Best Laptop Bags in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gods Ghost2. F Gear3. Hammonds Flycatcher





We all know that our laptop is an expensive electronic item and needs to be carried in a well-protected backpack when we travel with it. You need to consider several factors other than just a mere bag to carry a laptop securely, before buying one. This article is listing here 10 Best Laptop Bags in India to ease your haunt for suitable backpacks. While choosing a laptop bag, we usually consider its comfort and sturdiness. However, there are others criteria too, that needed attention if you don’t want any fuss later regarding its quality, looks, and usability.


Follow the detailed guideline to make an optimum choice.


The backpack should have enough space to fit your laptop along with other accessories. They usually come in sizes ranging from 11-inches to 17-inches. It shouldn’t be too small or too large for your laptop.

Too much space inside the backpack after slipping your laptop in it may likely to make it move and get damaged while you are travelling. Whereas too much tight fitting may not leave room for other necessary items.

You may have to pack a pair of clothes and toiletries apart from laptop, charger, power bank, wallet, headphone and other such things for a short trip. Ensure the backpack has enough space to carry all the important stuff before buying your best pick.


The best Laptop Bags are durable, sturdy and provide water resistance. No doubt they have fine finishing and build. They look amazing even after its heavy usage.

They don’t fade or absorb water. It would be better if it has a rain cover to ensure extra protection for your valuable laptop. Choose a bag that uses soft but firm fabrics for the lining in the interior to keep your laptop protected.

Furthermore, padding in all the sides is important to safeguard the safety of your laptop against accidental damage due to shock from heavy movement while travelling.

The making should be durable enough to use it for years. Before picking the best one check thoroughly the quality of zippers and sliders.

You need to open and close your bag frequently if it for office purpose and cheap quality is going to spoil your mood sooner or later. Metallic zippers are found to last longer than plastic ones and backpacks made of nylon or neoprene provide excellent durability.


Check the shoulder straps for padding and comfort to avoid back pain and discomfort after long hours of carrying on your back. The handle of the bag also needs to be cushioned for comfortably carrying it in your hand.

Moreover, the back side of the bag should be extra padded to ensure comfortable and easy snugging. Furthermore, the length of the straps should be adjustable so that you can comfortably carry them in your back.

For messenger bags, the shoulder strap should be both adjustable and features a shaped, padded section that snug comfortably on your shoulder, which doesn’t shift about as you walk briskly.

Look for a cosy grab handle if you would like to make it look like a briefcase now and then, perhaps to look more professional and formal for business meetings. It also helps you in swiftly getting through the airport security and busy places where you need to grab and go.

Furthermore, the shoulder strap should be easily removable with D-rings at each end that allows it to clip on and off easily, in case you want a handle.

Are You A Photographer Or Gadget Lover?

Photographers or gadget lovers usually like to stuff their gadgets in the backpack wherever they go. Photographers travelling with laptops and tablets need to carry their high-end camera safely in the backpack. Moreover, gadget lovers carry their most usable gizmos like a tablet, smartwatch, external drive etc. on their backpacks.

So if you are one of them, ensure your laptop bag has a separate room for our valuable camera or gadgets. With padded cover, it nicely protects your extra valuable and prevents their accidental damage.


Choose the backpack matching your lifestyle and taste. Bags can be backpack type or over-the-shoulder sling type. Backpacks are great if you need to travel a lot, as they are more portable. Moreover, they are designed to free your hands and enhance your mobility in busy places like airports, markets or roads.

However, if you are an affectionado of formal and board meeting look, then go for an over-the-shoulder messenger bag. It will boost your professional look during conferences or at meetings.

Furthermore, if you are a frequent traveller, airline cabin-sized roll-on luggage is worth considering if your back or shoulder get tired due to long waiting or standing in a queue.

Check for the movement and rolling capacity of the wheel before buying. Big wheels are better in managing the load of your bag. Also, ensure the retractable handle is flexible and strong.

