Best Headphones Under 1000 (2020) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Boat BassHeads 9002. Cosmic Byte GS4103. JBL C300SI Headphone


Undoubtedly, even if you desire to listen to beat dropping tunes to energize your workouts, have a high-energy experience in gaming, listen privately at work or home, or even own a cool looking and sounding accessory in order convey your style, you will need the best headphones under 1000.

Having a wide-range of styles in the market, having more than one set of headphones (both wired and wireless models) may be necessary.


Let’s review on the different categories of headphones below before we move onto to the top 10 headphones in India under 1000:

Types of Headphones under 1000

1. Wired vs Wireless

Wireless headphones

With wireless headphones, they are produced and come in a wide spectrum of styles along with different form elements for both on-ear to in-ear and on-over-ear. These headphones are brilliant for both outdoor uses and sports because they don’t expect you to plug into a music player using wires. However, due to wireless technology, headphones are being connected to the music player thus giving fewer complications and much-unconfined movement.

Mostly, best headphones under 1000 in India are now using the Bluetooth technology, wherein this world known technology encodes audio digitally and then sends in the sound over short lengths wirelessly. Bluetooth is a high demanding platform due to its high reliability also mostly all the current laptops and smartphones implement the Bluetooth functionality. Bluetooth enabled headphones are simple and easy to sync with due the Bluetooth functionality. Although, there are still other types of technologies which are wireless available in the market. There are new models which contain capabilities such as noise cancelling. It is important to always check the battery life specification as it varies from one model to another.

Genuine wireless

Despite headphones being wireless, they still do contain some wire such as earbud models wherein each specific earbuds are being linked to each other with a cable/wire. It is true that wireless earbuds come in sets of individual wireless units — where there is one for each separate ear — thus indicates no more complications in wires anymore.

There are low-end models which fit directly into the ear canal, but other models stick to one position by covering itself around the tail end of the ear. Even so, the battery capacities depend from one model to another. There are some earbud models which have chargeable cases wherein you can store in your earphones and gets charged at the same time.

Wired headphones

With these type of headphones, using your wire; you can link to your devices such as your phone, streaming device, MP3 player or any other audio device. Perks of these include brilliant quality in sound. Also they do not need any batteries to operate. For gamers, these headphones provide comfortability and convenience since they do not need to fret about the batteries being exhausted in the middle of a match.


Usually, it is common for headphones to sit on the top of your head, but there are best headphones under 1000 models which lay on the neck. For many people, they prefer neck-sitting models since they are more pleasant compared to standard headphones and honestly, do not mess with your hairstyle. When working, they perform tremendously well for a longer period and can easily change between not using and using.

2. Ideal Fit

Earbuds and In-ear monitors (IEMs)

Earbuds have small drivers which sit on the ridge of the exterior part of the ear. They offer isolation and lower fidelity compared to the other types of headphones but at a more reasonable price. These headphones are complemented with a lot of movable music devices wherein in-ear monitors or higher end earbuds of good quality are said to be a much more expensive option.

In-ear monitors (or IEMs), on the other hand, are headphones which fit perfectly inside the ear canals. Most of the headphones targeted in the sports market come in this category. These models use materials such as rubber tips or foam in different sizes to fit perfectly into the ears thus creating a protected fit. This will enable the headphones to stay in a fixed position when exercising or moving around. There are some models which are of professional-grade and is designed to fit ideally into the ear canals. IEMs are perfect for yielding noise isolation. The higher-end models offer quality of sound which competes with bigger headphones.


This is also known as “full size” or “around-ear” headphones where these headphones have cushioned ear cups which surround the ears. Commonly, it is opted to be the best headphones for the quality of sound, and major over-ear models do good works in separating the user from the sounds occurring outside. This feature is known to be “passive noise reduction” sometimes.


On-ear headphones are alike in design when comparing to the over-ear models. Despite the cushions being placed on the outer ear, it does a good job rather than covering the ears. Usually, these on-ear models provide good sound quality but with a lower response from the bass compared to over-ear models. When a user wears the on-ear headphones, he/she can still listen to the outside sounds and people nearby them can even listen to their music as well.

3. Special features

Noise isolation

Headphones which are of an active noise-cancelling type have a microphone which measures the ambient sounds around us and then generate a polar sound wave which then exterminates the noise so that the user can then hear his/her podcast, music or audiobook.

When we come to passive noise-cancelling headphones, they depend on materials which are made to occlude out the sound waves occurring in the environment which is quite alike to how earmuffs reduce the outside sounds being listened to.

