Best Desktop Computers in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Lenovo 310 20IAP2. Gandiva C2D3. Rolltop PC





Devices like laptops, tablets, mobiles as well as stalwart desktop can’t fulfill some of the computing needs. The best Desktop Computer is still required for many purposes. Compared to their mobile counterparts, desktop-class graphics processors and CPUs are more powerful. It takes less time to finish any particular task on the desktop due to its immense power. The components of a desktop are less expensive than a laptop consisting of a competent Intel Core i3 processor. With the money one spends on the laptop with Intel Core i3 processor, you can buy a desktop with Intel Core i5 processor. This article covers some of the best All in one PCs in India.

One can buy desktops with built-in screens or the screens which can be connected to a monitor externally. In both the cases, you will have a display which will be bigger than the largest desktop-replacement laptop (18 inches in size). Multiple graphics cards can be accommodated by the expandable desktops for supporting more than 2 simultaneous displays. You will have a physical control of the computer if you buy a desktop. You can control the viewers of your confidential business data by limiting access to desktop computers.


Due to the combination of a large screen and a desktop PC, parents can monitor the online activities of their children via a glance across the room. You might have developed a preference for an operating system if you have worked on computers before. In the modern technology, there is still a debate of the Mac vs. PC. This article doesn’t intend to pick any sides here. However, if you are considering a switch, then we have some choices for you:

1. Windows 10: The latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system is Windows 10. Most of the people use previous versions of the OS. You will be assured of the widest selection of third-party software and the best compatibility. This is also applicable to browser plug-ins as some of them only work with Windows.

2. MacOS High Sierra: It is the current version of the Apple’s OS. If one is already a customer to Apple devices, then the macOS High Sierra is an excellent choice. It interfaces seamlessly with iPhones and iPads, with all the iTunes subscriptions and purchases. You can receive iMessages on any device of Apple with the help of macOS High Sierra.

3. Chrome OS: The Chrome OS is the PC operating system of Google. However, it is less prevalent than macOS and Windows. Now, several apps designed for Mac OS and Windows also have Chrome OS versions, including MS Office suite. The Android-based apps which are available for download from the Google Play store can be run by many Chrome OS-powered PCs. Millions of smartphone apps can be run by the Chrome OS. But the catch is that the desktops ran by Chrome OS are unfortunately few. These are limited to inexpensive and tiny PCs which have small amounts of storage and memory.

4. Linux: With Linux, you will be relying on your own faculties for sourcing programs, support, and installation. It’s more like a DIY operating system. If you wish to buy a desktop and use it as soon as possible, then there are easier choices such as Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS.

The Following are the 3 Categories of the Desktop:

1. Entry-level Desktop: An entry-level desktop is sufficient for you if you only need to write Word documents, create simple spreadsheets or surf the internet. In such case, there will be some compromises in terms of RAM, storage, graphics, and power as they will be less than the higher-end systems. It will definitely fit your budget. The Intel Celeron and Pentium CPUs are budget-friendly while the AMD Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 and Intel Core i3 or i5 processors are slightly more expensive. You should consider at least a RAM of 4GB. The least expensive desktops have a paltry 16GB of eMMC flash storage. But a 1TB hard drive or 64GB of flash storage must be given more preference.

2. Mid-range Desktop: The storage, larger built-in screen, power, speed and memory for multi-tasking enable the mid-range desktops to stay functional longer. Most of the users find a midrange system to last for at least 5 or 6 years. In a mid-range system, you should look for Intel Core i5 CPU or AMD Ryzen 5 processor, along with a memory of 8GB to 16GB, and a 256GB SSD storage or a 1TB hard drive.

3. High-end Desktop: Top-of-the-line components are offered by the high-end desktops. The latest CPUs provide the power which is required for multimedia projects. A high-end desktop has 3D graphics capability for gaming and 1TB hard drive/512GB SSD or more. These desktops are especially for gaming rigs or workstations and they have multiple GPUs. There are more expensive than the other 2 categories.