Number Of Pockets

A laptop bag should have enough pockets or chambers to keep essentials like a phone charger, power bank, wallet, medicines, headphone, comb, sunglasses, etc. neatly organized in your bag beside snug fitting your laptop. It should have side pockets to hold the bottle.

Check the pockets for fast and easy accessibility of important items. It would be better if your bag has at least two zipped pouches in the front to keeps keys, phone charger, and other such important nicknacks handy.

Moreover, the modern backpack also provides separate space for pens, business cards, earphones, clips for house keys and a hard-shell compartment for storing sunglasses to keep them organized for their easy accessibility.

After familiarizing yourself with the buying guide, check the price of the following Best Laptop Bags in Amazon and make your pick suiting your taste and need.

Top 10 Best Laptop Bags in India 2020

1. Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack

Gods-Ghost-Laptop-BackpackGods Ghost Laptop Backpack, with its enhanced quality and build, is secured and provide you utmost comfort in carrying your laptop and other utility things.

Designed with Imported and Heavy duty YKK zippers and sliders, it provides smooth opening and closing of your bag. Security of belongings is a most important consideration while making this laptop bag. The outer cover is strengthened with unbreakable fibre embedded sheets to protect it from theft.

With no front accessible zippers and secure rear opening, the Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack further enhanced the safety of your valuables. Owing to its water-resistant polyester outer cover, it provides superb protection against rain. 6 points stretchable make in pockets ensure a snug fit to all laptops with up to 15.6 Inches display.

This Ghost backpack, with its patented and modern design, don’t even respond to the sharp razor, thus keeping it safe from pickpockets and unauthorized access by anyone around. The advanced and sturdy inner fibre perfectly safeguard your sophisticated laptop while looking stylish and aesthetics from outside. It is also designed by keeping the daily commute in mind.

Whether you are travelling on crowded bus or motorcycle, it will keep your things with utmost care. Furthermore, the built quality is so progressive that it retains its shape even when it is left empty and stands by itself on flat surfaces, without any support. Turns heads on with its remarkable minimalist design. With all its advanced features, This Ghost backpack is undeniably one of the Best Laptop Bag in India.

Use it comfortably during long-duration travel as the wider comfortable straps and 180 degrees rear openings like a suitcase let you organize your things effectively. Twin pockets on both sides and easier and secure access to wallets, water bottle, keys and small stuff make it very useful while you are on the go.

It also provides abrasion resistance against rugged usage. Tangle-free hangers and separate compartments for headphones, travel cards, USB cables, laptop charger, power banks etc. in this backpack ensure their easy and secure accessibility.


2. F Gear Luxury Brown 25 litre Laptop Backpack

F-Gear-Luxury-Brown-25-litre-Laptop-BackpackThe F Gear Laptop Backpack is made with synthetic in its outer and provides excellent water resistance. This brown coloured bag has 2 compartments to organize your things for their fast and easy accessibility.

This fashionable laptop backpack comes in very handy with its multiple zip pockets to keep your things organized. The padded laptop compartment safeguards your laptop from any accidental damage.

The F Gear Luxury Brown laptop backpack is designed to store your laptop, books, clothes and other nicknacks in an easily accessible manner. With its strong padded shoulder strap, the backpack snug fit your back comfortably.

With spacious external compartments, it is a great utility product while you are travelling long distance. It allows you to store some clothes too with the laptop if you are travelling to a distant place.

Keep your important items like keys, phone charger, headphones, bottles, diary, wallets, pen-drives and other utility things neatly in your backpack. The leather finish has a modern yet classic look. This amazing product from F Gear can be considered as one of the Best Backpack in India.


3. Hammonds Flycatcher Leather 20 Ltrs Brown Briefcase

Hammonds-Flycatcher-Leather-20-Ltrs-Brown-BriefcaseDesigned from tough, 100% semi full-grain leather it provides complete durability and protection of your laptop and other stationery. The striking feature of this leather is that it may have two shades of colours.

Carry this bag anywhere; from the boardroom to worldwide travel, you are sure to catch eyes with its trendy and classic look.

