Best Ultrabooks In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Apple MacBook Air2. HP Pavilion3. Dell Inspiron 5370


During the year 2012, the Ultrabook is widely known to be the recent trend in the PC market and even has taken the tech industry by its concept. In fact, a majority of the people are avoiding outdated laptops in exchange for something much better such as portable Ultrabooks.

One of the reasons why Ultrabooks are so popular is because they are integrated with great power yet lightweight, thin and compact in size, convenient, and can fit perfectly just about anywhere thereby, any sort of work can be fulfilled.

Usually, there are two categories of computers designed for people. One is a desktop or also known as a Personal Computer(PC) and the other one is, a portable PC; which is also known as a laptop. As technology evolved and still continues to do so with the help from the advanced innovations in computing devices, there are new sub-categories of these simple personal computers.


Even so, the laptops are categorized further as Netbooks, Palmtops, Notebooks and Ultrabooks. All these types of devices operate on similar basic features such as a screen, keyboard, storage device, mouse tracking device, and a battery. The only difference between these specifications is the overall speed, battery life, size, weight and the most crucial of them all- cost.

However, it can be quite arduous to consider the ideal Ultrabook for you. In addition, users should set their eyes on the specifications as they select an Ultrabook.

Regardless of the number of laptops you owned previously and opt for features you like, you are not protected against some of the most usual laptop purchasing problems. It can be quite tempting to consider a large screen or even consider high-end features despite not making use of them or not really wanting them. Therefore, this guide will assist you in avoiding fancy laptops and purchase a model which is suitable to your present needs and in the future as well, and not something which goes beyond your necessities or budget. In addition, we will also add the top 10 best Ultrabooks in India 2018 below the article.

But before we do that, let’s start with the basics:

Defining an Ultrabook:

Ultrabooks are basically ultra-portable when it comes to weight and size. As a matter of fact, they are compact and smooth wherein they weigh less than 3 pounds. The ultrabook was initially designed and developed by several laptop manufacturers in order to compete against smooth MacBooks by Apple. They are found available in different sizes which range from 11 inches to 14 inches. Ultrabooks are also equipped with super-sonic solid state drives (SSD) in order to carry out instant booting of the operating system as well as a battery backup of a minimum of five hours.

Features of Ultrabook:

Display screens
The screen of an ultrabook is slim and normally have a thickness less than 0.85 inches. The diagonal sizes range from 11” to 14”. You also get the option of a touchscreen from various Ultrabook manufacturers.

An ultrabook usually comes with a keyboard (flat in design) without the integration of a numeric keypad. In order to give it a thin profile, there are no raised or tactile keys. The keyboard is of guaranteed high quality and is designed to ensure durability for any sort of brutal usage.

Battery backup
The usual laptops come with a conventional battery backup of 3 to 4 hours. The ultrabook, however, offers a battery backup from 5 to 12 hours maximum. Ultrabook producers make use of Lithium Polymer batteries which are, in fact, more firm compared to the ancient lithium-ion batteries that are still utilized in laptops.

Design and construction
The Ultrabooks are being designed to offer remarkable features but also ensuring that the weight is kept as low as possible. The material used for the body is usually light in weight like aluminium and holds a ‘unibody’ frame. These designs are smooth and attractive, however, at the same time, users are required to maintain them with care. The screen is thinner, therefore, more sensitive compared to regular laptops and the hinges are a bit fragile as well.

When comparing to laptops, Ultrabooks are usually much faster. These devices have SSD rather than using hard drives which are mechanical. The SSDs are basically flash memory chips with no platters or motors of the old hard disk drive. SSD has a quicker access to data, compact in terms of size and uses less power. Ultrabooks can make use of either a hybrid of SSD, a mechanical HDD and an individual SSD. The best ultrabooks offer remarkable speeds when it comes to processing of data and regular computing tasks.

Ultrabooks cost a bit higher compared to a usual standard laptop because the materials/components used are produced using high-end technology. Components such as the CPU, SSD or even screens tend to take in less power but at the same time, they provide high-performance levels as well.

