Best CCTV Cameras in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. D3D Wireless2. ProElite IP01A3. Sricam


Due to the rise in population size and business structures in India, the requirement for security increases as time passes. To ensure security is being enforced strictly, people use ‘best CCTV cameras’. Despite using security guards to protect the area assigned, owners are careful in using cameras in multiple locations. Truly, it is a popular and inexpensive option for security.

Technology is something which captivates the world and claims an identity of its own. It is a term which is a catch-all for anything which seems to be progressively developed. Technology can be a project used by NASA for many years through which they use advanced programming and mathematics to enable their satellites to reach comets which are circumnavigating.


This is technology put to good use. However, so are toasters. These machines alert you if the toast is completely burnt or if you miss the alert, you might want to reach out to the pin-pull extinguisher which is also another piece of technology.

For people like us who are like dummies or peasants, technology is all about making our lives tangible and easy rolling. Technology ensures we do well and we are sure to keep bills when it doesn’t. Even so, the surveillance industry is just a simple fraction or aspect of technology.

Frankly, it is similar to what a toaster can provide. In fact, it is complicated as how a toaster operates in both operation and use. As you switch on the toaster, how long do you think about it? No one does most of the time. They just leave it to its job and continue carrying forward their morning routines or late evening binge-fests.

Likewise, a security camera offers a similar kind of feeling where you would not need to worry about security as it already has an ‘eye on things’. What we mean by having an ‘eye on things’ is by monitoring pets, properties, businesses and much more.

A majority of the security cameras can be used virtually for any purpose. In fact, it can offer you services where it can keep a close watch on everything and are like glassy eyes which do not blink and store everything which is seen, depending on the memory space of course.

This detailed yet simple guide will enable you to get an overall understanding of surveillance. Moreover, we will even show different types of best CCTV camera brands available in the market along with which of these best CCTV brands are ideal for you, their benefits and drawbacks of equipment and many other related topics.
Hold up… is it necessary to have a surveillance system?

Since every home and business has peculiar requirements for security, it can be essential to hold in a surveillance system. But first, identify the essential requirements before moving on.

  • Do you aim to ensure your loved ones are secure at all times?
  • Do you want to obtain shopping preferences and patterns of customers?
  • Do you aim to elevate the productivity of employees and give authentic feedback to them?
  • Do you want to keep an eye on cash registers as well as employees?
  • Do you pursue the need to keep all your properties safe from burglars?
  • Want to keep a check on inventory levels?
  • Have the desire to enable restricted areas to be secure and to be maintained?
  • Do you want to observe visitors?
  • Have the need to avoid shoplifting and catch shoplifters?
  • Have the sense to keep vandalism levels at bay?
  • Do you want these bullet points to extend till eternity?

Basically, the simple truth of this issue is that CCTV cameras have a plethora of applications. Regardless of having or not having a system would depend on a lot of things. A surveillance system can be created for gigantic corporations located in tall skyscrapers or even small homes for safety. As previously mentioned, CCTV cameras can be used anywhere and are available to anyone. This is a lot similar to toasters in the end, in terms of operations and usage.

CCTV cameras are used to keep a check on everything that happens in ATMs, homes, hospitals, offices, banks and other areas. Currently, it is one of the primary tools needed to surveil all activities. Since the popularity of security inclines forward, the number of CCTV camera brands increase in production as well. This would lead to the production of the best CCTV cameras especially in India in 2018.

Introducing Surveillance Systems

Despite the availability of huge price ranges for CCTV cameras, we do feel that security systems are being made available for everyone. But, people should know about bottom-bin prices which are especially coming from box stores. Truth be told, these shops tend to promote bunk systems of extremely low quality where unintentionally, they still enable their business to take place right in front of our doors. A majority of the people do experience a similar story where they all buy CCTV cameras from box stores but still are not in good quality.

Furthermore, what type of systems are out there? What is, in fact, available? Simple surveillance camera systems would have at least a monitor, a single camera, a bunch of wires being interconnected together. This is all that it comprises of. However, it can even be comprised of video recorders, security guards, hundreds of cameras, a couple of monitors and sometimes powerful dogs to sniff out clues.

As humanity progressed from the past, we did come a long way from basic yet expensive equipment over the years. Before you consider purchasing a video surveillance system, it is essential to fixate on a budget. Also, it is important to determine the number of cameras you would need, the location preferred for the CCTV cameras to be mounted (indoors or outdoors), and the favourable storage system.

In terms of other available options, you will find a wide range of them such as Analog and IP cameras, camera lens coverage, color along with black and white images, wired and wireless, resolution, video surveillance storage, cameras where you can pan-tilt-and-zoom, cameras designed for license plate capture, cameras for long and short distances, cameras which have housings that are able to withstand extreme temperatures and strong weather elements, so and so forth.

Technically, there is a large variety of security surveillance equipment. If all this seems a bit new to you then continue reading. We will ensure to go over different choices which are available for you. Even so, the best CCTV cameras are remarkable to showcase many features with amazing quality in action.