It is recommended to buy the components which have a little more efficiency than what you will require for your tasks. By doing so, you future-proof your purchase and you won’t need to replace your desktop any time soon! The following are the types of Desktop as per their purposes:

1. General-purpose Desktops: The general-purpose desktops are ideal for video conferencing, office tasks and surfing the internet. They are typically found in retail stores. Designed to be a jack-of-all-trades, a general-purpose desktop is good at most tasks. However, it is rarely great at higher-level functions such as gaming or multimedia creation.

2. Performance PCs: More power for math, scientific projects or complex creative is given by Performance PCs as they include workstations and multimedia machines. The tasks can be done quickly due to the faster processors with 4, 6 or 18 cores. They have a memory of 8GB-64GB which is useful for keeping larger images on the screen when you are editing a video. It eventually renders a 3D model or processes a humongous spreadsheet filled with numbers you need to graph. The large hard drives and SSDs fulfill the requirement of extra storage which will let you hold a multitude of program library files and work documents.

The strenuous work tasks, scientific calculations and the high-end media creation which have razor-thin deadlines are done by the workstations as they are specialized machines. This category of desktop PCs will have ISV-certified graphics solutions from Nvidia and AMD as well as Intel Xeon processors. They have enormous amounts of memory which exceed 100 GB.

3. Business PCs: Being utilitarian in appearance, Business PCs offer several features such as extra security in the form of TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and biometric sensors, easy upgradability and serviceability, software support, and hardware/software certification programs like Intel vPro. On-site tech support comes along with some of the business PCs.

4. Gaming PCs: The faster versions of the multicore processors are found in Gaming PCs. One can smoothly view and interact with the virtual worlds of the games due to the specialized 3D graphics cards. There is also an availability of flashy design elements like multiple graphics cards viewable through Plexiglass case doors, elaborate liquid cooling setups, and automotive paint; but they are expensive.

It is necessary to have upgrades in most of the cases. The gaming systems are expensive but they are capable of providing a larger than life experience with multiple 4K or 5K displays and by using VR headset like the HTC Vive Pro or Oculus Rift.

The size of the desktops matters to an extent. There are enough built-in components even in the tiniest PCs for rivaling earlier high-performance PC models. The choice of a PC also depends on purpose and space constraints. You need an SFF (small-form-factor) or USFF (ultra-small-form-factor) desktop if you are living or working in truly cramped quarters. The least amount of room is taken by a USFF desktop but it doesn’t have much expandability.

It contains a memory storage, keyboard, mouse, processor and ports for hooking up displays. USSF desktops are quite budget-friendly as they use power-saving processors and components. Compared to a small jewelry box, the total volume of one of these systems is larger in rare cases.

PCs like the Intel Compute Stick are the size of USB flash drives. Such PCs have an advantage of disappearing behind an HDTV or HDMI-equipped monitor. You may have to give up I/O port selection and expandability due to which, you will be limited to 1 or 2 configurations. Mini desktops and stick PCs are the most flexible way of accessing cloud computing in the conference/living room and playing internet streaming media.

There is more internal space in SFF desktops which allows you to attach a gaming-grade graphics card and additional hard drives. The most internal space is found in traditional tower desktops which include full-size, midsize and mini towers. Depending on your requirements, you can install more RAM, multiple graphics cards or multiple hard drives. They are bulkiest, yet the most flexible. Some space can be saved by an AIO (all-in-one) desktop as it has a built-in display. You will certainly give up expandability, with a few exceptions for business-oriented AIOs. The screens support up to 5K resolution and their sizes vary from 18 to 34 inches.

What To Look For In A Desktop Computer

Purchasing a desktop is taken more seriously than buying any other electronic appliance unless you are filthy rich. While buying a desktop PC for your personal use or business, many things have to be considered while choosing. The following are the common factors which you must consider for buying the best desktop computer in India:

1. While buying a desktop computer, you should think long-term. You should go for single-core entry-level desktops and nettops only if you require a PC as an Internet access point and for simple tasks, otherwise, you should avoid buying them. The dual-core PCs have a longer life cycle and they are not expensive too.

2. You look for a PCI Express x16 slot if you are buying a low-end desktop computer as the slot will let you add a graphics card when you require it later.

3. Your desktop computer must have at least 4GB of RAM.

4. You will find Quad-core processors cheap in price. You won’t find any difference between dual-core and quad-core processors unless you are running threaded applications which are intensive.

