Best Headphones under 500 in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. iBall Rocky2. Ubon UB-13603. Enter EHMP3





Headphones have grown into an unavoidable piece of product for music lovers. Whether it’s the earbud pair that comes with your smartphone or the cushioned cups expensive ones, headphones have become an inevitable part of our life. Getting the right pair that can make a boring song into a fabulous one makes all the difference. Almost everyone has used one or the other at some point and made their long stretchy train journey a memorable one. You go out and get to see people have adorned various types of headsets with assorted colours and styles.

Nowadays, almost anybody can grab the best headphones under 500 as they are affordable, lightweight and trendy. Though several different styles of headphones are available, like In-Ear headphones (that stay inside your ear), On-Ear headphones (that sit over your ears), Over-Ear fully-enclosed headphones (that completely envelops your ears), or Wireless headphones (provides more portability), this article is mainly focused on On-Ear and Over-Ear headphones. They are great in terms of comfort, usability, and price.


Some might need headphones to beat the monotony of their life by tuning to foot-tapping songs; some use them to watch movies or play games, while certain breed of users like to embrace a headset to make calls or conference. Whatever your purpose is, this article has listed 10 Best headphones under 500, to help you in choosing the right one.

Read the article till the end to find the right headphone and enhance your audio experience while listening to your favourite playlists. Make yourself aware about the factors to look for, before buying the best one from a myriad of options in this price range to make your selection less daunting.

Factors to look for When Buying Headphones under 500

1) Headphone Case

If you want to avoid frequent entangling of your headphone cord, then consider buying a headset that comes with a case. It is especially crucial when you have to carry your headphone in a bag where other items like keys, combs or phone charger too reside. It will keep the cord neat in one place and prevent tangling.

2) Wireless or Wired?

Want to carry your headphone to your workplace or college on a daily basis? Then consider opting for a wireless product. It won’t give you any fuss with its cord and enable you to use it as often as you want. Moreover, they are fast and easily connected to your music player or smartphone. Being free of cord and cables, they are more portable and convenient for outdoor use. Also, there is no issue of tangling in wireless headphones.

Such headphones are extensively used for watching television at night when you can’t disturb others. But on the cons side, the sound quality is typically not at par with wired headphones. Issues like range and battery life can crop up and curtail the sound quality to some extent.

3) Microphones 

Headphones with a mic is required if you want to use it for video chatting, conferencing or taking calls. While you are jogging and grooving to some lovely tunes, you can attend to call simply using the mic, thereby enabling you to make and receive calls without needing you to hold the phone over your ear.

4) Adjustable Size

Some headphones come with a stainless steel slider to offer adjustability so that speaker pads perfectly fit your ears and don’t fall off while you are gaming or running. If you want comfort while immersing in your cherished songs, then go for cushioned ear cups, they snug to ears and block external noise from reaching your ears to enable you to enjoy music fully. Make sure they are large enough to cover your ears completely.

5) Outside Temperature

Being fully-enclosed, Over-Ear headphones are not suitable for outside use in hot summer day as it can heat up your ears quickly. If you are more likely to use your headphone outside, then consider buying On-Ear headphone as they provide good quality audio apart from snugging comfortably around your ears.

6) Warranty

Warranty is an important consideration before choosing a headphone, especially if you are planning to use it for a longer time. Check the warranty period of the chosen one and compare it with the warranty of other manufacturer’s headphone within the same range and functionality.

7) Sound Quality

Over-Ear wired headphones produce the best audio and bass effects. Die-hard music lovers, not inclined to compromise on the quality, should not opt for wireless headphones as they sometimes give up on sound quality while compressing files. Moreover, fully-enclosed wired headphones nullify external noise with its sound cancelling technology.

8) Noise Cancelling

Some headphones are designed with active noise cancelling technology, where certain sounds are nullified to create a peaceful environment for the listener. Such headphones use small microphones to drowned out the external noise and produce sound in the opposite frequency, to cancel the outside commotion in the process.

However, this technology does not go well when the frequency of external noise varies too much, as the microphone failed to quickly pick up a sound and adjust to different frequencies of sound. Noise cancelling headphones are useful in blocking out uniform droning sounds like the noise of aeroplane engines, air-conditioner or other such constant frequency sounds.

