Best Graphics Cards Under 5000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gigabyte GV-N710D3-2GL2. MSI GeForce GT 7103. Zotac GeForce GT 710


We all have heard of the term ‘graphics card’ and the ‘best graphics card under 5000’ at some point in our life but what does it really mean?

By now, most of us own a personal PC/laptop but not all of us comprehend the very essence of a graphics card nor a GPU system. Is a graphics card really that important?

Firstly, to all the non-technical users, a graphics card allows our PCs to upgrade the graphics performance to the next level. This action is accomplished when the producer adds in a distinctive graphics card and the overall CPU works together with the GPU system in order to ensure the overall experience of a device operates faster, smoother and much better than before.


Moreover, graphics cards change figures into images. Recently, a majority of CPU’s tend to integrate a graphics card into the system. These graphics cards or GPUs are dynamic when it comes to displaying 2D graphics, text, and windows but are that great for intensive gaming or any other operations that are visually intensive.

In addition, you might have heard from your peers or in general that a GPU is essential only if you want to play intensive games on your laptop/PC.

However, gaming is only a part of the overall reason before investing in a good graphics card and a good GPU will allow you to perform other types of activities such as 3D work, Photoshop, AutoCAD, video editing and many more.

Due to this, if you’re a professional or an expert in videography, gaming, or are graphic design students/aficionados, then you might require a committed GPU for your needs. If users are seeking out to purchase or build a powerful gaming rig system, then it’s important to give more significance or time studying about the graphics card.

We can firmly state that a graphics card is the most primary element in a gaming PC. However, purchasing a GPU can be quite difficult since there is a wide list of options to consider such as the type of the monitor you want to use or are currently using to PCs framework size and many more.

However, in the end, you shouldn’t complicate things. If you got a clear idea on your PC requirements, budget, and performance goals, then you’re halfway through the detailed process and closer to find the best graphics card that meets all your needs.

Our review and buyer’s guide will take you through all the minuscule details related to graphics cards and expose more information on essential features you should watch out for before you make a purchasing decision.
Additionally, we will also assist you in picking out the best graphics card for under 5000 in India (if you are stringent on your budget for your PC/laptop).

What To Look For In Graphics Card Under 5000?

As stated before, there are a lot of manufacturers these days such as Gigabyte, Asus, EVGA, and other producers who generate their own unique range of graphics cards models. All of these cards are either powered by AMD or Nvidia GPUs.

Nevertheless, they are distinctive from each other when it comes to speed, utilizing heatsink, types of memory, bandwidth and a lot more. By understanding how these elements work, you can easily pick out the most appropriate card for use. We have presented a list of components you should look out for before purchasing the best graphics card.

1. Platform

Basically, the system which you own determines the type of graphics card you would need or should purchase. By knowing the limitations of a system, you can save your money and avoid vague headaches. To illustrate, if you tend to operate a dinosaur version of a dual-core CPU such as Celeron or Pentium, the system won’t be able to follow up with modern or advanced graphics cards.

During such scenarios, you should opt for mid-range cards. This can also help you save half of your cash. Moreover, the display is a vital element to evaluate. Users don’t need high-end graphics hardware if he/she uses an old monitor with a resolution screen of 1280 x 1024. Likewise, if you wish to function three 1080p monitors, then a mid-range graphics card will not help you attain average or even decent frame rates in contemporary 3D games.

2. Compatibility

It can be quite distressing for those users who open up their cases to install in the new graphics card but to only realize that it’s more than an inch in terms of size. Before you head out to purchase, do make sure to do your research well and figure out the physical space/area the case can provide.

With this, we recommend studying the power supply as well. You may need to know things such as the number of watts it’s rated for, the number of amps it can supply on the 12v rails and the amount of six- and eight-pin PCIe connectors it contains.

You should check this piece of information with the graphics card you wish to purchase. If the computer you own can’t handle it, then you may want to search for a graphics card that opts for a power upgrade or a card that utilizes less power consumption.