5. If you are buying a desktop PC for the living room, you must consider the number of cooling fans it has. Your movie night can be ruined by the cooling fans which cycle on and off.

6. The graphics should be good enough to run a heavy game smoothly. Instead of buying a CrossFire setup or multi-GPU SLI for your gaming PC, buying high-powered graphics card will be sufficient.

The following are the important internal components of a PC:

1. Switched Mode Power Supply: The outlet power is converted by the PSU power supply unit. All computer components work on DC power but normally, the power available in our home is AC power. For converting AC power into DC power, switched mode power supply is used. The currents and voltages of the various internal components are also controlled by the switched mode power supply.

2. Motherboard: The main component of a computer is the Motherboard. A motherboard is connected to the other internal components. Most of the actual computation takes place at the motherboard.

3. Random Access Memory (RAM): The RAM is known as the ‘short-term memory’ of a computer. It stores any program for temporary time and removes when the program closes. The RAM makes a program faster and so, any program goes to RAM when it is opened. When the computer is switched off, the RAM loses its data. For this reason, a hard disk becomes a necessity.

4. Internal Hard Disk: Internal Hard Disk is known as the ‘long-term memory’ of a computer. It is used to save/store programs or files when the computer is switched off. The hard disk stores all the programs, data as well as the operating system.

5. Optical Drive Device: It reads or writes optical disks such as DVDs, CDs, and other optical media. It is important for installing programs and operating systems. You can even have 2 such drives for copying disks.

6. Video Graphics Card (GPU): The processing related to video output is carried out by the Video Graphics Card. There are inbuilt GPUs in some motherboards due to which, there remains no necessity of buying a separate video card.

The following are the important external components of a PC:

1. Computer Keyboard: As we all know, keyboards are used for typing. Without an attached keyboard, most of the motherboards don’t even boot.

2. Computer Mouse: It is used for pointing and clicking. It is quite necessary unless you go for a text-based operating system.

3. LCD/LED Screen: There is no need to emphasis on the importance of an LCD/LED screen as we all are aware that a desktop PC is incomplete without it.

You don’t have to spend your precious time on researching and finding out the prices of the best desktops computers in the market. We have researched several PCs in terms of their performances and features. Out of all those, we have reviewed the 10 best desktop computers. Most of the desktop computers mentioned in the list below are budget-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your budget. The best computer is better in all the aspects such as processors, RAM, ROM, etc. The following are the top best desktop computers in India:

Top 10 Best Desktop Computers in India 2020

1. Lenovo 310 20IAP AIO 19.5-inch All-in-One Desktop

The Lenovo 310 20IAP AIO 19.5-inch All-in-One Desktop never stops to surprise with its amazing features. It has a built-in Intel Celeron Dual Core Processor. This processor has a frequency of 2 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.5 GHz and hence, it is ideal for multitasking. The Desktop PC comes with 4GB of built-in DDR3 RAM, ensuring high-speed processing and performance.

It truly becomes an ideal desktop computer with the Windows 10 operating system. Its display of 19.5 inch promises unmatched clarity and brightness. It comes with a dazzling jet black finish and takes less space on your desk. The Intel HD Graphics 500 graphics processor ensures great performance.

This desktop computer is ideal for home usage as it has an impressive 500 GB hard drive. You won’t need to worry about saving large files anymore. It makes every task completed on time. Through a Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity, the IEEE 802.11ac wireless internet connectivity of this desktop computer enables you to connect to devices wirelessly. You can transfer data from devices like smartphones with the help of 1 USB 3.0 and a 2 USB 2.0 connections. Without any hassles, you can connect to other accessories with the microphone jack and the HDMI port. This desktop computer is integrated with a Webcam. This is the best pc available.


2. Gandiva C2D 15.6 inch All in One Desktop

Gandiva-C2D-15.6-inch-All-in-One-DesktopThe Gandiva C2D 15.6 inch All in One Desktop
comes along with G31 motherboard (Core 2 Duo Processor), 500GB Hard Drive and 4GB DDR2 RAM, 15.6 Inch Zebion LED Monitor as well as Zebion USB Keyboard and Mouse combo. For incessant power, the components of this desktop are assembled in a sleek and stylish cabinet with SMPS system. One can carry out works related to browsing, accounting and documents efficiently with this desktop computer.