Cameras Designed for Indoors and Outdoors

Being simple yet well-known terms in the field, cameras have basic variances which are being mounted such as indoor out outdoor. As there are multiple outdoor cameras which operate as well indoors, there are no indoor cameras which can be installed outdoors. When you place a camera outside, it can be prone to risks such as rain, dust and other types of weather conditions. Moreover, it is highly likely that an outdoor camera is equipped well enough to handle such risks however an indoor camera can be quickly damaged.

Is It Okay To Use An Outdoor Camera Indoors?

Yes. However, even though it is not suggested, there are multiple occasions where an outdoor camera with its qualifications can be even used indoors. An outdoor camera will be best suited in areas such as factory floors where different elements such as chemicals, condensation and other types of elements are found. Even so, outdoor cameras can be used in indoor warehouses where there are large doors present since the outdoor weather tends to enter in via an open gate.

A more clever way of using a camera’s application with outdoor specifications, and at the same time, indoors as well are in environments such as schools or prisons. Since in both cases, there will be individuals who may try to escape and take a shot at the camera in order to avoid being seen.

Wireless Cameras

To define wireless cameras, let’s look this way. For starters, a majority of these cameras are not actually wireless.

The reason is due to the concern of power. A wireless camera which functions using lithium battery is highly unlikely to remain fully powered for a long period of time before it runs out of juice. This would lead to downgrading most of the wireless cameras into picture-taking tools which could only take shots whenever an incident occurs. Such incidents can be like crossing a pre-designated line or motion detection.

Even though a majority of the wireless cameras are being powered with cables, they tend to be only wireless in a sense that they do not make use of Ethernet or composite wires which will link to a video recorder. However, the data is being transmitted through the air only. This, in fact, is a great tool where you do not want a lot of cables being scattered all over the area in order to avoid complexities of a large system or for being camouflaged instead.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras and its Importance for Outdoor Situations

PTZ cameras or Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras are cameras which are perfect for instances where you would need huge motion ranges in surveillance systems. Furthermore, PTZ cameras are those which are the most versatile of security equipment with onboard motors that are strong enough in order to equip them well with any given setting or scenario.

Since most of these cameras are being substantially constant in their positions, a PTZ camera can be flexible and changed in order to the achieve optimum views, zoom in and out at the same time and can even track objects.

In addition, despite having features like 360 degrees of pan and/or tilt and strong optical lenses as well, PTZs are really expensive. The main reason behind this is because they are designed to do the work of about ten cameras all by themselves. Due to their versatility, PTZs are found likeable in both outdoor as well as indoor situations but are amazing where manoeuvrability and long range is crucial.

Finally, one of the most ideal things about PTZ cameras is their capabilities to answer to triggers or alarms. On the other hand, there are other cameras which give alerts passively. PTZs can even start tracking down issues instantaneously.

When a person passes through a zone which is restricted, other cameras record the instance on the timeline itself. However, a PTZ camera records the moment and self-regulates to begin attending that person of interest.

Can PTZ Cameras Operate When Power Supply Cuts?

Not a lot of PTZ camera sellers will tell you this but it is essential to take up a battery backup for the security system. On a standard note, you would need an approximate of 1000 VA or more for the battery backup. Even so, you would also want to attain the ability to plug in 2 things at least into the outlets which are battery-backed. This could be the camera and DVR power supply.

Is It Necessary To Own PTZ Camera?

PTZ cameras are powerful and hence, are expensive cameras which are found available. As a majority of the people would feel, we often get excited when we own something which is expensive or something even powerful. But, PTZ cameras are not deemed to be the ideal solution for everything and everyone. Furthermore, we do not suggest you use PTZ cameras for simple uses such as home security (an example).

Having a huge PTZ camera mounted in the hallway which appears to be some form of an optical cannon is definitely not the perfect, cost-friendly or an efficient option to consider to something which a normal dome camera can do. But this can depend on the amount of acreage on which the cameras are being mounted on.

Usage of License Plate Recognition Cameras

LPRs or license plate recognition cameras are brilliant tools which are amazing at the job implied by the name itself, which is encapsulating license plates. There are a lot of companies which use LPRs in order to monitor people who come and go. Since license plates are one of the few crucial elements used for fighting crime, an LPR is definitely a tool which is valuable to a lot of people.

Despite all of this, there can be inquiries into on how other cameras are incapable of seeing license plates. This, in fact, is true to some extent since any camera powerful enough can be used to find and read a license plate. However, this is not their main function.

If you observe a sledgehammer, it could possibly break a wood block into two but that still isn’t its primary function. As the saying goes, “you need the right tool for the job”, and if you aim to ensure proper identification of license plates, then we recommend getting a legit LPR camera.

Of course, an LPR cameras offer zooms and clear-cut shutter speeds which are made specifically for recording and reading license plates. In addition, they do come with packaged software which is used to accumulate captured data into more recognisable fields. There are also a lot of large companies, communities with entrances which are gated, government buildings and toll road authorities which use LPRs.