Ultimately, you should check the ports. Some of the monitors employ HDMI, others have DisplayPort and few other older models tend to use DVI. Also, do make sure that the card you wish to purchase has all the connectors you require for your monitors.

If a user purchases a card with multiple ports that differ from the ones fixated on your monitor, then it’s essential to buy an adapter which is an additional cost.

3. AMD (stream processors) or Nvidia (CUDA cores)

Relating to the point above, bandwidth is dramatically impacted by shader cores. (AMD and Nvidia identify shader cores has multiple things. They are known as STREAM processors by AMD and CUDA cores by Nvidia.

Shader cores allow graphics to come to life or appear realistic in front of the users since they add in variations, blends of darkness and brightness to 3D objects. If a graphics card has a lot of shader cores implemented in, then it offers quicker and stunning image rendering. Nonetheless, there are days where a GPU with a less amount of shader cores perform much better on particular video games.

Recently, the GPU market is filled with thousands of graphics cards from a wide list of manufacturers, however, there are only two companies that allow the GPUs to power up the components: AMD and Nvidia. But which one should you purchase, AMD or Nvidia? Well, it all narrows down to your own personal choices.

If your budget is sort of tight or restricted, then opt for AMD. No graphics card can beat AMD when it comes to price. Wherein, AMD delivers economically priced, although support mid to high ranged GPUs. However, when you compare Nvidia’s latest models, AMD’s cards are not so power efficient.

If any user is intrigued in optimal performance, then Nvidia should be in your list. In comparison, no model from AMD can beat Nvidia’s high-end RTX cards these days. Nevertheless, these cards are highly priced and not affordable by all.

The AMD Radeon RX graphic cards tend to be providing more optimal products in an economical price band, regularly. On the other hand, Nvidia dominates the higher-end of the GPU market since they deliver cards that are much more powerful and costly.

Another element that you should evaluate whether to purchase NVidia or go for team Red is based on your monitor needs. Frankly, is your monitor compatible with AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync?

FreeSync and G-Sync are two technologies that are created AMD and Nvidia, respectively. Purchasing a monitor that buttresses at least one of these features can assist with accompanying the linked graphics cards with the display wherein this helps in decreasing input lag and screen tear.

Moreover, AMD’s FreeSync is much affordable than compared to Nvidia’s G-Sync. Whereas there are CUDA cores available as well but they don’t expose much regarding performance. Although, they are pivotal when it comes to gaming intensively.

Compute Unified Device Architecture i.e CUDA is Nvidia’s patented and branded computing language that functions to influence the GPU in particular ways so that they can perform jobs with guaranteed accuracy. Additionally, a CUDA core is equivalent to both AMD’s and Nvidia’s stream processors.

Since there is a vast amount of Stream processors or CUDA cores available, you can expect phenomenal rendering visuals from the GPU system. This is certainly critical especially for those systems which clasp intensive gaming performances or graphics work (where the frame rates are cardinal).

4. TDP Values

Just like how a CPU operates, the GPU generates heat from all the processing tasks it does and this is seen by its TDP value. TDP figures help in determining the amount of power needed in order to allow the GPU to function at an optimal or appropriate temperature. As the GPU requires more power, then eventually it will generate more heat. This is why we recommend opting for a GPU which contains a small-scale TDP value.

So in a nutshell, If a GPU has a TDP value, then the computer will need additional fans in order to distribute the heat equally. When fans need extra power and space, a TDP value makes a significant difference.

On the other hand, below-average sized computer towers would require GPUs with low TDP values, whereas large computer towers deliver additional flexibility. For all those users who wish to build a PC, we recommend investing about 30% of the overall construction budget on a GPU. As 30% of the entire budget is assigned, users can now buy an ideal GPU that suits your system and meets your needs.

5. Power

Apart from analyzing the TDP value, users may need to consider whether or not the power supply has adequate 6-pin or 8-pin connectors for the best graphics cards under 5000. This can be solved easily by buying a sufficient power supply with a minimum of 80 Plus Bronze.