3. REO Slimtype Desktop

REO-Slimtype-DesktopThe REO Slimtype Desktop has Nvidia 710 Graphics with 2 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Disk, GB DDR3 RAM as well as integrated Wifi. The Intel Core i5 650 processor enhances the performance of this desktop computer. This desktop computer also has integrated extra cooling fan for managing heat, 1 PCI full height port, serial port and 6 USB ports.


4. HP AIO 20-C102IL 19.5-Inch Screen All-In-One Desktop

HP-AIO-20-C102IL-19.5-Inch-Screen-All-In-One-DesktopThe HP AIO 20-C102IL 19.5-Inch Screen All-In-One Desktop comes with a 19.5 inch diagonal widescreen with Full HD resolution. It has 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, wired keyboard and mouse, DVD RW and integrated Intel HD Graphics. For better connectivity, this desktop computer has Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n featuring 2.4 GHz 1×1 technology and Bluetooth 4.0.


5. Rolltop Assembled Desktop Computer

Rolltop-Assembled-Desktop-ComputerThe Rolltop Assembled Desktop Computer comes with 15.6 inches LED Monitor, G 31 Frontech/Zebronics Motherboard, Frontech Wired USB Keyboard Mouse, 500 GB Hard Disk, 2 GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.9 GHz Processor and Mini Wi-Fi USB Adaptor. This computer desktop is suitable for computer programming, Talk, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, entertainment, etc


6. Dell Inspiron One 24 3459 Z266102HIN9 23.8-inch All-in-One Desktop

Dell-Inspiron-One-24-3459-Z266102HIN9-23.8-inch-All-in-One-DesktopThe Dell Inspiron One 24 3459 Z266102HIN9 23.8-inch All-in-One Desktop will surprise you with its fantastic features. The 23.8-inch screen offers sharp visuals on videos or spreadsheets with its HD+ resolution. This desktop computer has 4GB Ram, integrated graphics, 2.3GHz Intel Core i3-6100U processor as well as Windows 10 with pre-installed MS Office Home & Student 2016.

This desktop computer is available with an optional optical disk drive and up to 1TB hard drive. Such storage is sufficient for storing the entire family’s projects, movies, memories, and music. It will definitely provide a lag-free performance. With the latest Intel processors, you can experience gaming and watch movies at a whole new level. Movies and music can be streamed securely and quickly.

You can store your files in the Dropbox and access it from any device. With Dropbox, you can share photos, watch videos and edit documents. Your files will rain safe in the Dropbox even if your PC crashes. A crisp, clear online video chat sessions are possible due to the widescreen HD webcam and the built-in stereo speakers which are tuned with waves maxxaudio solution. For an incredibly interactive and smooth user experience, use the edge-to-edge touchscreen option. The one-cord setup allows easy and quick arrangement in any room of your house.


7. HP Slimline 270-p027il desktop PC

REO-Slimtype-DesktopThe HP Slimline 270-p027il Desktop PC comes with 1 TB SATA 7200 RPM HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM and Core i3 7th Gen 3.9 GHz CPU. Movies and music can be streamed securely and quickly. The storage of this desktop computer is sufficient for storing the entire family’s projects, movies, memories, and music. With this desktop computer, one can carry out works related to browsing, accounting and documents efficiently.


8. SYNTRONIC Desktop PC Computer

YNTRONIC-Desktop-PC-ComputerThe SYNTRONIC Desktop PC Computer has 8GB Kingston/Hynix RAM, 2GB Nvidia 710 chipset graphic card and Intel Core i7 2600 processor. With the latest Intel processors, you can experience gaming and watch movies at a whole new level. Movies and music can be streamed securely and quickly. The storage of this desktop computer is sufficient for storing the entire family’s projects, movies, memories, and music. It will definitely provide a lag-free performance.


