Best DSLR Cameras Under 50000 in India 2020 – Comprehensive Reviews

1. Nikon D5300 DSLR2. Canon EOS 750D DSLR3. Canon EOS 200D DSLR





DSLRs for us Indians have always been a device that only a few elites might own. But if you keep track of what is happening in the photography world closely, you will find that it is far from the truth. There are now options that are way cheaper than what they used to be 5-6 years ago, and that is a big boon for all enthusiasts.

No one is going to invest in lakhs for a beginner and manufacturers are beginning to realize that the affordable segment is where they need to strike gold because that is where the majority of accessibility lives. Nowadays, camera manufacturers have locked their horns against each other to grab every inch of the market share and come with the best DSLR camera under 50000.


The photography craze is rapidly increasing, and you will be baffled to see the number of best  DSLRs under 50000 available in the current market. There are India specific models too which have specific characteristics that the Indian buyer exactly needs. The Indian buyer is properly using the deals they get today with lens bundle kits and cashbacks as you can see these kinds of cameras as best sellers on Amazon from the moment they came on sale.

A budget of 50000 might seem a bit steep, and it sure is for most of the beginners. But this is a budget where the beginners transcend from amateur to semi-advanced, and hence you have to pay for what you get here. Most of the high-end features that were found in cameras much costlier have been instilled into these mid-range cameras to make the transition justifiable.

Plus with smartphone cameras becoming more and more better day by day to the point of rivalling high-quality purpose-built cameras, these camera manufacturers are doing everything possible trick in the book for obtaining a share of the market. Because a country like India is full of customers with calculative minds and to persuade an upgrade, manufacturers are forced to give as much as possible in the name of features to keep the average Indian customer satisfied.

Even if you know very little about cameras, you are bound to have heard of these two names, Canon and Nikon. These are the camera giants that will be dominating the list we have prepared as they have models rivalling in all kinds of budgets. And this leaves very less room for other manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic to get their act going as India is not a favourable market for them. There is no need to worry though as the former two companies are widely regarded as the best brands in the business. And this claim has been made by professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world.

This article would give you an idea of what cameras are available for this price.

As mentioned before, this list will purely be dominated by Nikon and Canon as they seem to know the exact market trend and tend to listen to customer feedback. They also have great deals to make sure that their products have the most bang for the buck which is what India wants.

There is not much left to do but to cruise to the list. Let’s go!

Top 10 Best DSLR Cameras under 50000 in India 2020

1. Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

Nikon-D5300-DSLR-CameraThe Nikon D5300 might seem to be an old camera now. This camera was launched in 2014, but it still is on sale for one reason only. Because it is one of the best in this budget. We think this is the best DSLR under 50000. This camera has Value For Money written all over it. It was built to replace the D5200 which was already a great camera. It was a tough act to follow, but Nikon pulled it off very well. Now, this camera is regarded by many youtubers to be one of the best semi-advanced/beginner cameras around now.

This was introduced to rival the Canon 700D, but due to its advanced spec, the 750D which replaced the 700D also fails to trump this beauty from its throne. The D5300 has 24 megapixels up its sleeve with a 3.2 inch fully articulated screen that is also selfie-friendly. There is a RAW support which enables the user to click photos with the best of quality. Features like WiFi and GPS are great! WiFi makes the transfer of photos much faster and seamless besides offering smartphone control. The D5300 weighs around 530 grams with battery, and the dimensions are 4.9 x 3.9 x 3 in.


  • Excellent battery life.
  • Features like GPS and WiFi connectivity make this one great deal even today.


  • The screen isn’t touched sensitive. Some of the rivals offer that.

2. Canon EOS 750D DSLR Camera

Canon-EOS-750D-DSLR-cameraThe Canon 750D was a model that was designed with just one motive in mind. To compete directly with the D5300 from Nikon. Even though this model is relatively newer than the Nikon, this still doesn’t have what it takes to beat it. But still, it is the only alternative. We all know Canon makes some great cameras and this is no exception. This is pretty much the best Entry Level/Mid-range Canon out there.

This model was launched in 2015. The 750D comes equipped with 24 megapixels. It has a touch-sensitive LCD that is also fully articulated. Hence selfies are possible here. The touch-sensitive screen makes it a lot easier to operate. This camera can shoot up to 5 photos per second. The 750D weighs around 555 grams, and the dimensions are 5.20 x 3.97 x 3.07in.


  • Has NFC which was relatively new to this segment when this came out.
  • Has touch screen which makes the experience a whole lot easier.