9) Gaming

If you want a headphone specifically for gaming, then consider buying a gaming headphone as they are designed to be used for playing video games. Such headsets provide virtual surround in-game audio experience when you play games in computers or gaming consoles.

Some games require you to identify the direction of the audio like in the game of shooting. Here, you have to spot the direction from where the enemy side is firing at you to win the game. On the cons side, such headphones are not good for listening to music or watching movies.

10) Which Types: In-Ear, On-Ear or Over-the-Ear?

With three different types of headphones available: In-Ear, On-Ear or Over-the-Ear, you can choose from one of the types which suit your need most. The In-Ear comes with small earbuds to fit inside your ears. If you want to listen to music on the go without much hassle of portability, these are the most suitable ones. You can easily wrap them around your phone while listening to your favourite songs during a bus journey. Moreover, as they are lightweight, you can use them for hours. However, if you are looking for loud bass, then these headsets will be a disappoint.

For some extra bass, you can opt for On-Ear headphones. Such headphones nicely sit on your ears as they are much bigger than In-Ears. Although they are decent and portable headphones, they usually don’t cover up the ears completely.

If you want the best sound and bass experience, then look for Over-Ear headphones. These are the largest among all the three types and offer louder bass with more detailed audio. The large cushioned ear cups will comfortably wrap your ears rather than just sitting over them like in the case of On-Ears headphones.

Moreover, Over-Ear headphones are most comfortable, and it doesn’t hurt your ears if you use it for a longer duration. They feature a noise cancellation technique to block out the external noise to give you a better sound experience. The sound and bass quality is excellent with Over-Ear headphones. By perfectly enveloping your ears, you can engross in your music to beat your stress.

11) Closed or Open Back?

Headphones can have either closed or open back. Headsets with open-back are designed to push the sound to outside, while a closed-backs block the sound from escaping. Thus, we see closed-back headphones can be considered if you don’t want others to get what song you are listening to when you are running or jogging in a public park. Otherwise, you can choose open-back headsets if you are not concerned about the sound leak.

However, if you want to buy mainly for outside use, close-back is better to go for if you don’t like to bother others. However, note that open-back headphones produce more realistic sound compared to closed ones.

12) Frequency

You can consider the frequency range of the headphone if you are too specific about it. As the human ear can accept frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, most headphones adhered to this range. However, some headphones broaden the range of both the ends to create deeper sound effects. Although this sound is inaudible, your ear can sense it a little bit. Sometimes wider range produce a better tone and handle the midrange, lows, and highs in the more efficient way.

13) Impedance

Impedance is the amount of power needed to run a pair of headphones. Low-impedance headphones requiring less power can be easily paired with weaker amplification devices, like smartphones or media players. They are susceptible to blowouts if connected with higher amplification devices.

On the contrary, high-impedance headphones are designed to handle more amplification to deliver more powerful performance. Such headphones usually don’t blow out when higher amplification is delivered to them.

When buying a headphone, it is recommended to check out if its impedance is suitable for the devices you intend to use.

Top 10 Best Headphones under 500 in India 2020

1. iBall Rocky Over-Ear Headphones

iBall-Rocky-Over-Ear-Headphones-with-MicThe iBall rocky headphone is an ultimate gadget for music lovers. Groove to your favourite songs with this excellent over-ear headphone. Enjoy the Dolby sounds of movies and games connecting this headphone in your laptop, desktop or phone. You can also pair it with DVD Player, FM radio, MP3 Player or various other devices using a compatible audio converter. Its crystal clear audio won’t give you any fuss. The sound frequency of this affordable headset is 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

With a seamless fit and design, you can tune into your favourite music while travelling or jogging for extended hours. You can plug into popular workout music wearing this excellent headphone and sweat in the gym without feeling any discomfort in your ear. The thick cushioning in the large ear cups are designed to block the external sound from entering your ear so that you can fully immerse in music. With high-quality audio, this comfortable headset is also equipped with a cool microphone, which supports you in voice chat, video conferencing and many more activities relating to audio. Moreover, it can adjust the mic to make your sound more audible to the receiver by drawing it closer to your mouth.