9. DELL AIO INSPIRON 20 3064 Desktop

DELL-AIO-INSPIRON-20-3064-DesktopThe DELL AIO INSPIRON 20 3064 Desktop comes with Windows 10 Home which has new improvements and features. It is an ideal fit for everyone in your family. The 19.5-inch truelife or anti-glare display offers sharp visuals on videos or spreadsheets with its HD+ resolution. For an incredibly interactive and smooth user experience, use the edge-to-edge touchscreen option.

This desktop computer has 4GB Ram, integrated graphics, 7th gen Intel i3-7100U as well as Windows 10 with preinstalled MS Office Home & Student 2016. The one-cord setup allows easy and quick arrangement in any room of your house. This desktop computer fits any décor in your home as it features a modern thin panel with a sturdy easel stand (black or white). It has a built-in Webcam and speakers. With the latest Intel processors, you can experience gaming and watch movies at a whole new level.

This desktop computer is available with an optional optical disk drive and up to 1TB hard drive. Such storage is sufficient for storing the entire family’s projects, movies, memories, and music. It will definitely provide a lag-free performance. For a stable connection, this desktop computer is fitted with longer-range and faster 802.11bgn wireless technology. Movies and music can be streamed securely and quickly. A crisp, clear online video chat sessions are possible due to the widescreen HD webcam and the built-in stereo speakers which are tuned with waves maxxaudio solution. You can store your files in the Dropbox and access it from any device.

With Dropbox, you can share photos, watch videos and edit documents. Your files will rain safe in the Dropbox even if your PC crashes. With this desktop computer, get 20GB of Dropbox space included for a span of 1 year.


10. Intel i7 Desktop PC

Intel-i7-Desktop-PCThe Intel i7 Desktop PC comes with 8GB DDR3 Ram, Intel Core i7 2600 Processor H61 Motherboard, front USB with Audio Jack, DVD Writer Iball Baby cabinet and 1TB Toshiba Hard Disk. The Nvidia 710 2gb ddr5 graphics card will enhance your gaming experience on this desktop computer. The storage of this desktop computer is sufficient for storing the entire family’s projects, movies, memories, and music. It will definitely provide a lag-free performance. Movies and music can be streamed securely and quickly.


Importance Of Desktop Computers in India

A computer is definitely a boon for us as it has a lot of advantages for progressing with respect to work and technology. It is widely used in private as well as government sector. There has been an increase in the growth of computer users for a decade. You can analyze and understand the efficiency of a computer by knowing about the revolution in internet banking, online education, online business, and online communication.

Various software applications and hardware devices are used for accessing, calculating, storing and analyzing information as well as data. A majority of our daily life activities are based on such online products and services. Our lives have been changed by the computer a couple decades ago.

The following are some of the uses of computer:

1. Use Of Computer In Education:

Internet technologies and computers are being used in colleges and schools around the world for teaching students digitally with data visualization. The exploration of imagination and creativity in the minds of the students takes place due to the use of computers in a classroom. Students learn more accurately and deeply through a spreadsheet, drawing tools as well as audio and video lectures. This creates a whole new business model of education which is known as a digital classroom or smart classroom.

Education is quite essential in this era. The education system has been reinvented by computer. It is being used by almost all kinds of educational institutions. A lot of universities are offering online degree programs for students. Computers have become a great educational tool for learners and teachers. With a computer, one can access e-books, newsletters, YouTube and blogs for self-learning.

2. Use Of Computer In Business:

Along with the internet connection, a computer can be used for running and managing the business. Without the use of computer technologies, the daily business operations around the world are unimaginable. A computer is used for business planning and marketing. Customer data is being recorded as well as goods and services are being managed through computers.

With a computer, one can carry out Internet marketing and sell services/products online. Employees can be hired an managed with the use of computers. The daily official works of almost all kinds of business are being carried out by computers. MS Office is being used for creating professional-looking documents while MS PowerPoint is used for project presentations. MS spreadsheet is being used for managing goods and services. The customer base of a business grows faster with the help of digital marketing through computers.
Customers are choosing the services and products through the internet as they have plenty of options online.

One can even start a business from home through a computer. With the use of internet and computers, freelancers are working remotely from home and earning a good amount of money. It is not so tough to earn money by using computers. You just need to learn the essential skills or master in programming languages. One can even get involved in eBook writing and resume writing services from home with a computer. A person with a good knowledge of Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop can start logo designing and graphic designing business from home.

