Best Headphones Under 3000 (2020) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Boat Rockerz 6002. Sennheiser PC 83. Sony Extra Bass MDR

Sennheiser PC 8 Over-Ear USB VOIP Headphone with Mic (Black)


If you stop and notice, everyone from the old age to the youth; has some or the other device stuck in their ears or even covered up with cushioned with the best headphones under 3000. Maybe you might be wearing on one right now listening to your jams while you are reading this.

The truth is, everyone owns a pair of earphone or headphones these days, and without it, we may seem kind of incomplete without it.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing various things on what you should realize when it comes to choosing the right pair.


Recently, earphones which come out of the box have increased in quality but spending a little bit more to reform your earphones is an ideal solution towards achieving the maximum potential for any portable player or smartphone. There is an insane amount of difference in the audio quality which needs to be preached – effective, poignant bass, sharp, crispier, incremented in-depth treble and stronger isolation from sounds of the outside world makes the investment in such a headphone worth it.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Headphones Under 3000 INR

It is quite confusing knowing that there are plenty of technical jargon when it comes to the best headphones under 3000 but they are worth learning if you are looking for a set of headphones yourself. The terms shown below are some of the most common terms found when talking about headphone audios.

1. Frequency Response

This specification informs you in the sound range of which the headphone is capable of producing which is measured in Hertz (Hz). If being observant on the packaging box for any audio product, you can see that there is a figure amount which is usually around 20Hz – 20,000Hz.

Wherein the first figure represents the rock-bottom frequency and the second figure represents the highest. However, these figures depend on the product, but for reference purpose, people can only hear between 20Hz – 20,000Hz which is the common range most devices aim for.

Few people have opinions stating that these products which generate sound below or above the frequencies are somewhat biased, but that is not the case. Obviously, you will not hear those frequencies except if you were a bat.

But when these headphones have a slightly wider frequency response, for example, 15Hz – 25,000Hz, it would give the two extreme ends of frequencies a little more space to breathe.

In layman terms, whatever sounds you can hear will sound even better than usual. With this being said, most of the people could not tell the difference if they were seeking for it. Therefore, it is not an important feature if you are looking for the best headphone under 3000.

There is also the issue that there are no headphones which have the same frequency volume as the other. Every headphone made in the market stress over certain notes compared to others which will ultimately have consequences for the music you listen to.

There are times where things may sound unclear or may even muffle some of the instruments in the song. These are different things which a person cannot make out from a figure on a specification sheet.

2. Active Noise Cancellation vs. Noise Isolation

These may sound like synonym terms but actually, have a whole lot of difference between them. This is one of those things that sound similar but mean very different things.

When we speak about Active noise cancellation (ANC), it works in a different way, but ultimately the end result is the same. There are different products which contain ANC wherein have miniature microphones which pick up sounds from the outside. Due to this, the headphones then generate the divergent sound wave so that it actively cancels out the unwelcomed noise. It is not an easy to thing to achieve as it relates to physics and properties of the waves but we won’t be digging deep into the theory. When headphones state that they are noise cancelling we mention their effectiveness in reviews as it differs from one product to another.

On the other hand, Noise isolation simply means that the headphones sits between your ear physically and thus prevents and blocks the exterior or outside noises from entering the ear.

3. Soundstage

If we were to define soundstage in very simple terms, it would be like if a person mumbles something in your left ear, then you would instantly know and face over your left shoulder.

This is what soundstage is all about. It’s the capability of a set of headphones to generate spatial signals in a room or an area. In other terms, how effective headphones are designed to be at deluding your brain into assuming that there are different sounds which come from a definite direction.

However, this depends from one set of headphones to another. But the bigger over-ears headphones are usually the ones which are better at attaining this than small-scale in-ears since the sounds being produced has a much better chance to bounce around the ear before it reaches the eardrum. In-ear headphones create sounds which flow directly into the ear.

Thus there is not much sufficient room for the sound to gesture around and create the space illusion. This is carried forward to the next topic.

4. Closed back vs open back

The closed-back headphones are most likely the ones which are most popular or familiar. The drivers in these closed-back headphones are surrounded in the ear cup except for the area which faces the ear.

Since it is designed this way, it enables the sound to bounce around, but ultimately it has nowhere else to go except into the ear. For these types of headphones, people can take advantage of avoiding outside noises from entering into the ear cup.

