Best UPS For PC In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. APS Back 600 VA UPS2. Intext Gaama 1000 VA UPS3. iBall Nirantar 600VA UPS





The Indian electricity supply system is good, but it doesn’t have a 100% uptime similar to what the western countries have. Hence, power tends to be unpredictable in the Indian sub-continent, which means a solution is required to tackle the sudden absence of electricity. It is more so needed for the PCs and other devices that are connected to the computer. Furthermore, a sudden blackout or strong electrical surge is enough to destroy the electrical interface of most electronic devices at home or in the office. Though such an event is rare, they may undoubtedly knock out the computer, the time you need it the most. The monetary loss is there, but the irreparable damage of data can’t be allowed. Getting the best UPS for PC is the answer to all the electricity backup issues here.


Still, there are many different models of UPS that have different specifications for them. Some are excellent as per their technical prowess, but that may be an overkill for your requirements. Others are good, but may not fit for your more substantial needs in the office. Getting a source of uninterruptible power supply is what you must be looking for, and that’s where you need to select one of the best UPS in India. These sturdy, big units have a surge protector of high-quality with a good backup battery that keeps all the connected electronic devices running in the event of a blackout; at least for a short duration.

Factors to Look for When Buying the Best UPS for PC

Going ahead and buying best UPS for computer may be what you are thinking of, but it is vital to do the research. The price may be less in comparison to the equipment that the UPS will be used with, but; the hard earned money will buy it. And if the buyer wants to save time by ordering a UPS from online portals, then he or she be better well informed about their choice of UPS. Most of the time, they take the equipment on its face value; they do not carebest ups for pc much.

Selecting a UPS could be a sure shot pain, which is because people tend to buy a device in India mostly on recommendations. They do not list their own needs first, allocate a budget to it and finally match both with the products that are available within their set bracket. But even before doing that it is essential to know what factors to check for when buying best UPS for PC in India.

1. Outlets

A UPS has few outlets for devices that need backups. Hence, when selecting a UPS, one must determine on exactly how many devices would require to be plugged into the best UPS for PC in India. For a home office or small workshop with only one PC and a printer, router and a modem would need fewer outlets.

Whereas, for big businesses, there will be a requirement for a more significant number of outlets. The most common thing to do here is, buy whatever you might need with two additional outlets in the UPS. It will render flexibility of use in the future, which many have witnessed.

Though, do know that most of the UPS units have surge protection available only on few ports. Here, the outlets that are backed by the UPS battery will most likely be less in number than the maximum port numbers. The inexpensive options usually cut the costs by just rendering the battery backup to merely four or at the most six outlets, which leaves the remaining outlets unpowered.

Most people will not find that to be an issue, but it might be a bad surprise for some who would know about it the when the power goes away; for the first time after they have bought the UPS. The good thing here is that a buyer will notice the outlet specification just by seeing the UPS if it has the ports that don’t give backup power.

Since, most of the best UPS in India users have wired connections for data, looking for UPS which renders protection for such connections; would be a good thing.

2. Power Requirements

Once the outlet issue is tackled, the next thing that has to be checked is the power volume that connected devices to UPS will consume. Know that if the connected devices require more power than what the UPS could give, the devices will die, even if UPS battery has ample power left to it. The situation would be similar to a PC’s power supply where if the wattage is low then the PC’s requirements, PC won’t switch on and function.

The solution to it is using a wattmeter, which will tell exactly how much power the PC and other devices are using. This wattmeter can be bought online. Now, once all the devices have been checked, putting together the wattage of the equipment that will be plugged to the best UPS for PC in India will give the figure on power requirements.

The volume of power that is supplied by the UPS unit is usually written just before the Volt-Amps or VA. However, it is not possible to have the VA convert to watts unless the PF or Power Factor rating of the UPS is known. A rough but not usable assumption would be to have the watts approximate to VA.

For example, if the VA is 1500 at peak, the supply would be close to 1,500-watts if the Power Factor is close to one (1). Now lower Power Factor can result in not supplying enough voltage to the connected devices. Hence, one should buy a UPS with 20% more VA in comparison to what he or she should require.

3. Duration Of Operation

Once the wattage is figured out, the period of operation or usage of UPS has to be made sure of. Most of the buyers buy the UPS since they wish to have a few minutes so they can save their work on the C and then shut it down properly. Whereas some want their UPS to back their systems, so they can continue working, which could last nearly an hour.

