Best Soundbars in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. F&D T180X 2.02. JBL Soundbar3. Bose Solo 5





A lot of us are pretty crazy when it comes to partying. And why wouldn’t we be, for after working or studying hard for the entire week, you do deserve to let your hair down on the weekend after all? And now any average person can easily tell you that the real life of a party, or the most basic barometer of judging how hot a party is, is by the sounds that come out of it. For that to happen, you would need the right set of audio devices.


We as humans are instinctively drawn towards sounds that we like and are familiar with. Therefore, whichever party has the best music is the best of the lot. It’s as simple as that. Why do you think the best soundbar in India is such an important question anyway?

And anyway, to think about it, parties are not the only places you need to have amazing music or sounds at. What about when you’re chilling at home and decide to watch a movie with your friends? You can’t watch a movie with a subpar sound system. It will completely ruin the experience for you.

Imagine watching something like Star Wars but without the iconic laser sounds from the lightsabers and the guns. That’s how bland it’d be. Therefore, what you definitely need in your life is a good sound system. And one of the best means of acquiring it is through buying a soundbar for your television.

Wait, What are Soundbars?

Soundbars are basically a group of speakers of varying sizes all of which are connected to your television. They are used to emit all kinds of ranges of sounds that your television might produce, and give you a home theatre like experience. Ideally, it contains subwoofers for that heavy bass you crave and also rear speakers to really bring in the sound quality. But soundbars are not something that you see everywhere. In fact, they are seen in a very limited number of homes.

For the lack of knowledge or whatever other reason, people are yet to really give in to the rich experience that comes with a soundbar. And even if you decide to invest in the best soundbar, there’s a good chance that you will give up midway simply because you become too confused by the options presented to you. It’s true. Soundbars can be rough purchase because there are many options available in the market and there is usually no clear winner among them all.

Well, if you are one of those customers, then we are here to help. This article aims to list some of the most important and pressing factors one should consider before actually buying a soundbar. If you do manage to keep a track of all of the points we are about to mention below, you may just get to buy a product that’s really perfect for you personally. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable after reading through those points, then don’t worry.

That’s because, afterwards, we will be listing for you some ten different soundbars from various manufacturers and brands in the market right now that we think are the very best in terms of quality and economic value. Once you take a look at that list, we are pretty sure you will get a good idea of what you want and will feel comfortable enough to go ahead with the purchase by yourself.

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Soundbar 

1. Size

Before you consider buying a soundbar for yourself, you need to keep in mind the fact that it is not just a single speaker that you can store anywhere. Rather, it is more like a group of speakers arranged horizontally that does take up a considerable amount of space.

If you are short of an area in your living room or wherever your television set is, then this could be a big factor in your purchase. You need to understand that different television sets are more suitable for different kinds and sizes of soundbars. There is no ‘one size fits all’ principle at work here, and to correctly gauge the size of the soundbar for your TV, you will need to do a little research.

Also note that soundbars are best measured diagonally, and once you do, compare that with the amount of free space you have lying around. After a little introspection on these two, we are pretty sure you would be able to decide exactly the size you want the soundbar to be.

2. Bluetooth Support

A soundbar is an amazing device in itself. All you need to do is plug it into your TV and what you get is superbly amplified sound and much more detail. Also, the bass is amazing, and so is the kind of improving your overall television viewing is going to get. But do you think that is all a soundbar will do for you? Well, you are quite wrong if you think that way actually.

The thing is that soundbars are not essentially limited to television sets. Rather, they are a very versatile and diverse range of products that can hook into almost all of your electronic devices. But for that to happen, you need to first supplement your soundbar with something that can help it establish all of these connections. Fortunately, we have the Bluetooth for that.

A Bluetooth enabled soundbar is simply so much better than a normal soundbar because of the fact that while the latter is just limited to television, the former can actually play the music on your smartphone. And it’s not just about smartphones, Bluetooth enabled soundbars can actually connect to any other Bluetooth enabled device it detects nearby. All you need to do is pair it with the said device and once you do, it will be all set to play music from your phones, laptops or desktop computers.

