Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Boat Stone 2002. JBL Go3. Philips BT50B


Owning a speaker at home or carrying one in your bag is common these days. A majority of us do utilize a speaker and it’s extremely useful to own one in this time and age.

One of the primary advantages of owning this audio device is that it’s easy to operate and you don’t need to connect a smart device to it with a wire in order to listen to your everyday tunes. All you need to do is pair up your device and enjoy music via wireless streaming. This is made possible with the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000.


Frankly, music has become a special part of our lives and is the sole reason we would love to have a speaker system at home. In order to listen to the best tunes with supreme sound quality, manufacturers have created a wide range of speaker units.

However, how can you pick the most ideal speaker in a single transaction? What should you look for in a speaker with a tight budget? Is it waterproof?

All these types of questions and doubts will be answered below. Furthermore, we will be reviewing the top 10 speakers we feel are suitable for everyday use so do read them carefully.

If you’re still searching for the best bluetooth speakers under 2000 and are completely distressed, don’t’ worry! As stated before, we will be taking you across multiple factors and aspects which should make you think and decide before investing in the right speaker.

What Should You Look For Before Purchasing A Speaker Under 2000?

1. The Sound Quality Should Be Perused Always

Many users tend to make a downhill mistake by purchasing a speaker that has lackluster sounds which are disappointing in the near future and a waste of investment. We recommend you to not purchase a basic speaker unit that implements low threshold specs or awful sound specs. But of course, you would need to get a speaker that provides a decent stereo sound and a measurable bass that can be heard with clarity.

A majority of speakers under 2000 don’t come with a subwoofer or a high-quality bass than compared to the higher-end systems. Therefore, it’s better to test out the speaker for yourself and check to see if it suits your taste and need. Sound quality is an important factor to consider, especially if a user hears music on a frequent/daily basis.

2. Design And Portability Should Be Taken Into Consideration

Unfortunately, companies have developed thousands of unappealing, heavy speakers over the decades. To prevent multiple issues, you may need to search out for speakers that are really well designed and are portable at the same time. A speaker doesn’t need to be exceedingly similar to a higher-end model but it definitely needs to be engineered with a potent and useful design.

A speaker model that’s attractive to look at and is lightweight allows you to carry your speaker anywhere you go. For reasons that are too obvious, people are not interested in carrying massive speakers that are unattractive, bulky and cumbersome.

3. Battery Life Is A Crucial Decision-Making Factor

The point of owning a portable speaker is to listen to content without worrying about a dying battery. Typically, you need to get a speaker that’ll allow sounds and music to be played at its optimal performance for long periods of time. It’s certainly a nasty feeling to take out a speaker for an occasion but only having it to die a few hours later.

Essentially, battery life is a parameter which you must evaluate. It’s better to choose a speaker that lasts throughout the day than compared to a speaker that recharges every other hour after use. To be blunt, the speaker should function as long as you need it to operate. Small speaker units will be equipped with smaller batteries but don’t last long.

However, there are several bigger units that can play music for up to 24 hours. Luckily, on average, a majority of speakers tend to function 6 to 10 hours without shutting down.

Normally, a typical length of a speaker operation should be up to four to ten hours. This is usually the average battery life expectancy. The reason why the batteries run out quick is that users play loud music. And as they pump the volume more, the machine will need to utilize more currents until it drains out all its juice.

Nonetheless, when you purchase a speaker, to ensure that the battery life is capable of lasting long till you stop using it. It’s good to note that the Li-ion batteries should be completely charged and not the opposite.

Therefore, before you use the speaker, make it a point to charge it up unless it’s already 100% and never leave it discharged. As batteries start to deteriorate and get older, the amount of charge they can hold also starts to fall. Currently, there are models that use cables instead of batteries to charge so it’s an added benefit for the user.

Finally, as mentioned, determining what you’ll be doing with a speaker, the life expectancy of a battery should be 10 hours. However, for the best bluetooth speakers under 2000, you can expect something less or more than this standard.

