Best Dell Laptops Under 30000 in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Dell Vostro 34682. Dell Inspiron 15-35673. Dell Inspiron 3565





Everyone knows that laptops seem to deliver remarkable power and portability, however, they are actually less ‘flexible’ when compared to a regular desktop. When you have made your decision, it is final.

Honestly, you could just decide on a budget level and select the most prominent models from Dell, HP, Lenovo or any other manufacturer which do sell at that price but what if the laptop does not perform according to your needs? Or rather, what if the laptop does not have the number of ports you require or what if the screen or keyboard don’t appeal enough to you?


Currently, the question, “which is the best dell laptop under 30000?” has a clear answer which is obvious. No matter what budget you place or the price category you search for, there is an immense amount of laptop types to select from in the market. Coming to the point, there is no “best” laptop available since companies have never heard of a single kind of laptop user but different users have different needs, hence, multiple niches and products are made.

As we get a lot of questions from people as to which laptop brand or which laptop is the best, we do not give a single, ultimate answer. We offer them a list where a criterion set which you can consider when spending on your next new laptop.

For this cause, only, you should probably think deep on what you require your laptop to do before you splurge your cash. Through this buying guide, we will clear out of some confusing points by leading you through multiple yet different kinds of laptops found available in the market, along with an overview of specifications which you will also come across.

Size of the Dell Laptop

As we speak about laptops, size matters; period. Mostly, it all depends on what you would be doing on your very next laptop and you should consider selecting the ideal size which fits well for you.

However, when we talk about size, it is not about the ROM or RAM of the laptop since you cannot enhance the specifications later. You are basically fixed on whatever you choose up-front, hence, choose smartly.

More importantly, laptops are being segregated into different categories which are based on the diagonal screen sizes (in inches). This is, in fact, because of the screen size of the laptop which ensures the overall size of its framework.

Moreover, a laptop which has a 17-inch screen seems to be amazing for gaming and working which is a highly wanted feature since it would come along with a keyboard size which is decent in size. This makes typing much easier, but it will be far more heavier and bulkier compared to a 13-inch model.

In general, sizes of laptops start of from 11.6-inches and seem to reach up to 17.3 inches. There are a few brands such as Acer, Dell, ASUS, HP which do provide display sizes such as 13.3-inch, 15.6-inch and 17.3-inches. But, there are a few sellers who sell laptops which are outside this price range such as 11.6-inches, 12.5-inches and 14-inches.

It is pretty obvious that if portability seems to be the priority, then you should consider in getting a Windows laptop which is small in size. The reason is because they are much thinner and lighter compared to their larger peers. However, it is best to seek laptops which have screen sizes that are either 12.5-inches or 13.3-inches along with a weight range between 1kg and 1.5kgs.

Despite this, as a reminder, always know that smaller-sized laptops which have 13.3-inch displays do not tend to support discrete graphics cards or high-end Intel Core i7 CPUs which can be found in other similar laptops with a 15.6-inch display.

Mostly, they also provide features which have robust amounts of ports which are few in number. If you are that user who intends to use the brand new laptop for working on larger displays or even graphics power which is standalone, then it is recommended to look for a bigger size.

Apart from this primitive sizing selection, there are multiple types of laptops to choose from. For example, Ultrabooks deliver lightweight and slim figure compared to high-quality performances. Laptops such as the Lenovo’s Yoga and the ASUS Zenbook fall into this section.

On the other hand, Notebooks also provide a good blend of portability and power. If you are that user who seems to be looking at notebooks, then we do recommend looking at the HP’s Envy x360 or the Dell XPS 13.

As we have heard of the 2-in-1 laptops i.e Convertibles, they seem to extend these features by including the capability to be flexible and fold or even remove the keyboard. This enables you to use the laptop in tablet mode. There are high demanding laptops such as the Acer Chromebooks and the Microsoft’s Surface Go which are included in this category.

