Best Laptops Under 15000 in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. iBall Excellence2. RDP Thin Book -14303. Micromax Canvas L1161





If you are in need of a good laptop, yet you are restrained by monetary reasons and can’t spend much, you don’t have to be disheartened. There are best laptops under 15000, available in the market which is not only affordable but gives good value for money as well. However, this particular category of laptops has a wide range of models and many companies manufacture them, or import them in India.

This makes it a tough task to select the laptop that is supposed to best suit both your requirements and budget. But fret not, we will make this difficult task pretty convenient for you. Once you have gone through this article, you will be able to differentiate between the ‘Cheap’, Good, and “Best”.


Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Laptop Under 15000

Now that you know a bit about what you want the laptop for but there are still a few factors that you must check, before finalising your purchase.


Although the conventional laptops come prominently in Mac, Chrome or Windows OS, there is a high probability that your choice of best laptop might come in Android OS as well. Since these laptops are used to get things done on the go, they need to have a faster OS that will get the job finished without getting hanged. Chrome OS by Google is the much-preferred platform by the majority of people, but that is perhaps because of the people being used to Chrome Web browser.

There are few platforms that you can develop for your convenience of use such as Linux, but for that, you got to be good with it. Also, make sure that the kind of work that you want to do is supported by the platform. For instance, content writing on documents or notepads be done on almost all the platforms, but editing photographs need a sound OS that can support the editing software.


This should not be a tricky thing to decide upon, because you have both the options in the 2-in-1 kind of laptops. You can turn these into the conventional clamshell mode or in tablet mode or in different positions that would come between those two; stand or tent mode. Usually, these come in two varieties.

The first kind is the one where screen and keyboards can be detached and kept separate. The second kind is where the laptops are flexible with hinges that actually can bend back at 360 degrees so to change the modes. Such systems are much better at catering just one purpose rather than other. The back bending models give a good laptop experience while the convertible ones render superior tablet feel.

However, in case you do not wish to use the laptop as a tablet or slate, then you could get more value in terms of performance for the money spent from a conventional laptop that has a clamshell design. Do note that most of the laptops that bend and not get detached, usually have much better battery backup, in comparison to the ones that can be detached.


Yes, the size matters a lot, when you are to buy a compact laptop that has to do a few specific tasks or just one task for that matter. Here the screen size will help you in getting the right visuals of the image, video or data that you would want to work on. In the budget that you are searching for a laptop, you will get 10 – inches to 14 – inches device.

You must know that 10 – inches to 12 – inches of laptops are usually the lightest and thinnest systems to go with.

On the other hand, 13 – inches to 14 – inches of device offer a good balance of usability and portability. The latter kind is deemed good for software creation or multimedia editing purposes, while the former is good for communication such as video conferencing as well as document processing.

Though, you also have to take into consideration the optimal convenience of carrying the device. If you happen to be regularly on the move, then perhaps a small screen size laptop will be good for you.

Touchpad & Keyboard

Ergonomics matters a lot when you are buying a laptop, irrespective of their price and size. Any number of technical advantages through the means of particular hardware or software doesn’t matter at all if the ergonomics are not good.

In case you intend to do much work on the laptop then ensure that the keyboard gives strong tactile feedback with good vertical travel which is the distance that the key usually goes down while pressed; around 1 – 2 mm as well as the good spacing between all the keys of a keyboard.

You must check for the accurate touchpad which does not give a cursor that is jumpy and also responds consistently to multi-touch gestures similar to pinch-to-zoom most of the time. In case your purpose of buying a laptop is business, then consider getting hardware that has a nub between its G and H typing keys. It will aid in navigating through the desktop conveniently without lifting any fingers off the home row of the keyboard.

Technical Specifications

Now we are discussing the technical aspects, which has to be specifically meet your need. Otherwise, it is either an under-use or no-use. The RAM, processor, hard drive, graphics chip could confuse even the best minds, with the variety of combinations that is available. Hence, do not feel inferior if the specification sheets appear to you as if it’s a complex alphabet soup.
Below mentioned are the chief components of the laptop that you must keep a close watch too.