Water-impenetrable headphones

With these headphones, they show great excellence in terms of working out. They are being designed to prevent water and sweat and use water-resistant substances. Users are now given the convenience to work out or walk in the rain for a longer period, or without stopping nearby a protected area and clean of the headphones or interrupt the workout sessions.

Voice aids

Voice assistants such as Cortana – built-in assistant or even Apple Siri helps users in managing their messages, provide music playback, make calls, and even get answers quickly using his/her voice. Currently, there are few models which do offer walking directions when you are outside and also provide translations for different languages when paired with a smartphone.

Bone conduction headphones

These headphones show a unique design as it is made to rest on your cheekbones or generally in front of the ear. It operates by circumventing the eardrum to deliver the sound directly into the inner ear through vibrations from the bones in the head. This feature is ideal and useful for people who do want to listen to their tunes but at the same time, do not want to completely abandon the sounds from the background.

To put this into reality, these headphones are perfect for joggers who prioritize to hear traffic over their music to avoid accidents. There are some bone-conducting headphones which are designed to be used underwater so that you can now have the convenience to listen to your tunes while swimming. Also, many users of these headphones state that there is lack of temptation to increase the volume a little bit louder thus results in less ear strain.


These headphones enable you to check your heart rate by collecting information directly from the ears when you listen to music, and there are few models which even offer audio reminders to aid you during workout sessions.

Fitness fanatics can monitor their heart rates without the need for an extra device. Furthermore, there are many biometric headphones which are compatible with well-known apps such as RunKeeper.

4. Controls and headphones

Headphones which are designed for gaming have a feature called the boom-mounted microphone where you can speak to other players and teammates through multiplayer sessions. Moreover, this feature is perfect for taking in phone calls when wearing headphones. Portable headphones are created an integrated with smartphones. Along with this, MP3 players also include an in-line (or mini cord-mounted) microphone where it has the capabilities to control the volume, muffle and track advance.

With many wireless models in the market, the earpiece itself contains the controls and mics for easy use, and most of the models are armed with control functions which are used effectively to work great with a certain operating system.

Limitations in volume

The capability to ensure volume at safe levels is without a doubt one of the most excellent features to have especially when your children want to use the headphones, Headphones which are volume-limiting do exactly this. They are created and designed to ensure volume levels are at 85 dB or even less. Furthermore, not all headphones which are volume-limiting have been designed for children wherein they are produced for adults to protect their hearing as well.

Amplification of sound

We all can admit at some point that there are times where we may be Inattentive to background sounds when we try to have a conversation with someone. Maybe it is because of the noisy environment? For these cases, one should consider trying headphones which have control over the sounds around him/her and sound amplification. Ready-made directional microphones focus in on the conversation while keeping the user away from the background noises.

Since we have gone over the factors and types of headphones which might suit you and your essential needs, let’s look at the Top 10 headphones under 1000 rupees:

Top 10 Best Headphones Under 1000 in India 2020

1. Boat BassHeads 900 Wired Headphone with Mic

Boat-BassHeads-900-Wired-HeadphoneHaving a weight of 150g, these headphones provide super outstanding extra bass where it boasts its mighty, energetic sound with bass pumping out loud. Wherein, it also offers pure natural vocals with the 40mm Neodymium drivers which are responsive. Typically, to achieve a balanced sound; the range sits between 20-20,000 Hz.

The headphones have taken a step further by ensuring a feather-light feel where it’s sleek, compact and lightweight design makes it even more portable and convenient. Along with this, they are an ideal snug fit wherein the on-ear headphones have pivot ear cups where it provides a more flexible wearing and also an enjoyable fit for everyone.

What’s more is its compact feel and foldable feature where it enables the user to carry it anywhere with ease and engineered for listening to music on the go. There is also an in-line microphone where it has a snarl-resistant wire with 3.5mm audio jack and also comes with a mic which is built-in. It enables control features for initiating playback and calls. This is certainly one among the best headphones under 1000 because of the versatile features it offers.


2. Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic

Cosmic-Byte-GS410-HeadphonesThe Comic Byte headphones are ideal for listening to music, playing games, hence an essential type of gaming headset. The headset also provides a single 3.5mm jack to support the sound and mic.

Also, the headphones come with a head-pad which is consist of a soft cushion and ear-pad. Along with this, it also provides an adjustable length which hinges and guarantees long periods of comfort especially when gaming.

The headphones convey sharp and clear sounds and an intense bass for real game. It also adds in a small smart in-line remote control for mic and sound. The pliant microphone which comes with the headphones is designed for accurate positioning along with the highly sensitive mic for picking up all sounds thus a third party person can hear a user’s words.


