Best Laptops for Programming In India 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Dell Latitude E5480 Laptop2. Microsoft Surface Book 23. Google GA00122-US Pixelbook





Do you remember a time when there were no smartphones, laptops or any other smart devices? Can you imagine yourself going back to that simpler time? We guess not. And for good reason too, since best laptop for programming and whatnot have been all the rage for the last few years. We simply cannot live without our smart devices. In fact, for a whole lot of us, these smart devices are our entire bread and butter.

They help us earn our daily livelihood and also help us achieve so much in life. We’re sure you can think of a hundred professions which would fail completely were it not for the amazing capabilities of a laptop.


It is not that humans cannot do their work themselves, but it’s just that computers, being what they are, can do the same task much more efficiently, completely error-free and in a very small fraction of the time.

Now for something that carries so many dependencies, and is now such a vital part of our daily lives, it is only natural that we work on it and perfect it as much as we can. And that is exactly what has been happening all these years.

Constant updates, improvements and bug fixes that improve the way computers and laptops work have now ultimately led us to an age where these devices can do virtually anything. You name the job and it can easily be done on a computer. And it has all been possible because we dared to think big and innovate.

But the important issue we want to focus on here is the fact that there are actually multiple categories or variations of laptops or computers that most of us are probably aware of. We sure do know that there are different processors for different computers, as are there different RAMs and different memories. Similarly, while a particular laptop may be really great for listening to music or watching videos on, another one may be specially designed for playing games.

Also, you have laptops designed for carrying out administrative work such as keeping track of data, maintaining and managing spreadsheets, preparing charts and so on. And finally, we also have specific laptops which are great for programming or coding.

Now you might not know this but programming is actually one of the most integral parts of any or all software programs that we have grown accustomed to using. Regardless of what software you are using, be it on your phone or your laptop, its use has been made possible through its creation only because of programming.

While web applications are generally built using the HTML programming language along with some PHP or Java for backend support, the mobile apps which we are so extremely fond of using nowadays are all generally developed using the XML programming language along with Java for backend support.

All kinds of applications or software that we use are made with some of the other kind of programming. And without that, they would all simply cease to exist or fail to run.

For something so important, you need a medium equally important and efficient for actually building and executing these codes. And that is precisely why we have to use the best laptop for programming.

Now, buying a laptop which lets you program and code efficiently isn’t just child’s play. You require a careful planning and selection strategy, not because quality laptops are hard to find, but rather because there are so many options available in the market, that you can easily stumble upon the wrong model and bring home a device which won’t quite fit your needs.

Take a minute of your time and try and go over the possible options you might stumble across when it comes to buying a programming laptop in the market. We guarantee that it will leave you feeling flustered and you would find yourself unable to make a conscious decision.

You certainly need someone or something which can help you through the process and ease you towards a decision that proves fruitful to you. We are looking for a laptop which has been designed especially for programmers and which can handle all kinds of programming languages and their compilers with ease.

Bear in mind that a number of programming languages these days need to be run in software and editors which are quite heavyweight in the sense that they are large applications which consume heavy memory. For running such applications, you also need a laptop which is sufficiently configured and has enough power to pull off such executions seamlessly.

This article aims to be your guide through this process. We’ll be going over what all could and could not go wrong while you shop for the best laptop for programming. We plan to introduce you to the dos and don’ts of the programming laptop buying process and hope that you would then be informed enough to make a logical decision for yourself.

And if by any chance that fails to leave a mark and you still find yourself unable to choose, we will also go over a list of ten of the most worthy contenders when it comes to the best laptop for programming. Since there is a lot to go over, let’s dive right in.

Best Laptop for Programming: What to Look For

Now while laptops in themselves are pretty complicated devices which need to be viewed from a whole lot of angles before you make the final purchase, finding a laptop that is fit for programming is even more difficult. The fact is that while purchasing a laptop computer, you need to look for a whole lot of specs which may or may not make your experience a good one.

You need characteristics or specifications that truly add value to the device and eliminate those which might slow down its performance. But as complicated as that sounds for an ordinary laptop, when you are about to buy one which you are going to use only for programming, you need to weigh in some additional factors.


It is no secret that programmers are a slightly different bunch of people. They are smart and almost all of them will tell you that their ideas can come up anywhere. If you are a programmer and you have been assigned to write a complicated piece of code for some important software, chances are that you will spend a good amount of time thinking about it. And if you happen to get stuck somewhere, there’s no telling when the solution would come to you.

