Best WiFi Routers in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The last ten years have been exciting in the field of internet and connectivity. People have never been closer to each other as they are today. The use of wifi and mobile data is at its peak. Therefore, it becomes essential to look for the best wifi routers in India and hence have the best internet connectivity at your place.

To experience the best of internet you need to have a good networking device like a Wifi router. Our experts have made sure that you are aware of everything related the buying of wifi routers in India, once you’ve gone through this article.


Even offices or your home need to have an internet connection to function efficiently for which you need the best router in India. The wifi that you place at your offices has different requirements than the one you place at your home. Understanding the fact that different people have are different needs, we have listed down the different types of wifi routers along with their usage to make sure that you don’t have to check multiple pages to get the right product for yourself.

Along with the types and advantages of each, it becomes important that you know what to look for in the ideal wifi router, be it for your home or office! Some of the most important specifications and features that you should look for in the best wifi router are mentioned here.

Once you know what how Wi-Fi routers are remarkable, we shall now move on to the different types of Wifi routers that are available in India and offer the best features to its users. There is a complete range of Wifi routers you can choose from, each offering different features for different needs. Therefore, it becomes important that you carefully look into each type and then choose the best for yourself. Our extended research would help you to look at each detail and the most important things that you should know about each type of Wifi router.

What are the types of WiFi Routers available in India?

There are some Internet Service Providers in India, namely Airtel, Hathway and many more. Depending on the kind of Internet Service Provider (ISP), wifi routers can be differentiated into the following types.

RJ11 Telephone Input: These types of wifi routers depend mainly on the typical telephone line. To have the complete understanding of the RJ11 telephone input wifi routers, you can simply walk up to your landline handset and put on the wire to get the phone started. This automatically connects you to the internet if the brands is an internet service provider.

Some of the most popular RJ11 telephone input wifi router brands in India are MTNL, BSNL, Reliance, Tata Broadband and Airtel. You must also keep in mind that these wifi routers come with a landline connection, so it’s a two in one. You should also look for the term “ADSL” in the name of the product, signifying that the wifi router is of top-notch quality.

USB: The second kind of wifi router input type is the USB type which comes with a USB port, enabling the connection of USB internet dongles and data cards. These USB internet dongles work by providing internet through Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). Some of these connections include Reliance Broadband, Airtel, MTS and many more. The routers for the same can be bought online at Amazon.

RJ45 Ethernet Cable: Another kind of wifi router is the RJ45 Ethernet cable, which is not to be confused with RJ11. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind while buying this kind of wifi router is that it is smaller than the RJ11 type. The service providers that currently provide this type of internet connection includes Hathway, Airtel, Reliance and many more.

RJ45 has eight conductors present, contrary to the four conductors of RJ11. While looking for this kind of internet connection or wifi router, you won’t have the term “ADSL” mentioned in its description, unlike RJ11-friendly routers.

SIM Cards: The next kind of internet connectivity is provided by SIM cards. This enables the users to connect to a 3G network, leading to faster internet speeds. Besides a 3G network, the routers supporting SIM card slots also offer 4G connectivity and CDMA/EVDO SIM cards. This kind of routers is best suited for places where there is unavailability of Ethernet broadband networks.

Features to look for in the Best WiFi routers in India?

There is a complete range of routers that vary from being D-link routers to TP link, iBall and much more with a variety of reasons. If this is your first time buying a wifi router, you must look for the most compatible device for all your needs. Below are some things you need to aware of when buying the best Wifi router for home.

1) Router’s WiFi Standard

The first and most important thing to look for in the ideal wifi router is its standard. The wifi standard determines the speed with which the data will be transferred or the download speed. The older ones were 801.11 ‘b’ or ‘g,’ but the newer and the latest ones mostly support ‘n.’

The standard ‘n’ provides you to transfer data at 600 Mbps at the most, but the other ones provide around 30 Mbps only. We know how you always need the best possible download speed and the fastest internet connectivity to surf all your favorite sites.

The latest Wifi standard is 802.11 ac. This standard is the best possible standard in the router world and allows a transfer speed of around 1.3 Gbps. It allows you to transfer data faster and makes it possible for you to connect number of devices to the wifi router.