We do not suggest using an LPR for home usage only, however it is still a good idea. People who own large areas of land or even gated homes which have regular visitors could make use of LPR. Despite this, we do recommend in studying about this camera further, deciding if an LPR is truly what you need and ensuring that the camera is being mounted accurately and works properly.

To note, an LPR can even go to waste easily if not even being set up properly on the software front area, being installed at an inaccurate position, or even being placed in the wrong direction.

Analogue Surveillance Cameras

Analogue surveillance cameras are known as the traditional work hounds of the surveillance industry. These cameras are usually known from their appearance itself since people think of these cameras as big heavy equipment pieces with many wires which are scattered all over the place.

Moreover, analogue cameras are similar to their ‘networked cousins’ whereas, they just use composite wires for communicating rather than using Ethernet cables. But wait, is it really necessary to purchase analogue cameras?

Well, yes and no. Analogue cameras are established as old pieces of technology, however, they are so well-established in its time where most of the people, as well as companies, still invest their resources and time installing these security systems. Before, and even now, these systems were analogue and still continue to be analogue. If you were to remove the entire system with networked cameras, only then it is surely a huge investment which no one is ready to do.

Recently, CCTV cameras have taken a storm into the HD realm, offering much-improved quality of images. Despite this, a majority of the companies still force in equipment which is proprietary in regards to CCTV. This means that there happens to be a lot of fragmentation taking place in the systems.

Even so, there are analogue cameras that are ideal to use if you already happen to have a current system in use. If you happen to be a consumer who is new to this, then we do not suggest using analogue cameras. IP cameras are even cheaper and better when it comes to capturing images in high quality.

The best CCTV cameras in India are IP cameras and few of them are even analogue as well but do provide authentic quality displays.

IP Cameras/Network Surveillance Systems

IP cameras, also referred to as network cameras, are the most developed surveillance equipment found available in the market. However, IP cameras tend to operate by both data transfer and power via Ethernet cables. This leads to further simplification since you would only need a single Ethernet cable in order to speed up the whole process.

Even so, IP cameras cypher and process the whole footage which is recorded on the real camera which leads to further increase in amazing quality of images being provided. The IP cameras are much better when compared to analogue cameras and, if you happen to search out for a new system, then we do recommend using network cameras over analogue cameras.

Furthermore, IP cameras transmit surveillance feeds straight from the video recorder to web browser. If the cameras are being connected to a router, then they can be read and accessed via phone apps or other applications which are installed on tablets or laptops.

Are IP Cameras Costly?

No. When IP cameras were first launched, they happened to be the most costly option available in the market. However, if you have not observed it already, as many years passed since their launch, the prices have reduced dramatically just like all the other tech products. IP cameras are now cheaper to obtain compared to its launch many years ago.

And ever since the cabling has been simplified further and further, there are more reductions in cost as well. Since IP cameras tend to use a single Ethernet cable to offer both power and data transfer transmissions, there is no absolute need for devoted power cables.

This does not reduce material expenses, but it even reduces other installation costs as well. In addition, the amount of time spent on installing in a network camera is much less when in comparison to installing an ordinary analogue system.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to have a video recorder to sync with an IP camera. These work well just as software is installed into the laptop where they can store in footage which is recorded onto onboard memory cards for later access, and can even be accessed via phone apps. Since all the other footage is being ciphered well onto the camera, you just need to remove the card out and read from it. There are no additional steps other than these.

IP Vs. Analog

As we summarise, there is actually very less debate on which of the systems are better. We feel IP is a much better choice. However, with that being said, it does also mean that each of these options has their own perks and drawbacks to evaluate. Each and every surveillance scenario is peculiar in its own environment and often, that uniqueness can even vary and depend on traditional technology than using a regular network setup.

Analogue cameras are being wired to devices with recording features such as VCR or DVD. They frequently keep showing images on the TV screen. In a more ancient type of surveillance system, a cable is coaxially operated from the camera directly to the DVR. The distance in which the cable operates between the camera and the video recorder is essential to note.

On a standard idea, 330ft is perfect, after which boosters will be required. If you happen to force data too far into the coaxial cable line, then the picture will either lose the data together or take upon artefacts which are colour alternating. A single benefit of coaxial cables is its independent usage. In fact, cutting the cable short will lead to stoppage of data being transmitted over.

IP cameras transmit their own feeds down the Ethernet cables which happens to be a much longer and quicker choice. The current speed available enables the network cameras to create remarkable sharp and clear-cut images of which coaxial cables find it difficult to manage. Additionally, there is an end-to-end digital data feed which ensures more room for quality.

This is why IP cameras carry a plethora of remarkably strong features. Even so, a feed is able to access from any location as long as it touches the central server. However, the drawback found here for IP cameras is the risk where the network might break down and if it does happen, then all the IP cameras connected with it will also collapse.

Analogue, HD or IP Cameras

Typically, there are three categories of CCTV surveillance cameras found available in the market. These categories range from inexpensive analogue cameras which are at entry level to Internet Protocol (IP) cameras and High Definition (HD) cameras that are found available at the high-end of the market.