4. Water Resistance – A Remarkable Feature That Should Never Be Ignored

Manufacturers continue to innovate and develop brand new speakers that implement water resistance. Ultimately, you may need to look into this feature for pragmatic reasons. There are times where you might think that this feature is bonkers, nevertheless, it still provides a useful purpose.

Generally, a speaker doesn’t need to be located near an ocean or a pool for this feature to prove its purpose. Realistically speaking, the water resistance guard (when used mildly) can shield the speaker from water splashes and accidental splurges. Additionally, you don’t need to stress about being in an environment that’s moist or spill drinks unintentionally since it won’t get damaged regardless of the situation.

It’s interesting to note that there a few speakers which are designed to submerge in water but it is more common to find models that are engineered to be water resistant. In the end, water-resistant speakers are advantageous to have when near a pool or beach.

5. Outstanding Speakers Don’t Need To Come With A Heavy Price

Many years ago, speakers were charged with an exorbitant price. Today, there are still speaker units that charge expensive prices yet there are other options which meet budget standards such as the best speakers under 2000.

Honestly, you don’t need to invest in a grand fortune in order to attain a supreme quality speaker. As a matter of fact, you can obtain a remarkable sound quality in a phenomenal-designed housing with a long-lasting battery life expectancy- all under Rs 2000!

Meeting a certain quality perspective doesn’t mean that you should break upon your bank, and the current speakers tend to prove that argument. On the other hand, we suggest you to not fall for the ‘lowest price possible’ placed on a speaker since it can miss a lot of specs you may need. Instead, try searching for a speaker that can provide you all the necessary benefits without compromising on quality.

Features You Should Look Into

Wired inputs

There are many outdates devices such as the iPod classic which don’t have Bluetooth as a prominent feature. To solve this, you can purchase a wired audio cable or a tiny Bluetooth transmitter. Practically, all speakers come with a 3.5mm jack input, therefore, it’s still feasible to link to ‘wire-only’ units via an appropriate cable.

Speaker Phone Functionality:

If you connect your phone to the speaker, there might be instances where you may receive calls and need to take them. The speakerphone feature helps you with this dilemma. The speaker incorporates a microphone that allows you to talk to the caller clearly without facing any disturbances. However, if it is a private call, then you can disconnect from the device and continue to speak on your phone.

Audio Quality:

It’s a user’s dream to own a speaker that outputs good sounds and bass. Oftenly, a common device displays specifications for overall harmonic distortion and aiming below 1% is a good standard to follow. Generally, the lower the better.

There are several speakers that don’t mention the specification for this feature. Thus, you may need to take the time to listen to it and judge the quality yourself. Furthermore, the frequency response is essential as well.

Some speaker units tend to sound much better than others and this is commonly due to advanced frequency response. You may see figures such as 100 Hz to 20 kHz which is quite average. 20 kHz is the top frequency whereas the 100 Hz point is the low frequency.

Since a majority of us can’t listen up to 20 kHz, (due to aging reasons), the top frequency shouldn’t be given so much preference. The low-frequency point, on the other hand, specifies the bass level we may anticipate therefore the lower it goes, the better the sound performance.

Audio Power

Not many speakers are equipped with this parameter. It’s measured in watts. Moreover, despite the casing of the speaker is small, a typical unit can power up ten watts. Nevertheless, due to its size, it will still remain inefficient. You should pick a model that utilizes more power and this is true for those who wish to use the speaker outdoors or in massive rooms.


Pairing up a music source such as a smartphone to a speaker is effortless. Yet, with the use of NFC (near fields communications), the speaker has the capability to divert the usual method and settings, and simply start playing your music. How does this work? Well, NFC enables compatible devices to link to the speaker by simply tapping the two devices together.

The drawback, however, for Apple users is that even though iPhones implement an NFC capability, it’s still utilized for Apple Pay only. As a result, NFC has been committed to only this cause for many security reasons. Thereby, this feature is only beneficial to those who own an Android smartphone(s).