Internal hardware
When talking about internal hardware, we include the basic elements such as USB ports, Ethernet port, Wi-Fi chips, battery, screen cables, CPU, CPU fan, HDMI port, RAM slots, graphics chip, and heatsink. The key difference between an Ultrabook hardware and regular laptop hardware is the unavailability of a DVD writer in Ultrabooks. As we mentioned previously, Ultrabooks use more of SSD instead of HDD and a Li-Polymer battery rather than a Li-Ion battery.
There are typically four minimum system requirements that constitute an ultra-slim laptop and should be examined as you begin searching for an ultrabook:

Responsiveness and power
The reactivity and boot times are super quick since these devices are integrated with the Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 thus they are able to get up from sleep mode in just about seven seconds or even less. Even so, they do lack capabilities in the graphics area as well. There are several ultrabooks which do provide distinct graphics cards that can enhance 3D performance in Windows 8 applications and even provide a higher definition resolution.

Portability enables the battery life to exist between five and eight hours, which is approximate to a majority of mini-laptops. Likewise, ultrabooks are exceptionally light in weight wherein they weight less than 3.3 pounds and are about one inch thick.

Incorporated security
Lastly, a majority of Ultrabooks have authentication features such as pre-boot authentication, fingerprint scanners, and an upgraded data protection with hardware, as well as an integrated security thus enabling users to be well-protected against possible malware.

All of this useful data can be researched online much more clearly by knowing precisely what you are searching for and the purpose as well.

The specifications asked below are usually asked when selecting an Ultrabook:

What it will be used for?
What is your desired operating system (OS)?
What is your ideal size?
The security features which are needed?
The ideal performance rate?

As you understand your peculiar specifications, then you should start considering the price ranges. Ultrabooks are priced in multiple ranges wherein they are available at all ends in the market and it really varies on the needs and wants for it. In a much more general sense, the specifications needed to pick an Ultrabook depends on the responsiveness, power, size and security features.

Coming to the final question: Ultrabooks vs Laptops?

As you compare ultrabooks with laptops, there are quite a few important differences that viewer should consider how which divides simple old “notebooks” from their “ultra” innovation and evolution.



Intel does not put forward any peculiar needs that laptop producers need to follow when they combine all the specifications on their Ultrabooks’ screens, however, this has not hindered them from elevating the bar regardless.

In fact, Ultrabooks are not precisely produced for photo work or even media streaming, but this does not mean they are not capable of performing both or either of these tasks. Ultrabooks may not have stunning displays, but they’re not considered the worst. In fact, they are considered far from it. When you own an Ultrabook, you know that you will get the job done easily when it needs to since the resolution will not force you to squint in order to see the text when completing a task.


Purchasing laptops can be one of the largest gambles which a user can make when it comes to buying one online. Regardless of manufacturers who mention all the specifications online such as 1920 x 1080p IPS LED, etc, users cannot make the best decision without actually taking a good tangible look at it. There is no other way to guarantee if what you purchase online will be worth streaming, typing for long periods of time or even gaming.

When you search for the ideal laptop screen, consider if that company touts directly on the capabilities of the screen. This is the only method where you can assure that it meets your standards without having the need to look at it first.

Trackpad, Keyboard, Design

The only reason why we merged these three elements in the selfsame category is that you can always expect a well-designed laptop will be provided with a well-designed as well.

The only difference you will find is their slim requirement wherein almost all the ultrabooks will usually be integrated with a flat-key design, which can be a hindrance to some typists. There are few people who tend to choose a more tangible feel of raised keys thereby, shifting into a flat key design can take some time getting adjusted to.

Despite this, Ultrabooks are produced primarily with the idea of productivity in their owners’ minds. This would mean that they need their keyboards to be quick, responsive, and solid. In addition, they expect the trackpads to never let them scratch their thumbs in order to scroll a page. The key is to make everything easy-to-use, and while using Intel’s quality assurance, it does guarantee the statement.

It’s unfortunate on how this rule does not concern for laptops when it comes to form or shape. There are cases where one of the most remarkably designed shells which appear handmade come with an absolute revolting keyboard imaginable. Yet, there is nothing you can do about it to change it.