But as soon as it does, you would want to implement it and check if it actually works. And that is exactly why you need a laptop which is sufficiently mobile and lets you create code on the go. If you opt for a laptop which is really heavy and not very suitable to carry around, your programming will be greatly restricted and thus, your work will suffer.

However, if you’re one of those people who prefer not to bring their work home and believe that the best work can only come out of a person when they are in a work environment, you might want to stick with the heavier laptops. This is because laptops which are heavier generally tend to account for the extra weight by a bigger screen, which in reality is actually quite a lifesaver for programmers.

This is because bigger screens tend to come with bigger and better specs, and that obviously caters greatly to programmers and gives them the freedom to code at higher levels.

So to sum up, if you’re a fan of travelling and like to take your work wherever you go, then it might suit you to get a 13 or a 14 inch laptop whereas, on the other hand, if you happen to not move around much with your device, then a 15 inch laptop should be just fine.


Now one might think that the display of the laptop is crucial only for those who are majorly interested in video games or playing videos and yet that’s not true at all. Programmers, in fact, have a lot to do with the overall display of the device.

The fact is that programmers spend a good majority of their day staring at a laptop or a desktop screen and thus, it becomes really important that they get a display which is easy on their eyes.

Also, since code basically comprises of just lines and lines of text, and sometimes the text sizing is all wrong, you also need to get the resolution and clarity of the monitor just right so that coders aren’t needed to strain their eyes in order to read whatever is on the screen.

Apart from all of that, there’s also this one important consideration of the brightness and contrast, and the fact that you need to be vigilant enough to set it at a level that doesn’t cause any kind of harm to your eyes.

Now talking of the resolution, a laptop with a 1366×768 display wouldn’t quite be right for your needs. That is because it just won’t have the necessary juice to give you the crystal clear experience that you would expect when you are writing code, and eventually, you would start facing problems.

On the other hand, a 4K display would just be too much if the only thing you are going to use the laptop for is programming. That is because a 4K display essentially means Ultra HD which isn’t explicitly required when it comes to coding.

You just want your text and resolution to be just sharp enough. A 4K display is more suited for gamers or movie enthusiasts. For coders, however, a Full HD 1920×1080 display happens to be the very best. It is competent enough to even provide basic text clarity, but at the same time is also not overly sharp and not overkill.

Even if you do buy a 4K device you are only going to regret it later since as a programmer you would want seamless and uninterrupted coding, but with a 4K display, you would be inching towards the charger more frequently than you think.

This is because a 4K display drains a lot of battery power in addition to shooting up the excess costs of the system. Thus, take our advice and go for a 1080p display and you would be pretty satisfied with what you get.


Now anyone even with the most basic of knowledge about computers will easily tell you that CPUs are just about the most integral part of computer systems. They are responsible for almost all of its basic functionalities and also determines how fast it will be able to process instructions and run commands.

Now programs are basically all about running commands and executing instructions. And while simple programs don’t really take up much CPU, some complex programs could end up sucking a lot of the CPU’s power.

That is precisely the reason why when you are building a computer specifically for programming, you need a laptop with a good CPU, so that it can process instructions fast and never lag. To give you an idea of what exactly to look for, here are some common terms and features that you need to inquire about before you make that final purchase: cache size, frequency, number of cores and thermal design power.

If you are still feeling confused, we recommend going with a simple i5 or i7 processor with at least 3 GHz processing speed as that would be quite enough to service all of your programming needs.


Now people might think that RAM can’t be much of an issue while shopping for a laptop that will be used for programming. Unfortunately, that is quite far from the truth. While it is true that the RAM did not play much of a role as far as programming computers were considered earlier, now the times have changed. With the advent of bigger and more complicated programs that are heavy on the CPU and take up a considerable time to execute, the RAM does now come into play.

While lighter programs will easily be executed with any generic amount of RAM that your system might have available, other heavier programs such as that of Electron apps require a much more considerable RAM which could be anywhere around 8 GB at the minimum.

For computers which have anything below 4 GB of RAM, they would seriously struggle when faced with long and structured programs. Hence, such PCs happen to be a big no. On the other hand, if you’re able to invest in a laptop which carries about 8 GBs of RAM, then you should be pretty much fine against all kinds of programs.


Now, this is something that we do not exactly think much about under normal circumstances, but when it comes to buying laptops for programming, you have got to pay attention to the kind of keyboard you are buying. Programmers are basically like typists except that they dish out codes and not articles.