The high internet facility is also because of the better multi-antenna and MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) support, allowing multiple streams for a single connection for faster connections. 802.11 ac technology is much more expensive than the rest of the wifi standards. You need to choose among the many possible options of the different wifi standards according to your requirements.

2) Router’s Wireless Frequency

The frequency of the wifi router determines the strength of your network to be able to connect it to multiple devices. The two main standards that are currently available are 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. One of the major advantages of 5GHz frequency is that it makes the least amount of disturbance for each device, allowing maximum gain from the bandwidth.

This also allows the minimum amount of disturbances from other wifi networks. On the other hand, you must also keep in mind that the 5 GHz wifi routers are actually quite expensive and you should only go for them if you have real issues with your current network.

3) The Speed of the Router

The next important feature that is a must-have is the highest possible speed of the router. The maximum speed of any router is generally mentioned in its description and should be looked at while buying any wifi router. If this is your first time while buying a router online, you need to look for “High-Speed Up” for the highest speed.

It is unsaid that better the speed of the router, the more expensive it becomes. The cheapest ones generally offer a speed of 300Mbps, picked up by most people.

If you’re looking to downloading movies/games in a faster way and want to surf the internet all the time, you are generally advised to choose the wifi router with 600 or 4kMbps. A 300 Mbps router will be more than enough for people with lower usage.

4) Router’s Antenna Range

The range of a wifi router depends on a lot of factors. There is no direct way to measure the range, which is why you need to look upon every factor contributing to it on the whole. Some of the factors that you need to look at are the environment in which the router is kept in along with the architecture of the room. At times, concrete walls and wooden doors tend to inhibit the maximum potential range of the antenna.

5) Router Ports, Security, and Additional Features

The number of router ports, security features to help protect your internet connection to be misused by other people. It must also be kept in mind that these wifi routers must always be chosen on the basis of your requirements. Some routers come with USB ports whereas others come from.

Once you know what to look for in the best wifi routers,now we will provide best wifi router india reviews for the top 10 in the current market. We have also mentioned every tiny detail about each wifi router to help you choose the best according to your needs.

Top 10 Best Routers in India 2020

1. D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless n 300 ADSL2+ Router

D-Link-DSL-2750U-WirelessD-Link DSL 2750U Wireless n 300 ADSL2+ Router is another wonderful internet router with an input type of RJ-11. The wireless router is one of the best working routers in India which provides fast transmission of up to 54 Mbps, which is not as much as the rest of the best routers in India but is more than enough for people who use little less internet and have lower download demands. The wireless standard of the router is 802.11g, which provides up to 54 Mbps and 802.11n, which provides up to 300 Mbps of speed.

A raucous wireless performance from the router makes it all the more attractive. This router is made for heavy usage. Hence it lets you download stuff in lesser time than usual. Another important feature that comes with the router is the smart traffic control, which all the convenient routers come with, allowing them to result in one single bandwidth for a seamless internet.

It splits wired and wireless traffic into distinct data streams making it easy for the router to make priorities in the used applications. It comes with dual antennas, which are about 5 dbi, enabling faster wireless communication. There are two air vents on either side of the router to allow hot air flow away from the router and for the cool air to flow in. This enables better working of the router, thereby enabling faster internet connection.

This router is considered as one of the wifi routers under 2000 in India, because of its amazing features. The customers have also voted for this router to have the best interface. It comes with four interfaces, around 10/100 LAN ports and a security feature to help you secure your internet connection from other unwanted intruders. The router from D-Link also comes with 3 years of warranty on the product along with an entire year of warranty on different parts.


2. TP-LINK TD-W8960N Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Modem Router

TP-LINK-TD-W8960N-Wireless-N300Are you looking for the best router under 2000?

TP-LINK has earned a great name in the field of Wifi routers in India. The company has a great variety of Wifi with all the different features, fulfilling different people’s requirements. One such Wifi router that serves a two in one purpose for you is TP-LINK TD-W8960 Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Modem Router, which is both good looking and works brilliantly.