Linking Several Speakers Together: These speakers have the capability to link an external speaker in order to boost the stereo sound. If the stereo sound is pivotal, then this is a spec that’s worth evaluating and marking it your list since there are only a few speakers which are capable of performing it.

As we have looked into some of the key factors and features you need to know before purchasing a suitable speaker.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000

1. Boat Stone 200 Bluetooth Speakers

Boat Stone 200 Bluetooth Speakers

The all new Boat Stone 200 speaker is a waterproof machine that’s created to blend well with your outdoorsy and active lifestyle. You can carry this speaker in moist areas and avoid worrying about its damage.

In terms of construction, the body is built using a rubber matte finish. This material isn’t only durable but is even shockproof therefore delivers amazing, constant outdoor immunity against water and dust.

All you need to do is grab this speaker model and take it with you while you go for outdoor adventures such as hiking, swimming, cycling, camping, drifting and many more.

What we like about this model is that it has a robust bass and an optimal crystal sound balance. These two features allow the speaker to output supreme quality sounds you would love to hear all day. As a matter of fact, it generates bass sounds at a decent level.

Even so, it has the capability to elevate to exceedingly loud sounds which makes this model a tiny sound beast. This option can be useful to those who wish to crank up the speaker when required.

Moreover, this unit is designed with the Bluetooth 4.1 transmission, therefore, you can expect no loss at all when it comes to audio performance. This portable speaker can be linked with a wide range of devices and mostly all types of devices that implement Bluetooth technology. You can even pair the speaker unit with an aux cable/port. Additionally, this model can be used within a 30 feet range and powers output at 3W.

Other features include a microphone that’s built-in thereby you can handle calls with a hands-free approach. With a single touch of a button, you have the power to answer, refuse or even end calls. You can even adjust the volume control easily without touching your phone. With this device, you can now enjoy 10 hours of continuous music at an optimal level of 80 percent. This unit lasts three times longer than the usual speakers.


2. JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL GO speaker exposes JBL high-quality sounds anywhere you go. With this all-in-one speaker technology solution, users are able to stream music via Bluetooth from smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. This unit is powered by a battery that’s rechargeable and outputs a maximum playback time of 5 hours.

A notable feature worth mentioning is that it’s packed with a reliable speakerphone that’s noise-canceling. This is certainly advantageous to those who wish to pick up calls without switching off the speakers.

You can communicate seamlessly to the caller as well. This model is produced in 8 different bright colors and comes with a sleek yet double-injection finishing that’s durable.

The JBL Go offers a stunning and appealing color contrast that surely grabs the attention of all the people who see it and can effortlessly compliment their style.

It has a sturdy strap-hook that’s built-in and includes a carrying strap that’s optional. This feature enables you to carry your music anywhere and everywhere. It’s a perfect companion which you must have when you travel.

When it comes to its signature sound, the model utilizes high-performance drivers that offer deep bass to your tunes as well as deliver magnificent sounds. Lastly, you can connect this machine to other devices that integrate Bluetooth technology or even make use of an audio cable input port.


3. Philips BT50B Bluetooth Speaker

Philips BT50B Bluetooth Speaker

The Philips BT50B Bluetooth speaker model is a fantastic piece of equipment and is a must-have item in your backpack. The unit implements Bluetooth which is basically a wireless communication technology that’s accessible within a short range. This application is extremely energy-efficient and robust to use.

Moreover, by using Bluetooth, you have the benefit of connecting multiple devices that are Bluetooth-enabled. These devices can range from smartphones to laptops and tablets.

Anti-Clipping is a unique feature wherein it allows you to play music really loud and ensure a high-quality level performance. This is achieved even if the battery is nearly dead.

In addition, it’s engineered to accept a broad variety of input signals from 300 mV to 1000 mV, therefore, maintains the security of your speakers from distortion and damage. With its audio-in port, a user can easily link to any electronic device.