Just as we have mentioned about the screen, purchasing a laptop without checking it out for yourself in the shop is a huge risk and it certainly does not pay off when you take the risk. You may feel that the laptop looked stunning on paper with amazing specs and an astounding design yet the trackpad and keyboard lacks finishing and falls directly behind the line.

Some of the keyboards can be cheap plastic materials, while others can be more robust and sturdy, yet carbon fibre inventions. There are few which are slim, and there are some which are bulky. Even so, there are few models which are in the centre of the Goldilocks zone.


In terms of hardware, it really is a complete toss-up. It’s difficult and nearly impossible to make comparisons of ultrabooks and laptops on a 1:1 ratio with hardware. This is because, just as a majority of ultrabooks are found out there; there are even laptop producers who create machines with equivalent features for an identical price.

Ultrabooks should behave at least a minimum of 8GB ram installed and ULV (ultra-low voltage) Intel processors in order to be identified as an ultrabook. All the other constituents, regardless if it’s the hard drive, the internal graphics chip, or even the sound card is left up to a manufacturer’s judgement. This would mean that for every laptop model which comes with a quick SSD, there’s always an ultrabook that has a much advanced and better sound system. Likewise, for every ultrabook that has a fast CPU, there is always a laptop which could beat it in gaming without having to wince.

Both ultrabooks and laptops give you the freedom to customize, and the hardware features you obtain with your device will all depend on personal preference, along with the budget and the purpose or plan to use it for.

Operating System

For any ultrabooks in 2017, you can expect to obtain a heavy Windows 10 operating system as well. Apple doesn’t produce ultrabooks, and even though users can download Linux on any device; people still purchase it despite knowing the fact. Also, it is impossible to identify an ultrabook which has a Wine or an Ubuntu build being pre-installed at inventory. This, in fact, is a small hassle for a majority of ultrabook users, but this is still something worth to examine before any final purchases are being made.

But of course, any type of software that’s co-existing with Windows will definitely be compatible with an ultrabook.

On the other hand, laptops are offered in a myriad of colours. You have the liberal freedom to get your laptops installed with Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu, and the Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Typically, laptops are delivered using the pre-eminent blend of operating systems and software but overall, it’s a draw when it comes to hardware.

Battery Life

Intel needs ultrabooks to have a minimum of 9+ hours of inactive time. Along with this, it would require 7 days of standby time and six hours of heavy web browsing or watching videos. One of the crucial hardware piece which makes ultrabooks “ultra” is their battery life expectancy. Ultrabooks, when comparing directly with laptops, can win against them by a factor of two-four times long. The best ultrabooks produced in India 2018 have prolonger battery life expectancies compared to laptops therefore, users do not need to worry on quickly charging their machines.

Even so, Ultrabooks are produced for scenarios such as when a user is stuck on the bus however the report is required in an hour or so. Ultrabooks are handy during a time of need and offer extreme convenience.

Just like their design, the wide range of “laptops” can be ideal as notebooks. This would mean that for every laptop (with a high power consuming Intel Core i7) that works up till four hours or less on a direct charge, there is a myriad of extreme-efficient models operating elements that can extend the vegetate times for more than 16 hours in-between charges.

Battery times in laptops differ dramatically above and below the scale. Moreover, it sees how far it can extend between each charge but it all varies on the model you get along with its deliberate purpose such as productivity, gaming, movie watching, etc.


Typically, this is one aspect where it truly boils down to the wire. Users can get peculiar devices that can label themselves as Ultrabooks within a cheap budget. Although, at a low price range, it is suggested to choose a more substantial laptop instead.

Basically, when a user pays a higher price for an ultrabook, there is a guarantee of a certain standard in the quality level. Quality levels would mean to be adequately slim in order to fit perfectly into a backpack instantly or last long enough when it’s nearly out of juice or boot up immediately from sleep mode.

In contrast, laptops are considered more highly in this matter. There are phenomenal laptops which cost cheap and terrible laptops which cost a fortune. Dissimilar to ultrabooks, a laptop’s price is not at all symptomatic of the quality it shows. This means that you could either be overpaying or underpaying for a brand new model without obtaining any sort of strong assurances.

Advantages of Ultrabooks:

Design – Ultrabooks are known to be extremely smooth and astounding laptops. Moreover, Ultrabooks are exceptionally thin, wherein, it comes in not more than 21mm thickness.