Also, it is beneficial to those who do not want the other person sitting next to them hear their music- also known as sound leakage. This is a a great alternative for people who travel or anyone else who makes use of headphones in a public place such as: in the office, bus etc.

As you might have figured, open-back headphones are completely the opposite. These headphones do not have drivers being hemmed in the ear cups. In contrast, they leave the drivers opened so that the exterior noise can move freely into the earcup.

Usually, this is not the scene if you were to travel in typical noisy areas. The perk of using open-back headphones effectively would be in quiet areas such as your home or maybe in a studio setting. Since they permit sound to make way into the ear cups from the outside environment, then the music uses a much better soundstage.

This also interprets that if people were to wear these headphones out in public, they could hear clearly what is going on around them adequately easily.

On a similar note, a user should not go all out and break his/her bank account if there is not much cash. Price is a common issue and to help you sort out different choices; we present you the top 10 headphones costing under 3000 rupees.

Top 10 Best Headphones Under 3000 in India 2020

1. Boat Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphones

Boat-Rockerz-600-Bluetooth-HeadphonesWeighing about 281g, these headphones have an unrivalled design- where it uses futuristic design and fuses in with technology. Unbelievable ultrasounds produced from the boat rockerz 600 headphones where it will enable you to stay unplugged while plugging into an exceptional performance which will deliver sounds wherever you go.

Also, it generates sounds in high definition. Anyone who owns this can experience the HD sound quality with amazing extra bass. These headphones were designed in today’s music scores which have dropping beats and heavy impacting bass. The extra bass technology delivers strong cut clear bass sounds where it might be difficult to find in the current Bluetooth headphones.

These headphones offer dual mode wherein you can change tracks, pause/play, adjust volumes and answer calls with simple one tap of the ear cup. It works when the ear cup works as the control panel. It truly defines state-of-the-art-technology.

Furthermore, these headphones are built for extreme comfort a created to go along with your lifestyle, therefore, a fashion statement. That is not all; it is foldable, compact, lightweight and most of all portable to ensure you can take out these headphones and move with ease.

Due to its extended battery features, you can listen to your tunes thanks to the 300mAh Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery which can work up to 8 hours of definite audio calibre. What’s more is that even after using the wireless headphones can enable you to listen to the sounds you want. All you have to do is plug the headphones’ 3.5 wire into an audio jack and move on. This can be considered to the best headphone under 3000 for all the features it offers.


2. Sennheiser PC 8 Over-Ear USB VOIP Headphone with Mic (Black)

Sennheiser PC 8 Over-Ear USB VOIP Headphone with Mic (Black)

Having a weight of 191g, these over-ears headphones have magnificent clarity of sound as well as longevity within n economical price.

Moreover, it provides a USB plug and play feature where you can simply plug to your PC or a Mac USB port and call over the net. With this, it also provides sound cancelling feature in clarity. The Sennheiser stereo sound quality is ideal for a wide range of applications like gaming and music. It is very portable and light in weight, even so much you will forget you are even wearing it cause of the thin headband. Finally, the headphone enables you to control the volume easily.


3. Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB550AP On-Ear Headphones with Mic (Blue)

Sony-Extra-Bass-MDR-XB550AP-On-Ear-Headphones-with-MicSimilar to the Sennheiser headphones, these on-ears weigh 191g. Also, these headphones are produced for especially the trending music genre: electronic dance Music ( EDM). It has a mic for hands feature where you can perform free calling, and it is in-line.

Furthermore, it has a 30mm insane driver unit in order to carry the strong bass sounds. Easy usage of headphones which is a twist free and levelled serration card. Designed for portable use, it has a revolving folding design in order to store it easily. For users who use headphones for a long period, there are soft ear pads which are cushioned for comfort.

In terms of style, it is rocking with its fancy matte finish and stands out without much effort. The headphone type is a closed dynamic where it uses Neodymium magnet along with a stainless steel headband.

Finally, with a Supra-aural wearing style, these headphones have a 1.2m wire with a Y-type plugin (connector) and also a 4-pole mini plug which is L-shaped and gold-plated in colour. The microphone is an electret condenser which is Omni-directional.