3. Online Access

This feature comes as a lifesaver for users who do not have a smart television and want to access the internet on a bigger screen. You don’t have to spend all of that extra money in order to buy a smart TV. What you can rather do is invest in an online access enabled soundbar. Once you do that, you will be able to connect to most of your favourite websites on the internet and even stream content even on your television.

Popular streaming apps like Netflix or Amazon can easily be accessed and you then have the option to binge watch your favourite shows whilst enjoying the superior sound clarity of the soundbar. Some soundbars even let you have access to popular social media websites, so there is nothing really that you can’t do.

Now the only thing to remember here is that not all soundbars offer the online access feature. Only a select few do. And if you are someone who would be interested in availing this feature, then make sure you look closely at the specifications to see that you’re getting the right one.

4. Control and Accessibility

How great would it be if, for anything you buy, everything was tailored exactly as per your preferences? What if you could have everything you wanted in any product you buy? Although that does sound like a dream, the companies and brands actually work pretty hard in order to make that as close to happening as possible.

With greater accessibility and better control over all of our options, we are now moving towards a time where our products are majorly customised as per our very specific demands.

Keeping along the same lines, it would be amazing if you could buy a soundbar which gives you complete control over what kind of audio output you will be receiving from it. The more flexible and user customisable option you select, the wiser you will be. Furthermore, apart from customisation, you also need accessibility.

What this means is that what good is having control over something when you can’t tell the difference whatsoever? Which is why, in order to be deemed a really worthy and profitable product, a soundbar mustn’t just have customisation options but also a great user interface so that they can actually see what they are doing.

A great example would be utilising front panel displays which can be used to display various information such as what level of volume you are currently sitting on.

5. Channels and Dolby Atmos

Let’s get real here. Buying a soundbar is all about wanting to get better music and audio. Extra features and functionalities are cool but as long as the core principle of churning out great audio doesn’t work, it is all for nothing. Which is why we are now going to focus on what makes the audio coming out of a soundbar better and what makes it great.

The kind of audio streaming the soundbar is capable of is directly dependent on the number of drivers it has and whether or not it has a subwoofer attached.

In this regard, you might be familiar with the numeric system for soundbars. For example, whenever you look for soundbars, you come across numbers like 5.1, 3.1, 2.0 etc. If you are confused about what these numbers mean, you don’t have to be anymore. Actually, these very numbers are the key to deciphering the audio prowess of your device. The first digit in the number specifies the number of drivers your soundbar has.

A driver is basically like the hardware it uses to give away audio, which is why, the more of them you have, the better it will be for your music. For example, 5 drivers specify that your soundbar is capable of giving a surround sound experience for audio, which is simply the best kind we have right now.

Next, we have 3 drivers which means that you have left, right and centre speakers and finally, two means that you would have only left and right speakers. Now, we come to the digit after the dot. This number specifies whether or not your soundbar has a subwoofer. You may notice that this will only either be 0 or 1.

The reason behind this is that there are only two options to be considered. It’s either a yes or a no. While 0 indicates the absence of a subwoofer, 1 indicates that a subwoofer is present.

There is, however, one more category of soundbars which features numbers like 5.1.4. You may notice an additional digit here. This last digit indicates the presence of Dolby Atmos surround sound. If it’s present, then the third digit is the number of drivers that will be involved in creating an atmospheric surround sound experience.

Top 10 Best Soundbars in India 2020

1. F&D T180X 2.0 TV Soundbar

FD-T180X-2.0-TV-SoundbarSoundbars are pretty great in the sense that they let you enjoy the experience of a theatre right in your very homes while lounging in your bedrooms. Now although there are many brands which manufacture and market them, some of them, such as F & D manage to stand out. And that is all because of the kind of products they produce. These products always score full marks on all parameters associated with quality and customer trust.

This particular model, the T180X boasts of a full range driver which is 3 inches in size along with a 1-inch silk tweeter along with each channel. The size of the soundbar often matters a lot. While they are certainly nice and stylish to look at, a lot of times they are a little too bulky and that leads them to take up an unnecessarily large amount of space. With that, you are left with negligible space to actually store your TV or anything else along that well.

To prevent that from happening, the engineers at F&D have created a sleek and more compact than ever before soundbar which fits right below your flat panel TV easily and leaves lots of room for other small stuff you might want to keep. The enclose is made of black plastic and also has a cloth grill for better protection.