With high-quality and long-lasting zipper and slider, you will never face any trouble regarding opening or closing of this bag.

The presence of one slider and zipper in the front pocket, one slider and zipper in the back pocket, 2 sliders and zipper at the main compartment and 1 slider and zipper at the security pocket behind the laptop compartment made this Hammonds Flycatcher Leather Brown Briefcase a super utility bag.

The non-woven nylon tape fabrics in the handle straps and the interior compartment make it a sturdy and shatterproof to avoid the accidental damage. Made of natural dry milled leather, it is a genuine and neatly designed product to carry your belongings comfortably.

With an elegant design, perfect size and a luxurious feel, you are sure to use this Hammonds Flycatcher Leather Bag for years. It offers a manufacturer warranty of 1 year. With its elegant look, it is undeniably one of the Coolest Laptop Backpack.


4. Hp Trendsetter Backpack

Hp-Trendsetter-BackpackHp Trendsetter Backpack is perfect for carrying your HP Notebook. With durable quality, this fashionable backpack is there at your service to keep your utility things like, phone charger, pen drive, headphone, power bank, wallet and other essential items neatly and organized at one place. The comfortable and sturdy padding in the shoulder straps ensures they snug perfectly in your back.

This Runner Backpack from HP looks sleek and professional, making it an ideal accessory to carry things in board meetings or while you are on the go. Made with durable nylon material and cushioned support for the notebook, it provides complete security to your stuff even when you are travelling long distance. This sturdy and trendy bag has enough pockets to store all laptop accessories like charging cable, headset or mouse etc.


5. Wildcraft Turnaround Polyester 27 Ltrs Blue Laptop Bag

Wildcraft-Turnaround-Polyester-27-Ltrs-Blue-Laptop-BagWildcraft Turnaround Polyester Laptop Bag is blue and provides water resistance. Made with polyester in outer material, it keeps your laptop and other accessories with utmost care. This backpack has three compartments to neatly organize your things like phone, wallet, headphone, and charger etc.

Using lightweight and durable fabric in its making, it is perfectly designed with enough space keeping in mind the traveller in you. Moreover, the specially designed padded back system ensures you carry it with enhanced comfort.

This polyester laptop bag from Wildcraft Turnaround is so fashionable and trendy in design that you are catch attention comfortably snuggling it into your back.


6. American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack

American-Tourister-32-Ltrs-Black-Laptop-BackpackThis black colour American Tourister Laptop Backpack is made of polyester in its outer. With a capacity of 32 litres and weighing 450 grams, this lightweight laptop bag is enough spacious and comfortable to carry your things in your daily commute.

With three spacious compartments and one pocket in the front, it keeps your utility things and laptop in a secure and easily accessible way. New waffle weave fabric in its making ensures durability and sturdiness, making it a useful product for long-term use.

Carry this attractive backpack from American Tourister comfortably in your travelling days, keeping every knick knacks perfectly organized for their easy and fast accessibility.

With padded interior design, this laptop backpack gives your precious device ultimate protection from unexpected incidents. The adjustable and cosy straps don’t give you any a backache in long travel.

Fitted with a durable, smooth, and weather resistant zipper, it makes no fuse in the last minute. Moreover, the zipper locks your bag and protects your laptop from theft or unauthorized access. Providing compatibility with 15.4 inches laptop, you can also use this compact yet comfortable backpack from American Tourister carry other utility things like phone, wallet, diary, pen, phone charger in an organized manner.

Keep your laptop accessories such as charger, headphone, mouse in the attractive front pocket and you are ready to go. Designed amazingly, it is one of the Best Laptop Backpack in India.


7. Aristocrat Gusto 30 Ltrs Grey Laptop Backpack

Aristocrat-Gusto-30-Ltrs-Grey-Laptop-BackpackGrey colour Aristocrat Gusto Laptop Backpack is made of high-quality, durable fabric in its exterior. With a capacity of 30 litres, it provides enough rooms for your laptop and other accessories. It comes with a rain cover, so it doesn’t mess up your essentials even in heavy rain.