And finally, the most ancient gaming and clamshell laptops appear to be in bulkier forms, however, do provide pretty amazing specifications. Furthermore, the most crucial thing you should consider here is to look for a laptop which meets your essential requirements.

It is very rare that a certain size is suitable for all users. However, within a specific range size such as 15
inches and varying, the best Dell laptops in 2018 are made available for consumers with mind blowing features.

There are few users who might need a more portable and lighter laptop. There are other users who might need high-end graphics for working on tasks such as high-end gaming or maybe even video editing. If you are looking for a PC with longer battery life expectancy or an optical drive, then we recommend something much larger.

But, in the end, knowledge is power. And after you have decided on the laptop size, the long search for the ideal type becomes much easier and shorter.

Dell Laptop Screen Quality

If you are that user who continuously stares at laptop screen for many hours at a time, then you should include the screen size has a factor and ensure which screen size is pleasant to look at and use.

First of all, you might need to consider whether if you require a touchscreen for your next laptop. Currently, the availability of touchscreens on laptops are common and can lead to solving tasks more easily compared to the non-touchscreen versions. Despite this, brand manufacturers can add in shiny appearances to the display which is somewhat irritable and undesirable.

In fact, screens which are glossy cause reflections which are obviously bad for gamers, and even more so to those who watch movies or edit content and images. It is only due to these reasons that we recommend purchasing a laptop which does not offer the touchscreen feature. Although it should not be mistaken, that this feature is remarkable to those who need quick response times and instead of dragging the mouse away to make options, everything is available within a touch of the finger, including typing.

Secondly, always ensure to check the resolution on any laptop which you select before purchasing. Actually, a resolution of 1920×1080-pixels (Full HD) is a suitable figure if you aim to keep pace in order to organize Windows and also keep all things in plain sight.

Selecting Latest Laptops To Deliver 4K Resolutions

However, the display panels found in high-end models are usually additional features which are extra costs on a laptop that is already expensive. These kinds of laptops are only suitable for those who really use them to their utmost potentials such as professionals who are content creators or designers.

Videographers and Photographers also aim to attain those laptops which deliver astounding colour accuracyband provide a wider colour gamut with HDR standards over those models who don’t.

On the other hand, if you are interested in gaming, it is definitely worth spending time to observe the refresh rate of the display on any highly capable laptop. Having a quicker refresh rate can lead to companies having more advantage in online games (on a competitive level) as it enhances a responsive and smoother experience of playing. The best Dell laptops under 30000 in India have authentic visuals which capture every moment on screen with a sensational experience.

Finally, it is necessary to ensure that viewing angles are prioritized. A laptop screen which integrates the IPS (in-plane switching) technology delivers the broadest viewing angles along with the ideal user comfortability.

However, there are possibilities where you may not be using your laptop in its usual environment, hence, a laptop which integrates the IPS display is favoured over the opposite.

If plausible, spend the time to enter a store and test out the screen yourself. Apart from that, keep a watch out for multiple genuine reviews online in order to get an overall positive result or overview of the product along with checking to see if the screen can actually suit your needs.

Quality of Keyboards

For typing sessions which are extensive, you would probably need a laptop which has a congenial keyboard. It is obvious that you would be irritated with a keyboard which packs everyn key under the sun (these are keyboards which squeeze in the number pads) since it can interpret to a user experience which is unsatisfactory when searching for specific keys such as the delete or arrow keys.

Also, you might want a keyboard which has a layout that is comfortable with keys that are full-sized and also include space positioned around the arrow keys. Moreover, the keys need to have sufficient travel on the downstroke along with responsiveness, which is snappy as you let go.

For those users who have trouble seeing in dimly lit environments, please do consider searching for keyboards which are backlit for extra lighting. In terms of the keyboard, it is advisable to try it before purchasing if typing seems to be your main task. A lot of the best Dell laptops under 30000 have decent keyboards as well as screens which give consumers a whole
new experience.

Central Processing Unit

Honestly, a majority of the consumers make it a point to check and go through Intel’s Core-based CPUs when selecting a laptop for purchasing. Three options which are available are Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7.