3. JBL C300SI On-Ear Dynamic Wired Headphones (Black)

JBL-C300SI-On-Ear-Dynamic-Wired-HeadphonesHaving a weight of 209g, JBL has designed strong and high powered drivers which also have a gossamer establishment. In layman terms, it has earcup construction which is of lightweight.With this, these headphones have also created self-adjusting ear cups which provide and aid comfortability.


4. Panasonic – RP-HBD250

Panasonic-RP-HBD250-Extra-bass-Over-ear-Headphones-300x300The Panasonic HBD 250 headphones provide packed sounds which are powerful and are utmost bass heavy. These headphones which are over-ear are an ideal fit and are perfect to offer a clear sound by exterminating ambient noises. Moreover, these headphones have been designed to ensure flexibility and also come with flat wires which are durable.

Also, the ear cups have been created using thick leather pads which makes them superlatively comfortable. You can now listen to music for a long period of time without experiencing ear fatigue.

These headphones define sleek and simplicity. It truly is the best bet for bassheads along with its amazing design and immensely deep bass sounds.


5. Novateur Headphones 

Novateur-Headphones-With-MicHaving a weight of 99.8g, it offers fresh orange colour in style hence it making it appealing. Along with this, it also provides a unique comfort with its cushion soft ear cups. This enhances the features of both stylish design as well as noise cancellation. These twofold coloured headphones will ensure that you stand out in public and also provide a range of multiple appealing colours to choose from.

Moreover, these headphones are guaranteed to be adjustable and lightweight where its folding design has been under trial for about 20,000 times. The super ultra-feathery weight design will enable you to go wild to all your favourite music without putting in too much weight and pressure on the head and ears.

Furthermore, the built-in microphone has a 360-degree pickup hence enables the users to make high-quality voice calls. Coming to the microphone, it is a smart in-line mic which is built-in and allows the user to skip tracks, activate voice control and end or answer calls. On the same note, it also comes with a smooth, glossy nylon coloured cloth cable which is tangle-free.

These headphones are versatile where they enable to be synced with all iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Win Phone system phones. Besides this, the headphones also provide real-time functions such as playing/pausing music or audiobooks, answering/ending phone calls. And even so, enables a user to switch to next/previous songs. Novateur manufacturers also provide warranty of 1 year as well as India based customer support.


6. Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic (Black/Red)

Cosmic-Byte-GS410-Headphone-1Similar to the Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones, this headset has been designed to be an ideal device for gaming, listening to music etc.

Using a head-pad made of soft cushion feel and an ear-pad, it supports adjustable length hinges and guarantees longer periods of gaming comfortability.

It also delivers sharp sounds and low bass for a real-time game wherein it uses a small smart inline remote control for mic and sound. The microphone is ductile to enable accurate placement, and the mic itself is highly sensitive for picking up sounds thus enables a person who communicates with the user to hear the user’s words. It uses a 3.55m single jack for mic and sound.


7. Philips SHL5000/00 On-Ear Headphone with Deep Bass (Black)

Philips-SHL5000-On-Ear-HeadphoneHaving a weight of 181g, these headphones boost out perfect sounds every single time. Moreover, it has been designed to aid in portability wherein users can fold the headphones to a flat for easy carrying. The speaker drivers of 32 millimetres offer eminent sounds with low bass.

It enables the users to be completely isolated from chaotic noises outside and focus on the audio. It also has a 1.2-meter long wire which is perfect for outdoor purposes and even ultimately ensures users are comfortable due to its cushiony and soft design.


8. Sony MDR-ZX110 On-Ear Stereo Headphones (Black)

Sony-MDR-ZX110-On-Ear-Stereo-HeadphonesBeing 118g in weight, it comes with a powerful driver unit which is 30mm in size and delivers clear sounds.

Moreover, the headset contains magnets which are of maximum energy neodymium elements which boosts of powerful sounds.

When speaking about the design, it’s sleek, slim and folding design enables portability and ease of use. It offers ear pads which are pressure reducing and relieving for added comfort.


9. Motorola Pulse 2 G11ROW Wired Headphone (Black)

Motorola-Pulse-2-G11ROW-Wired-HeadphoneBeing 99.8g, it has a 36 mm driver which provides good sound and deep bass. In terms of portability, it provides an extreme lightweight design and is even foldable for commuting.

There is an in-line microphone which enables a hands-free calling feature, and the manufacturer provides in a one year warranty from the purchase date.


