. A 3.5 mm audio jack is provided for connection with non-Bluetooth devices.

This Tantra device is ultra-portable and convenient to carry at home and travel. The built-in mic allows taking calls in the middle of music play. When you end the call, the music will start again. Equipped with 10,000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the speaker allows you up to 12 hours of continuous music.

Moreover, you can also use the battery as an external power source to charge your mobile device through the USB connection. It offers 12 months of warranty. Producing thunderous sound, we can consider this Tantra Bluetooth Portable Speaker as one of the Best Bluetooth Speaker under 3000.

What’s Included in the pack?

  • 1 THUNDER Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 AUX Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Get The Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000!

With built-in amplifier and speakers, the above wireless technologies are must-have products for music lovers. Featuring functionalities that you may love to include in your musical extravaganza, these exquisite products are fast catching the trend.

Turn your boring shower routine into an interesting one listening to your favorite tunes with the best bluetooth speakers under 3000. Choose according to your own taste and lifestyle and keep enriching your musical experience for years.

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