Screen size and portability – Weighing in between one and 1.5 kg, Ultrabooks are known to be lightweight, with little or no settlement the sizes of screens. Usually, screens are measured between 11.1 inches and 13 inches. This provides adequate convenience to the user if he/she is a frequent commuter.

Speed – Ultrabooks are integrated with solid state hard drives, which are quicker compared to the usual spinning hard drive. Furthermore, the latest Intel Rapid Start Technology enables the systems to boot up instantly within seconds.

Performance – In contrast with netbooks, Ultrabooks take it up a notch when it comes to performance levels. In fact, Ultrabooks come with a ciphering hardware and inbuilt video decoding and offers ten times the processing power.

Battery life – Ultrabooks tend to have a low power mode, thus decreases the power drain on the battery life thereby, enabling them to execute much better than a netbook when it comes to performance. Since booting up the unit is much quicker compared to a standard laptop, the battery life’s energy will be drained less.

Tangible keyboards — In contrast to tablets, ultrabooks provide a suitable yet former full-sized keyboards. On the other hand, tablets’ virtual type pads are not suitable to create sales reports, business plans and sales pitches.

Bigger screens — Ultrabooks provide displays which are larger in size and are ideal for presentations, desktop sharing, and product demos. Having a large display would lead to teleconferencing and multitasking in multiple windows effortless and easy.

Speedy GPUs and CPUs — Ultrabooks can charge up more feature-oriented and sturdy software programs compared to tablets since it has an updated visual performance and uses Intel’s powerful processors for instant number-crunching.

Remarkable compatibility — Ultrabooks provide compatibility using the broadest range of Web and cloud apps, desktop and online services. This is impressive even though Windows PC models offer a plethora of apps offered for both tablets and smartphones.

Disadvantages of Ultrabooks:

Cost – Manufacturers charge a premium price on Ultrabooks since they are designed to be the current trend in the computing industry. However, a usual lightweight laptop costs only half the price of an Ultrabook.

Performance – Just like any laptop, the performance levels can be measured only by its intended purpose. Using an Ultrabook to surf the net, checking email, along with normal office work can be ideal since it has the adequate processing power for all your basic needs. In addition, if you wish to obtain something better from your computer, such as advanced graphics for gamers, then the Ultrabook is not a suitable option since it will not match up to its speed.

Storage capacity – Ultrabooks are delineated to process with solid state hard drives. Unfortunately, the storage space of these drives is significantly small when compared to a normal hard drive. A majority of the Ultrabooks deliver only 128GB of storage capacity. Since Ultrabooks are being created as closed units, you cannot access and replace the drive. This would mean that you will need to carry a portable hard drive which adds more to the standard weight.
Connectivity – There are many things which have to be compromised in order to achieve the ultra-thin profile in Ultrabooks. As a matter of fact, Ultrabooks do not have a CD drive and features such as VGA or HDMI connections are a luxury.

Fastened units – As mentioned above, Ultrabooks are being designed as closed units. This would mean that you cannot, carry and change a supplementary battery pack. You also can’t tamper with its memory, but if you do, the warranty is no longer valid. Furthermore, if the disk is bust, you may have to dispose of the entire whole laptop.

So as we have looked into certain aspects of Ultrabooks, let’s review the top 10 best ultrabooks in India 2018:

Top 10 Best Ultrabooks in India 2020

1. Apple MacBook Air

Apple-MacBook-AirThe brand new MacBook Air can last up to 12 hours of direct charges. Therefore, you can tune into your work right from the morning to your evening without having to charge. If you want to sit back and relax, you also have an access up to 12 hours of iTunes movie playback. Along with this, you have 30 days of standby time so that you can pick up where you left off no matter the number of breaks you take in between.

Using a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor, the model is able to consume less power and yet still provide high-performance levels. This means that you can do any task for as long as you want. Moreover, the Intel HD Graphics 6000 processor delivers enhanced performance when you indulge in intensive graphics tasks.

With a weight of 1.35kg, the model has been designed with a 12GB solid-state hard drive with an 8GB LPDDR3 RAM. This makes it 17 times faster when compared to a 5400 rpm notebook hard drive. Therefore, everything turns responsive and snappy. You can get it out of sleep mode instantly without taking too much time.