Lucky for you, prices of cameras have dropped dramatically as technology started and still continues to advance. This has even led to the appearance of IP and HD cameras into the sphere of average sized businesses to home budgets.

Thinking whether you should purchase not so costly analogue cameras at an entry-level or rather stick with IP or HD instead should be dependent on the image quality which you want along with the current and future security requirements. A simple analogue camera provides images of low resolution which is ideal for detecting people and observing specific areas.

In fact, an HD camera can offer in a much sharper resolution image which is perfect for pinpointing characters and numbers or even performing recordings for legal purposes.

Like always, having a much higher resolution can provide a top-quality image which makes it probable to digitally zoom in and even maintain image quality. This can help as you are able to recognize details and subjects such as number plates of vehicles. The advantage of zooming in is that this particular evidence can be notified to security companies as well as higher authorities and police investigators.

CCTV cameras can be mounted to homes or business networks where it can sound the alarm which signals a security breach. Moreover, it can even send data such as images to a security providers’ control centre by using a broadband connection – can be wireless, ADSL or GSM.

Security breaches can be located through outdoor beams and passives which have been connected with the camera into the business or home alarm systems. It is also known that small to medium sized corporations choose entry-level IP cameras and high-end Turbo HD cameras.

Visibility and Light

These two terms are practically identical. There used to be days where analogue cameras at the higher advantage, however, IP cameras have succeeded catching up and even beating their older rivals to their game. Due to the emphasis on image clarity being the prominent feature along with sharper and crisper resolutions – we can state that IP cameras are remarkable here.

Not only do IP cameras offer sharp night-vision but the image on its own is clear itself. How effective can a day/night feature be if the picture itself is taken hazy? On the other hand, HD CCTV analogue cameras can extend up to 2MP, but an IP camera can work with resolutions of size 12MP/4K.

A majority of the manufacturers are investing their resources into IP cameras, therefore, the gap between network and analogue cameras are only getting wider and wider.

As mentioned before, the best CCTV cameras are remarkable since they offer high resolution views along with good network connectivity.


This is another factor where you would favour more of analogue cameras. Truth be told, IP cameras have reduced its prices dramatically over the years. The market is saturated to an extent where only the most competitive corporations are standing and building their mark. Therefore, not only are IP cameras more popular than before, but they are also found available at low ‘bottom-bin’ prices.

That being said, people can find many throwaway cameras available in the market right now, hence, we suggest people to be aware when seeking out for IP security cameras – we believe in the notion that ‘you get what you pay for’ still exists even today in terms of quality.

Always aim to purchase the most nonpareil value for money CCTV surveillance camera system which is within the boundaries of your business or personal budget. It is smart to find an amazing quality yet a small entry level system which enables you to integrate more cameras in the future.

This is much better than rushing out and purchasing a cheap camera which is not branded which could eventually lead to a consumer’s remorse.

A well-known security company can provide you with a plethora of video and camera choices and are produced by reliable manufacturers such as Sunell, Visionline, Samsung, Dahua, Honeywell, Axis, Hikvision and Secequip.

Moreover, analogue cameras have become inexpensive. This just proves to show that you can always purchase something which is more feature enriched compared to the same price for an IP camera.

Even so, IP camera systems are not so costly in order to upgrade and keep up-to-date, whereas, installing systems do need additional cabling.

Never Ending Distance

The Internet is known to be a humongous connectivity available for everyone from anywhere. IP cameras work on this system through which they can be literally be accessed anywhere, as long as Internet is available.

This is definitely an amazing and huge capacity of IP cameras. However, coaxial cables started losing their quality levels over 330ft of distance and will continue to lose their mark if they do not opt boosters to enhance their strength.

IP cameras which make use of wireless systems do need boosters. Since a wireless signal can ultimately reduce and lose its power over large distances especially if there seem to be objects disrupting the path or even competing signals.

Security Levels of IP Feed

How do you find the security levels of your internet? It is 100% accurate in the sense that if you tend to leave the IP system unprotected, then an intruder or outsider can view in and out on what the cameras are recording. This is the sole reason why all the manufacturers will inform you to change the password settings.

Leaving passwords such as 22222 or even the classic – ‘password’ can make it obvious. Hence, do put something which is unique to only you, therefore, avoiding this mishap. In addition, the cameras automatically cypher the feed before sending it down the transmission line, hence, you just need to check whether the network is secure and protected itself.

Furthermore, analogue cameras are much secure from such type of hack practices.

Which Camera Would Be Ideal For You?

Before you purchase the best CCTV camera in India, there are certain questions which you should think about. If you are not sure or are confused with the whole thing, then you can always reach out to professional forums or expert advisors.

These professionals will be able to evaluate the respected property and even demonstrate to the buyer recorded footages from multiple types of cameras which will make he/she understand the whole picture on quality and even state the prices as well before a buyer makes a decision.

Comprehending the wide plethora of technology found available in the market is certainly time-consuming. Moreover, there is definitely a lot more to learn on advanced cameras and its properties apart from just to upgrade security.