To find out how much time the best UPS in India will back-up the devices that are connected with it, make a total wattage volume that the devices draw from UPS and then minutely refer to the load/runtime graph of the product (UPS). It is found mostly on the package’s side or in the description if the product is bought online.

4. Features

Yes, it may sound that any UPS has simple features since it is all about plugging in the device and when power goes away, the UPS battery kicks-in. However, that is not the case. The basic level UPS units have features such as battery disconnecting notification, USB connection as well as a software suit that could be controlled by PC to have the settings fine-tuned.

The software suit can also show how much consumption of power has been already done. A more ‘professional’ and best UPS for PC in India unit renders more features such as an LED panel that shows off the runtime in minutes, remaining charge on the battery as well as batteries that are hot-swappable. Though a majority of people will not require such kind of fancy extras, knowing that the option is available is essential.

5. Warranty

Usually, a UPS lasts only as long as the internal battery lasts, which is somewhere between 2 to 3 years. It happens because the batteries decay with time, especially when they are charged completely and the UPS batteries are charged at all times; by default. Since this happens, almost all kind of warranties gets max out by the end of three years, which is the total life a UPS battery.

Though, some UPS may offer an additional insurance atop their warranty of 3-years; but only on few products by few brands. So one has to double-check for the same. Usually, the best UPS for computer batteries are made to be serviced, if they fail to charge or provide power. Hence, if the warranty is still there; the battery could be replaced as well.

6. Commercial or Domestic

There are many UPS only meant for commercial usage. These are solely for backing-up the PC at the office where the electrical outage is not tolerated. Such UPS models are usually built to take on the demanding challenges, while they also are feature loaded to cater to all the essentials. These are expensive but extremely dependable, while the manufacturing company also bestows the buyers with complete after-sale service of the product.

Whereas, the domestic UPS models are meant for homes and home-offices (one or two systems). These are low cost and reasonably priced in comparison to the commercial UPS units. The domestic use UPS are lightweight and less in voltage capacity, which does make them inferior to their commercial models. Though the domestic best UPS in India units are only small in the power capacity, everything else is almost the same regarding features. Indeed, few homesteads install the commercial UPS to support their systems, which are sensitive.

7. Cost

Essentially one of the most important factor or rather the one influencing factor in the ‘List of factors’. Allocating a budget for the best UPS in India is the most important thing to do because going above the monetary limits will harm the financial condition of the user and buying below the needed UPS configuration will be of no use.

Hence, keeping aside an amount of money for the UPS would be a wise move. Furthermore, also keeping some more money to add to the base budget would be a good thing to do. One never knows, if in this fast-paced times, a good UPS is introduced into the market and it is just a notch higher on the price side. To cover that ‘notch’, keeping some additional money ready to shell out when such a UPS unit is found; is indeed a good plan.

Researching and selecting best UPS has been a good task for us as well since there are many brands and their different models of UPS in the current market. Most of the consumers don’t even know many brands that are doing good business across many counters, while their performance is good too. Most people in India buy UPS primarily for their PC and the other devices that are required for additional work with the PC. Hence, we had to keep in mind that PC is the primary equipment that a UPS usually supports in India.

There were the factors mentioned above that we sought as standard measurement and few others that were considered. However, even with industry observers and experts advising with their experience and knowledge, it was a bit of work to find out only 10 UPS models that would cater flawlessly to the various requirements. Since there are best UPS in India which are incredibly lightweight yet pretty versatile in delivering the power that is expected from them, and we also had to look out for models that would give advanced features.

Making sure that the models that we chose don’t underperform or become an overkill, we took extra care in reviewing them. These are the best UPS models in the industry, for both domestic and office use. Their backup time varies, but their performance is nonetheless excellent.

Top 10 Best UPS For PC In India 2020

1. APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back-UPS

APC-BX600C-IN-600VA-230V-Back-UPSAPC BX600C-IN 600VA weighs 4.7 Kg, while its dimension is 218 x 107 x 237 mm. The audible alarm renders immediate notification whenever there is a change in the conditions of UPS power and utility power. The voltage regulation of this UPS is automatic, which levels the flow of electricity for the equipment in accordance to the sudden change in power supply. The battery charging indicator is pretty helpful in knowing how much it has been charged.