6. Memory

A majority of these graphics cards are ranged in between 2 and 12 gigabytes of video RAM. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of controversies when it comes to deciding how much should one obtain in order to reach for maximum or optimum machine performance.

There are few forums which mention that the amount of memory isn’t important, whereas other users noted that it’s a crucial factor to consider when he/she purchase a graphics card.

If a video card memory clasps operations that are anti-aliasing (which tends to eliminate edges that are jagged on objects), textures, and any other components that showcase images in a realistic dimension, we can confirm and declare that its pivotal. Video memory has a vital role in image quality since it enables users to play games that function on higher resolutions.

Thereby, you should allocate your system memory into two parts and use this figure as a base for considering the amount of memory required for the graphics card. To demonstrate, if you own an 8GB system memory, then you might need a minimum 4GB graphics card in order to achieve a really great performance level.

A majority of users will debate on the fact that: the larger the graphics card memory, the greater the performance. But, this is not always true unless a user utilizes it with supreme resolutions, such as 4K or uses with several monitors in surround. Then, we can say that the RAM quantity won’t make such a significant difference. Even so, some of the best high-end graphics cards under 5000 come with high memory, as a pre-built option.

Other than this, you may need to give attention to the bandwidth. Data which are finalized to be processed by the GPU system is typically reserved on the card’s committed memory and are identified as GDDR3 and GDDR5. You should remember that the GDDR5 memory offers double the bandwidth of GDDR3 which is clocked at a similar rate.

As the memory bandwidth is a crucial performance factor, users should always opt for GDDR5 in order to achieve a better performance level. In fact, when performance is concerned, a single GB of GDDR5 is ideal than compared to 4 GB of GDDR3.

7. Bandwidth

The value of GPU memory is vital for some but the bandwidth is a prominent feature which everyone should look into. In layman terms, bandwidth is defined as the amount of memory of which a GPU is able to gain or process at any given time (can be random).

So, when a GPU contains more bandwidth, data starts to be stored into shader cores at a quicker rate. The final outcome can be seen in video and game graphics that tend to operate on remarkable and flawless clarity.

8. Price

It’ll be irrational to place costly components on a cheap vehicle car. Similarly, it’s senseless to include a costly GPU to a cheap computer that incorporates a low budget processor.

Clock Speeds Available In Best Graphics Cards Under 5000 In India

Clock speed is calculated in Mhz and impacts the frame rate, input lag, and latency, tremendously. Conventionally, GPU’s can analyze about 64 bits of information at a single time. However, due to impressive technology these days, a majority of the best GPU’s in the market tend to read of more than one chip at a single time. This speeds up the process for the machine.

Graphics card bus width

This can be explained through an example i.e if a GPU can analyze two 64 bit chips at a single time, then it’s reading exactly 128 bits of information rather than of just 64. Ultimately, this makes the bus width 64 x 2.

Different Classes Of GPUs

A. Low-end GPUs

This is created for those users who play very little, play older or don’t play many games at all. This is appropriate for those computer systems that aren’t going to be utilized for gaming purposes, however, the CPU won’t have fused graphics.

B. Budget GPUs

For budget GPUs, you can expect a good gaming experience at 720p and satisfactory gaming at 1080p. Good GPUs are meant for average gamers who are not that interested or inclined in gaming on high settings but find it reasonable to play on low medium settings. This GPU class can support multiple games such as Witcher 3 or GTA V on medium settings.

C. Mid-range

For this category, we recommend it to a majority of gamers in the community. The reason being so is that these GPUs will allow them to play games on 1080p resolution with either high or ultra settings. This GPUs are an ideal buy for 1080p gaming and are VR compatible as well.

D. Higher-end

These graphics cards are built for gamers who wish to play 1440p, VR, and 4K resolution. 1440p and VR gaming that implements with these GPUs will be phenomenal. 4K gaming is perfect as well but can operate much better with the next class listed below. Although, 4k is still suitable at this range.