Which is why they tend to spend extended amounts of time using the keyboard and actually need to have a really high-quality standard for the part as it could potentially make or break their coding experience.

Programmers working on good quality keyboards will definitely be able to work for longer hours without getting tired or in spite of their fingers paining and thus, be able to produce better results.

On the other hand, programmers who work on low-quality keyboards do not really work all that well and end up with paining fingers quite a lot. This obviously adversely affects their performance by a lot. As a personal recommendation, you must always go for keyboards which are somewhat compact in nature as that allows you to not stretch your fingers too much and also allows for better hand movement.

As for the keys, make sure you are fully familiar and comfortable with how they function before you purchase. Take note of the amount of pressure you need to apply to each key and whether you would be comfortable with that. The keys must also allow for easy travel.

Finally, as a side note, you also need to think of whether or not you would be working at nights or in low lit conditions because if that is the case then you would need to go for a backlit keyboard which allows you to see the keys even in low light.

Battery Life

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but is actually something that most of us fail to consider. Battery life, pretty obviously, is something that most of us need to take into account before we buy the best laptop for programming. And when it comes to a laptop for programming, you just cannot compromise.

That is because coding as a process requires uninterrupted work and any sort of interference in the workflow might lead to a disturbance in the chain of ideas and thus lead to a failed program. When you are a professional coder, you require a battery life that lasts as long as possible so that you do not find yourself reaching for the charger every now and then.

Please note that in case you plan to do all your coding from one place and if you sit right next to a power outlet at all times then this might not be a problem. However, in the more likely scenario that you end up moving a lot and actually have to travel to different places and also code at the same time, then you obviously do require some solid battery backup from your programming laptop.

Also, a point worth mentioning here would be that some manufacturers often mislead their customers by printing out inaccurate battery life on the cover. While the specified amount may be true sometimes, more often than not it is simply a lie in order to get you to buy the product.

The best option for you would be to actually read up on customer reviews where you would find a more or less accurate opinion on how much battery life the device is capable of dishing out.

As a personal recommendation, we suggest you go for a minimum of 6 hours of battery life when charged full if you want to have a pleasant coding experience with your laptop.

Operating System

Now a lot of people don’t realise this, but actually the choice of the operating system you want to go with also largely determines the kind of laptop you want to buy. This is because not all kinds of laptops can run all kinds of operating systems.

While Windows OS is the only one which is sort of universal in nature, the Mac iOS will only be run by one of the Apple lines of Mac computers. So if you are a Mac fan, it might do you well to stick to only Apple products. And then, on the other hand, there is Linux. This operating system is still largely relevant owing to how secure it is.

If we were to rank all of the available operating systems right now in terms of security, perhaps Linux would come out right on top while Apple comes out first in terms of user interface and friendliness. Now while a lot of systems these days are easily capable of running Linux, but it might do you well to look for those specific systems which officially extend Linux support.

That way, you can be sure that you’ll be able to run your favourite OS on your laptop. Also, when it comes to programming, security kind of becomes a more important feature due to which a Linux based system makes more sense. If you’re looking for recommendations, we give you Dell and System76, both of which officially extend Linux support and actually also have it pre-installed on their systems.

Well, that does it for our list of the features and details you need to look for when you decide to buy a laptop for programming. If you are planning to make that purchase, make sure you read through and you should get a good idea of what to get and what not to. Furthermore, all of these recommendations have been made with careful consideration and will definitely never fail you.

But if you thought that this was it, you are actually quite wrong here. That is because we have now finally gotten to the crux of the matter where we proceed to give to you ten of the most eligible and worthy options available in the market right now when it comes laptops for programming. All ten of these laptops are definitely worth checking out and have been designed keeping in mind the very specific needs of programmers.

If you’re a professional coder and are looking for a device to make your work easier, then we suggest you go for one of these without much hesitation as they are exactly what you need to simplify your line of work.

Top 10 Best Laptops for Programmers in India 2020

1. Dell Latitude E5480

Dell-Latitude-E5480Dell has always been a frontrunner when it comes to creating products which are not just customer friendly but also can go a long way in catering to their very specific requirements. Following the same trend, when it comes to the best laptop for programming, you just can’t get much better than this.

With a laptop that boasts of almost every important feature that programmers look for in their laptops, this one is a sure winner. The Latitude E5480 comes with an Intel Core 7th Gen processor which means you will be able to run and execute even the most high-end programs on it.