2. Zebronics H-100HM Headphone

Zebronics-H-100HM-Headphone-with-MicZebronics H-100HM Headphone is a brilliant headset with amazing sound quality. Featuring microphone, this black color product enables you to video chat and conference with utmost perfection. Watch movies, create YouTube videos, make travelling calls and do a lot more without any hassle using this amazing headphone.

Offering nice voice quality, it ensures you won’t face any problem regarding the audio. With a weight of 281 grams, it is quite lightweight. Tune into your favourite channels while gaming or doing rounds in jogging track with its lovely crystal clear sound quality. At an affordable rate, this product ensures that it comfortably fit and snug to your ears with its cushioned ear cups, so that you experience best quality audio.


3. Ubon UB-1360 On-Ear Headphone

Ubon-UB-1360-On-Ear-HeadphonesWith a seamless and powerful sound of UBON UB-1360 On-Ear headphone, you can indeed paired it with your smartphone or laptop to listen to music, watch movies, and play games. This low priced product gives you loud and clear bass with intense audio effects. It comes with a detachable cable and a microphone. Take part in video conferencing and video chatting using its cool mic.

With great sound quality and fantastic bass, this headphone won’t disappoint you, if you make it your travel buddy. Keep humming to the latest tunes, snugging this headset to your ears. At this budget, UBON UB-1360 headphone offers one of the best quality sound and bass effects. Weighing just 290 grams, you can carry this headphone easily along with you while you are gaming or traveling. With a 3.5 mm jack and separate connector wire, it is a quite useful product.

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4. Enter EHMP3 MP3 Headphone

Enter-EHMP3-MP3-HeadphonesKeep toning your muscles listening to favorite songs gearing this wonderful headset on your ears. With a high-quality sound, this lightweight headphone is designed to meet your expectation fully. If you are opting for a wireless mp3, then Enter EHMP3 MP3 Headphone is an ultimate product you can choose from. An amazing product at a low price, this headset is designed to ensure you experience rich sound for an extended period without any hassle.

Furthermore, using a 3.5 mm jack, you can enjoy songs from your PC too. With the audio frequency of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, it provides deep and powerful audio for your entertainment. This wire-free headphone snugs your ears comfortably to provide you with incredible sound effects without any distortion.


5. Live Tech HP 18 Headphone

Live-Tech-HP-18-Headphone-With-MicLive Tech HP 18 Headphone offers Hi-Definition Stereo sound with its super-rich bass. Made with the premium quality material, this headset produces clear and powerful sound without any distortion. It comes with a microphone to enable to chat and conference over the internet. The mic is equipped with Noise Cancellation Technology to provide you with superior quality sound effects.

Large and comfortable ear cups are designed with soft cushions to ensure it won’t hurt your ears when you use it for extended hours. It is an amusement piece for music lovers. Relax in its comfort when get tired or edgy to soothe your mind. Workouts will become extra fun when this product accompany you to gym.
With 20 Hz to 20 KHz bass production and great sound quality, it will truly entertain you. Live Tech HP 18 Headphone is compatible with various devices like smartphone, PCs, tablet, MP3 player, DVD player, FM radio, and music systems. With reasonable price, it offers optimum audio effect to please your ears.

Attend calls and conferences, watch movies or play games without any hindrance using this headset. Moreover, you can use it to do other activities too like language training, dictation and speech recognition etc. With all such benefits, Live Tech HP 18 Headphone is undeniably fall into the Best headphones under 500 category.


6. Signature VM-46 Stereo Bass Solo Headphone

Signature-VM-46-Stereo-Bass-Solo-HeadphonesSignature VM-46 Stereo Bass Headphone is an excellent headset with an impactful bass sound. Fitting perfectly in both the ears it offers superb audio attenuation. This impressive audio gadget is designed to use with a smartphone, DVD players, MP3 players and game consoles with a headphone socket. Producing premium quality sound this product is a must-have item for music lovers. With an affordable price, Signature VM-46 comes in vibrant colours and impressive looks. It perfectly blocks the external noise when you wear it while relaxing after a tiring day.

Weighing 118 grams, this lightweight headset is easy to carry and comfortable to wear audio gadget. Moreover, you can easily adjust its length to fit it well to your ears. This is one of the best product to choose from when your budget is low.