Now to further aid your customisation, the soundbar is actually dual use enabled in the sense that you can either place it on a table top or even mount it on the wall. Now as far as sound is concerned, you can rest easy that you’ve bought the best of the best since it gives off heart thumping bass along with some really strong amplification.

The clarity is crystalline while there is also the added feature of Bluetooth 4.0 installed in the device. In case you are still having doubts about the product’s quality, you can always check with the SIG certification it has.


2. JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar with Built-in Dual Bass Port

JBL-Bar-Studio-Wireless-Soundbar-with-Built-in-Dual-Bass-PortWe are all quite familiar with how amazing a brand JBL is and how big a name they have made for themselves in the markets. Their earphones and headphones are arguably one of the biggest selling commodities from the audio industry.

With crystal clear audio and a great bass boost, all of their products manage to become fan favourites within a matter of days from being launched. Now after making such a name for themselves in earphones and headphones, you won’t be surprised to know that they have some pretty effective soundbar products in their catalogue as well.

Similar to their other products, these are also exceedingly high on quality and great with the design too.
This one is an all in one product which boasts of a built-in Dual Bass Port design.

If you are a movie or TV buff and have always felt that there is something missing when you are watching your favourite shows at home, then your days of despair are over now. With the JBL Bar Studio Soundbar, you get surround sound like no other, leading you to wonder whether the sound is coming from the speakers or you are actually in the movie you are watching.

With your favourite movies and shows coming to life, you almost won’t feel the need to go to the theatres anymore. Also, there are no additional or extra wires or speakers to tie you down, and there is the added feature of streaming your music through any of your mobile or smartphone devices. You also get HDMI connection ports for better customization and convenience of the customer.


3. Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers (Black)

Bose-Solo-5-Soundbar-Speakers-BlackAnother great brand whose products have always been successful in the market is Bose. With their trademark style and great attention to detail, they have managed to gain a great following for themselves over the years. Their products are, without a doubt, some of the best we have ever seen and it’s all because of the fact that they pay attention to their customers and know exactly what they want.

This product from Bose is a single soundbar which works fantastically to produce a sound which is much better and clearer than the one you will usually get from your television. If you are looking for a TV viewing experience that is something above the rest and actually makes you feel as if you are sitting in a theatre, then we strongly recommend the Bose Solo 5 Soundbar.

Also, a lot of people have said in the past that while their speaker or audio systems work really well in amplifying the sounds they want to hear and giving them enough bass for a heart-thumping experience, the one thing that lacks with such devices is utmost clarity.

While bass and volume are great for plain music, it can’t work as well for movies or shows where you need to concentrate and need clarity on the words being spoken. To solve this problem, the Bose Soundbar comes with an especially designed Dialogue mode which can be switched on at any time. It is used while you are watching movies and shows and it lets each and every word or sound detail stand out so that you understand everything much better.

They also Bluetooth connection so that you don’t use your TV to listen to music or watch shows but can also rather stream music through any of your other Bluetooth enabled devices. That’s versatility like never seen before. Apart from the one connected to your TV, with this particular set, you get universal remote controls for bass and Bluetooth connections as well.


4. Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker


Philips is arguably one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to electronics. Their products are marketed all around the world and their customers have always been faithful and trusting upon their very deserving service.

One of the key factors in making the brand as big as it is today has always been their dedication towards serving their customers right. Their support team has always been quick to act on feedback and they make it a point to survey and look at customer reactions and market demand on their products and regulate production accordingly. Also, their products, apart from being high on quality and bring great at what they do, also manage to look their finest.

If you walk into a house that’s lined with Philips products, chances are that you will fall in love with the beauty of it because of the new age designs that they base their products on.

This particular model is a 2.1 Channel Soundbar which comes with a wired subwoofer for better sound and with an audio output of 80 Watts. Now if you are going to connect your TV to an external sound system, it comes as no surprise that you would need an interface that both the devices can agree to.

Fortunately, with the Philips soundbar, you get the flexibility of attaching not just one but one of many different cables such as digital coaxial-in, AUX-in and digital optical-in. Also, similar to some other soundbar products on this list, this one too features a very important functionality which you are definitely going to need a lot.