CPU: The brain of any computing device is its central processing unit, or CPU is the brain of the laptop or any computing device for that matter. It has a massive influence on the performance of the machine, while it depends on what is it that you want exactly. People think that expensive models of laptops have the best CPU installed in them, whereas the less expensive models also come with good CPU to them. So do keep your eyes open for details and select the one that will help you the most.

RAM: The Random Access Memory is crucial in running the machine because the activities of software would need free space to run. So bigger the RAM is in the system, better it runs. In best laptops under 15000, you can conveniently get yourself 2 GB RAM or maybe a bit more, if you get a custom upgrade. Though, 16 GB of RAM is certainly an overkill that you should only take if you want to have a powerful processing speed to get your work done.

Hard Drive: Even if the CPU and RAM are good, but the hard drive is sub-standard, the output will not be satisfactory. However, see if you can grab an SSD or solid state drive instead of hard drive because the former may not give a lot of storage but it will speed up the performance by three times. The mechanical hard drives may give good internal storage, but they will not be faster than the SSD. If you need storage, then go for a hard drive, or else get SSD.

Display: Now this is the first thing after the body of the laptop that you will get to see. Here more pixels mean more content fitting on-screen while the quality will be sharp. Though the market has 1366 x 768 display configuration in the low-end laptops, but 1920 x 1080 or widely known as full HD is the better bargain on any day. Just so you know, there are high-end laptops that have display quality as high as 3840 x 2160, whereas the finest and exclusive displays also come in 3200 x 1800 as well as 2560 x 1600. But know that sharp display will consume the good volume of power, and that will consequently lower the life of the battery.

Touch-Screen: Some of the best laptops under 15000 will have a touch screen, which makes sense if you are going for a 2-in-1 model rather than the clamshell laptop. If you are taking touch-screen in the latter version, then you may not be driving out the full benefit of the touch-screen feature. Also, this feature compromises the battery longevity while using the device. A touch-screen enabled laptop will give less battery backup by 1 to 3 hours. Though, the touch-screen is a standard feature on the 2-in-1 models.

Graphics Chip: In case you do not intend using your best laptop under 15000 for playing games, editing high-resolution videos or making 3D objects, a good graphics chip that is integrated in the system will do well. Though, if you happen to do any of the above three or all of the three, then Nvidia or AMD graphics processor will be needed. Just like the CPU, there are low-end and high-end graphics chips that come fitted in the laptop, but you may get an upgrade as well at an extra cost.

Ports: Though “no ports” is still fine when buying a laptop, but it is good to have ports to get connections that are needed right on the device. This saves you from carrying around multiple dongles. Majority of the mainstream best laptops under 15000 have USB 3.0 ports as well as HDMI port for videos. Many latest laptop versions now use ports of Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C which are compatible with USB Type-C accessories. The Type-C port is indeed an advantage since it can be used to connect with universal docks and chargers.


The battery life matters a lot if you happen to be on the move almost all the time. In large and bulky notebooks, which are mostly used on desks that are near to a power outlet, one doesn’t have to worry much about its battery backup.

But if the laptop is to be used on the lap, there has to be 7 hours of battery endurance at the least and 8+ hours of battery backup would be ideal. So, to find out the notebook’s battery life, do not go by the word of the manufacturer, but read the user reviews.


Although you have set your eyes on best laptops under 15000, budgeting also means that you take into account the accessories such as mouse and carry bag for your device. Those two are essential for the laptop, but if you add a wireless keyboard to the accessories, then the total cost may go a bit up. However, let the accessories wait a while if you need a good laptop first; spend right.


Do not go for a brand that you never heard of or no one heard of. A laptop could only be good as its manufacturing company which stands beside it. The timely and accurate technical assistance is the paramount necessity to keep the device in optimum working condition with the desired performance.