Moreover, an Intel Core Processor delivers performance levels which are top-quality especially when it comes to multimedia and multitasking. The Core i3-based notebooks are usually available in systems of an entry-level computer, whereas, Core i5 tends to be found in an immense amount of computers that are mainstream.

When talking about Core i7-based systems, these are entitled to those who aim to see extraordinary performance levels from the laptops. Although, do note that with a Core i7-based system, the heat which flows through the laptop base can be a hazard especially if you are that user who tends to use the laptop on the lap most of the time.

There are few laptops which are large in size and do integrate Intel i9 Core processors. Furthermore, laptops which run on i9 Core processors tend to be much vigorous compared to those laptops which have the i7 Core processors. Even so, they are still able to compete with other desktops in terms of performance although they are priced significantly higher in comparison to an i3, i5 or i7 Core Processor laptop.

There are vendors who provide notebooks and laptops which run using AMD’s Ryzen Mobile CPUs. If you happen to be a gamer, then this can be a captivating option which is worth thinking over. Lastly, Ryzen Mobile CPUs can be paired with AMD’s Vega graphics chipsets wherein they are recently known to be far better for gaming compared to the onboard graphics of Intel.


Going back to the ancient days of technology development, users would barely need RAM of 4GB or above in order to get the maximum potential out of their system.

However, users would probably want to think about 8GB as a minimal requirement. If you happen to be a power-user, then 16GB might be more ideal. At the same time, gamers may need to dial it up a notch and search all the way to 32GB if they want to optimize and have the
ultimate experience.

Having additional RAM enables extra applications to run simultaneously. Along with this, having more RAM enables quickly accessible data to be run by the system at a single go wherein it is pretty useful to work on tasks such as creating video content or editing photos.


There used to be a time where the hard drives were demanding and part of the rage, however, they seemed to get quickly out of that popularity especially for lightweight and thin laptops. This is essential because they can be tedious and slow, bulky in appearance and even generate noise and heat.

In contrast, a solid state drive seems to deliver a lot of speed compared to a hard drive. In addition, it runs a lot more silently and is also installed in the laptop hence does not cause extra weight and bulkiness to the laptop.

Due to the plethora of perks being provided, most of the OEMs have acknowledged SSD storage as a modern standard for laptops. It is best to stick to an SSD when you choose your new laptop as you will fall in love with the speed as it accesses your data, allows quick rebooting of a system and can load multiple programs at once.

The only drawback to SSDs is that they do not tend to give adequate amounts of capacity. This essentially means that SSD storage is more costly compared to traditional hard drives in terms of dollars-to-gigabytes. You’ll be eventually fixed with a drive of size 128GB, 256GB or 512GB, however, it is highly expensive compared to a laptop which has a 1TB or 2TB hard drive.

But, to compensate this, there are an immense amount of laptops along with PC OEMs which now use a combination of larger hard drives with a smaller SSD storage. This enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of speed in keeping their operating system on SSD storage and, at the same time, have sufficient amount of space for the other data left remaining.

To note, the latest and fastest laptops integrate the NVMe solid-state drives which are obviously faster compared to the traditional SSDs but costs more in comparison.

Battery Life Expectancy

Battery life which is quoted by the manufacturer is never symptomatic compared to the usage of the laptop in the real-world experience. In layman terms, the battery life mentioned by a manufacturer is not always 100% true when a user uses the laptop in day to day living.

Frankly, there is an immense amount of factors and variables which do affect the battery life. In fact, there is the screen resolution, the screen brightness along with the multiple applications which operate in the background and are being affected regardless of remaining connected to Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi networks.

More so, the operating system which is used also determines the crucial role in ascertaining battery life. It is solely for this reason that many convertibles and ultrabooks run on Chrome OS which does provide top-quality battery life compared to those laptops which run on Windows 10.

