Best Earphones with Mic in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Sennheiser2. Sony MDR3. House Marley





Earphones happen to be the most used music accessory around the globe today. There are multiple brands, designs, colours, size and shapes that they can be found in. Rare earphones are even tailor-made for the user by pressing a mould on their ears to construct the ‘perfect’ pair for him or her. However, finding the best earphone with the mic is undoubtedly a bit of work that has to be done on research about the various factors of the pair before buying one.


Factors to look for when Buying the Best Earphones with Mic

As there are many earphone brands to choose from, it would be better to know what factors are to be carefully observed before making the final decision.

1) What is that you Desire

Figuring out what you wish the most in a pair of earphone, will give you great assistance in sorting out the other factors for the purchase. Now, desire in the context of factors means the sound type that you wish to have since different devices have a different sound signature. By sound signature we mean the way bass gets produced and if it is impactful or accurate; or perhaps you prefer having a high bass with details or clean and smooth ones.

Hence, it is vital to know what ‘you’ prefer. It is recommended to try different earphones at stores, to find out the particular sound that you like. Then you would certainly know, what sound you enjoy the most. It is also a method to avoid bringing home something that you would not like the latter.

2) Pairing Device

Yes, we are discussing earphone; but the device it will be paired with also matters. Hence, you have to ascertain what or which device the earphone will be plugged or paired with. If it is going to be a laptop or a PC, or a portable music gadget to play songs.

This information will do good for the usage focused search for the best earphones with mic. Know that a poor source of audio will hamper the earphone’s audio quality. Hence, knowing what earphone will suit your base device as well as the calling since it has a mic to it; would do much good when you are out to buy.

3) Let your Ears Judge

Let your ears easily judge the earphones through the standard of ‘comfortable fit’. It means that the earphones should not hurt the ears or fall out now and then. They should be comfortable to put on, while they should stay put as long as you have them on.

The ‘tips’ of earphone makes a lot of difference in keeping them comfy and in place. Furthermore, do check if the tips are replaceable if they are then you can switch them with compatible tips to enjoy the music if you like the earphones; but not the stock tips.

However, if you are ready to pay more money for earphones, then you can have some company custom make the earphones by measuring your ear. They would mostly use a mould and shape the earphone from that which will be a ‘perfect’ fit for you. It is expensive but perfect indeed.

4) Mic

After all, you are buying an earphone with a mic to receive phone calls. Hence, look for best earphones with a mic that has the hands-free option to them other than the in-line switch or a button to receive the call in the neck-band or earpiece. Also, do try them before you finally buy them because later you shouldn’t regret the purchase.

5) Earwax issue

Earphones do get earwax accumulated on them, which consequently affect the sound by affecting the driver ends. If the earphones have an accessible and removable way to clean the earwax off the driver ends, it is worth buying.

If there is no access for cleaning the earwax, it will make the earphone sound bad after a couple of months. Also, there are accessories available on the market that can be used to clear the earphone. Also, do find out if the earphone is compatible with those cleaning accessories or not.

6) Your Wearing Style

It is essential to figure out, how you intend to wear the earphones. If you want to stick them into the ears or rest on the earlobes or sit on the neck or use the latest technology which sends sound through the bones to the inner ear? You may have your preference, but it is always recommended to try the earphones and see which one you like.

7) Wireless or wired

It is an essential factor to consider. The wireless earphones have become the choice of the new age buyers, but they consume a good volume of battery too. On the other hand, the wired earphones work well, and there is no compromise on their sound quality due to the wireless distance from the base unit.

Though it can’t be denied that the wired earphones limit the movement and the activities that you would otherwise have indulged in if you had the wireless connectivity.

However, it can’t be denied that the wired earphones have a plethora of benefits. The two most noted ones are already discussed above. The DAC chip fused in the music player (portable) or the computer is used by the wired earphone to listen to the tunes. Know, it is only suited for people who do not have to move much from their desk or place much.

The wireless works on either the most used Bluetooth, infrared or least used Radio Frequency.  You can move around with the connected device in your pocket or somewhere in the house. However, such a pair of earphones will have to be charged, but they do have good battery life and standby time.

Moreover, you don’t have to bother about the source if you are using Bluetooth earphones, because they can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device. But as mentioned earlier, the audio quality may be compromised at a long distance.

8) Replaceable parts

The tip of earphones and cable in the wired earphones are two things that should be replaceable. It is because they are the ones that go through most wear and tear when used. Although few manufacturers to give a warranty on these two parts, most do not.

Furthermore, the warranty only exists if there is natural wear and tear or manufacturing fault. If the cable is ripped off from the earpieces or the tip is lost due to mishandling, then the warranty gets lapsed. Hence, finding an earphone with these two parts being replaceable would be the best thing to go ahead and purchase.

9) Waterproof or Sweat-Resistant

Not many bother about this particular factor or feature, but with the current active lifestyle of most, this is the requirement. Many take their music along with them to not just gym, but also to the swimming pool, water sports and running, which gets the earphone drenched or wet with water and sweat.

