7 Tips to Keep your Earbuds and Headphones Clean

We start and end our day with Music. No matter which civilization you read about, they have always been able to form some technique of sharing art in the form of music.

In today’s world, with the development of technology, you can have music on the go with the use of your smartphones and a piece of nice headphones. Earphones have become a very important part of our daily lifestyle.

They have become a part of our work, our workout and even our daily commute from one place to another. Since they are used so regularly, it is necessary that some care is maintained about their upkeep. The following is a look at how you can clean and maintain your earphones.

Why Clean your Earbuds and Headphones?

keep earbuds clean

Before we look at how to clean your earbuds and headphones, it is necessary to understand why one must take care of them.

  • Hygiene

This is the most important and understandable reason. You plan on inserting your buds into your ears. The ear canal by its own is a place that must be kept clean for good hearing and good ear health.

The wax from the ears can get trapped in the buds. This reduces their functionality. Other than that, if you share earphones and one of the users has a budding infection, it could be passed on by dirty earphones.

  • Better Performance and Longevity

Grime and dirt are one of the reasons which can cause damage to any electronic equipment. Earphones are very specifically calibrated. If excessive grime or dirt enters its system, then it could damage the internal mechanism.

This can lead to problems like garbling, interference and eventually loss of function. To make sure that the equipment functions at its peak and for a prolonged period, it is necessary to clean them properly.

Now that we have looked at the reasons why you should clean your earbuds and headphones, let us look at the ways by which this can be achieved.

Ways to Clean Earbuds and Headphones

Since earphones and headphones have become such an important part of our daily routines, they are used a lot. This causes them to collect enough dirt. The following will give you an idea of how you can approach the task of cleaning and maintaining your earphones and headphones.

  • Cleaning Headphone Pads Regularly

Procrastination is one of the inbuilt tendencies that we are born with. We may not do so with important work like office related chores, but something like cleaning always gets put off. However, it is regular cleaning that will make sure that your earphones stay with you longer.

The regular cleaning can be done once a week and takes no longer than a few minutes. Headphones are known to collect a lot of sweat, which damages the soft coating over the pads. To clean the pads all you need is a little warm water and some dish soap.

Many use alcohol rub, but there have been instances where the colour came off and alcohol may also eat through the material. If you need you could just add a few drops of a disinfectant to the water.

  • Clean Earbuds using a Small Brush

Earbuds are inserted all the way into the ear and can collect a fair amount of ear wax debris over the period of use. This diminishes the overall performance and is very unhygienic too. I

n order to clean earbuds, remove them from the earphones. Some companies sell the cleaning tool with the earphones otherwise you can always purchase a simple one online.

Use the metal side for the silicone tip and gently clean the wax. The soft brush part can be used to clean the exposed earbuds of any wax debris stuck to it.

  • Cleaning after Workout

Most of the dirt that the earphones and headphones collect is during and after a workout. The sweat that clings to the equipment is a dirt magnet. It is advisable to clean your headphones and earphones after a workout.

The main damage is due to the moisture on the headphones. Even though the box says water resistant, there is no need for you just leave them wet.

Wipe them down and dry them, especially before connecting to their charger if they are the wireless type. This will make sure that the lifetime of the headphones increases.

  • Use Case or Bag for Storage

We are used to shoving our earbuds and headphones in our pockets, bags or just leave them hanging around our collar.

When not in use the prolonged exposure to the surroundings is not necessary and can further damage the integrity of the earphones.

Most companies these days cater for this need by providing a case or pouch which can be used to store the earphones when not in use. If not, then a simple ziplock bag can do the same for you.

  • Temperature Control

When storing your earphones or keeping them away for the night, make sure that they are not kept in too hot or cold areas. Storing them somewhere at room temperature and dry environment can make sure that the earphones remain in your life for a long time.

  • Cover Charging Port

If you are using wireless earphones which need a charger then you must make sure that the charging port is covered when not charging. If any dirt and debris enter this space it could affect the charge time. The debris can make its way to the sound mechanism and cause significant damage.

  • Do not Bunch your Earphones

We have a habit of bunching the earphones or wrapping them around the phone while still connected. This will damage the integrity of the earphones, reducing its lifetime.


The best of earphones and headphones cost a lot of money today, and an average person changes their earphones every few months. If the above-stated techniques and methods are followed, then you can enjoy your earphones for a long time.

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