Best Cameras under 10000 in India 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

1. Sony Cybershot2. Kodak Pixpro3. Nikon Coolpix





Usually, when it comes to cameras, we Indians have a notion that it is a luxury. Plus nowadays, smartphones are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cameras that are smaller than most eyeballs. When we can get an awesome camera along with a powerful tool like a smartphone, the purchase of a dedicated camera seems like it has almost lost its perks. But true photographic enthusiasts will disagree.

That is because, when we buy a tool that is dedicated only for taking crisp and high-quality images, it is bound to do a better job than a smartphone. This is the situation as of now.We might be thinking that a DSLR is clearly more popular and probably sells twice more than these smaller and cheaper cameras. But that is not the case. This article is designed to cover the best camera under 10000.


These cameras have huge segment share. Now let’s get cracking and get to know what you should expect when you’re looking out for a camera.

What to Expect from a Camera under 10000?

Everyone is so engrossed in owning a DSLR right away that no one noticed that cheaper cameras are getting a hell of a lot better. This is the way to go if you are just starting. You might wonder that these cameras are so small that they might probably not have much to know about. But that is not really true. The basics of shutter speed and lighting can be easily mastered here than on a professional or a beginner DSLR. The learning curve is pretty low. Which is why we have reviewed the best digital cameras under 1000 so that you can start your journey towards professional photography.

1) Busting the ‘Megapixel Count’ Myth

Megapixels are just the size of an image. A pixel is the fundamental element of a photo. It is the basic breakdown. One megapixel equals to a million pixels roughly. Megapixels are a measurement of resolution and come into play while printing photos.

This is something that buyers need to clear their heads about. Usually, the main marketing point of most cameras will be the megapixel count. And there is a general understanding that more megapixels translate to better picture quality. That is not true.

A small difference of maybe like 3-5 megapixels will never have a quality deficit to the naked eye. This might probably be evident when you print out your photo. But that is also very rare to occur. Nowadays even the smallest of cameras have a minimum of 10 megapixels. Hence this is not something you should worry about much.

2) Sensor Size

Usually, the sensor size for these cameras is around ½.3”. This has become a standard now. The sensor size is the determining factor for the quality of the image. These sensors when compared to DSLRs are dwarfed. The advantage of these sensors is that zoom factor can be high.

And it can be high while being extremely compact. These cameras are no bigger than most smartphones but can possess zooming capacities up to 20x which are numbers that DSLRs can only dream about. There are bigger sensor options too, but they do increase the price considerably. The bigger the sensor, the better the image.

3) LCD screen

This might seem to be a bit of nitpicking but it isn’t. These screens are important as these cameras don’t have a dedicated viewfinder. The viewfinder is the place where your eye goes in the camera for proper photographic abilities. Optical viewfinders use mirrors to project the image and Electronic ones use a screen.

The screen resolution is important as that is the display you get while taking a photo. Hence it needs to be a good one so that you can get as much info as possible to keep your settings right. Usually, due to the size of these cameras, 2.5 inches is the limit.

But there are some touch screen options that span even up to 3.2 inches as the other buttons are eliminated. A 230k dot display is average, and there are offerings that can go up to 460k or even 921k dot resolutions.

4) Focal length

This is the main aspect to note. Usually, the marketing is done about the zoom factor/range, and the focal length is never actually advertised. The factor is just a quantity of zoom, but focal length gives the true picture of the exact measurements.

For example, two different cameras can have 6x zoom, but if the focal length covers 24-120mm in one camera and 28-140mm in another, the angle is drastically changed. Hence that is something that should be kept in mind while purchasing a camera.

5) Image Stabilisation and HD video

This is another important need for a camera of this sort. Image stabilisation might sound like a very fancy and luxurious word but actu,ally that is something that you need. This system can reduce the impact done by shakes and vibrations while taking a photo.

This is very much needed as these cameras are rarely used on a tripod.
HD video which is around 720p is more than enough for day to day use and online sharing. Hence you really don’t need 1080p unless you are more inclined towards videos than photos.

A handy tip would be the purchase of an older camera or one that came out last year as the prices fall down like dominos. These cameras are usually refreshed every year but not by much. Hence you would not really be losing out on many features. By opting this route, you can make your purchase smarter and more economical.

We hope now you have an idea of what to look out fora in camera that falls in this price bracket. Now we can cruise into the list. This list has 10 cameras that we think are a smart and economical buy without skimping much on the features. Let’s go.

Top 10 Best Cameras under 10000 in India 2020

1. Canon IXUS 185 20MP Digital Camera 

Canon-IXUS-185-20MP-Digital-CameraWhen it comes to a list about cameras, Canon has to be there. They have immense expertise and experience in this field and have a multitude of camera models across the price range and all categories.This camera was squarely aimed at the Sony’s lineup. This is a great alternative to the Sony counterpart. The all round features makes it the best camera under 10000.