It has battery saver feature which increases the life of the battery up to two times. It also shuts down the UPS before the battery is completely drained. UPS has a nominal input voltage of 230 V, which has a range of 145 – 290 V for the primary operations, while 47.63 Hz is the input frequency. The model is designed for both home-office and big workspace. The battery can also recharge on generator power, whereas the recharge time is an approximate 6 hours.


2. Intex 1000VA GAMMA UPS

Intex-1000VA-Gaama-UPSThe Intex GAMMA 1000VA UPS is 90% efficient, with an excellent battery back-up. It has a dimension of 45 x 25.4 x 19.8 cm, and it weighs 8.67 Kg. It needs a 1000VA/500W input, while the input range is 140 – 300 VAC while its frequency range is 50Hz. This model of Intex UPS has a battery of 12 V/7 Ah x 1 which is good. It renders a backup of 50 min that is deemed enough for one PC load. The power wattage that it gives is 360W while the output voltage is 230V. Its transfer time is nearly 4 min.

This model of best UPS for a computer is meant mostly for the home user. It is pretty light as well as conveniently convertible, which makes it easy to use. It doesn’t create more than 40 dB of noise. There are LED indicators, while different alarm sounds make the user aware of low battery, overloading, fault indication and AC mode. This model has a year-long warranty to it.

Using this model is extremely easy, while the performance is as it claims, nothing less but a bit more. The 1000VA GAMMA UPS gives a fierce competition to other UPS models. It may be built for home use, but some people have put to back-up their home-office systems.


3. iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA UPS with Power Protection

iBall-Nirantar-UPSiBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA is compatible with DVR system, CCTV camera and PC. It has a dimension of 32.6 x 22.2 x 14.2 cm, and it weighs 4.44 Kg. It can back-up a PC that has an LED monitor of 18.5-inch for 40 minutes. It can back-up 1 x 4 CH DVR (without Monitor) and 4 Cameras for nearly 3 hours. Though the battery backup does depend much on the computer system configuration as well as other devices that are connected to the UPS. DVR systems, CCTV cameras and PC, are some of the tools that this model is compatible with. For the Boost & Buck to work well, it has an automatic voltage regulator.

This best UPS for the computer is microprocessor controlled, while it has a full protection system in place that works against overload, overcharge and discharge. Its noise level in less than 40 dB which makes it an almost silent piece of compliment to the workstation. Upon installing, all a user has to do is plug in the PC and other devices in the outlets of the UPS; and everything is ready to run. Its versatile nature of compatibility makes it stand out from the crowd and become dependable for a different variety of hardware.


4. APC BR1500G-IN 865-watt Back UPS

APC-BR1500G-IN-865-watt-Back-UPSThis UPS offers a guaranteed surge and power protection for the gaming consoles, computers, wireless networks as well as other electronics at the office or home. The UPS supplies battery backup at the time of unsafe fluctuations of voltage and during power outages, as well as it renders protection against damaging spikes and surges.

This 865 Watts UPS offers outlets for power saving which automatically cuts-off the electric supply to the idle equipment. Its battery management system is efficient enough to give advance warning if the battery becomes faulty, to render the user with enough time to take preventive measures and avoid any trouble. The alarms in the UPS notifies about the power conditions of the system.

It has a notification feature for Disconnected Battery if the battery’s backup fails. The most impressive feature of this UPS is its notification for Building Wiring Fault, which warns about any potential dangers that may be in the wiring circuit of the house.

The dimension of the UPS is 38.2 x 11.4 x 30.1 cm, and it weighs 11.8 Kgs. The voltage sensitivity can be adjusted along with its flow to the best UPS for computer battery, which protects the sensitive electronic devices; besides maximising the life of the battery. The Trim and Boost AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) function fixes the high and low voltage conditions, without using the battery of UPS.

When there a voltage outage, the system runs primary electronic devices and protects the secondary electronic devices alongside, from the voltage spikes and surges, without draining the additional power of the battery.

The Energy Management function cuts-off power to all peripherals, in the event of a primary device such as PC hibernating or shutting down. When the PC wakes up from its hibernation or switches on, the power is restored back immediately to peripherals.

The Green Mode is another marvellous function in this UPS, it reduces the power consumption through bypassing the unused components of UPS, but it does not compromise on the efficiency of the system.


5. APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back UPS

APC-BX1100C-IN-1100VA-230V-Back-UPSThe outlets of APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back is protected against the surge in the power which consequently protects the hardware as well as data. The ‘surge only’ outlets protect the secondary electronics, from spikes and surges without having a reduction in the battery power that is used for running primary electronics during the time of an outage. It also reserves the power capacity as well as a runtime for the connected equipment which requires the UPS battery’s back-up when rendering ‘surge-only’ protection for the lesser vital devices.

The UPS has a dimension 115.8 x 49.3 x 13 cm of and weighs 9.83 Kg. Its LED display gives all the relevant status of the UPS, where a user can almost immediately understand the power and unit status with the visual indicators. The alarm notification lets the user know of the change in utility power as well as power conditions of the UPS. The intelligent management feature of the battery maximises the performance of the battery as well as its reliability and life through precision and intelligent charging.

The notification for battery failure gives an early warning for the analysis of faults on the batteries which enables timely maintenance of the UPS. The self-test feature is set on automatic mode for the best UPS for a computer which lets it assess the condition of the battery. Early detection of the battery which requires to be changed with a good battery saves one from many hassles.


6. Circle Power Backup 600VA Microprocessor Control UPS

Circle-Power-Backup-600VA-Microprocessor-Control-UPSThe microprocessor in Circle Power Backup 600VA UPS guarantees high reliability. It has AVR with Boost and Buck, which does many wonderful things. It has DC start functionality, automatic restart feature while it is recovering AC, compact size at 22 x 22 x 7 cm and lightweight at 4.5 Kg, gives protection against AC Overload. It protects the computers against sudden loss of power with a backup battery. It also provides sufficient time for the user to save the essential files and shut down the PC safely without stress.

The voltage stabiliser protects the PC from blackouts, voltage irregularities and sags. The line-to-battery has an automatic switchover as well as comprehensive display makes the operations easy. The noise is below 40 dB. Overall, this model has many features that will attract anyone to buy it because it gives value for money.


7. Intex Protector 725 UPS

Intex-Protector-725-UPSIntex Protector 725 has a clear objective, to offer superior reliability as well as functionality that is snag free; with a guarantee. The sturdy, robust UPS case protects its inner circuitry from any possibility of damage and enhances its portability without any problem. The UPS range that is between 140VAC to 300VAC. It has the mechanism of Boost and Buck in place which instantly stabilises the voltage for input. The UPS stands at 27.9 x 14.2 x 10.1 cm and weighs 4.2 Kg.

The UPS unit can be immediately installed upon unboxing, and there is no requirement of anyone’s help. The buyer can install the UPS by himself or herself. It saves a reasonable amount of time, and the UPS starts to see some serious action.


8. Artis PS-600VA Line Interactive UPS

Artis-PS-600VA-600VA-Line-Interactive-UPSArtis PS-600VA interactive UPS has a broader range for input, from 140 to 300VAC. The battery charger is fast and smart where a microcontroller ensures the reliability to be of high standards. The AVR comes with Buck/Boost feature for the necessary voltage stabilisation. When the AC Mains is recovering, the UPS has an Auto Restart function that keeps the UPS battery and the devices connected to the UPS; safe. The Sine wave Output is simulated in this UPS. Purpose of Cold Start adds much convenience to the user while generator compatibility makes for a significant add-on for this UPS model.

All the magnificent features come in a dimension of 32.6 x 22.2 x 13.8 cm, and it weighs a mere 2 Kg. The battery is heavy duty for higher reliability and longer life, while both the battery and UPS comes with a 2-year extended warranty. This ultra-lightweight UPS renders the user with peace of mind and praise for this model. If maintained properly, the UPS will last beyond its warranty period and still function well.


9. Luminous UPS Uno 600

Luminious-Luminous-UPS-Uno-600This 32.8 x 22.2 x 14.6 cm dimension and 4 Kg UPS delivers a power supply that is continuous and constant, which ensures the data be safe during the power outage. The Luminous UPS Uno 600 has long battery life, and it charges pretty fast, which provides a stress-free working schedule on the PC.

The microcontroller design has ‘Intelligent Continuous’ charging and ‘Smart Charge’ profile adjustments aid the battery life while fast charging of its battery boosts the UPS performance. It is cold start capable, which allows the computer to boot on the UPS battery, while the battery can be charged within 4 hours to 6 hours. The no-load-shutdown prevents its battery from deep discharging. The UPS comes with a 2-year warranty on its electronic parts and just 1-year warranty for its battery.