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4. Motorola Pulse Escape Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

4. Motorola Pulse Escape Wireless Over Ear Headphones


Having 240g in weight. These wireless headphones offer a noise isolation feature where it prevents and blocks out undesired noises in the background. Moreover, it delivers up to 10 hours of playtime.

It is a lightweight mechanism which is also foldable for commuting (up to 60 ft range). It uses coherent technology which is multipoint and links two devices at once. It also uses ear cups has a control panel for touch controls wherein Motorola has designed a built-in microphone to avail calling hands-free.


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5. Procus Urban Bluetooth Headphones (On-Ear Wireless) Hi Bass With Microphone 

5. Procus Urban Bluetooth HeadphonesProcus-Urban-Bluetooth-Headphones

These Bluetooth set of headphones have a weight of 322g, where it offers an extra pair of ear pads which are washable. Therefore these washable ear pads keep the headphones clean and safe to use.

With embedded Bluetooth technology, it connects to Bluetooth quickly wherein you can connect 2 devices at a time and enjoy wireless listening with sharp sounds that are up to 10 meters in open space. In addition, using sound acoustics engineering and impressive battery life, there is no bad bass or treble which harms the ears and does not permit long-term usage. These headphones offer fine-tuned audio features for sound quality thus offer 8-hour playtime and friendly to the ears.

The developers have ensured a Sporty, Stylish and a Comfortable look as well. Where as you can see, the headphones are produced using unique rubber coatings hence giving a special look. Finally, there is also an in-built microphone which lets you make or attend calls in between music listening time. The feature is known as “Controlling calls”.


6. TAGG Powerbass 400 Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones with Microphone

TAGG-Power-Bass-400-Wireless-HeadphonesWeighing 181g, this one-ear headphones provide high definition sound. Having dual 40mm big crevice driver units, it streams music without skipping in between. Moreover, they are built to deliver sharp treble and extra bass for a much better experience in music. It is made for low dropping beats and heavy impactful bass lines.

Designed for comfortability, it has a padding of soft 20 mm memory foam and lissom ear pads which are covered with protein leather that tonics the texture of human skin. What’s more is that it decreases the pressure on the head and ears due to its lightweight form. The headband which is retractable aids you to seek out the most comfortable way of wearing the headphones.

It is incredible to note that the battery does not power off during the wired and wireless mode. It has an upgraded 400 mAH integrated lithium batteries which deliver up to 10-12 hours of music play time thus prolonging leisure and enjoyment. Charging for just 1-2 hours can enable the headphones to get back the energy. Despite running out of juice, the headphones will still play on. The headphones come with an AUX wire and hence enjoy the device in both its wired and wireless modes.

The manufacturers have designed the headphones in such a way to enable users to make hands-free calls and maintain the music playlist effortlessly without digging into deep in your phone/laptop/tablet or any device.

Lastly, a tip from the producers: when using a charging adapter to charge the headphones, make sure that the current does not exceed more than 1A. Moreover, TAGG offers one-year free warranty so that the owner does not regret the purchase.


7. Philips SHB3060BK Bluetooth Headphones (Black)

Philips-SHB3060BK-Bluetooth-HeadphonesWeighing in 99.8g, this set of headphones have 32 mm high potency drivers which are used for strong and clear-cut bass. Using closed type acoustics, it offers brilliant sound isolation and provides wireless convenience and freedom with the help of Bluetooth technology.

Moreover, the headphones promote portability and comfortability where you can fold it flat for quick and easy storage when you are on the move. You can enjoy listening to music and making calls via wireless technology available in the headphones.

Lastly, these headphones have soft ear cushions which makes your ears breathe when you have long listening periods as well as versatile earshells and an adjustable headband which fits everyone.


8. House of Marley Rebel BT Over-Ear Headphones, Black

House-of-Marley-Rebel-BT-Over-Ear-HeadphonesThese over-ear headphones have a weight of 150g where it offers HD sounds that are clear. In detail, the headphones has a unique driver unit for housing speakers which are sizeable. At a 40mm, the Rebel BT brings in a lot of surprises- the headphone contains a 40mm driver with 20Hz-20kHz frequency response and even offers up to 12 hours of extreme quality and sharp sounds. At the same time, it keeps the bass levels high.

Also, these headphones offer maximal comfort and an overall control board to change tracks, answer and reject calls, play and pause, and lastly, controls the volume levels of everything in one place. They also provide a convertible headband which is created for maximum longevity and pleasant fit hence ultimately it is an ultra light feeling.