  • Considerably heavier than rivals.
  • The battery life is nothing which the camera can be proud of

3. Canon EOS 200D DSLR Camera

Canon-EOS-200D-DSLRThis camera from Canon is relatively new when compared to what its rivals are. Canon had a great deal of time on their hands to get their strategy right and to also know what the competition was offering. This is the reason this camera is ranked up at #6 in a ranking survey conducted by Camera Decision. That is a tough spot to reach immediately after launch. This was originally intended as a USA only model but is now available in India through Amazon.

This was known in the US as the Rebel SL2. Judging by the spec sheet, this falls in direct competition with the Nikon D5500. This camera packs 24 megapixels with a 3 inch LCD touch screen that can articulate. The camera comes with NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. There is 5fps shooting which can come pretty handy. The camera weighs around 455 grams, and the dimensions are 4.82 x 3.65 x 2.75in.


  • Features like NFC and Bluetooth set the bar up pretty high for rival models as some of them don’t have them.
  • Smartphone control makes sure that you don’t need a dedicated remote.


  • Smaller LCD screen than its rivals.
  • Autofocusing capabilities are average as the focus points are low.

4. Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera

Nikon-D3300-DSLRThis camera is a product that put Nikon back on the map in the entry-level segment. This camera is widely regarded as the best entry level DSLR out there on the market. This camera won the “Imaging Resource, Camera of the year for the year 2014 in the Entry Level DSLR segment. If you are a beginner, who is looking to kick-start your photography passion, look no further. If you are a megapixel nut, this is the highest amount of megapixels you will get in this price range.

The D3300 has a built-in guide for beginners to get an understanding of some camera basics which is a useful feature for budding enthusiasts. This small beast of a device packs in a healthy 24 pixels and a full HD video recording mode. Despite being a small package, this camera can take up to 5 photos per second. This camera has been specially designed to be as compact as possible as beginners need to learn to handle the easy way. The D3300 weighs around 460 grams, and the dimensions are 4.9 x 3.9 x 3 in. This can be considered as the best nikon dslr camera under 50000.


  • The low light capabilities are similar to much more expensive cameras.
  • Continuous shooting is pretty fast for a camera of this price range.


  • Wireless connection not offered as standard.

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5. Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera

Nikon-D3400-DSLR-CameraThe D3400 from Nikon was purely launched to replace the D3300 which has also featured in this article. This was a tough act to follow as the D3300 was indeed a great camera. With the competition fiercer than ever, this is the update that Nikon needed for this lineup. Like the D3300, this camera is also marketed as an Entry Level DSLR. Just like the D3300, this camera has a guide mode which gives well-detailed step by step instructions to the user to make their way through a particular setting or attribute.

For boosting creativity, Nikon has included 10 special effects which make photography fun. The specs remain largely the same to the D3300 with some few exceptions. ISO range has been bumped up to 25600 from the previous 12800, and the battery life receives a beast of a bump. The shot range has been increased to 1200 from 700 which was already a great number. Bluetooth has been added, and there is Smartphone control now. Nikon have tried to remove most of the flaws of the D3300 in this model.
The D3400 has shed quite some weight and tips the scales at 395 grams, and the dimensions are 4.9 x 3.9 x 3 in.


  • The lens bundle that can be bought with this camera makes it one great deal.
  • Smartphone Control eliminates the use of a dedicated camera remote and saves cost.
  • Monstrous battery life when compared to the model that it replaced.


  • No microphone port for usage of external microphones. Even lesser models offer that.
  • No articulated screen to make low and high angle shots.

6. Canon 700D DSLR Camera

Canon-EOS-700D-DSLRAt first glance at the spec sheet and at the camera itself, the 700D doesn’t seem to have any difference to the 650D which it replaces. The biggest changes are the new textured body finish and the Real Time preview of filters. This is the first camera in this segment to offer a live preview when filters are applied. The 700D is just a reworked and refreshed version of the shortly lived 650D. The 700D packs from the factory an 18-megapixel shooter with a touch screen that is fully articulated.

The ISO range is a hefty 100-12800 and can be boosted up to an equivalent of 25600. This means that low light shots will be great and easy to obtain. This camera is also capable of capturing up to 5 photos per second with its DIGIC 5 processor. The video recording is also great with 1080p30 which is full HD. The 700D weighs about grams and the dimensions are 5.2 x 3.9 x 3.1in.


  • No camera in this price range offers a touch screen for ease of use.
  • The ISO range is considerably higher than the rival model.


  • Falls short on Autofocusing capabilities with its low autofocus point count.

7. Canon 1300D DSLR Camera

Canon-Eos-1300D-DSLRThis is an entry-level product from Canon that rivals directly the Nikon D3300 even though it was released a year later than its rival. This camera was a great success for Canon and has been Amazon’s choice since it ever came on sale. This is the cheapest way to get into the DSLR club. This is the product for people on a tight budget but still, need a DSLR to pursue their dream. There are several bundle kits that ooze out Value For Money attribute. This is more of a ‘what you pay is what you get’ deal.