Area Size which Needs To Be Covered

There is a wide range of outdoor cameras which are flexible and versatile and which enable consumers to cover up their objects and areas with varying depth and range. But, in order to conclude on the ideal camera, you would need to evaluate the distance and size from the camera of the item which you aim to cover.

There are compact lenses which work perfectly for broader views. A 3.6 mm lens can offer a 29-foot horizontal perspective at a 30-foot distance. However, a 6.6mm lens can deliver an 18-foot horizontal view only. So, if you aim to capture an open and broad shot of the scenario, we recommend selecting a smaller lens. A much larger lens is primarily attentive and can even add in details into an image. But, the focus will be ultimately narrow and even viewed less from a wide or horizontal perspective.

It’s always essential in knowing the wide-angle degree, memory for storing data and the lens size. The rule of thumb for every lens size – millimetre; is that to see the distance on how far it is (in metres) the camera will be able to look at the focal point (subject). This distance is also known as the focal length. The wide angle lens degree will decide the field of vision and even abridge the focal length as the angle gets wider.

We can illustrate this by looking at a simple 60 degree wide angle, where a 4 mm lens will be ideal to identify a human sight up to 4 meters. However, it will not have sufficient range to monitor the neighbour’s property to the extreme left or right. Since the lens size elevates the field of vision, the sight from both left and right will decrease, while the range which focuses on the human identity will increase.

Cameras even follow up with a range of data storage sizes starting from 1TB. Even so, the capacity to store can be increased using extra hard drives or even storage devices which are network attached to a limitless capacity.

There are reasons for using the camera. Do you desire the camera to view a vehicle found outside the front gate or just an individual ringing the doorbell? There are times where we collate the capabilities of human sight in order to determine what cameras can do. Even though there are no cameras which can copy the remarkable depth of vision and range of the human eye, there are advances made in technology which offer answers for long range distances along with the handling of multiple lighting conditions and a 360-degree vision.

The Right Time to Opt for the Manual Zoom Lens

As you keep adjusting and monitoring the camera view, you can opt for a manual zoom lens. Deriving from its name, you have the free will to adjust the subject by focusing and zooming in and out when required. A majority of PTZ cameras have lenses which you can easily zoom with. A zoomable lens, for example, uses the usual 2.8~12mm lens which is varifocal. This can lead to making use of both the far focused and narrow range of 12mm as well as the broad angle of 2.8mm. The choice is all about utility and flexibility found in surveillance abilities.

Strength of Night Vision

This is indeed very powerful. Night vision has been discovered and used many years ago. However, in the few recent decades, it has turned out to be quite ever-present in the surveillance industry. Practically any camera found can offer both day and night functionality.

Night vision tends to function automatically, using intuitive sensors which can up changes in lighting and even switch to night vision quickly.

There are much more powerful LEDs which enable users to view up to hundred plus more feet regardless of how dark it is.The object or area you desire to look or even focus on should be placed in the middle of the camera’s night vision span.

While there are much developed night vision cameras which can hold difficult and dark scenarios, there are a lot of cameras which use more basic and perfunctory technologies. These types of cameras are able to be focus on the centre for night vision and even keep uncertain hot spots away as it seems as struggles to keep these objects sharply lit.

Therefore, a camera can even select the inaccurate objects to “light up”, thus, fading the rest of the environment into darkness. Due to more developed and advanced cameras being invented, this becomes much less of a problem as well. The best CCTV camera brands in India do deliver night vision features and are used well in absolute darkness as well.

Camera Location

Even though they seem as belonging to different categories, outdoor cameras can work just as well as indoor cameras. However, the opposite is not possible. As you place a camera in an outside location, check the following items:

  • Cameras should be prone to and survive extreme temperatures (both hot and cold)
  • Cameras should be also withstanding against kinetic impacts on high-energy levels (IK ratings)
  • Cameras should also be resistant to freezing weather conditions (IP ratings)

Selecting where to position your camera will depend largely on the topography of business or home property along with your security requirements. Typically, the initial camera is being mounted at a position, for example, near the front gate or door wherein it will be able to attain information about individuals or even vehicles which enter.

Following this, there are also extra cameras to capture many ‘weak spots’. These weak spots can be, say, for example, black walls which run horizontally to the darkest area of your house or even an alley.

Actually, covering the whole perimeter of the area with cameras will provide security of a warning system released early. Moreover, if the camera is being linked to outdoor beams and is able to probe security breaches, it carries out its tasks successfully.

Hidden Cameras

There were times when users would aim to keep their surveillance systems far from sight and hidden away. The reasons were to offer people a form of ease as they enter in an area and also avoid any form of tackiness from a camera being found in sight.

Or maybe, they do not want people to notice that the surveillance cameras are even there in the first place. Manufacturers provide ideal solutions such as hiding away equipment in objects, such as smoke detectors or even in clocks.

If you desire for your surveillance cameras to be hidden, here are some easy options which you can opt for in order to conceal surveillance systems:

  • You can place it in bookshelves
  • Cover it with a plant
  • Position small cameras in tissue boxes

You can try out these methods, hide the camera, capture suspicious people in action and even obtain amazing video quality as well.