In terms of design, the Philips speaker unit incorporates an ergonomic style which means any user can find it both convenient and comfortable to hold, carry at the same time. In fact, the body is tremendously compact since the structure is small in size.

Due to this, carrying it becomes a whole lot easier. All the main functions are available at the front side of the speaker. This makes it effortless for you to control it anytime. You can find common buttons such as on and off switches and allows you to handle the device in a standby mode.


4. Boat Stone 260 Bluetooth Speakers

Boat Stone 260 Bluetooth Speakers

It’s amazing how the Boat Stone 260 speaker simultaneously outputs high-quality sounds and attracts users at the same time.

The Stone 260 is developed to catch your attention, interest those around you and intrigue the on-lookers as well. Ultimately, this funky design tends to speak for itself.

The boAt Stone 260 is equipped with a powerful water resistance feature that has an IPX5 rating. Even if you accidentally splash water around this speaker, or drop it in the pool or lake; the model doesn’t get damaged at all. It’s beautifully crafted to meet your busy yet active lifestyle and can be used for a long period of time.

You can hang this model anywhere – including the bathroom! It comes with a sturdy carabiner hook which makes it effortless to carry it anywhere you go. From rucksacks to backpacks, to hikes or even on a bike – this unit has the strength to prevent damage from a lengthy fall. The is highly portable therefore gives you the privilege to accessorize the speaker and hold it without feeling tired at all.

Even so, you have the opportunity to select a model based on your taste in color. As it comes with a plethora of color options, you can decide which speaker match your fashion sense and taste. There are even pattern options available due to its contemporary trippy collection.


5. Zoook Rocker M2-Mean Machine Bluetooth Speakers

Zoook Rocker M2-Mean Machine Bluetooth Speakers

The Zoook Rocker mean machine speaker is a phenomenal model that includes an A2DP music stereo Bluetooth playback. You can pair and wirelessly stream tunes as well as content from devices that are Bluetooth-enabled. These devices can be your very own notebook, smartphone, or any other portable audio application.

Moreover, this vibrant speaker includes a massive 32-foot range that tends to promote remarkable mobility to its optimal level. If Bluetooth isn’t compatible, then you can always use the 3.5 mm aux jack port. This port allows you to plug in flawlessly into your speaker directly.

With this method, you can access your favorite tunes by streaming music regardless of the media device. The speaker only weighs about 2.9 pounds which is extremely light in weight and is even equipped with a strong strap which makes it exceptionally portable.

The speaker has a unique cylindrical shape which makes it easy to place anywhere in your travel bag or backpack. This model is ideal for those who wish to play music constantly within a single go.


6. HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speakers

HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speakers

Weighing about 132 grams, the advanced HP Mini Bluetooth speaker comes with exciting new features which you would love to use instantly. What we like about this model is that it has a microphone which is built-in.

This helps users to make calls or talk to the caller directly via speaker without touching the phone. If he/she wishes to talk privately, he can disconnect or switch off the speaker.

Another feature that’s worth commenting is its high-quality audio performance. Regardless of your environment i.e indoors or outdoors, this machine has the capability to play and output supreme clarity sounds without causing any form of distortion.

The battery life expectancy for this model is durable up to 8 hours which means you have the advantage of playing uninterrupted music for 8 hours, straight. Whether you’re in college, home or outside, this model perfectly suits the need to play music without worrying about charging it every other hour.

You can always transition between your smartphone and speaker easily and can even adopt a hands-free approach when making calls via Bluetooth.


7. Artis BT54 Bluetooth Speaker

Artis BT54 Bluetooth Speaker

The Artis BT54 Bluetooth speaker is a wireless machine that helps you stream your music by utilizing Bluetooth technology. If not Bluetooth, then you can look into other accessible platforms such as a USB input port.

With this option, you can plug in your phone to your speaker using a wired cable as well thus leaving you with both wired and wireless options.