You get to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity between devices and connect your soundbar to stream music through either your smartphone or any other Bluetooth enabled device. That way, get to experience and enjoy MP3 or WMA straight off from any of your portable and personal devices.


5. Polk Audio Signa 1 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer


When you are talking of great sound systems, the one thing that comes to mind is the sound clarity and quality. It doesn’t matter whether you are a music fan or someone who likes to binge watches movies or shows, irrespective of your viewing preferences you are going to need a much capable sound system.

Without that, there is really no guarantee whether or not you will enjoy those long sessions of binge-watching your favourite shows, or whether your music really will be the life of the life of the party. However, if you choose to invest in the Polk Audio Signa 1 Sound Bar, we can assure you that anything you play will sound just the way it should.

Being one of the most compact and lightweight devices on the market right now, this model can be fitted anywhere. You can place it under your TV set and get rid of the hassle of using long cables and more. Also, since the model is essentially lightweight and portable as well, there is not much of heavy lifting involved.

With a simple and easy to understand interface, there would be no scope for small parts that could get dislodged or even break off. The entire unit is ridiculously easy to take care of and the installation process works like a dream. There will be no complex instructions where you will be stuck wondering which part goes where but rather just a very simple and quick installation which will be over before you know it.

After installation, the expert will also inspect the model and fittings for any safety concerns and duly inform you along with taking corrective measures in case something seems out of place. All of this quality service will be performed by a trained and handpicked expert who will have all the necessary knowledge required and will be prepared to answer all of your questions.


6. Sony HT-CT290 2.1ch Dolby Digital Wireless Soundbar Home Theatre System


Sony is one of the few brands in the market which has a pretty strong worldwide presence. They are known and accepted everywhere and their products have always been at the top of everyone’s wish list.

People love to look and marvel at their shiny new gadgets that come out periodically and many of us are guilty of saving up for months to buy our favourite Sony gadget. Now all of this is solely because when you buy Sony, you are essentially buying quality. Their products are as popular as they are because they are extremely effective at what they do.

Also, their response to customer complaints is amazing, not that there are many complaints, to begin with. A brand which takes its customers seriously is the one which is destined to climb high. And Sony manages to do just that.

This particular model of Soundbar, the HT-CT290, comes with one-touch wireless listening that can be enabled via Bluetooth. Bluetooth streaming is a functionality that is present in a good number of soundbars today in the market and yet with this model, you get connectivity that is easier than ever before.

All of the transfers that you would be making will be fast and seamless. It is a 2.1 channel wireless cinematic soundbar with a wireless subwoofer for excellent sound quality and a hassle-free listening experience. Also, the connectivity options are pretty comfortable and simple.


7. Mitashi SB 2575 BT 2.1 Channel Soundbar Sub Woofer System 4000 Watts PMPO with Bluetooth


While the name may sound Japanese, Mitashi is an Indian company that set out to take on the big Japanese corporates. And it sure did. The products that Mitashi manufactured have gone on to become quite popular with the public and they are really good with public relations too.

While they have managed to enter almost every sphere of electronics there is, and also been fairly successful in quite a lot of them, they have also made a grand entry into the soundbar market with the SB 2575 BT.

This particular model comes with so many interesting features and is a delight for music or audio lovers. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to listen to music all day long or binge watch your favourite TV shows, this set of speakers will not disappoint you. This 2.1 channel sound bar comes with a 4000 Watts PMPO and is easily compatible with TV, Laptop, DVD, Tablet, PC, MP4 Player, Mobile and MP3 Player.

You get Bluetooth as well as AUX connectivity so that you get to enjoy music from all kinds of sources and devices that you have at your disposal. It also supports USB, MMC and SD card readers and comes with a fully functional remote control that lets you control every aspect of the device easily and without any hassle. Finally, because the brand is known for caring for its customers, they also give you a full one year of warranty in case something goes wrong with the product.


8. Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel 300 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar


Samsung is arguably one of the biggest companies in the world right now. Their products are massively successful everywhere, and they have managed to gain a following for themselves that’s unmatched by most others.

People are usually in love with their products, but the one thing that stands out for them is the kind of service they dish out. The brand is pretty conscious about their image in the market and what consumers are willing to say about them, and that is why they have managed to create a customer support team that leaves none of your problems unresolved and gives the best advice possible.