Requirements To Obtain the Ideal Surveillance System

This can be certainly tricky at first, however, there is no standard or universal security system. This is the brutal truth but we can try our best to get as close to it as possible. Honestly, perfection is not to be expected out of a security system since surveillance often deals with an imperfect environment and world.

It is recommended to obtain the following in order to have a complete surveillance system which is functional:

  • Suitable video recording hardware and software
  • Hard drive storage video of footages being taken
  • The necessary amount of cameras available for viewing all areas
  • A minimum of one video monitor in order to see the live and recorded footage
  • Suitable cables and power
  • Ask These Questions to Yourself Before You Decide and Make a Leap:
  • Should my cameras be outdoors or indoors? Or maybe, both?
  • Is there current equipment being set up? And if so, is it IP or analogue?
  • If I decide to go for IP, is it necessary to have access to a network or to the internet? What would be the lighting conditions which I need to face?
  • How much can I invest in my budget?
  • How Will I Install My Surveillance System?

This is a question we see often. How do you actually get all this equipment set up? You can read the instructions found available in the manual which comes with the cameras. The best CCTV cameras in India which are produced in 2018 have easy setups where it does not take a lot of time to install and use.

Consider Opting for Support Lighting Conditions

CCTV surveillance cameras offer features such as recording colour during bright hours (till it gets dark in the evening), however, during nights if there is an adequate amount of lighting being set up, they can still use colour for recording.

But, if there is no lighting available then users may need to switch to black and white. It is crucial to offer light in such cases such as LED lamps for colour definition since it becomes helpful to write out a worthwhile intelligence report. Otherwise, if it was too dark to see, then, for example, users can mess up describing the clothing on intruders as well as the colour of vehicles.

If you do not opt for lighting, there are low light cameras which do not make use of support lighting. However, these are far more costly and it is ideal to use lighting since it is cost effective.

Regard All Installation Expenses

Choosing the ideal type of CCTV surveillance camera is only a small part of the entire process when seeking out systems.

As you research, make sure to involve expenses of different recorders and peripherals such as connectors, constant power supply, cost of commissioning and labour of the system and cables.

It is certainly necessary to inquire into the overall costs of buying and installing the unit at the place of purchase itself in order to prevent sudden costs incurring in the near future.
Can Security Systems be Upgraded?
Yes, of course.

But, there are some minor setbacks concerning a few systems which you need to consider and keep in mind.

HD-CCTV systems function using proprietary technology which is HD-TVI and HD-CVI. These different categories of DVR’s and cameras should go together. It is not suitable and permitted to combine a TV tech with a CVI tech.

Therefore, if you do have a system in place currently, then please ensure to update the system accurately. To recap, HD-CVI cameras go hand-in-hand with an HD-CVI DVR. Even so, HD-TVI cameras go with an HD-TVI DVR.

A majority of the people would aim to enhance their cameras so that they can record footage in high definition. Lucky for you, this can be made possible in the matter of a few hours only.

You have the option to install an HD-SDI system which is also known as High Definition Serial Digital Interface.

With this, you are able to operate a 1080p video using a siamese cable, which is a standard cable. In fact, the wiring required is not even costly. Making these small changes, there will be a huge contrast in picture quality before and now if put in use. HD-SDI systems are remarkably powerful and can even offer a resolution which is sharp and remarkable.

The tiniest of details can got hold of when using these cameras. In order to upgrade the current systems, you can replace the DVR – which is used currently with an amalgam HD-SDI DVR. Furthermore, replacing analogue cameras which are old should be done in main areas.

Post-Installation Scenes

Take some time to adjust to the video surveillance systems in a few days from set up. If you do feel the need to upgrade or make some minor adjustments in order to aid the system in operating better, then go ahead and do it. Change the system every now and then and obtain the ideal viewing angles.

As you get used to the surveillance systems, you will begin to realise that these systems are amazingly useful. As you make the initial expenditure and furthermore down the line, you can achieve top-quality security at high levels along with mental peace and productivity.

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There are few retailers who sell cameras which are unbranded and only provide a warranty of only 6 months duration at maximum. However, those 6 months can be distressful if the camera fails to operate as expected within the time frame. It is necessary to look for a well-known security company which sells CCTV surveillance cameras along with providing guarantees for up to 3 years. Moreover, along with this, it would be ideal to look for companies who even provide professional installation services or ensure a self-install alternative.

To note further, the best CCTV cameras offer good warranty deals and do offer to solve any problems with the security systems as well.

As we have looked into all the elements and factors regarding which type of surveillance system to purchase, let us now consider the top 10 best CCTV cameras in India in 2018:

Top 10 Best CCTV Cameras in India 2020

1. D3D Wireless Security Camera

D3D-Wireless-Security-Camera-300x300Being 99.8g in weight, the D3D wireless security camera is an indoor camera which offers a cloud recording feature, where it secures footages on an FTF server location even if there are cases where the camera was broken or stolen.