Such a situation calls for a much necessary waterproof or a sweat-resistant pair of earphones. Few manufacturers make these kinds of specially designed earphones that withstand the pressure of an active lifestyle. Though these are a bit expensive and wireless, they are a perfect fit for you if you are into sports, adventure, aquatic activities or want to be extra cautious.

10) Price

Yes, the most significant factor that governs all of the above would be the price of the earphone. Setting a budget to buy the best earphones with mic would be a wise thing to do. You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune to get a costly high-end pair of earphone. There are brands available which are reliable and low-cost too. But nonetheless, you will have to fix a budget to buy and stick to it.

Top 10 Best Earphones with Mic in India 2020

1. Sennheiser CX 275 S In-Ear Universal Mobile Headphone With Mic

Sennheiser-CX-275-with-MicIndeed, Sennheiser is the most used brand by recording artists across the globe along with sound engineers. Just like its bulky built headphones for professional use, its CX 275 S In-ear device is compatible with Android Smartphones, iPhone, Windows Smart Phones, BlackBerry, and all the audio devices which have 3.5 mm input or output jack. The company has evolved in the past 65 years and its products have become much developed to deliver a premium quality of experience. The Sennheiser products go through thorough quality check for their audio performance which has to be outstanding, while it must withstand the pressure of being used every day in different environments.

In this 7.6 x 3.6 x 17 cm package that weighs 13.6 g, multi-sized adapters for ears are being used to make it a powerful speaker system.  Their frequency response can go up to 23000 Hz, while three varieties in size for adapters help in customising the ear size according to your need. The cable is tangle free while the noise-isolating construction would make it your favourite earphone in the days to come. This product comes with an excellent 2-year warranty, from the date that you buy it.


2. Sony MDR-EX150AP in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Sony-MDR-EX150AP-Earphones-with-MicIn its many decades of innovation, Sony has never failed its users. Sony as a brand has made its place from the moment that it came into the market. Its MDR-EX150AP In-ear headphone has an excellent mic to it. The extremely lightweight at 4.54 g earphone is only 4 x 6 x 18 cm in dimension. Its wire can be connected with the Smartphone with its 3.5 mm single pin while the sound clarity is amazing as it is in all the products of Sony.


3. House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB in-Ear Headphones with Mic

House-of-Marley-Smile-Jamaica-Earphones-with-MicCelebrating the impact and legacy of Bob Marley, House of Marley brings the Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB noise-isolating In-ear headphones. This earphone has been stripped down right to the essence that is meant to be looked upon as a lifestyle as well as a profound lifecycle which brings the globe full circle around you. Hence, this product has been made by recycled plastics and natural materials. The fabric cord is durable while its design is meant to deliver the most elegant possible earphone cable in a classic design which will make you stand out in a crowd of earphone users. The cable is braided for a tangle-free experience without turning into a knotted bundle whenever you pull it out of your pocket.

The 18.1 g, 7 x 4 x 2 cm dimension earphones have a powerful sound which has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. It lets the highs and lows of music to come in a precise manner that is sharp and gives you the same energy, attitude, nuance, inflection as well as the emotion that you want. It has a one button controller board in its In-Line microphone to render you the much-needed control over the play/pause as well as the answer/end calls. The rear wood-housings give rich sound while it is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which is a non-profit international body that is responsible for managing the global forests.

Indeed, this product showcases the principles of House of Marley that are earth-friendliness, superior quality and the commitment to causes of a global charity. The company is driven towards enhancing lives through their great products and by using the proceeds from their product sales to support the life betterment efforts across the globe efficiently.


4. Boat Nirvaana Bliss Ceramic In-Ear Earphone with Mic

Boat-Nirvaana-Eaphones-with-MicThe boAt Nirvaana Bliss In-ear earphones have been designed to render an experience that is one of a kind. The sonic clarity that it gives you comes with an additional bass. The best thing about it is that it is not the usual plastic earphone, but a ceramic build. The tangle-free cables are superiorly coated to make sure you, the user remains hassle-free. The dynamic 8 mm drivers give the much desired clear sound along with a bass that you have been yearning for. The built-in noise isolation microphone makes sure that no voice calls are interrupted.

At a dimension of 120 x 0.3 x 1 cm and 36.3 g for weight, it is a bit heavier than the lightest ones. The 16 Ohm speaker resistance ensures that you receive an almost flat frequency response that has minimum harmonic distortion, so you enjoy the music. The 20 Hz to 20 kHz of frequency range gives you the much wanted velvety-smooth highs and lows. Once this is plugged into your ears, you are sure to experience a different realm with your favourite music.


5. TAGG Symphony X-150 In-Ear Headphones 3.5mm Jack with Mic for all Smartphones

TAGG-Symphony-X-150-Earphones-with-MicThe TAGG Symphony X-150 In-ear earphones have excellent acoustical properties, where wood has played a vital role in its design. The same kind of wood which is mostly used for bringing life to musical instruments, as well as concert halls, have been used in this earphone. Like other TAGG products, this earphone has gone through much accurate testing that ensures that you receive the right set of best earphones with mic.