This camera has a respectable 18-megapixel shooter with a full HD 1080p video recording option. That is pretty much adequate for a beginner. There is a 3-inch screen in the back for previews and Live View finder. The ISO range is an average 100-6400, and this camera can shoot up to 3 frames per second. This is more than enough for a beginner.
The 1300D weighs in at 130 grams, and the dimension are 2.6 x 1.2 x 3.4in.


  • This camera is Wi-FI, and NFC enabled, and that is great value for the price.
  • It is impossible to get into the DSLR game cheaper.


  • The low light capability is pretty average.
  • Needs a faster processor as lags do creep in sometimes.

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8. Nikon D5500 DSLR Camera

8. Nikon-D5500-DX-DSLR-1


You might even think that we are a bit biased towards Nikon judging by the number of products from the giant brand. That is not true. These cameras are on this list because they are so good. The D5XXX lineup from Nikon is proving to be one of the best you can find out there under 50K INR and in our opinion. This is only because Nikon seems to know what the customers expect at every price point and give them the exact recipe for a great photographic experience.

The D5500 is the official replacement for the D5300, and it shows. The specs on paper might seem to be pretty similar to the D5300, but there’s more than what meets the eye. For example, they bid farewell to the ordinary LCD screen, and now there is a Touch screen. This makes a world of difference. And then there is an addition of practical ISO range up to 25600.

This makes low light shots way less grainy. The battery life has been bumped up to nearly 820 shots, and that is significantly more. That is a great step up from the D5300. This camera has been made with many exotic materials like carbon fibre and is encased in a monocoque structure to make it light and robust.


  • Weight shedding makes it easier to carry around.
  • Introduction of a touch screen is a welcome move.


  • No GPS for geotagging the photos.
  • No weather sealing despite robust structure.

9. Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera

Nikon-D5600-CameraThe Nikon D5600 is one excellent camera. Given at its price point, It might look as if there is not much of a step up from its sister camera, the D5500 and that does seem to be the case. But it does make sense. Consider this as a D5500 without almost all the cons gone. This is an effort from Nikon to perfect their sub 50K INR product formula by sprucing it up with some generous features.

The addition of NFC and Bluetooth connectivity make this more compelling than ever. And they’ve managed to shed a few grams in the process which is amazing. This has more features than the D5300 but still manages to be lighter. The camera tips the scales at 465 grams, and the dimensions are 4.9 x 3.9 x 2.8 in.


  • The touch screen inclusion just makes this camera better than ever.
  • Battery life is nearly similar to cameras that cost twice more.


  • Can be a bit pricey when you bundle up your purchase with lenses.
  • Doesn’t have GPS for geotagging photos.

10. Sony Alpha 68 DSLR Camera

Sony-Alpha-A68-24.2-MP-Digital-SLR-CameraNow, this is a chance to break the monotonous Canon and Nikon entrees with something radically different. This time it is from Sony. This might seem to you for an unusual departure but trust us, this is a good one. The Alpha 68 is the birth child of Sony’s new tech called the Translucent Mirror Technology which eliminates a moving mirror for one that is fixed. This means the shooting speeds will be immensely great. The Alpha 68 comes packed with 24 megapixels with full HD recording at 1080p.

The screen is tiltable for making overhead and low shots immensely easy but it comes at a price. Selfies are ruled out due to this layout. The viewfinder is electronic and is an OLED screen which makes it very accurate. The ISO range is a healthy 100-25600. This camera is capable of shooting up to 5 photos per second. The party piece of this camera is its autofocus system which has the highest number of autofocus points in this segment. It has a total of 79 points which makes specials events hard to miss.
The Alpha 68 weighs around 600 grams, and the dimensions are 5.5 x 4 x 3.2 in.


  • One of the best autofocusing cameras out there in this price bracket.
  • The secondary display panel for viewing essential settings eases up usage.


  • The slight departure from traditional DSLR mechanism does take some time to get used to.
  • Lenses can be quite expensive.
  • It is very heavy despite its size.

Choose the Best DSLR Camera under 50000

Great! It is time to end the article. We hope that you have gained some knowledge about the options that are out there in this budget and purchase the best dslr camera under 50000. This is a great budget if you are starting your advent into professional photography because the features crammed into these are immense.

All these products featured in this article have been carefully cherry-picked after intense research and reviews on various platforms. These are all great products, but you are the best judge for yourself. The best thing to do is try them out before going for purchase, and we are pretty sure that you won’t go home disappointed. Thank you, and good luck!

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