Having a 360-degree mobile control would enable the camera to rotate vertically or horizontally from any point in the globe by making use of the mobile application. Moreover, D3D provides IR night vision where it makes use of HD night vision which is integrated with IR lens.

The dual way 128gb SD card and audio slot features video chatting where a speaker and microphone are used for communicating. There is no requirement for a computer as well as a distinct DVR.

D3D offers motion detection by delivering alerts when motion seems to be found. You can protect your office or home from unauthorized access. No individual can enter your property without being caught. When there seems to be any motion detected, the camera will deliver alerts to the owner’s email or even ping a notification on the mobile app with an image of the person who gained access to your home.

Finally, a one year warranty is being provided with this product so any problems can be resolved by making use of this guarantee. Al these features make it the best CCTV camera for home.


2. ProElite IP01A CCTV Security Camera

ProElite-IP01A-CCTV-Security-Camera-300x300Being 499g in weight, the ProElite camera is integrated with a watch live demonstration feature where all you need to do is download the ‘CAMHI’ app from the app store (both Android and iOS), select ‘add camera’, enter the UID as ‘GGGG-268585-EAADB’ along with the password ‘12345abcd’.

After doing so, the camera icon would display the live video. Now, you just need to slide the finger on the screen in order to rotate the camera and select HD in order to view HD quality video.

With this camera, it is definitely easy and simple to set up the Wi-Fi. In addition, the quick Wi-Fi setup does not provide 5G wifi network but can be used through Android or iOS smartphone using a supplied APP. Moreover, you can obtain the remote access to the smartphone camera by using mobile Wi-Fi or mobile 4G network.

You can now rotate the camera vertically or horizontally from any point in the globe thanks to the integrated rotating motor. Also, you can record video footages in the SD card since it offers the provision for an SD card slot as well.

In regards to the SD card storage, it offers up to 128GB capacity which is adequate for recording a large number of footages. You have the option to record 24×7 or enable the alarm recording feature. This would mean that motion would be detected only during the recording period.

The ProElite offers night vision up to a distance of 16 feet where you do not need to miss a single moment (day or night) since you are able to attain visibility till a distance of 16 feet in a absolute darkness.

Lastly, you can communicate with friends, family and pets using mobile devices by speaking and listening to the camera where there is no such thing as distance when it comes to communicating with anyone.


3. Sricam Security Camera

Sricam-Security-Camera-300x300With a weight of 558g, this indoor security camera offers a watch live demonstration feature, for which you would just be needed to download the ‘Sricam’ app on the iPhone or Android app store, register with an email address and generate an account.

Then, click on to add the camera and enter in the device name as ‘demo’, along with the device id as ‘999999’ and the password as ‘sricam123’. After these steps, just click on the camera icon in order to view the video. Then, you just need to slide the finger on the screen in order to rotate the camera.

This camera offers motion detection which sends alerts when motion is been detected. Apart from this, it provides a rotating camera feature which enables the camera to rotate vertically or horizontally from any point in the globe due to the remarkable integrated rotating motor.

The Sricam delivers IR night vision which enables you to see in the dark due to its inbuilt IR lens. In addition, the camera has a dual way SD card and audio slot: you can communicate to the other side of the camera by making use of its inbuilt speaker and microphone. Recording long durations videos are possible in the SD card since it supports a maximum of 128 GB storage capacity.


4. D3D Indoor Security Camera

D3D-Indoor-Security-Camera-200x300Being 458g, the D3D indoor camera offers the cloud recording feature which keeps recorded footages safe on the FTP server when the camera is either broken or stolen. With this, it has a 360-degree mobile control where you are able to rotate the camera both horizontally and vertically from any part in the world via the mobile application.

Moreover, the camera offers IR night vision where it provides HD night vision with integrated IR lens. Also, it offers motion detection control by sending in alerts or notifications through phone on any motion which is being detected.

The dual way SD card and the audio slot has a video chat feature with an inbuilt speaker and microphone. There is no requirement in owning a computer for this purpose along with a separate DVR. The SD card slot can record videos and images as well and offers up to 1 year of warranty too.


5. ProElite F01A Security Camera

ProElite-F01A-Security-Camera-300x296Being 472g in weight, the ProElite F01A camera offers a live demonstration feature where you need to download the app ‘V380’ and click on the local login. After doing so, click on ‘Demo’ found on the top left corner and then select the ‘Panaromic_camera’ in order to view the fisheye camera demo version.

The camera offers a broad viewing angle which has a 360-degree panoramic view angle using 1/3” fisheye lens. Moreover, it enables you to view the entire room in remarkable HD video quality with no blind spots during the day and night (including night vision). You can now speak to your friends, family or even pets on your smartphone.

The camera delivers a 960P HD video format along with a 1.3MP 1280 x 1024 resolution with authentic colours by using the H.264 compression format. Even so, the camera can obtain remote access on the smartphone using Wi-Fi or mobile 4G network. With a night vision up to a total of 16 feet, you do not need to miss a single moment (day or night) and can even attain visibility up to 16 feet in pure darkness.