When it comes to displaying, the model uses a 13.3-inch screen which displays phenomenal visuals wherein it offers 1440 x 900 pixels per inch which supports many colours. In addition, it has a 720p FaceTime HD camera as well so you can facetime with your loved ones in high quality. Finally, the MacBook Air uses the MacOS Sierra operating system and you will receive a 1-year warranty from the purchase date.


2. HP Pavilion Laptop

HP-Pavilion-LaptopThe HP Pavilion laptop delivers the 8th gen Intel Core i3-8130U processor with a base processor speed of 2.2GHz along with 2 cores and 4MB cache. This is, in fact, stunning since users can now experience quick processing of data and don’t need to wait for loading times.

This HP model uses a pre-loaded Windows 10 home operating system with a prolonged validity period. Using a 14-inch FHD IPS display (1920 x 1080 pixels) along with a touchscreen-enabled screen and a WLED backlit display, you can have access to its marvellous potential of viewing visuals. If you are in a quick search, you can always use the touch-enabled feature in order to research and look around for things when needed.

When it comes to storage, it has an integrated 1TB SSHD capacity wherein users can store their documents, files and intensive data. In addition, this model has a memory of 4GB DDR4 RAM along with an Intel UHD 620 graphics card. Other impressive memory features include 8 GB NAND flash memory for quicker bootup and an HP ProtectSmart HDD security system.
In terms of battery and design: the model offers a convertible laptop where you can use it as a tablet form when making online purchases. The backlit keyboard has a light and sleek design wherein the total weight of the whole laptop is 1.59 kg and comes with a 3-cell instant charge battery in prismatic form.

This laptop comes with a single HDMI port, 1 SD card reader, 2 USB 3.0 ports, HP Audio boost, Inking pen for sketching and acts as a regular mouse, B&O play audio. The model uses a pre-set Windows 10 home operating system and comes with a 1-year warranty where HP covers production defects but not physical damage.


3. Dell Inspiron 5370 Laptop

Dell-Inspiron-5370-LaptopWeighing about 1.5kg, the Dell Inspiron 5370 offers an Intel Core i5-8250U processor with a base processor speed of 3.4 GHz and a 6MB cache. With a 13.3-inch FHD LED display along with an anti-glare LED-backlit display, you can now enjoy the sharp detail of the whole HD IPS display which provides constant and accurate colours across a broad viewing angle. Moreover, the anti-glare product enables soothing viewing under illuminate lights or even outdoor without being hindered by reflections.

The model integrates SmartByte technology which ensures streaming content is prioritized compared to other applications. This will guarantee you that whatever you watch will be played smoothly by the system. Also, with Waves MaxxAudio Pro, it elevates sound performance to the next level where you can everything from film scores to concerts and insane dialogues with life-like, resonant tones.
The operating system being used for this model is a pre-installed Windows 10 with durable validity. With an enhanced bandwidth, an inclined performance level, astounding energy efficiency, you are capable to operate all the needed apps and multitask without wasting time.

With an 8GB DDR RAM with Intel UHD 620 graphics card and a 256GB SSD storage capacity, you can enjoy phenomenal graphics more efficiently than ever as you watch your favourite shows and make use of potential everyday performance when it comes to discrete graphics.
Having a dispensable PCIe NVMe SSD, the model is responsive and quick when it comes to booting up and offers fewer load times. Other features include a single HDMI port, 3 USB 3.1 ports, an SD card reader, a single audio-out port and does not come with a CD drive outlet.


4. Lenovo 80X400HCIN Laptop

Lenovo-80X400HCIN-LaptopThe Lenovo HCIN laptop is a remarkable laptop when it comes to offering a plethora of features and design within a reasonable price range. Using an Intel i3-7130U processor, the laptop delivers adequate speed for data processing and carrying out basic tasks such as video streaming, surfing the net, checking mail etc.

With a memory of 4GB DDR4 ram and a 1TB hard drive as storage capacity, the model ensures users to store data files, documents and other important data without having the need to obtain a portable hard drive. When it comes to the visual display, the laptop has a 14-inch screen with integrated graphics; thereby, all content seen on the screen is displayed using authentic and realistic colours.