The UPS of this model would render all the backup that the devices need at home, but only to a couple of devices. However, even then, it has a solid backup ability that makes it a much favoured UPS in the less power capacity and high portability.


10. Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Zebronics-ZEB-U725-UPSThe Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS has a transfer time of 4-8 ms and modified sine-wave waveform. It has a 6-hour recharge time after being completely drained of power, where it charges itself to 90%. Its capacity is 600VA, while the voltage input is 230VAC, the input range of the voltage is 140-300VAC whereas, the battery type is 12V/7Ah x 1. It has a dimension of 32.4 x 22 x 14 cm and weighs 4.19 Kg.

The UPS comes with a 2-year warranty where first year it has an on-site warranty, and the second year it has a carry-in warranty; while battery only has a 1-year warranty to it. Zebronics has earned a good name for itself, with a variety of computer accessories, spare and Screens to boast of. Its price is sensible, and the function is simple. It is highly dependable and gives value for money.



Buying a UPS is not a matter of considerable attention, but it is a serious task to accomplish. Finding and buying the UPS that will best meet the needs that is in your home-office on in your office, is the primary focus of this write-up. Ensuring the value for the hard earned money and the efficiency of UPS being verified would make things much more manageable. That is where we hope that our research and the outcome in the form of the best UPS for PC list has been helpful to you.

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  1. 1. By specification, the battery has the lowest life. You could have clearly mentioned the type of the battery (lead-acid, or Lithium ion) and its capacity in ampere hours. for all the models to make a decision. Also, if the internal battery can be removed and kept outside so that its temperature does not rise with the internal temperature of the UPS.
    It would have been better if you had compared all the above parameters in a tabular form for easy selection.

  2. Hi,

    So i have 2 xeons, a gtx 960, 32gigs ram, acer predator 27inch monitor and a RM1000i PSU.. I currently have the APC Back UPS RS 1100 as of now. I am looking for something better or bigger. Could you please help or guide or suggest. Thanks.

  3. Hi I am looking for a 3to4 hour power backup for my workplace desktop for customer support work mostly. It is a normal config desktop with a 21inch monitor. Please help me out if I should opt for an inverter setup or an ups. Please suggest me good models for both of them.


  4. You should have also considered the following options in your favorite list.
    – VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 – 600VA- Application Desktop UPS
    – V-Guard Sesto Dx 600 – 600Va Desktop Ups

  5. HI I have Hi5 System, With LED Del 21 Inch Monitor, Key board & Mouse and Creative Woofer with 2 speakers. which is the Best Ups to buy as I have purchased APC UPS 5 years back and it came only for 3 years after that battery got spoiled I could able to get service. So I am planning to go with some other good brand with good battery life I should get which model and which is the best one with best price please suggest.

    1. Hey Ganesh, 3 years is not bad battery life for a UPS and APC is a reputed brand in this space. The other brands you can consider are V Gaurd and Microtek. You can also look into inverters which come with a UPS option.

  6. Hi,

    Monitor: Mi 43 inch full HD Smart TV
    Processer: Intel Corporation Core i5 9400F 9th Generation Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.1 GHz Turbo Without Graphics LGA1151 300 Series 65W (Discrete Graphic Card Needed for Display)
    RAM: HyperX Fury Black 8 GB CL15 DIMM DDR4 2400 MT/s Internal Memory (HX424C15FB2/8)
    Graphic Card: Gigabyte Radeon RX570 Gaming 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E, with WINDFORCE 2X with 90mm Blade Fan Graphics Card (GV-RX570GAMING-4GD)
    PSU: Corsair CP-9020170-UK 450W
    Mother Board: Gigabyte B360M Gaming HD Intel LGA 1151 DDR4 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Micro ATX Motherboard
    CPU Heat Sink: Cooler Master Hyper H410R (RR-H410-20PK-R1) 120mm RED LED Air CPU Cooler Intel/AMD Support
    120MM RBG 3 fans
    Cabinet : Corsair Carbide SPEC-05 Mid-Tower Gaming Case – Black
    Gaming mouse and key borad

    I use UPS for by TV and PC, please suggest a good UPS which can take the PC load.


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