This is one of the reasons that a brand which serves after-sale service well; gets to sell its commodity much better than its competition. Hence, watch out for the brand that makes the most number of laptop sale in a year. This should render you a fair idea on which brand you should go for.

Since you have already gone through all the major factors that determine right selection of best laptop under 15000, now you should go through the available options.

Top 10 Best Laptops Under 15000 in India 2020

1. iBall Excelance CompBook 11.6-inch Laptop 

iBall-Excelance-CompBook-11.6-inch-LaptopThe Excelance CompBook of iBall is an 11.6-inch screen laptop with a display resolution of 1366 x 768. It weighs barely 1.09 Kg, while its size is 29.1 cm x 20 cm x 2.4 cm. Equipped with Intel Atom Z3735 1.83 GHz processor, it makes the Windows 10 OS work smoothly on its platform.

The 2 GB of RAM works well with 32 GB of hard drive. The size of the hard drive may sound a bit less, but it works fine, and also, you can save your work on an external hard drive. It has dual-speakers for good sound delivery, in case you wish to hear to audio or watch some video.


2. RDP Thin Book -1430 14.1-inch Laptop 

RDP-Thin-Book-1430-14.1-inch-LaptopHaving a laptop that is not just within your budget, but also thin makes for a perfect device because it can be conveniently carried around. RDP’s Thin Book 1430 has a 14.1 – inch 1366 x 768-pixel screen which is based on LCD technology. At 35.1 cm x 23.3 cm x 2 cm dimension, it is an impressive body with just 1.36 Kg to be packed and taken to the next work spot.

The 4 Intel Atom 1.84 GHz processors work with the 2 GB RAM and 32 GB DDR3L eSATA hard drive, while the Intel HD Graphics 400 that is integrated to the system gives a good response to the tasks that are bestowed upon it. With 802.11bgn wireless type connectivity, it can go online conveniently and without any hassle.

The genuine version of Windows 10 on Intel Quad Core x5-Z8350 hardware platform is a treat that you will enjoy. The battery standby life is a good 14 hours, while you may work continuously for 8.50 hours if its not a multimedia-rich task that you are doing on the laptop.


3. Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1161 11.6-inch Laptop

Micromax-Canvas-Lapbook-L1161-11.6-inch-LaptopA Lapbook by Micromax sounds pretty attractive, which it is. This 11.6 – inch 1366 x 768 resolution screen laptop has a dimension of 30.5 cm x 20.2 cm x 19.9 cm while it weighs 1.3 Kg. It is recognised by its model number L1161. One Intel Atom Z3735 processor help runs everything on this device at 1.83 GHz speed. The 2 GB RAM supports the 32 GB DDR3 SDRAM with Intel HD Gen 7 graphics coprocessor at 600 Mhz. The 2 USB 2.0 port gives you options in cable connection, while the Windows 10 OS delivers you every latest software facility that may come on it.


4. Micromax l1160 11.6-inch Laptop 

Micromax-l1160-11.6-inch-LaptopThe Micromax I1160 laptop has 11.6 – inch screen with 1366 x 768 display resolution, while it weighs 1.72 Kg and comes in a dimension of 29.5 cm x 19.9 cm x 1.8 cm. Its platform runs on Intel Atom 1.83 GHz processor, whereas the 2 GB RAM and DDR3 32 GB solid state hard drive has everything sorted for you when it comes to working on this laptop.

The graphics coprocessor is integrated in the hardware of this laptop, while an HDMI port allows for the device to be connected with a television screen. The Windows 10 OS makes the daily work on it much convenient for both professionals and amateur alike.


5. iBall CompBook Excelance-OHD 

iBall-CompBook-Excelance-OHD-Intel-Atom-Processor-X5Another 11.6 – inch screen laptop with 1366 x 768 display resolution and know that this is an LED screen on the CompBook Excelance by iBall. It weighs a mere 1.1 Kg with a dimension of 29.1 cm x 2.5 cm x 20.3 cm. Its Intel Atom processor runs at 1.83 GHz speed.