If you are that user who constantly streams hundreds of videos online, plays intense graphics games, runs multiple programs which require processing or transfer many files across a wireless network then it is obvious that the battery will be drained quicker compared to what the manufacturer has mentioned. The best Dell laptops under 30000 have incredible battery life expectancies wherein it is not even necessary for consumers to sit near the outlet for charging
in the long run.

What you can do is to view the status of the battery in terms of milliamp-hours (mAh) or Watt-hours (Wh). Higher the figures seem to be, the longer expectancy of the battery which it can last. For example, if we look at a 13.3in Ultrabook, having a battery with a power ranging from 44Wh to 50Wh will ensure you optimized results.

USB 3.0 Technology

Recently, if a laptop seems to have less than a single 3.0 port, then we recommend in selecting another laptop. Generally, you should be looking for a laptop which has at least multiple or a couple of 3.0 USB ports.

Moreover, in regards to the baseline utility which you receive from USB ports (enabling you to plug in an SSD drive or an external hard drive and allow you to perform data backup or even use a standard mouse or a classy keyboard with your laptop), the USB 3.0 is approximately about ten times quicker compared to the USB 2.0. Ultimately, this would mean that transfers of data over USB 3.0 would reduce the amount of time taken significantly.

There are multiple peripherals in the modern market which also do offer amazing experiences but do need the requirement of a USB 3.0 in order to operate at all.

If feasible, you should take the opportunity to take things further and look for a laptop which is designed with USB 3.1 ports. Having USB 3.1 would enhance the throughput up to 10 gigabits. Try and take things a step further and go for a laptop with USB which is twice the figure comparison with USB 3.0.

Users who are willing to accept the USB Type-C; the Thunderbolt 3 ports deliver a much ideal option. With the Thunderbolt 3 ports, you now have the capability to have the fast transfer of data with a speed up to 40 gigabits-per-second.

TPM and Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint readers are known to be remarkable for logging into smartphones, whereas, the trending Windows 10 Operating System enhances this step further with its Windows Hello system.

There are people who can figure out your password. However, very few can fake a fingerprint. If you need to make sure the contents in your laptop are secure, then a portable laptop along with a fingerprint reader is usually an ideal option.

Quality of Build and Form

No matter how persistent we are towards our laptops, there are always cases where our laptops are thrown, dropped or even knocked down by the unexpected forces of everyday use.

In order to prevent this trauma, there are latest laptop models which are ruggedised to be prone-free from dust and rain. Few laptop models are designed and created to withstand educational environments which are brutal- and also do come with certifications which are of military-grade protection.

Other models are created to clear off liquid spills and they can be also rinsed clean. Regardless of either type of models, it is best to inspect the amount of testing a laptop has gone through, however, the manufacturer seems to increase the ratings. Or maybe, you can check on the certification which can help you put your trust behind.

Always Be Clear with Your Needs and Budget

And finally, you need to know how to balance these specifications with your needs and your budget levels, though there will be some compromises always. It is quite rare to see a laptop which satisfies all the requirements especially in terms of price. You can find beautiful Dell laptops under 30,000 rupees along with providing multiple features which are astounding to use and feel the experience.

As we have looked into the different factors which lead to choosing the ideal laptop, let us now
look at the best Dell laptops under a price range of 30,000 rupees.

Top 10 Best Dell Laptops under 30000 in India 2020

1. Dell Vostro 3468 14-inch Laptop


Having a weight of 1.76 kg, the Dell Vostro uses the 7th generation processor with Intel Core i3
up to 2.4GHz and even offers 4GB DDR4 RAM.

Along with this, the Dell Vostro even offers the docking station D1000 with the Dell Dual Video USB 3.0. All you need to do is charge and simply connect to the reliable Vostro with an efficient docking station which offers the ability to connect to everyday accessories and dual displays.

Furthermore, Dell has designed a fingerprint reader and a TPM chip to enable easy and secure access compared to typing in passwords wherein the TPM chip is used for BitLocker security. It also provides ADP+Pro Support which is only applicable for the 1st year only. Dell offers in a 14-inch screen with Intel HD graphics and a serial ATA hard drive of 1TB 5400rpm.