If that is not enough, it also comes with dual core and a fantastic 3.1 GHz processing speed which gives you enough flexibility to run almost anything. Furthermore, the screen size is 14 inches in addition to being fully HDF and with an anti-glare coating so that you experience absolutely no strain of the eyes even if you happen to work for longer hours.

The RAM is 8GB DDR4 memory which means you get to multitask on the laptop without affecting its performance. Also, you get Intel HD graphics for running high-end applications pretty smoothly. Finally, there is a 256GB class 20 SSD along with Windows 10 pre-installed on the system so that you have a fantastic coding experience.


2. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft-Surface-Book-2Microsoft, being the technological giant that it is, never falters when it comes to releasing amazing products. The latest Surface Book 2 has proved to be nothing short of a revolution and has been especially useful for programmers since they now have a device which caters exclusively to their needs.

With their amazingly vast experience and technical expertise and leadership, they have managed to perfect the product with features such as a 7th Gen Intel Dual Core i5 processor, which obviously leaves no stone unturned in making sure that none of your programs falter or fails to execute.

There are 256GB or storage and 8GB of RAM which means that memory is not something you would ever have to worry about with this laptop. It also guarantees up to 17 hours of video playback which means as a professional coder, you would never worry about running out of battery life as long as you use it judiciously.

There is also Intel HD Graphics to keep you entertained and the device packs almost double the power than its already hugely successful predecessor, the Microsoft Surface Book. It also boasts of a Vibrant PixelSense display which means that the colours are much more vivid and that the screen size of 13.5 inches is just about perfect for coding applications.


3. Google GA00122-US Pixelbook

Google-GA00122-US-PixelbookGoogle is arguably one of the biggest companies in the world. When it comes to technology, it is definitely an absolute beast. They have managed to make a foray into almost every domain and have been equally successful everywhere.

When there is a brand like that, how do you even manage to not place your trust in it? With consistently great products and amazing innovations, they have effectively redesigned and revolutionized the technological landscape.

With Google Pixelbook, you can now experience what the brand stands for. With an interface and set of features that complement programmers specifically, it also features an i5 core processor along with an 8GB RAM. That means that you can easily play music or videos in the background while you code.

Also, there is 128GB of storage in case you need to store much of your personal files on the system. But the most exciting feature of the Pixelbook is that it is not just a tablet but in fact much more than that. It features a 4 in 1 design which is able to adapt to each of your needs and can actually be run in any one of the laptop, tent, tablet and entertainment modes. With such flexibility and convenience, you can’t get a better deal than this.


4. Apple MacBook Pro MD101HN

Apple-MacBook-Pro-MD101HNAnother huge technological giant and possibly the most profitable company in the world, Apple, has been known to do things in style. Be it new product launches or announcements, everything happens with a certain class and elegance if it happens to be associated with Apple.

Their iPhones and Macs literally sell like hotcakes even though they are far more expensive than their counterparts. As for the MacBook Pro, it happens to be the best laptop for programmers.

Featuring a wide array of features centred on coders, it also features an Intel Core i5 processor along with 3.5 GHz of processing speed, which makes it an absolute beast when it comes to handling data processing and executing instructions. Additionally, it comes with 4 GB DDR3 RAM which allows you to multitask seamlessly and also a 500 GB hard drive to store all your data.

There is also a 13-inch screen with Intel HD graphics in case you ever get bored of coding and decide to watch a movie or play a game. The operating system is the Mac OS X Mavericks.


5. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E470 20H10054IG 14-inch Laptop

Lenovo-ThinkPad-Edge-E470-20H10054IG-14-inch-LaptopLenovo has always been pretty consistent with its products. They have always come up with unique ideas and have given us some really fantastic devices. When it comes to experience, they have plenty of it, and that, combined with their technical expertise enables them to develop products like the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge, which is great in terms of the features and also extremely durable.

It sports an Intel i3 processor along with a 2 GHz processing speed for rapid-fire processing, giving programmers the time of their lives when coding on this device.

The 4 GB DDR4 RAM along with the seriously formidable 1TB Serial ATA hard drive makes sure that you never run out of memory while working on this laptop. The screen is a good 14 inches in size, thus giving you some really solid performance and also enough room to read your code pretty comfortably.

There is also an Intel HD 520 Graphics card along with a Windows 10 Professional operating system installed so that you never have to face any problems and can focus on simply the programming. Finally, it is also quite lightweight at just 1.87 kgs.