E. Extreme

These cards are meant for those aficionados or insane enthusiasts who wish to create a rig of their dreams. These GPUs allow users to experience lifelike 4K gaming and amazing gaming in general. Moreover, the RTX cards can even support brand new AI technology and ray-tracing as well.

What Are The Things You Should Consider?

If you wish to play at 1080p, then you may need to get a graphics card that embeds a minimum of 3GB of memory, however, 4GB would be perfect. In order to game at much higher resolutions such as 4K or 1440p, then you should opt for a card which has about 8GB or more memory.

When you purchase a GPU, please do take a look at the power consumption. Based on what the graphics card requires, you will eventually understand the amount of power supply you will need.

To illustrate, if a GPU requires 200W and a CPU has 150W, then a user should purchase a PSU with 500W. Or, if he/she likes to play it safe, then a 600W solution is suggested. Furthermore, you may need to evaluate whether or not if the PSU has sufficient power connectors in order to power up the GPU.

This is because a few cards employ two six-pin connectors, some eight-pin connectors and a few blends six and eight-pin connectors together. Unfortunately, If a particular PSU lacks the number of connectors a GPU needs, then you already wasted your cash and time investing in one.

Other than that, do check up on a graphics card’s dimensions so that you can be sure whether or not there is sufficient space in the case in order to house your GPU. A few graphics cards will be prone to use additional expansion slots (GPUs take only two slots), so if you are purchasing a sound card as well then ensure that there is adequate room in the case and in the motherboard.

A majority of manufacturers are delivering their users with a standard GPU. However, these GPUs come with multiple fans, several prices dimensions, different memory, and clock speeds. The fans created are meant for cooling the GPU down, whereby if a user isn’t overclocking then he/she won’t be needing a powerful GPU that holds three fans.

Having several clock speeds and a suitable memory can make a substantial difference when it comes to frame rates. The same GPU which holds a higher clock speed will be a tad bit faster but it’ll be apt to be costlier so you should ensure that you attain the best bang for the buck (the difference between a majority of cases aren’t large at all).

Performance vs Budgets

Generally, performance follows price, especially when we talk about GPUs. A decent GPU will allow you to play modern games at sleeker frame rates. Although, a prominent GPU will allow you to perform high quality/supreme creative work and even play games at a higher resolution, such as 4K video editing seamlessly.

As we have looked upon some of the most crucial elements before choosing an ideal graphics card, let’s now review the top 10 best graphics cards under 5000 in India:

Top 10 Best Graphics Cards under 5000 in India 2020

1. Gigabyte GeForce GV-N710D3-2GL Graphics Card

Gigabyte GeForce GV-N710D3-2GL Graphics CardWith an overall weight of 907g, the Gigabyte GeForce is charged by Nvidia’s GeForce GT 710 GPU system. This model assists in bringing all of your pictures and videos to a realistic view such as in HD resolutions.
You can experience performance which is 10 times quickly than compared to those models which have integrated graphics. This graphics card offers you the perk to process up to three different HD displays. You can even play low quality and HD games with an all-new impactful experience.

In order to have a stable, durable, and convenient product, a graphics card needs to be incorporated with supreme quality elements and this unit attains that. Moreover, it has lower ESR and lows RDS MOSFET solid capacitors, thereby delivering convenience and stability from their high-quality graphics solution.

Additionally, the Gigabyte ultra graphics card features topology in a more sophisticated layout manner. In fact, this quality power design from Gigabyte offers the perfect application of digital signals, thermal, power circuitry, electric characteristics, and efficient placing of constituents for upgraded graphics performance.

Lastly, it has a low profile layout which would mean installation is seamless since it doesn’t take too much space. Furthermore, it’s effortless to construct your very own compact PC machine. Also, the connectors come in durable, gold plated, designs that are employed for achieving ideal signal transfers between the connections.