3. Uses Of The Computer In Health Care:

A computer provides many benefits to doctors as well as patients. With the help of a computer, a patient’s database can be created with their medical records and treatment records. The diseases of patients are being diagnosed faster with the use of computers. Doctors take help of various applications of hardware devices and computers. Research on diseases has enhanced due to computer technologies.

4. Uses Of The Computer In The Banking Sector:

Computers are being used by banks for meeting the demands of the customers with accuracy and speed. They are used for depositing the customers’ money in their respective accounts. The account number of a customer is entered in the software and then, the customer details are filled, followed by the entry of the deposited amount by using a keyboard. All the transactions in the banks are done with the help of computers. With internet banking, customers can operate their bank account without visiting the bank and depend on cashiers.

5. Use Of Computer In Government Offices

In the past, government officials used to take a lot of time for completing their work. For managing the files of citizens, a lot of staff used to be needed in the government sector. But now, the consumers are getting solutions with high accuracy and speed of computers. The working quality of government officials has improved a lot due to computers. Applications such as video conferencing tools, email, Microsoft Office package, etc. enhance the speed and accuracy of the work of government offices.

6. Use Of Computer In At Home:

The use of a computer at home depends on the user. A majority of people in the urban areas have a computer at home. Many students are using it for taking online classes. Some people are running an online business on computers while some use it for watching movies or listening songs. You can avail many benefits from a computer. It becomes easy to access business services and banking with the help of a computer. Communication becomes quite easy by using it. One can make use of it for learning new hobbies and skills.

By using MS Excel on a computer, you can calculate and manage your monthly expenses. Birthday messages and gift cards can be created by using MS Word. Adobe Photoshop can be used for restoring, manipulating or editing family photos. You can even shop online with a computer. A lot of time is saved by using a computer for carrying out daily tasks. A computer also saves money as you don’t need to buy a DVD player for listening to songs or watching movies. Also, there won’t be any need to visit a cyber café for printing notes.

7. Use Of Computer In Marketing:

With the help of computers, one can create new ways to market the devices and products online. There has been a huge growth in digital marketing services for a couple of years. Computers can be used by businesses for publishing content marketing article on social media and websites. Products can be sold on online portals. For getting quick ROI for the marketing budget, businesses can use PPC. Companies use the computer for outsourcing, chatting, emailing for various works which include Internet Marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, etc.

8. Use Of Computers By Students:

Desktop computers are used by kids for playing games and watching cartoons. Students use them for using digital communication tools. An artist can use drawing tools on a computer for exploring creativity. Graphic designing and photo editing can be done with the computers. Microsoft Word is being used by a majority of students for creating notes, letters or assignments. By using an Excel spreadsheet, mathematical calculations are performed as well as represented with ease. Various logical formulas are learned with the help of computers. Online etiquette skills and safety are learned by many students. Many blogging websites are being created with the help of computers. The biggest advantage of computers for students is that they can easily join online degree programs. Due to video conferencing application and devices, students can interact with the teachers outside the educational institutions. Information can be obtained easily and quickly.

9. Use Of Computers In Occupations:

Many job seekers are learning computer skills for getting jobs. Based on urgency and demand, business owners are using computers for operating their businesses. Financial management, team management, and business planning can be carried out effectively. A majority of business owners use computers for Internet research, social networking, project management, presentation, financial planning, and emails. The jobs of people in the IT field revolve majorly on computers.

Computers have drastically impacted our lives. Habits in day-to-day life have been changed with the use of computers. In fact, new kinds of habits have been created such as communicating with family and friends, taking online classes, earning money online, internet banking, etc. Computer technologies have made the daily tasks of our lives easier than before.


A desktop computer is used for various purposes such as gaming, entertainment, creating documents, etc. From kids to senior citizens, everyone can be benefited by the usage of a desktop computer. It won’t be wrong to say that computers have become an integral part of the majority of the population. In this modern age, some of the tasks are even impossible to carry out without computers. Creativity is also boosted with the help of computers. A lot of learning takes place online now on computers. You can buy any desktop computer mentioned in the list above. All these desktop computers are the best ones with various features for helping you to carry out your tasks more efficiently.

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