In terms of the operating system, Dell uses the Ubuntu 14.04 version. It delivers an anti-glare display and seems to be the only notebook available at the price range. The connectivity option being made present is the VGA+HDMI connection and finally, a year of warranty is being placed by the manufacturer from the purchase date.


2. Dell 15-3567 Inspiron Laptop


With a weight of 2.5 kg, the Dell Inspiron has created this model with an idea of keeping the laptop cool if used for longer periods. Thus, the cool-sense technology integrated within the
laptop enables it to perform for longer periods without heating up, especially when kept on thelap.

With a screen size of 15.6 inches, it offers a crisp display where the Truelife HD display provides a bright and clear image which does not hurt the eye.

In addition, users can now connect in HD where you are now able to record yourself for a web conference or Youtube with a much sharper display and stay connected in the long term. With this, the Dell Inspiron offers ultimate sound quality using Waves MaxxAudio which provides authentic audio quality for mind-blowing video and music experience.


3. Dell Inspiron 3565 Laptop


With a weight of 3 kg, the Dell Inspiron 3565 offers this particular model with extreme power as it is driven by the 7th generation processor- GHz AMD E2-9000. In addition, it delivers RAM of 4GB DDR4 along with a hard drive of 500 GB to enable large storage capacity of data and memory.

Dell has designed a 15.6-inch screen with graphics being integrated, hence, enabling clear cut display along with realistic and lifelike visuals. Moreover, Dell uses the Windows operating system for operations. There is only a single 2.0 USB port being offered for this model along with 2- 3.0 USB ports as well.

Using lithium battery, it has an energy content of 40 Watt-hours hence enabling longer usage of the laptop where users will not find it a hassle to quickly connect it to the battery and continue performing their tasks.


4. Dell Inspiron 3552 Laptop

Dell-Inspiron-3552Being 2.19 kg, the Dell Inspiron 3552 model is extraordinary as it uses a Pentium N3710 processor up to 2.56 GHz with a frequency base of 1.60 GHz.

Moreover, this is an Ubuntu Linux 14.04 laptop fresh out of the box but you need to install an operating system such as Windows, separately or it can be done by the qualified technicians themselves.

In addition to this, the operating system is not part of the package as well and the model offers RAM of 4GB DDR3. In regards to other specifications, it has been designed with a serial ATA hard drive of 500GB (5400 rpm).

The Dell Inspiron embeds a 15-inch screen display with an integrated HD 720p webcam and a singular digital microphone.

Ultimately, the Dell Inspiron 15 3552 is being tested for sustainability and reliability. In fact, the touchpad buttons have been tested for about 1 million times with no sign of failure along with keys which are used frequently and commonly are being tested for about 10 million keystrokes.

Furthermore, the multimedia and power buttons have been rigorously tested in order to survive up to 40,000 pushes during at its usage, it definitely offers in a sturdy yet flexible form which is designed to survive in the long run.


5. Dell Inspiron 15 3567 Laptop


With a weight of 3.18 kg, the DELL 3567 model is definitely worth a look. With its bold features such as the glossy display, he TrueLife display shows beautiful visuals where it offers an
immersive and detailed experience with a mouse.

Users will now get the opportunity to witness the extension of the battery life due to the solid-state drive. In addition, breathtaking features such as improved shock resistance, longer battery life expectancy and faster system performance are made all possible thanks to the
solid-state drive.

In terms of storage and flexibility, the Dell Inspiron 3567 has introduced the latest DVD drive which is built-in. What’s more is the authentic audio clarity where the superior sounds are being achieved using the Waves MaxxAudio which delivers amazing sound quality in order to feel the best video and music experience.

What’s different in this model in comparison to the previous Dell 3567 model is the different operating systems used. This model uses the Windows operating system however the other 3567 model uses Ubuntu OS.

Finally, users can transfer videos and photos effortlessly where the SD media card makes it easier to transmit data from the camera to the laptop.