This camera is one of the cheapest options available out there. It comes with a 20 megapixels. This has a practical zoom capacity of 8x but with Canon’s Zoomplus technology, it can increase by 16x and still lose very little of the details and capture objects extremely far with ease. The IXUS weighs about 130 grams and the dimensions are 3.75 x 2.14 x 0.87 in.


  • Has Canon’s Zoomplus feature that bumps up the zooming capabilities to a new level.
  • Less expensive than its rival models.


  • ISO range is lower than its rival model and that will hinder its low light capabilities.

2. Sony DSC W830 Cyber-shot 20.1 MP Point and Shoot Camera

Sony-DSC-W830-Cyber-shotSony is one of the most talked about and most familiar of all brands in the whole world when it comes to electronics. They have a place high up with the elite in almost all categories of electronics.

So it is only fair that they should try their hand in cameras too. They supply camera sensors for numerous top smartphone companies and have carved a respectable place in the DSLR and digital compact segment too.

The CyberShot is a popular camera in this range and segment. This is something that has been around for a long time. The model here is quite old too but still has what it takes to be on this list due to its affordable pricing and features.

This is one of the best point and shoot cameras under 10000 rupees. This small device packs in 20 megapixels. This has optical stabilisation built in to keep the shakes and vibrations minimal. It has 8x zoom which is handy for shooting objects far away. This is definitely something that would perform really well indoors and outdoors.


  • Has good low light capabilities when comparing to rivals.


  • It is an old model and the Continuous shooting abilities are limited.

3. Kodak Pixpro 16 MP Digital Camera

Kodak-Pixpro-Friendly-Zoom-FZ43-16-MP-Digital-CameraKodak is a company that seems to be relatively new to this field. But as a matter, of fact they are around in this field since 1888. This was actually the beginnings of photography that can be affordable and safe.

George Eastman was the founder and Kodak has evolved through different phases and now currently manufactures affordable point and shoot cameras. They have the prestige of producing the world’s first digital camera.

This cameras comes with 16 megapixels out of the box. There is a 27mm wide angle lens that makes sure that you can shoot pictures with a lot of people in them and fit them in perfectly. This is a great option for parties and outings.

There is 4x zoom and also digital image stabilization to keep vibrations in check.
The FZ243 weighs around 118 grams and the dimensions are 3.66 x 2.37 x 1.04 in.


  • Has 720p HD video recording which makes it a breeze to capture vibrant videos.


  • A bit pricier than rivals.

4. Sony CyberShot W810 Camera

Sony-Cybershot-20.1MP-Digital-CameraThis is the second entrant from the CyberShot series into this article. This just shows the lineup and the features that Sony has crammed into this tiny device. This device is a scaled down version of the W830 but not by much. But the price difference is pretty high and that makes this a smart buy with not many compromises. As said before, we maintain that this is the camera under 10000 right now.

This camera has the same 20 megapixels as its elder brother that is paired up by a 6x optical zoom to take care of far off subjects. It has optical stabilization and a 230k dot LCD screen.
The W810 weighs around, 110 grams and the dimensions are 3.8 x 0.8 x 2.2in.


  • Extremely light and portable.
  • Excellent flash coverage.


  • Lower zoom capacity and wide angle capabilities than what the competition offers.

5. Nikon Coolpix S230 10MP Camera

Nikon-Coolpix-S230-10MP-Digital-Camera-1Nikon is widely regarded as one of the best camera and optical brands in the business and it is clear why. They have nearly a century of experience in this field and have given some groundbreaking innovations. They seem to have all the segments covered and have one product for every customer.

The Coolpix range has always been the go to best digital camera under 10000 when it comes to compact cameras. That is because they usually have the best looks and features. These are adequate cameras when it comes to shooting at birthdays and small gatherings. The S230 is an old camera but has some features that make it a compelling buy even at this day and age.

The camera has 10 Megapixels a digital zoom up to 4x. The LCD monitor is touch sensitive and has around 230k dots. The party piece is the continuous shooting range of 11 fps which is something that even DSLRs struggle to manage.
The Coolpix weighs around 115 grams and the dimensions are 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.7 in.


  • Has a touch screen which makes operation muche easier.
  • Continuous shooting range is up with the very best of cameras.


  • Has a very low resolution.
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6. Nikon Coolpix S2900 20.1MP Point And Shoot Digital Camera

Nikon-Coolpix-S2900-20.1MP-Point-And-Shoot-Digital-CameraAs discussed before, Nikon’s Coolpix lineup is one of the most popular ranges in this segment. The reason is that they are funky to look at and can offer some really great images and features for the price you pay.