10. iBall Exquisite Design Pulsebt4 Neckband Wireless Headphones 

I-Ball-Exquisite-Design-Pulsebt4The I Ball headphones (black) weight about 240g and communicates with PC wirelessly, or Bluetooth technology enabled smartphones. Communicate with BT enabled cell phone or Pc wirelessly

In terms of specification size, the headphones have dimensions of 7.5 x 15.5 x 18 cm. It is recommended to read the user manual which comes along with the headset carefully. Also, the headphones are said to be charged 1-2 hours prior before use. If there is any sort of confusion for any feature, users are requested to call the technical support number of the manufacturer brand which is found in the manual and the box.


Selecting the ideal headphones for your lifestyle

For Music, Fitness and Sports

There are plenty of on-ear and in-ear designs which are lightweight and available so that the headphones can stay still in one position when a user is making use of it. When coming to earbuds, they feature many forms of ear clips which keep the drivers in place. If we look at other types of headphones, people tend to use a headband which moves back and forth of the head or neck. It is to be noted that comfort and an ideal fit matters the most in term of priorities. However, with the wide-range of choices available, you will find one headphone which will suit you.

As mentioned previously, there are few sports headphones which are designed with water-resistant materials to safeguard from sweat and the elements. These headphones can come under the category of the best headphones under 1000 used by people in India as well. Also, many headphones offer in-line or cord-mounted microphones which control and enables a user to adjust the volume, change the playlist without decelerating and allow you to take phone calls. If you wish to use headphones without a cord, try searching for a wireless model where it is compatible with your smartphone or even an MP3 player.

Other quirks include biometric capability which can monitor the heart rate, audio reminders which are motivational. And lastly, in order for a user to be visible while working out in the night; there are reflective cords to ensure this issue.

For Work

If you do want to keep yourself at a distance from the busy life of the workplace, then the Over-ear headphones are the perfect choice to so. Headphone models which provide the noise cancellation feature are designed and created to boost the effect. On the other hand, in-ear headphones, despite having or not having noise cancellation, can effectively cocoon a user from the outside noise and keep his/her music private- and also not mess up the hair as well.

Travel Purpose

While commuting, it is always recommended to carry lightweight headphones which ultimately make it easy and portable to move around. With this, there are few models which are foldable thus making them easy to be tucked away. For wireless headphones, they are extremely portable. If a user is going to make use of his/her time on a bus/plane, sound-alienating or noise cancelling headphones enable them to focus on their audiobook or music and not be distracted by their surroundings.

For Home Entertainment

For users who intensively listen to music, there is nothing which beats an amazing pair of over-ear headphones. Due to their oversized drivers, it enables the blend of low, robust bass along with responses in high-frequency to enable unparalleled sound quality.

Because of the way the ear cups encircle the ears, over-ear headphones also deliver an enhanced sense of space or “soundstage” compared to other styles. Models with surround-sound processing can further enhance the audio experience for home theatre use.

There are common issues of over-ear headphones being too heavy and cause a distraction, however, there are now good/best high-end on-ear models along with in-ear models in India which provide lightweight comfortability.

Audiophiles Purpose

If an audiophile wants to have the maximum and most accurate quality of sound, then he/she may want to consider into headphones which are of a professional-level. A lot of models at this level would feature bigger ear cups to fully enclose the ears and keep them segregated from the ambient distractions and sound.

“Closed-back” designs offer strong, acoustically insulating ear cups. They extremely do well at jamming out outside noise to provide a listening experience which is private. Despite this, they tend to ‘color’ the sound by significantly boost bass response.

For “open-back” headphones, the back of the speakers is wrapped by a transparent fabric or mesh acoustically. This de-stresses on the low-end thump and usually provides a “flatter,” where the response is preferred by the audiophiles more than ever.

Gaming Purpose

Gamers who pursue gaming on a more serious note create an engaging reality, therefore, benefit from a full deep bass response along with peak distortion thus over-ear headphones is the perfect option. Many models feature true or virtual multichannel surround ability as well as boom-mounted microphones.

For Children

If parents do go on a long trip with their parents, they would probably wonder if there are any headphones which are designed to fit the toddlers. Well, there plenty of them in the market. Most of these are even designed to be extra-durable as well.
There are also headphones which are produced in different colours and do come in a wide range of designs which include characters from well-known movies and cartoons. Also, they are sized perfectly for kids.

For protection purpose, there are plenty of health organizations (auditory) which suggest and recommend children to have a listening range of 85 dB or less.

There are few headphones which are created for kids which contain the feature: volume-limiting circuitry which is built-in to ensure the headphones’ output touches the maximum at a safe level, but do keep in mind that there are some models which do not have this feature or rather omit this specification.


We hope our guide on best headphones under 1000 will be useful to you. We have covered all the important factors and some things you will have to keep in mind when choosing the best headphones under 1000. But on a personal note, users should evaluate one’s own needs and factors which suit them and then decide to purchase the headphones desired.

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