At 81.6 g and 125 x 2.5 x 2 cm dimension, it delivers crystal clear studio-tuned audio that has a bass which is strong and deep. The noise cancelling feature of this earphone allows the user to have an explicit conversation over the mic without any difficulty. The small, medium and large sized, three silicon ear-tips makes for an assured comfortable fit. The calls can be received on-the-go, while the earphone is compatible with every smartphone of the current generation and the latest ones with the 3.5 mm jack.


6. FiiO F3 Dynamic In-Ear Monitor Earphones with Mic

FiiO-F3-Dynamic-in-Ear-Monitor-Earphones-with-MicThe Fiio F3 Dynamic wired In-Ear earphones have unprecedented thinness as well as flexibility to them. At 0.335 nm thickness, the new Graphene is a nanomaterial which has extreme strength and excellent conductivity. Along with that, its 18.1 g weight and 16.6 x 10 x 4.2 cm dimension, makes it certainly something to think about. The graphene diaphragm driver in it reproduces the music in a faithful manner which results in a high-fidelity sound that is vibrant and clean; yet transparent.

The voice coil is lightweight for quicker transients as well as much better sound quality in an overall scenario. Since the copper-clad Japanese aluminum voice-coil in F3 gives the much desired transformative listening by bringing forth the music details that are subtle, this is an earphone that must be checked. With three variety of ear-tips, F3 delivers custom fitting within your budget while you also choose the sound that you prefer. It so happens because different ear-tips deliver different signatures of sound.

FiiO applies some of the most robust quality checks on its products, which include, testing for cell-phone compatibility, sound quality, wire durability, vibration, anti-oxidation, temperature tests and so on. Its dynamic drivers are 1 mm in size, while the impedance is 40 Ohm and its frequency response is between 15 Hz to 23 kHz. The maximum input power that it can take is 5 mW. Indeed, an excellent feature-rich pair of earphone that will get attention from everybody around you.


7. Sound One X50 Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

Sound-One-X50-Bluetooth-Earphones-with-MicThe Sound One X50 is a Bluetooth enabled pair of earphones with a mic at a dimension of 19.5 x 13.7 x 4.5 cm and bit bulky in weight at 222 g. It has 10 mm speakers that have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz while the rated power is 20 mwb. The Bluetooth version supported by this pair of earphones are csr 4.1 plus edr. It can receive transmission till 10 m of distance. Its 80 mAh lithium rechargeable battery can be charged through micro USB. With a standby time of above 240-hours and talk time of nearly 6-hours. It takes barely 2-hours for the battery to charge completely.


8. BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Wired Control In-ear Earphone Headphone With Mic

BlitzWolf-BW-ES2-Wired-Control-In-ear-Earphone-Headphone-With-MicWith 6 mm drivers that are dual dynamic, the BlitzWolf BW-ES2 In-ear earphone uses the technology of frequency division to pump out the bright treble as well as the deep bass that you would enjoy. The 240 g, 11.8 x 11.4 x 6.4 cm package has an ultra-high voice-resolution that can present the hoarse or sweet voice in a much better manner. The ergonomic comfort and noise-isolation design are what makes it much sought after earphone with 3 different sized ear-bud sets which ensure that the earpieces don’t fall off. The 1.2 m long TPE high-performance wire has a built-in microphone which is tangle-resistant, flexible and ruggedised.  The 3.5 mm audio jack iscompatible with every device that has a 3.5 mm interface.


9. Wooky Bass-10 in-Ear Earphone with Mic & Volume Controller


The Wooky Bass-10 In-ear earphone has a mic and volume controller in its 17 x 8.5 x 3 cm and 18.1 g body. The buttons on the earphone support multiple actions such as play, pause, track change, volume control, answering calls as well as hanging up the calls. The audio experience is impressive while it gives an extra bass that adds to the listening pleasure. Its 3.5 mm metal jack fits in any 3.5 mm interface of smartphones or other devices, which makes it extremely compatible. The 45-degree ergonomic design fits in the ear-canal comfortably and avoids any slips when you are listening to music or calling or answering a phone-call. The enhanced bass resonator aids in the passive noise-isolation. A must try pair of earphones before you reach a final decision.


10. Philips SHE3205BK/00 In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Philips-SHE3205BKAn earphone with 13.6 g weight in a dimension of 4.5 x 9 x 3 cm makes it one of two second most lightweight device in this list. Its speaker drives of 14.2 mm with the neodymium magnet give a profoundly clear sound and rich bass. The built-in microphone can help you conveniently switch between listening to music to receiving or making a phone call. Its flexible and soft part connecting the cable with the housing protects the vulnerable cord from any possible damages. With its design based on the ear-geometry, the user gets a snug fit and comfortable wear. Not too much to think about it, but check it in person to experience it.



Do look around for latest earphones that fit within your set budget and serve you well. It will be a short time before you will land up with the right earphone that you have always wanted. We hope that your search for best earphones with mic has been fruitful with us.

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