It is an RJ-11 type Wifi router, supported by ISP’s like MTNL, BSNL, Airtel (basically all telephone lines). The all-in-one modem comes with a 4-port switch and wireless N access point along with a NAT router giving the user the maximum flexibility to access the internet.

The router offers a perfect internet speed of around 300Mbps, making it ideal for people who want to have the fastest internet connection on a regular basis. It also allows heavy bandwidth consumption without any interruptions. Unlike the regular Wifis, this can work non-stop all day long, without turning on/off in the middle. This router also offers another broadband connectivity option so that the user can connect it to cable, VDSL and other fiber modems.

TP-LINK TD-W8960 wireless modem also offers a guest network which provides internet access to the guests that visit your place. You can also have a check on who is using your wifi any time of the day. This, along with all the security restrictions that the Wifi comes with prevents unwanted sharing of your internet to other people. The maximum download frequency of this router is unbeatable, about 2.4GHz, ideal for people who want to stream HD movies, play internet games and surf internet all at the same time.

The router has an interchangeable LAN/WAN port and the most versatile connectivity, making it all the more attractive. An easy setup along with an instruction manual saves you from all the troubles related to the initial installation of the router. Above all, the router has a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer ensuring long life for the device.


3. TP-Link TL-MR3620 AC1350 Dongle Support Wireless Dual Bank Router

TP-Link-TL-MR3620-AC1350Last on the list, but not the least, we have another masterpiece from TP-LINK. This router called AC1350 Dongle is one of the most wanted wireless routers. It does not come with a modem and has an input type of RJ-45. It is supported by neighborhood cable broadband ISPs such as Hathway, ACT, Tikona and much more. It works best with cable broadbands and gives a 3G/4G connection on your mobile via a wireless connection.

It comes with a USB port which enables both print sharing or media sharing through an external hard drive. You can also manage the internet access through the security feature that comes with the router. This means that no one can use your internet without your permission, or at least without knowing the VPN access. This makes it possible for you to have a secure network and avoid intruders. An additional feature also includes transferring data to multiple devices simultaneously and 2 times faster experience.

All in all, this router has an amazing internet speed along with a beamforming technology which strengthens your connection. He company also provides a warranty of 3 years on the product which makes sure that the customers are entirely satisfied with the product even after three years of buying it. You can also look into different customer reviews to know what people feel about the product exactly, and then make an informed decision.


4. TP-LINK TD-W8961N 300 Mbps fixed Antenna Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router

TP-Link-TD-W8961NYour search for the best WiFi router ends with TP-LINK TD-W8961N 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ modem router. It has all the amazing features that you are looking for in your ideal WiFi router. It comes with an input type RJ-11 supported by ISPS like MTNL, BSNL, and Tata Indicom.

This modem router is your one-stop destination for all the perfect features. It is an all-in-one device which comes with a modem, a router, a 4-port switch, and wireless N access points. The modem offers around 300Mbps speed to make it ideal for heavy bandwidth consumption. That way you can shop online, check your mails and surf the internet at all times of the day without any worries.

This router comes with an easy one-touch wireless security encryption with the ‘WPS’ button and easy Wi-Fi on/off button. The easy on/off button also makes it possible for the customers to manage the internet access. You can now contact the customer care of the company in case you have any queries related to the product. Along with all these attractive features, it comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer to make sure that the customers are entirely satisfied. This router is packed with the best of features making the best router under 1500.

It has backward compatibility of 802.11b/g standard, and an ideal bandwidth to make sure that you get an amazing speed of the internet. The convenient operation and an enhanced IPTv makes this router top the list of the best Wifi routers available in India. You can also look into the different customer care reviews to make sure that you get the right product for yourself.


5. TP-Link Archer C20AC750 Wireless Dual Band Route11a

TP-Link-Archer-C20The next generation of wifi is here, brought to you by an entire range of wifi routers from TP-Link. It’s one of the best wifi router brands in India and is known for its wonderful set of routers. TP-Link Archer C20 comes with 802.11 ac standard which is backward compatible with 802.11 n, offering three times more internet speed than usual. You can also expect great download speed and non-breakable connectivity due to its high range antennas.