When speaking about the materials used, these headphones use 70 per cent polymer ear housings which is bio-based along with Marley’s Regrind rubber which is made of silicone. In terms of battery, it delivers up to 12 hours of nonstop play time which is also rechargeable. Furthermore, the buyer can plug in the optical wire to the 3.5mm audio jack when the battery dies out and continue listening to the playlist.


9. Envent Saber 630 ET-BTHD630 Over-TheEar Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Black)

Envent-Saber-Over-TheEar-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones-1Being 222g, the Saber headphones have created comfort and ideal fit. Using a high-quality protein pads made of leather, the headband is ergonomically designed to be made stretchable and lightweight and provide maximum comfort when hearing or talking for long periods.

When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, the Saber 630 headphone has used and integrated a CSR Bluetooth chip for headphones that are wireless and even supports AVRCP, A2DP, HSP and HFP. This means that people will have no complications when connecting with any Bluetooth devices anymore.

Moreover, it offers a dual-pairing mode where it enables two devices to connect at once, and there is no need to disconnect to a Bluetooth device from the main device anymore. In terms of battery, it uses a 320mAh battery where it gets charged completely in 2 hours hence can be used for 13 hours continuously. This essentially means there will be no restrictions between you and your sweet tunes.

Lastly it ‘standbys’ like a hero: For almost 320 hours, it has a long standby time and can be switched back on any time wherein you still can experience amazing sound quality. This is an added feature of the AUX port.


10. JBL T450BT On-Ear Headphones

JBL-T450BT-Pure-Bass-Wireless-On-Ear-Headphones-with-MicTruly, JBL is a favourite for all youngsters. With it’s 11- hour battery life, it provides clear bass sounds. It enables the earcups to be the overall main control panel where users can use it for call and music accessibilities.

The headphones are designed to folded in a flat manner and to protect the delicate ears; the headphones are created to be light in weight and aids comfortability. Along with this, it provides Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.


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Before we move even further, let us consider the type of headphones available in the market along with their pros and cons.

Types of Headphones in the Market

To start with, let us consider the most simple basics and then take a look at paramount types of headphones. Maybe you will come across some point which are familiar but keep reading. For each headphone, we will discuss the different pros and cons in order for you to be clear on which type of headphone will suit you. It is also worth noting that there are changes to these rules therefore these pros and cons are applied to most of the products but not all of them in any given category.

If looking back, the first type of earphones is also the smallest compared to them right now. Those headphones which come along with the MP3 player or phones are known as in-ears/earbuds and are found in this category. Moreover, there are many reasons why one should purchase in-ears headphones rather than other types of headphones, but one of the major reason would be their ease of portability.

Earbud headphones

If looking back, the first type of earphones are also the smallest compared to them right now. Those headphones which come along with the MP3 player or phones are known as in-ears/earbuds and are found in this category. Moreover, there are many reasons why one should purchase in-ears headphones rather than other types of headphones, but one of the major reason would be their ease of portability.


Portability: Due to their small size and lightweight, the in-ears headphones wins the position of being conveniently among the three kinds of headphones. These in-ears can be easily tucked in the pocket when it is not in use and can be even kept around the neck and not look weird at the same time.

Isolation noise: When using these earbuds, you will tend to experience outstanding noise isolation because they are being positioned directly inside the ear. If there is a doubt about isolation, then we will enlighten you in detail through the guide.
Great for exercise: Making use of portability, it takes it up a notch. Where these earbuds are pretty much the option when it comes to exercising. It is still common to find people use other sorts of headphones while working out but these are far more popular since they are very lightweight.


Quality of sound: In the low end, the sound is not the greatest/strongest point of these earbuds. There are much bigger headphones which generate and produce appealing sounds since they are simply able to. Since the bigger headphones have bigger drivers, it would mean that it can provide attractive sounds. But in-ears would use small drivers to maintain the portable size factor.

Wires get easily tangled: Well, as mentioned previously, this does not apply to all earbuds, but mostly, these headphones get twisted and complicated from time to time. Then again, it is all the time and can be irritating.

On-ear headphones

As we pass on to a more bigger size, next ones are the on-ear headphones. In contrast to earbuds, these headphones do not reach into your ear canal. However, they are being designed to sit exterior part of the ears. The headphone bands can go either above or behind the head although the drivers are being positioned right in the ear.