6. Toshiba Portege Z20t-B2111W10 12.5″ Ultrabook

Toshiba-Portege-Z20t-B2111W10The Toshiba Ultrabook is just another in a long line of fantastic devices by the manufacturer, which has been consistently dishing out great products. This latest one is focused solely on the programmers and is designed specifically to aid writing code and executing programs rapidly.

Touted as the world’s most write minded PC, the Toshiba Protégé is one that boasts of features like an 8 GB RAM along with a 128GB SSD, which means memory will never be a problem.

Additionally, the screen size is 12.5 inches which is quite enough for programmers to work with and thus facilitates good programming. Overall, this device is a lot smarter than most other laptops out there as it features some unique qualities like browsing without the dongle and also an extensive theft protection system that lets you keep track of your device at all times.


7. HP 250 G5 (1EK01PA) 15.6-inch Laptop

HP-250-G5-1EK01PA-15.6-inch-LaptopHP has been another consistent player when it comes to building great laptops and computers for various purposes. They have a long line of innovations and this one is built specifically as best laptop for programmers and to service their varied needs. It boasts of a huge 15.6 inches screen which means the readability of code will be at an all-time high.

Additionally, it also sports an Intel Core i5 7200U processor which makes things a lot easier and a lot more manageable by being extra fast and convenient.

The processing speed is 3.1 GHz which is obviously quite a lot when you compare it to the other models in the market. The storage space is a whopping 1 TB which is enough to store all of your data including the big data files and the videos or pictures. Additionally, there is also a 2 GB AMD Radeon Graphics card for improved graphics and excellent video rendering.


8. Microsoft Surface Pro KJR-00015

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-KJR-00015There is arguably nothing bigger than Microsoft in the tech world right now. And if you are looking to buy a laptop to take care of your programming ventures and needs, then why not buy one from the best? Their long range of best laptop for programming has impacted the market in a huge way and the Surface Pro is certainly another fine addition to the list.

It comes with an Intel Core i5 7th Gen processor to take care of your rapid processing needs, letting you focus on your work without worrying about whether the device will be able to handle multiple programs at the same time. The processing speed has been set at 2.6 GHz which is quite enough for all major applications and coding environments.

There is an 8 GB DDR3 RAM and as we discussed earlier, this much happens to be quite enough for programming based laptops and all of their peripheral applications. The screen is 12.3 inches in size with an Integrated Graphics card and it comes with a Windows 10 Pro operating system for easy usability and convenience.


9. Asus C101PA-DB02 10.1″ Touch Chromebook Flip

Asus-C101PA-DB02ASUS has been a relatively new player in the laptops and smart devices industry and yet, has managed to create a distinct niche for itself in a very short time. Their products are smart as well as affordable, and have managed to consistently maintain the same high levels of quality standards that they began with.

The Chromebook Flip is a revolutionary device with some truly enticing features such as a 360-degree hinge that actually lets you customize the laptop in any way you want.

You could use it as a laptop, or even fold it up into a tablet or a tent. The touchscreen is fantastic and very responsive while the flexibility of using these different modes is what makes this device so appealing to programmers. It is quite lightweight and comes in a sleek aluminium metal body which gives it a finish that you have always wanted on your smart devices.

The battery life can last for as long as 9 hours after it has been fully charged and that in itself is another big asset for programmers. Finally, it boasts of a Quad Core 2.0 GHz processor which results in some very fast and appealing performances.


10. Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A 13.3-inch Laptop

Apple-MacBook-Air-MQD32HNWhat better way to end this list than with another fantastic Apple product. MacBook fans must rejoice, for they now have another reason to use their favourite iOS, courtesy the Apple MacBook Air.

Designed with a host of great new features and featuring a 13.3 inches decently sized screen, the laptop also sports a really beautiful exterior design. It has an Intel Core i5 processor along with a processing speed of 1.8 GHz and functions with an 8 GB RAM in addition to a 128GB SSD.

In addition to the large screen, it also has great graphics due to the Intel HD Graphics 6000 and features the MacOS Sierra operating system. It is also extremely lightweight which happens to be quite a boon for programmers who prefer to code while they travel. This is because, with a 1.35 kg weight, they can carry it around without it being much of a hassle.

To top things off, since Apple is one of the most dependable brands in the market, the manufacturer does also provide a 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of the purchase.



So that brings us to the end of the list. We are sure that by now you have a fairly good idea of what to expect when you plan on buying the best laptop for programming. Simply make sure that you keep all of the above points in mind, avoid the ones which must be avoided and embrace the ones which bring out the best programmer in you.

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