2. MSI GeForce GT 710 Graphics Card

MSI GeForce GT 710 Graphics CardThe MSI GeForce GT 710 model is a polyester fabricated machine which is imported. When it comes to the design, it has a rubber sole and the shaft calculates the low-top inch from the arch, estimated.

We feel that this product is comparatively cheaper than other counterpart models. It has a low profile layout and preoccupies only a single PCI slot. This is essential since some PCs have a small form factor case which comes with restricted space.

The appliance consumes less power than expected i.e 20W max thereby even a machine with a 220W power supply can handle it pretty well. Moreover, this model utilizes a heatsink for passive cooling. This reduces convenient issues and noise linked with cooling fans.


3. Zotac GeForce GT 710 Graphic Card

Zotac GeForce GT 710 Graphic CardThe Zotac GeForce GT 710 graphics card allows users to experience an enhanced PC performance when in use. With this, you can expect the machine to deliver prominent performance levels than compared to integrated graphics.

The model combines both efficiency and performance together in order to enable effective solutions for photo and video editing. Despite running on such high-performance levels, the model operates silently.

The NVIDIA GeForce graphics card contains about 192 CUDA cores and brings you a 64-bit memory bus and a 1 GB DDR3 memory. This unit requires a 300-watt power supply but only uses up to 25 watts max thus this model consumes less power relatively.


4. Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 710 Graphic Card

Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 710 Graphic CardThe Asus Nvidia graphics card is a remarkable model that’s produced with a 0db thermal design that’s highly efficient. Also, it’s engineered to diminish heat in pure silence thereby making an ASUS GT 710 an ideal choice for any PC unit.

Even though it uses only Auto-Extreme technology, it delivers complete automation by using supreme alloy power. This promotes effective convenience and quality. Moreover, all the elements that decrease power loss, upgrade efficiency, help to reduce component buzzing when being under load, along with reducing thermal temperatures for unbeatable reliability and quality.

A GPU tweak features an incredible, smart performance by tweaking it in order to obtain a complete elite gaming experience. In addition, it allows overclocking to be much effortless and authentic when it comes to visuals – while it still keeps track of the advanced options for occasional overclockers. The gaming booster role is designed to optimize or maximize system performance by throwing away processes that are inessential and distribute all of the resources that are available, automatically.


5. Gigabyte Geforce GT710 Graphics Card

Gigabyte Geforce GT710 Graphics CardThe Gigabyte Geforce GT710 model is a tremendous piece of equipment which is a must-have for those users who game intensively.

This model is charged up by the NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 GPU as mentioned and implements a 64-bit memory interface with a powerful 2048MB DDR3 memory. With this, you can expect to run intensive applications such as performing high-quality graphics work instantly and even edit videos in HD quality.

When it comes to the core, it features a core clock that functions at a rate of 954 MHz and brings you a double-link D-Sub/ DVI-D or even an HDMI connection. You can connect this to bigger monitor displays and view a wider perspective when working.
It needs a power supply of 300W which is a standard rate and bears a bus interface of PCI Express 2.0 x8. Lastly, this model comes with a 3 year warranty period.


6. MSI Geforce GT 710 Graphics Card

MSI GeForce GT 710 Graphics CardWith 200g of weight, the MSI Geforce graphics card utilizes all sturdy capacitors. This makes the model ultra-durable when being under full load. This is amazing since you can expect to operate your machine without having to bear any expenses in the near future. Even so, it has an ESR rate that is extraordinarily low and operates under low temperature but with optimal efficiency.

This model takes the market by storm since it provides you with multiple benefits such as a no-noise environment. The reason it’s able to perform with no noise is that it has a substantial heat sink which tends to cover up the whole area of the memory and GPU. Moreover, it offers you the most authentic atmosphere to stream gaming and utilizes multimedia.

Additionally, this model features an afterburner overclocking function that supports in-game video recording. If you plan to create a youtube gaming channel or record yourself play games with other players then this function is certainly handy.