Now, while they have effectively entered all spheres of the electronics industry, there are some which they absolutely dominate. The smartphone market, for example, is densely populated by Samsung devices and quite a lot of them have been market leaders of their time.

Also, they have a pretty strong footing in the audio industry and have managed to release audio devices and speakers that work in simply the best way possible. Following along the same lines, they have now launched a soundbar system that works like a charm to dish out the best quality music and audio you have ever heard.

The HW-K450 is a 2.1 Channel soundbar that takes in input from your TV or mobile devices via Bluetooth and dishes out some really amazing beats and music. It works with almost a surround sound quality to give you an experience of sitting in a theatre and the clarity, as you would expect, is quite top notch.

For music, you get some great bass, while for dialogues and storylines what you get is amazing clarity and detail. The power required for the device is 300 Watts while the best part about the setup is that it is completely wireless, meaning that you won’t have to deal with the unnecessary hassle of sorting through and managing cables.


9. Klipsch Soundbar RSB-3

Klipsch-Soundbar-RSB-3Great things can come from anywhere. And that has been proven true by the brand that is Klipsch. Although the brand is not as big in stature or not as popular as some of the other bigger brands out there, they have managed to make a good name for themselves by consistently rolling out good products which seem to work really well.

They know how to keep the customers happy and have always been quite successful in doing what they do. This model, the RSB-3 boasts of a setup that is quite simple to install and operate.

There is not much heavy lifting involved and neither are there any small parts that you would need to take special care of. All you need is an optical cable that will be provided along with the product and which will be used to establish connections between your device and the TV or any other source.

The entire process just takes a few minutes and is ready to use quite conveniently. Once the setup is complete, you would have no problems operating the soundbar as well because of simple its interface is and how easy the instructions are.

Now another great thing about this soundbar is how compact it is. The thing about sound bars is that they often take up an unnecessary amount of space and that seriously clutters up your bedroom or your living room leaving you no space to put up anything else. With this one, on the other hand, you get a chance to decorate to your heart’s content because it takes up negligible space. In fact, it is so small that you could store it under your television set.

The slim profile of the soundbar measures only 2.6 inches in size and another great feature that the manufacturer has put in is that of the Built-in Dolby Audio Decoder. You also get an integrated subwoofer in addition to a virtual surround sound mode for a movie theatre like experience every time you turn on the TV.


10. LG Sound Bar SJ3 Speaker System

LG-Sound-Bar-SJ3-Speaker-SystemLG is a company that has a worldwide presence and consumers all over the world as well. Their products are equally loved everywhere and they make it a point to follow through on their consumer’s demands. The fact that the brand is willing to listen to audiences and work on their suggestions itself has taken the company where it is today.

While they have already excelled in a number of different industries such as home electronics, smartphones and much more, another niche they are trying their hands at is the soundbar market.

Being one of the few market-leading companies to have a great following of customers, the brand is now coming up with some rather brilliant soundbar products, all of which have been crafted to perfection. The brand is known for paying great attention to detail and coming up with unique and innovative ideas.

This particular model, the Sound Bar SJ3 is basically a wireless subwoofer with ASC or adaptive sound control so that the user has complete control over what kind of personalized audio do they want to play and the kind of audio settings they want to set. Also, it comes with an audio sound engine so that you get access to better quality music and more fantastic beats and sounds.


Choosing the Best Sounbar in India is Now Easy

Music is one of the few things in life which can instantly elevate anyone’s mood. Feeling sad after a tough day at work? Or perhaps there is some personal family problem you are struggling with? Whatever be the case, music can be the one respite you need from all the troubles of the world, at least for a little while.

Also, is there any better feeling than binge-watching your favourite shows for hours on end? And if you are doing that, you might as well do that with a sound system that highlights every detail and brings out the clarity in every sound. But the thing is, whether you are a music fan or a serial binge watcher, what you do need is an effective sound system.

And fortunately, soundbars are exactly what you need for that. But since the process of buying something like that can get somewhat complicated, we have compiled the above guide for you.

Thus, if you are planning to make a purchase for yourself, we suggest you take a good look at the above outline and then go ahead so that you get just the kind of deal you have always wanted.

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