Portable, again: Even though they are not as simple to stuff it in the pocket and roam around, these type of headphones are portable as well. These type of headphones are targeted towards those who want to enjoy elevated sound quality but at the same time, do not want to get anything which is either too bulky or big. Moreover, many of these headphones have hinges which are designed in a way to be folded in half of their original shape.

Batteries are bigger: As the headphones are bigger, this increases the capabilities of the device, therefore, enough room to fit in a much bigger battery capacity. Ultimately, the more time hearing time, the better.

Improved sound: These headphones are not created to fit in the pocket, but there are a lot of on-ears headphones which use bigger drivers thus offer a much better quality of sound.


Inconvenient to carry: This is a problem faced by many users. Do not get us wrong. On-ears are still considered portable by a major lot, but in comparison to earbuds, they are one step lower. Putting these type if headphone in the bag are easy but not so easy when forcing them to fit inside the jacket pocket.

Not suitable for complete noise isolation: Since these headphones are placed on the ear and not directly inside or around the ear, they would permit some noise from the outside to enter in.

Over-ear headphones

These bad boys are the biggest of the three classes of headphones in terms of size, and there are few products in this category which you will be familiar with.


Amazing sound: This, however, is not always the case. But usually, over-ears are designed to sound awestruck since they have the biggest drivers in the ear cups. There are few manufacturers who aim to create professional quality sound quality above all other motives, therefore, do not mind if headphones were made a little bulky.

Larger battery capacities: If you observe, there seems to be a trend. It all boils down to size. Since there is material sufficient to work with, it gives producers the freedom to integrate large batteries in the headphones and make it durable for a long time.

Comfort: Headphones which have bigger ear cups essentially mean equal distribution of weight. Furthermore, many producers take advantage of the size in order to add materials such as velour, memory foam and leatherette.


Difficult to carry: Due to their heavyweight size, the over-ears headphones are inconvenient to carry. There are some products which have complementary cases which are used to protect when commuting. But they are still not as simple and easy to carry around compared to the other headphones types.

Cost: The cost always varies depending on how well any set of headphones are, the market factors such as demand, supply etc. However, because over-ears headphones have really good sound quality, they are more expensive.

Power: Since this point is a rare issue, you can still find the higher-end headphones requires ampere (amp) use. These headphones are targeted towards audiophiles and enthusiasts and usually generally reserved for headphones which are highly specialized.

Bluetooth headphones

It is surprising to know that the innovative technology- Bluetooth had been hot cake news which was taken by the storm in the market during 2017. When Apple had a sudden abandonment of the headphone jack, lot of Android phones have followed a trend where they started using the Bluetooth connection and have driven up the demand.

Just like other types of connection, there is no “good” or “bad” when we talk about Bluetooth. However, they are just compromises. Although, Bluetooth includes many pros and cons which influences buying decisions, so it is better if we go over it.


Wireless hearing: With Bluetooth headphones, you will not face a hassle due to headphone cables which get complicated most of the time.

Quality of sound: Currently, the sound quality is much advanced and better compared to 5 years ago. Due to the recent technologies in Bluetooth advancements, Bluetooth codecs have been designed to enable users to listen to high-quality sounds compared to wired headphones. It is recommended always to check and research if both the phone and headphones underpin the same standards.


Battery: Trying to recharge beforehand when using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device can be irritating as such. Earphones before were used without no charge, therefore, you could use it to listen as many times as you want without the need of charging it. But now, these type of headphones depending on the battery. It can be a pain for smaller sized wireless in-ears but usually, larger the headphones; the more and better battery life can be expected.

Wireless waves: These signals have intrinsic fragilities. With wireless listening, it sounds all nice and cool. But, you may start to notice that often you would not be able to tolerate the interference. This issue is becoming rare, but it still happens.

Compatibility: As technology developed over the years, the sound quality issue has become far better compared to the previous years. Although, there are some problems faced if the new and old equipment cannot communicate with each other. Example: New headphones do not usually support average codecs such as LDAC and aptX.


So there you have it, here are the top 10 headphones being reviewed. But you should always remember that before you purchase any headphones, your needs should be met accordingly in terms of features, power, capabilities and price<

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