7. Ethnic Style Ubon UB-1250 MP3 On-Ear Headphone

Ethnic-Style-Ubon-UB-1250Ethnic Style Ubon UB-1250 MP3 Headphone, producing amazing sound quality and powerful bass, is one of the best product under 500. Nicely fitting your ears, it provides you utmost comfort. Using this headphone with your smartphone, clutch it into ears and tune into your favourite tracks to unwind in the middle of your hectic day.

It comes in cool colours – Red, Black and white to rev up your mood. Equipped with adjustable and cushioned ear cups, the headphone has blended fun with comfort and make you groove to the music for longer hours without any irritation or pain in your ears. Armed with great looks and functionality, this headphone can be considered as one of the Best headphones under 500.

Ethnic Style Ubon UB-1250 MP3 Headphone comes with a stainless steel slider and softly padded headband to adjust its length so that it can perfectly fit your ears. Consisting of 3.5 mm jack to add more value to this finely designed headset.

Designed with closed-back, it provides immersive Hi-Fi sound with CSR chip. This lightweight headset Grab comfort and ease of usability apart from being stylish and durable. Furthermore, it is equipped with a microphone to allow you to engage in video conferencing and chatting.


8. Philips Lightweight SBCHL140/00 On-Ear Headphone

Philips-Lightweight-SBCHL140Philips Lightweight SBCHLOn-Ear Headphone is a durable and stylish product that is designed to accentuate your lifestyle. Tune into music and instantly enjoy the mesmerizing audio quality with powerful bass. This ultra lightweight headphone comfortably fits your ears and gives you incredible sound effects whether you listen to music, or watch movies or play games.

Equipped with a 30-mm speaker driver, it delivers clear and distort-free audio. Moreover, to provide you rich audio quality, bass beat vents are designed to allow air flow. Consisting of soft plastic on the ear-shell to prevent damage from repeated bending, Philips Lightweight Headphone reduces strain on the cable. With a slim and lightweight stainless steel headband, the headset puts no stress on your head or ears. So keep rocking with this music gadget for longer without any ache or irritation.


9. Frontech 3442 Normal Headphone

Frontech-3442-Normal-HeadphoneFrontech 3442 Normal Headphone is designed to provide you with outstanding sound quality with comfort and proper fitting. Apart from smartphones, the headphone offers compatibility with desktops and laptops too using its 3.5 mm audio jack. Enjoy amazing bass quality even in crowded place. Designed with soft leather cushioned ear pads, the headset delivers unparalleled comfort even when you are wearing it for a long time. The product is adjustable so that the speaker pad can cover your ears completely.

Equipped with a microphone, Frontech 3442 Normal Headphone permits you to attend calls while you are relishing your favourite songs. It allows you to cater to the conference call and video chats without any sound distortion. It also allows you to change the audio volume without any difficulty. Moreover, you can easily change the tracks using this headphone. With a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, it delivers rich sound effects with amazing clarity and loud bass. Weighing just 299 grams, this lightweight headset is a travel partner for most music lovers.

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10) Moyzikh Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones

Moyzikh-Extra-Bass-On-Ear-HeadphonesMoyzikh Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones with enhanced bass technology gives you deep surround effect to enable you to enjoy the rich sound of music. It helps in providing profound bass notes according to its scenarios just as you experience in an actual club or live festival.
With Bass Booster, it is designed to produce a Bass sound through pair duct in the housing. Moreover, it perfectly blocks the external noise from entering your ears so that you don’t get disturbed when you are using it.

It is easily portable with swivel folding design so that you can carry it wherever you go. The cushioned ear pads ensure comfort and snug nicely to your ears. Apart from providing powerful sound, it looks trendy with its assorted and vivid favourite. The flashy metallic finish housing adds more to its style quotient. Furthermore, tangling of the wire is one of the most common issue, a music lover face; Moyzikh Extra Bass Headphones are designed with a flat serration cord to tackle the messing. With all such features, this lightweight and fashionable headset can inevitably fall into the Best headphones under 500.



With so many affordable and trendy headphones available on Amazon, why spent gloomy hours after an exhausting day. Attune to the popular numbers and pep up your mood instantly. The loud and impactful sound of the above products will undoubtedly rejuvenate your senses with its relaxing audio effects. Want to take care of your calls? grab the one with a mic. Watch movies, play games and do a lot more with these assorted headphones.

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