The S2900 is the second entrant from the Coolpix lineup into this article. That is how great these cameras are. This is probably among the best point and shoot camera under 10000 considering the striking features it offers.

The S2900 comes out of the box with a 20 megapixel resolution and a 2.7 inch LCD display with 230k dots. It has a 5x optical zoom and also digital stabilization. The main features include Smartphone control and NFC. These features are something that most cameras in this range offer and that alone makes it a very compelling buy.The s2900 weighs around 120 grams and the dimensions are 3.7 x 2.3 x 0.7in.


  • There is built-in WiFi connection so that the task transferring photos is a breeze.
  • Has excellent battery life and a fast shutter speed.


  • It is an old model and sourcing might be tough.

7.  Nikon Coolpix A10 Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Nikon-Coolpix-A10-Point-and-Shoot-Digital-CameraThe Coolpix range from Nikon needs no introduction as it has been featured the most in this article. We feel this range is more complete than ever. The reason this range is popular is that the look of these cameras are as funky as devices can get. The portability is top notch and they are no bigger than a smartphone. Most smartphones nowadays are bigger actually.

The A10 is quite new in the range and comes in at a very compelling price. This is one of the cheapest of options here. This camera comes equipped with a 16MP shooter that can record 720p HD video. The zoom factor is pretty average here and comes at 5x. The LCD screen is 2.7 inches in size with 230k dots.
The A10 weighs around 160 grams and the dimensions are 3.7 x 2.3 x 1.2 in.


  • A very compelling price.


  • The screen could have been bigger considering this is quite a new product.

8. Nikon Coolpix A100 Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Nikon-Coolpix-A100-Point-and-Shoot-Digital-CameraSince Nikon is popular in this article, lets jump straight into the camera and its specs. This is a very tiny offering from Nikon and is definitely the smallest in the coolpix lineup.

The A100 packs 20 megapixels and a zoom factor of 5x and a Dynamic Fine zoom of 10x. There are 6 quick effects to help you spruce up your photos with a creative slider. This camera is capable of recording 720p HD videos. The camera weighs around 120 grams and the dimensions are 3.8, x2.4, x0.8in.


  • Extremely cheap when you keep in mind the features it offers.
  • Great battery life to make sure you can click for longer.


  • Low light performance leaves a lot to be desired.

9. Nikon Coolpix W100 Camera

Nikon-Coolpix-W100Let’s get straight into the product. Since you very well that the coolpix lineup is one of the largest in this price bracket. The W100 from Nikon is one beautiful camera. But don’t let the cute looks fool you because this camera punches way above its weight. This is a 13MP camera with a CMOS sensor rather than a CCD sensor that is usually prevalent with these kinds of cameras.

This camera is capable of shooting images underwater as it is waterproof to up to 10 metres and shock-proof for upto 2 metres. Not many can do that in this price range. Plus there is a full HD 1080p recording option which seals this as a very good camera for its price.The camera weighs around 180 grams and the dimensions are 4.4, x2.7, x1.5in.


  • Extremely beautiful and funky to behold.
  • It is shock and waterproof.


  • Megapixel count is lower than, the competition and that can be a problem for some consumers.

10. Kodak PixPro Point and Shoot Camera

Kodak-PixPro-FZ151-16-MP-Point-and-Shoot-CameraKodak was one of the oldest brands in the whole world to start making cameras that were safe, cheap and easy. They have shrunk down their lineup now to just compact cameras but they still prove to be great devices for this price bracket. This PixPro FZ151 is quite an old camera but it can very well meet the normal parameters that the competition has to offer at a decent price.
The FZ151 is a 16MP shooter with a whopping 15x zoom capability.

This camera also comes with optical image stabilization ensuring pretty much a shake and vibration free video experience. This camera is also capable of recording 720p HD video which will meet most video requirements for the consumer.The FZ151 weighs around 180 grams and the dimensions are 4.26 x 2.35 x 1.22 in.


  • Incredible amount of zoom factor makes it one of the highest in class.
  • Great LCD screen for easy operation and preview.


  • Does fall short of megapixel count if that’s a main concern.


On a curtain call note, we end our article about the best cameras under 10000. The ones featuring on this list have been carefully cherry picked considering all attributes to make sure that your 10K INR investment is translated to a smart and satisfactory asset that can take fulfil all your shutterbug needs in a decent scale.

It is always best to try out the cameras first as specs only tell half the story. Your instinct and desire are always the best of judges. Hope this article and the list help you get a basic idea of what to look out for in the market. Go out there and start your transition into the photography game with one of these! Good luck.

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