With the motion detection feature, you can be informed about each and every single movement in your home by making use of push notifications on the smartphone or even store in alert images on the Micro SD card. This is ideal for surveillance. Also, it offers up to 64GB storage capacity. You can now communicate to the camera even if the distance seems far off from anyone.

These motion detection sensors can understand when something moves in an area such as a room and will notify you immediately.

Finally, it offers an easy and simple Wi-Fi setup but does not support 5G wifi network. This can be accessed through an Android or iOS smartphone by making use of the supplied APP.

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6. Sricam SP015 Security Camera

Sricam-SP015-Security-Camera-300x300Being 1.2 kg in weight (which is quite bulky), the Sricam SP015 sends off alarms when motion seems to be detected or found. This camera is waterproof, hence, resistant to damage and can be used underwater as well.

Users can rotate the camera vertically or horizontally from any point in the globe due to the impressive integrated motor which rotates. Along with this, it offers an IR night vision where it helps you view in complete darkness thanks to the inbuilt IR lens.

Lastly, the SD card records videos since the camera has the capacity to hold in an SD card slot. Also, the SD card holds storage capacity up to 128GB capacity and comes with an integrated 32GB SD card as well.


7. CP Plus CCTV Cameras

CP-Plus-CCTV-Cameras-300x236Having a weight of 3.5kg, the CP PLUS offers two HD CCTV cameras with 1MP resolution as well as 4Ch. In addition, it has an HD DVR kit which contains all sorts of accessories such as a CP-VGC-ST10L2 Bullet Camera and a CP-VGC-SD10L2 dome camera.

Both of these cameras offer night vision capabilities for your ease of use and convenience. Moreover, this camera includes a power supply, DC 2 pieces, 4 copper cable in a bundle (90 metres to be exact) and 4 BNC pieces. However, please do note that this camera package may not contain all of the items mentioned above.

This set which includes 2 CCTV cameras the CP PLUS brand can be installed in a warehouse, office, factory or even at home or wherever you wish to place it.

With this, the inbuilt infrared LEDs enable to capture the recording footage even during times when there is low light available. The CCTV cameras can record videos in order to capture amazing quality and is remarkable for watching anytime. This set is easy to install and is even durable for a long period of time.


8. CP Plus CCTV Camera Kit

CP-Plus-CCTV-Camera-Kit-265x300With a weight of 5.56 kg, the CP Plus dome camera offers a 1080p CCTV camera with 2 megapixels. Along with this, it has a 4 channel DVR which displays authentic video recording quality even during the night period. It makes use of a 2.2MP bullet camera for a clear-cut and sharp image definition.

In terms of storage, it has a 1TB hard disk where you can store a lot of footages for evidence purposes. This camera, in particular, is being offered with connectors along with 4 quantity 18-meter cables. Even so, it has a power supply of 4 channels.

This camera is ideal for those buyers who are seeking CCTV surveillance to be used in their factories, homes, warehouses, retail stores, classroom etc.


9. iBall CCTV Camera Kit

iBall-CCTV-Camera-Kit-300x300Having a weight of 6.15kg, the iBall camera kit offers 2 MP CCTV cameras with 1080p resolution.

Moreover, the iBall provides 4 channel HD DVR and comes in multiple colours.
Within this kit, you would find a single iBall pure copper cable (45 meters) and an iBall 4 channel 12V CCTV SMPS.

In addition to this, the kit contains 4 iBall DC connectors and 8 iBall BNC pieces. However, please do note that the hard drive for surveillance use is not part of the package and comes in 2TB, 4TB and even 6TB support.


10. Hikvision Turbo CCTV Camera Kit

Hikvision-Turbo-CCTV-Camera-Kit-300x252With a heavyweight of 14.5 kg, the Hikvision Turbo offers CCTV for home security purposes. It makes use of HD cameras with 1MP (720P) resolution and DVR as well.

Moreover, it can be used to keep an eye on factory plants in the industry and provide 24 hours of strict monitoring over the factory plants. Any sort of alarming emergencies found on camera can be used to notify the authorities immediately.

Within this package, you would receive 3 DS-2CE56COT-IR dome cameras along with 2 Hikvision DS-2CE16COT-IRP bullet cameras. In fact, it comes with an active power supply, 10 BNC pieces, 4 active copper cable wires, a hard disk and 5 DC pieces.

In terms of the warranty, the brand offers 2 years warranty on the DVR and camera. Along with this, you would also receive 1 year of warranty for the power supply and HDD, however, the physical damage, cable, adapter, BNC, DC, mouse, burned and short-circuited products are not covered in the warranty agreement and even installation services are not provided as well.

In addition to specifications, the camera has a free cloud P2P which is integrated. You can look at the view via smartphone (Windows and Android phone) or you have the option to watch it online using the cloud P2P.


Secure Your Home or Office With the Best CCTV Camera in India

So here you have it. These are the top 10 best CCTV cameras found available in 2018 and pretty popular in India. No matter how flashy the features may seem, always purchase surveillance cameras with the right intention and purpose in mind otherwise displaying fancy equipment but not meeting the needs would be a waste of time and money.

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