The Serial ATA interface of 32 GB hard drive works on a HDD slot technology that can connect the 2.5 – inch HDD/SDD, to increase the memory capacity to a good 1 TB. The Intel HD Graphics Coprocessor can do wonders for the multimedia tasks that you may want to carry out on this laptop.


6. RDP ThinBook 1430-EC1 14.1 inch Laptop 

RDP-ThinBook-1430-EC1-14.1-inch-LaptopYou must be looking forward to a performance laptop that will do all your work. Well, don’t we buy a laptop for that? The RDP brand’s ThinBook series 1430 – EC1 Laptop has a big HD 14.1 – inch LCD screen that is 1366 x 768 resolution, while it weighs 1.36 Kg at 35.1 cm x 23.3 cm x 2 cm dimension.

The Intel Atom processors run at an impressive processor speed of 1.92 GHz. The 2 GB RAM is standard fitting in it while 32 GB of eSATA hard drive lets Intel HD Graphics 400 processor run smoothly. The Windows 10 OS gives an excellent user experience that need not be tested before you buy it.


7. iBall 11.6 Inches Compbook

iBall-11.6-Inches-CompbookThis model of iBall laptop has garnered much attention recently because it delivers many things with an 11.6 – inches of screen and Intel Atom processor at a speed of 1.84 GHz. The 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of hard drive are good to not consume too much battery, but give optimum performance with Windows 10 OS. The 20.2 cm x 1.7 cm x 29.7 cm of size distributes the 1.83 Kg of its weight evenly. Thus, you need not worry about carrying it around with you, when you are on the move.


8. iBall Marvel 6 CompBook 2017 14-inch Laptop 

iBall-CompBook-Excelance-OHD-Intel-Atom-Processor-X5iBall has certainly grasped a good hold in the Indian computer market in the recent years. The Marvel6 series of this brand is selling its CompBook Marvel 6 with Intel Celeron processor that runs at a speed of 2.40 GHz. The 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of hard drive help in many tasks with an integrated graphics card in it.

The Bluetooth – IV and WiFi allows it for smooth connectivity wirelessly with 802.11. The Windows 10 Home version of OS works well with 7 hours’ battery backup for your work. At 1.41 Kg it may sound a bit heavy to you, but be rest assured that if you go for this; you will not complain at all.


9. Acer Switch SW110-1CT 10.1-inch Laptop 

Acer-Switch-SW110-1CT-10.1-inch-LaptopAcer has become a pretty recognised brand across India with its range of computing devices, including laptops in every specification and price range. The Switch series of Acer has brought forth SW110-1CT laptop that weighs 1.1 Kg with a 10.1 – inches of the screen which has a resolution of 800 x 1280.

Yes, it is low resolution in comparison to many others in this list, but it still does some amazing work at a fast pace with 2 Intel Atom 1.90 GHz speed processors. The Intel integrated HD 400 graphics coprocessor is good to carry out multiple multimedia tasks on the 2 GB Ram and 32 GB hard drive.


10. Zentality Zen Air C-114 14.1-inch Laptop 

Zentality-Zen-Air-C-114-14.1-inch-LaptopThe last of the best laptop under 15000 in this list is by Zentality brand. At 14.1 – inch screen, this is a big laptop that you can buy for the budget that you have set for shopping. The weight is 1.3 Kg which is appropriate for travelling and working from anywhere because the battery is of 5 watts hours capacity. The 4 Intel Atom processors work at 1.44 GHz speed, and 2 GB of RAM helps a lot when there is 32 GB of solid-state drive DDR3 SDRAM hard drive for all the essential work that you need to do.


Which is the Best Laptop under 15000?

We believe that by now you have understood the different aspects of laptops under 15000; to decide which laptop you wish to buy and which laptop will best suit your needs.

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