The Artis BTt54 is designed for outdoor purposes and comes with a sturdy holding strap wherein it gives you the benefit of hanging it anywhere you wish.

This model is engineered to produce high clarity sounds and outputs an explosive sound effect that’s extraordinarily loud and powerful (in a good way). You can even carry it anywhere outdoors such as house parties, family picnics, sports sessions, and even cultural festivals/events.

Since this speaker is Bluetooth enabled, it can pair up any mobile device to other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly. The paring process is definitely instant and user-friendly. In addition, you can even stream music by connecting with other devices by utilizing the aux-in slot which is designed to fit in SD cards and even phone memory cards (if required).


8. Photron P10 Speaker

Photron P10 Speaker

The Photron P10 speaker features a subwoofer and dual 5W speaker output system. With this, you can expect double the excitement since it has the ability to drive really loud music and at the same time ensure deep bass as well as high-quality sounds.

This tiny yet magnificent speaker is the perfect machine to bring into camping trips, pool parties, family gatherings or even regular leisure pastime.

This model is super easy to pair up with since it’s compatible with many tablets, smartphones, MP3/MP4 and iPod players. It’s able to connect easily due to a perfect synergy between Bluetooth and EDR.

These two technologies allow energy efficiency to occur. It’s equipped with an inner magnetic speaker that ensures no signal interference from sources such as an outside magnetic field. Due to this, it has the ability to generate high pitch sounds that are distortion-free.

Apart from this, it also gives you the advantage to attend phone calls without using your hands. It does this by using a microphone that’s built-in and guides you in taking phone calls without having to use your phone. In terms of design, the model has a smooth design which weighs about 269 grams only. This makes it extremely small and light in weight.


9. Elari Nanobeat Bluetooth Speaker

Elari Nanobeat Bluetooth Speaker

The Elari Nanobeat speaker is a machine that’s stylish as well as compact at the same time. You can now show it off to your friends as you go hiking, camping or outdoors with them. This portable speaker is Bluetooth-enabled therefore you can expect to play music by linking it with your phone.

This model fits in your pocket easily and you can hold it at the palm of your hand since the diameter is only 4 cm and the height is basically 3 cm. This is a recommended solution for those who wish to share their sweet tunes with both friends and family.

This model can act as an additional source of sound as you play late-night movies or watch sports channels on your phones. With this machine, you don’t need to compromise hearing quality and suffer unnecessary strain when listening to a quiet speaker found in your smartphone or tablet.

Lastly, there is an in-built microphone which is fixated in the speaker’s case. This model can be used effectively when making conference calls, therefore, promoting convenience and reliability for your sake.


10. Boat Stone 650 Bluetooth Speaker

Boat Stone 650 Bluetooth Speaker

The boAt Stone 650 speaker enables you to enjoy your outdoor trips even more since it’s engineered to be incredibly loud yet maintain a free distortion experience. It’s certainly adaptive to any environment it’s placed in.

With the all-new smooth, exquisite IPX 5 design, the model comes with a diamond-shaped mesh and is coated with a sleek silicon finish, therefore, ensuring water resistance to be more dynamic than usual. It uses 2 x 2-inch drivers and outputs 10 watts of remarkable sounds that are amplified by utilizing an effective subwoofer.

Lastly, users can have access to an incorporated control system wherein they are able to navigate this speaker with extreme ease and avoid unwanted nonsense via the multifunction button control system.


The Bottom Line

Since a plethora of speakers is being sold these days, searching for the best speakers can be challenging. You may have the desire to own a speaker that brings you all the advantages yet the price may exceed far your expectations.

However, the best portable speakers under 2000 don’t sacrifice a lot in terms of specs and at the same time, doesn’t cost a heavy investment either. We hope that you’ve understood your goals and aspects before purchasing the right speaker. By doing so, picking an ideal model will be a piece of cake which you can enjoy in the near future.

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