With its sturdy, comfortable and long-lasting make you won’t have to worry about the security of your belongings. Containing multiple inner pockets to store your essentials like phone, wallet, charger, comb, perfumes etc. along with your laptop.

The padded shoulder straps and handle snug comfortably in your back without any ache or irritation for hours. Moreover, this laptop backpack from Aristocrat comes with a mesh back for added comfort, means backside of the bag is made up of netted string to give support to your back.

Furthermore, it ensures the safety of your accessories and valuables, thanks to its zippered front pockets and side straps with clipper locks. This wonderfully crafted backpack from Aristocrat can be easily fit into the category of Best Laptop Bag in India.


8. Skybags Ion 36 Ltrs Grey Laptop Backpack

Skybags-Ion-36-Ltrs-Grey-Laptop-BackpackSkybags Ion Laptop Backpack comes with three spacious pockets to keep your laptop and other accessories in the super organized way. Its outer material is made of durable polyester. This grey colour laptop bag has a capacity of 36 litres.

With aer-zone back comfort and spacious compartments it a nice product from Skybags. Fitted with a front pocket, a zippered side pocket, a key chain holder, and a bottle holder, this backpack neatly keeps your essentials for their fast and easy accessibility.

The adjustable chest strap in the backpack makes it more flexible while you are on the go. It comes with a rain cover to protect your essentials from damage. The top handle, shoulder straps, back, and bottom lugs are perfectly padded to give you a comfort snug while keeping your accessories safe. It is one of the Best Laptop Bag in India.


9. HP Duotone 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack (Red)

HP-Duotone-15.6-inch-Laptop-Backpack-RedHP Duotone Backpack is water resistant red colour bag to keep your laptop and other accessories in organized and easily accessible manner. The extra pockets are there for neat storing of handy essentials. The adjustable straps and a durable handle in the backpack provide for easy and safe usability of accessories.

Tablet and smartphone pockets plus interior zippered mesh pocket keep your essential belongings phone charger, earphone, comb, medicines, other knickknacks apart from laptop accessories systematically.

This compact and lightweight backpack from HP, comfortably snug to your back for hours. Smartly designed and spacious, this backpack will serve you perfectly in your board meeting, travelling or your daily commute. It can easily fit a laptop with up to a 15.6-inch diagonal screen along with other essentials.

Catch eyes with its stylish yet classy design. With great build quality and extra padding on every corner, this backpack ensures the safety of your essentials. The smooth and sturdy zippers give no fuse while opening or closing the bag. Creatively designed bottle holders on both the side are catchy and look fabulous.


10. K London Leatherite Handmade Tan Unisex Bag Cross Over Shoulder Messenger Bag

K-London-Leatherite-Handmade-Tan-Unisex-Bag-Cross-Over-Shoulder-Messenger-BagIt is a handmade messenger bag with laptop compartment in it from K London. Made of artificial leather and designed elegantly with the high-end finish, this laptop messenger bag is ideal for office going professionals.

Carry your day to day items like a tablet, laptop charger, business cards, keys, phone, power bank, pen, diary etc. neatly organized in the bag. The strong and premium fabric lining is used in making the interior of the bag.

Moreover, this attractive tan colour cross over shoulder messenger bag is sleek, compact yet spacious enough to carry your essentials comfortably. With one inside and one outside additional zipper pockets, the bag is quite useful and one of the Best Laptop bags in India in providing for fast and easy access to your necessary items.

Lightweight yet durable, this 15.6 inches premium quality shoulder bag is designed to safely carry your laptop along with other everyday essentials and accessories. The extra thick padding in the main compartment ensures the safety of your laptop from any external shock.

This laptop bag is elegantly handcrafted from premium black leatherette and lined with polypropylene; it can be used by both man and women. This sturdy product from K London features an adjustable padded sling and a top handle so that you can carry it around on your shoulders or in your hand as you may like.



The above list of best laptop backpacks in India gives you a detailed overview of their design and build. Choose the one to suit your personality and taste to carry your laptop in a safe manner.

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