6. Dell 3552 15.6-inch Laptop

Dell-3552-15.6-inch-Laptop-1Being 3.2 kg in weight, this Dell model runs with the Intel Pentium N3710 processor up to 1.6GHz where the speed enables operations to be carried out smoothly and effortlessly.

In fact, within this slim design, you will witness the recent AMD processors being used. This particular model of the Dell 3000 series has a 2mm edge slim design wherein you have the
capability to slide in the laptop into the travel or laptop bag without compromising much on

If there seem to be no outlets, don’t worry. Due to the long lasting battery used, you do not need to work next to an outlet for 8 hours straight. The dell model uses RAM up to 4GB DDR3 and a serial ATA hard drive of 1TB. The model has a display of 15.6-inch screen with graphics being integrated.

The operating system used for this model is Windows, which also includes a plethora of wireless
options that optimizes the connection and provides good range.


7. Dell Vostro 3468 14-inch Laptop


The laptop offers in a 14-inch screen size which makes it definitely compact and small in size as it is effortless to carry around. This works great if you are a frequent commuter. The laptop weighs approximately 2.86 kg, which makes it an averagely weighted laptop when you tend to depend on the mobility.

The processor which is used to drive the laptop is an Intel 7th generation Celeron 3865u with a rate of 1.80 GHz. In addition, the Vostro is being designed with a hard disk of 1TB to enable
storage of data along with a 2MB cache memory.

The RAM extends up to 4GB DDR3 and the LED screen display of the laptop is 14.1 inches. It uses the Windows operating system and has a DVD writer as well which is a good feature of Vostro. Lastly, Dell offers in a year of warranty under the category of ‘accidental warranty’ only.


8. Dell Vostro 3568 2017 15.6-inch Laptop


This 2.18 kg model expresses itself as a powerful laptop with its 6th generation processor which is an Intel Core i3-6006U and is fast to monitor and carry out operations up to 2GHz.

It has a hard drive of 1TB with 5400 rpm and 4GB RAM with DDR4 memory technology as well. The display shows authentic lifelike visuals with Intel HD 520 graphics.

The operating system used for the Dell Vostro is Windows and ultimately, one of the best features for this laptop is the number of ports available such as a single 2.0 USB port, 2 3.0 USB port, a single HDMI port, a single Ethernet port, 2 audio- out port and a single microphone port.

The battery energy content is up to 40 Watt-hours and delivers a voltage of 14.8 volts. It has a preloaded MS student 2016 version & Office Home available.


9. Dell Latitude 3180 Laptop


With a screen size of 11.6 inches and weight of 1.78 kg, the Dell Latitude offers amazing features such as a memory of 128GB SSD with a Celeron dual core which is remarkable in
processing operations quickly.

It has a processor speed of 1.10 GHz and RAM of 4GB. The battery lithium energy content is around 45 Watt-hours and weighs about 100 grams. The operating system used is Windows 10 which is amazing as it is the latest version.

The maximum display version is 720 HD which optimizes the lifelike visuals and authentic images. It is definitely worth considering this option due to its bewildering features.


10. Dell Inspiron 5567 Laptop

Dell-Inspiron-5567-LaptopWith a weight of 3.38 kg, the Dell Inspiron 5567 uses the Intel Core i3-6006U processor and with its DDR4 memory technology, it uses 4GB RAM with HDD capacity of 1 TB.

The operating system used in DOS which is different compared to the other models of the Dell series. It also has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which allows beautiful realistic images to be
displayed on the screen.

Dell provides an English Backlit keyboard which expresses beautiful lighting in the background and enables the users to see in the dark when working.

The laptop is stylishly crafted and offers more than just a hardware feel and look.


Choose the Best Dell Laptop under 30000!

So, here are the top best Dell laptops under 30000 in 2018 which are to be looked upon in consideration
as they offer good features under a good price.

However, as always, do consider the factors before you make your purchase as it is essential
that the ideal choice you make should be positive in the long run.

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