Also, it even supports iOS and Android handheld devices that are under wireless control. This unit backs up a DX12 effect test which is built-in and offers a core memory of 954 MHz. The video output mechanism uses a double link DVI-D connection, a single D-Sub connection, and only 1 HDMI connection.


7. Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 PCI-E Graphics Card

Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 PCI-E Graphics CardThe Gigabyte Geforce graphics card uses a PCI-E interface that strengthens the visuals of the PC display. We can expect authentic and realistic views when gaming or working.

This model uses a 64-bit architecture and has a DDR3 RAM type. Moreover, it’s an entry level unit which can be labeled as a display adapter which can help you to play any type of game at minimum settings. This card is ideal when it’s been utilized for DVI or HDMI output for a television or monitor screen. Thereby, it’s not so perfect for playing high-resolution games.

If a user has a high-quality processor or an i5, 2nd generation processor, then this card is not suitable since it does not meet the necessary requirements. An i5 processor integrated graphics is equivalent or even more dynamic than compared to this card.

When it comes to warranty, this model offers a 3 year warranty period.


8. MSI AMD Radeon R7 240 Video Card

MSI AMD Radeon R7 240 Video CardThe MSI AMD video card brings you a plethora of features which can be useful when you perform intensive tasks for a long period of time.

When it comes to the features, the model operates with an engine clock of 730 MHz core and boosts up to 780 MHz. During high loading times, you can expect this beast to boost up its engine clock and give you unfathomable results.

Other great features include a 64-bit interface and PCI-E since all motherboards are now supported with a PCI-E slot. The model comes with a 2048 MB DDR3 core and a memory that operates at around 1800 MHz.

The unit features a single-connection DVI-D, a single HDMI connection and only 1 VGA port. Furthermore, the maximum resolution offered by this model is only 2560 x 1600.


9. Nextron Nvidia GeForce GT 710 2GB Graphic Card

Nextron Nvidia GeForce GT 710 2GB Graphic CardThe Nextron Nvidia graphics card brings wonders to your PC system since it allows all your pictures and videos to be seen life-like at HD resolutions. With this model, you can witness an astounding experience as it operates 10 times quicker than compared to integrated graphics. This graphics card even offers the advantage to power up three individual HD displays.

You can now play both supreme HD and low-quality games with an enthralling experience. As it implements good quality parts on the graphics card, it’s been labeled as the most stable, durable and convenient product in the market.

It has a low profile design thus saving a lot of space when installing and also seamless for constructing your very own compact PC system. It has long-lasting area connectors that are huge and are used for maximum signal transfers between multiple connections.

What’s more, is that it uses lower ESR solid capacitors and low RDS MOSFET capacitors that offer convenience and balance when performing higher-end graphics tasks. This high-quality design delivers the perfect adoption of electric, thermal features; power circuitry, digital signals, and equivalent situating of components in order to attain an overall upgraded graphics performance.


10. Sapphire Radeon R5 230 Graphic Card

Sapphire Radeon R5 230 Graphic CardThe brand new SAPPHIRE R5 230 graphics card is a PCI-Express, low profile design that does not require any extra power connector thus making it suitable for an entry-level system. Apart from this, it can even be used for enhancing current PC systems and offer extra monitor assistance.

This model offer about 160 stream processors and a perfect core clock which functions at a rate of 625MHz and deliver a 2GB DDR3 memory capacity in order to bring you a great value for money and astounding performance. The outputs for this model include VGA, double-link DVI, and HDMI ports which aids a multitude of monitors. The card can be used with non-compulsory backplates in either conventional or low-profile frameworks.

The system would need a 400W power supply and an X16 lane graphics slot placed on the motherboard so that the card can fit in seamlessly and be compatible.


To Conclude

Buying the best graphics card or GPU will not only allow your PC to be capable for graphics-intensive tasks but can even bring you more smooth and outstanding gaming experience. We do hope that our detailed GPU buyer’s guide will guide you in narrowing down your options easily to only the most ideal ones in order to meet your requirements.

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