Lastly, the operating system used for this laptop is a Windows 10 home premium with a 32/ 64/ bit and weights 1.69kg in total.


5. Asus R558UQ-DM701D Laptop

Lenovo-80X400HCIN-LaptopJumping right into the specs of this beast, the ASUS VivoBook series offers you a large range when it comes connectivity options such as HDMI and VGA ports, a USB 3.0 Type-C, a 3-in-1 SD/SDXC/SDHC card reader, and even more in order to guarantee compatibility with multiple devices and peripherals.

In addition, the antithetical USB Type-C port allows the perfect connection every time, upside downs, or right-side up. In fact, the USB Type-C provides the user with data transmission speeds up to 5 Gbit/s which is approximately 10 times compared to a USB 2.0. Users have the capability to transfer music, photos, and huge video files within a fraction of the time. For example, shifting a movie with a 2GB file size tends to take less than two seconds.

The ASUS Vivobook series laptop is powered by the advanced 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor along with an 8GB ram which can be stretched up to 12GB and offers the NVIDIA GeForce GT 940MX graphics card. With all of these powerful features put together, the laptop is perfect for usual gaming and carries out powerful computing processes on a daily basis along with entertainment tasks.

In order to guarantee an output of stunning visuals, the model makes use of an exclusive ASUS splendid technology where it has the ability to perform correction of colour temperature in order to reproduce copious, profound colours. Nevertheless, it also includes four visuals modes which are accessible within a single click. The Vivid Mode creates an effective contrast when viewing videos, scrolling through photos or watching movies. The eye care mode decreases blue light levels and is appropriate when you’re staring at the screen for too long. When it comes to displaying, the ASUS model offers a complete HD (1920 x 1080) resolution display wherein you can now enjoy life-like expounded images on the screen.


6. Lenovo Yoga 520 Laptop

Lenovo-Yoga-520-Laptop-1With a weight of 1.74 kg and completed using smooth aluminium, the Yoga 520 model comes in Onyx black colour. Moreover, with its accurate-cut bevelled edges, the laptop was developed in order to achieve an enhanced and clean look wherein it makes use of an enhanced touchpad which offers updated control and delivers sheeny comfort.

Using a Dolby Audio Premium and Harman speakers with a 14-inch FHD IPS touchscreen display, users have the advantage to stream movies and surf the web in descriptive detail from all angles and it doesn’t matter whether if you are watching with friends or chilling on the couch.

The advanced generation of the Intel Core i5-7200u processor delivers up to a 40% increase in application performance compared to former generations. This model is developed to make your life much easier. When it comes to the operating system, the Yoga 520 delivers you the Windows 10 Home which has an inbuilt array of advanced features that smoothens your life.

The laptop has up to 10.4 hours of battery life which means, you will never need to desperately search for the outlet. Also, the Yoga 520 even comes with a constantly-on USB 3.0 port, therefore, you can charge other devices regardless if the laptop is switched on or off.

When it comes to storage and memory, the device brings you 8GB DDR4 ram and 1TB HDD of storage.
You can save all important information as well as intensive-data into this model were at the same time, it does not slow down or cause a hindrance.

Finally, there are other features present such as a 4-in-1 card reader (MMC, SD, SDXC, SDHC), a single USB 3.0 Type C port, 2 USB 3.0 ports which also supports USB charge, a microphone and audio jack. This model does not provide a LAN port as well as a CD drive. Users can also have access to the 360-degree hinge and an active pen for drawing or using it as a normal mouse purpose.


7. Asus R558UQ-DM542D Laptop

Asus-R558UQ-DM542D-LaptopThe ASUS Vivobook model is charged up by using advanced 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor (which runs at a base speed of 2.3GHz) with a memory up to 8GB ram (can be extended to 12GB), and even offers NVIDIA GeForce GT 940MX graphics as well. This model is perfect for simple gaming and even carries out mighty computing tasks daily along with other important entertainment tasks as well.

In order to output impressive high-quality images, the sole ASUS Splendid Technology has the correction feature where it enables the colour temperature to duplicate much deeper and richer colours. Moreover, it only brings you four visuals modes which can be gained by a single click. The ASUS VivoBook model uses a full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution display, therefore, you can now enjoy life-like yet vivid images on the screen.

Having a weight of 3.2kg, the model is lightweight and sleek thereby making it much easier to carry anywhere. It offers other specs such as a 4GB DDR4 RAM as the memory and a 1TB SATA hard drive as the storage capacity.


8. Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

Apple-MacBook-Pro-LaptopThe Apple MacBook Pro comes with amazing capabilities and functionalities in order to enhance your computing experience to a higher level. It truly gives a daring look and brings you stunning performance level which adds a captivating feel to this model.
The model is designed with a 13.3 inch HD LED-backlit Retina display thus is recommended as one of the brightest, and colourful displays ever made. It has the ability to provide realistic colours in images thereby ensures you enjoy viewing documents, watching high-quality movies, play simple games and more. Its grey coloured body which is astoundingly thinner, sleek and lighter puts in an additional charm to this MacBook Pro.

This laptop is being offered with a humongous 128GB storage capacity on the SD drive. This lets users secure vast amounts of precious data such as files, videos, photos, games, and even more. There is also a committed graphics processor which includes a powerful Intel Iris Graphics 550 for every configuration thus delivers 130 percent quick graphics performance. Overall, this makes any gaming experience a lot sleeker and ensures multitasking done in a more effortless way.

In a nutshell, the processor is known to be the laptop’s heart. The Apple MacBook Pro is integrated with an Intel Core i5 processor, which offers sleek operations and quick functioning of all apps which are installed in this model. At the same time, it carries out the most intensive yet professional processing jobs as well. In addition, it consumes less energy when performing simple tasks, such as checking the mail or surfing the web.


9. Asus Vivobook 15 Laptop

Asus-Vivobook-15-LaptopThe Asus Vivobook 15 model is being powered up by using the Intel Core i3 7100U processor with a base speed of 2.4 GHz. This quick processing laptop can solve all your needs immediately without causing a lag in the system.

For memory purposes, the model has been integrated with a 4GB DDR4 ram and a storage capacity of 1TB HDD. Users can finally store all their essential yet wide array of information without having the need to purchase a portable hard-drive.

Using a 15.6-inch complete HD screen (1920 x 1080) along with Intel HD graphics, the model performs remarkably when it comes to visual display since users can now watch content on their screen in high quality. The colours are rich and life-like thus making the viewing experience more fulfilling and entertaining.

Other impressive features include a single USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a single SD card reader, an HDMI port and a single Type C USB3.0 (USB3.1 GEN1) port. The model uses Windows 10 Home as its operating system and users have the access to many features available in this OS.


10. Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-LaptopThe advanced Microsoft Surface Pro laptop includes a 7th generation Intel Core i5 Processor, along with a 4GB DDR3 ram and a 128GB storage capacity. This makes the performance and speed unimaginably fast.

You can now work, create, study, and play practically anywhere. This model is extremely light in weight and offers you a complete mobile productivity with an all-day battery backup. Therefore, users do not need to fret over finding a place to sit near charging outlets. You can sit for long hours without charging your laptop and has 50% more battery life when compared to the Surface Pro 4.

Using a 12.3-inch screen and an Intel HD 620 graphics card, users can watch high-quality videos and create great-appearing documents.


To Conclude:

If you happen to be a regular commuter, then you must consider purchasing an Ultrabook instead of a laptop. These devices are effortless to carry and offer amazing performance levels along with impressive visuals. Apart from the design aspect, Ultrabooks are much quicker when it comes to booting and even deliver prolonged battery backups compared to laptops.

You should note that purchasing the ideal Ultrabook does take time. That is why you should spend adequate time to research before you make a purchase. And when it’s time to take out the credit card, consider a purchase which makes ultimate sense to you. Always shop around in order to find the right kind of deals to suit you and this does not mean always online.

There are quite a few Ultrabooks which users can pick depending on if it meets their expectations and requirements. Ultrabooks are more of a trend these days so why opt for something less? Be up-to-date with technology and try out one of the best ultrabooks yourself.

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