You can connect a multiple number of devices to this router and enjoy the fastest internet. TP-Link Archer C20 also comes with a 433 Mbps over the crystal clear 5GHz band and a speed of 300 Mbps over 2.4 GHz. It offers the best of two networks and makes it possible for you to enjoy the fastest connectivity. Simple tasks like sending emails and providing information about a product can be handled by the 2.4band. You can now enjoy both heavy data consuming tasks along with streaming an HD movie online with this wifi router. It also comes with a guest mode, which lets the guests have access to the wifi and hence keeps your password and network safe.

Other features that come with this router are the feature of parent control so that kids at your place are not able to use the wifi without parental supervision, IPv6 supported wifi and that it comes with an omnidirectional signal. The omnidirectional signal helps you to receive wifi signals everywhere around the wifi and hence doesn’t create a barrier to internet connectivity at any part of the house. The superior coverage and a stable connection makes it possible for you to enjoy greater speeds across greater distances at all times of the day. TP-Link provides another attractive feature which is known as tether and access internet on your Android and iOs devices. The tether app makes it quite easy for everyone with all their different kinds of devices to be able to have internet access.

Above all, the router comes with easy installation and set up which makes it quite easy for you to set it up at your place without any external help. All these features along with parental control and different access to guests come at a great offer of a 3-year warranty with the product, which acts like a cherry on top of the cake. You can also look into different customer reviews to make sure what you’re getting yourself into.


6. TP-LINK TL-WR940N Wireless-N450 Home Router

TP-LINK-TL-WR940NAnother masterpiece from TP-LINK is the TL WR940N Wireless-N450 Home router comes with an input type od RJ-45, supported by neighborhood cable broadband ISPs such as Hathway, ACT, Tikona, and Airtel. The router doesn’t include any modem and works pretty well with cable broadbands. You can now enjoy fast transmission up to 450 Mbps speed, and may take complete advantage of your leisure time to stream HD movies, game online or look for your favorite stuff online without any interruption.

Unlimited wifi access and bandwidth-intensive wifi make it possible for you to enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection. The router also reduces data loss over longer distances, because of its powerful N technologies. The WPA/WPA2 encryptions also make it possible for you to have a secure network which does not allow intruders to use your internet. The router also comes with a WPS button, which makes it easy for you to have a wifi connection setup instantly. Easy setup and installation is done using a basic CD and a manual.

Apart from these extraordinary features, there is this another attractive feature which includes three antennas on the router, thereby improving signal quality and strength of the signal. It also ensures better stability of the network and lets you enjoy internet on almost any device at all times of the day. The IP-based bandwidth control that comes with the router also allows separate internet access to each PC. A 3-year warranty is also offered by the manufacturer of the product which indirectly proves the quality of the product.


7. Asus RT AC51U Dual Band AC750 Wireless Router

Asus-RT-AC51U-Dual-BandNext, on the list, we have Asus RT AC51U Dual Band AC750 wireless router which is one of the best-looking wifi router that also comes with a million attractive features. The router is an 802.11ac dual-band wireless type, which offers up to 733 Mbps of internet and download speed, making it an amazing fast wireless router. The expanded wireless coverage along with two fixed high gain antennas make it possible for you to have internet at any part of your place, be it your home or office set up.

This router also comes with an Aircloud app to access, sync, share and stream your files among multiple devices on the go. The presence of a USB port and printer networking enables flexibility to the user. You can also be sure of the easy setup and quick initial installation of the wifi router, making it easy for you to have you wifi setup without any external help.

You can now download and stream from almost anywhere from your house or office. The presence of a security feature also lets you keep your internet connection secured and remove the possibility of any unwanted intruders. All in all, this is a perfect wifi router with also has external storage and comes at the most reasonable price ever.


8. Tenda AC6 Dual Band 1200 Mbps 11AC Firefall Wireless Repeater Router

Tenda-AC6-Dual-BandWhen we talk about fifth generation Wifi routers, we just cannot afford to miss this brilliant router from Tenda. Tenda AC6 Dual Band Firefall Wireless Repeater Router is an brilliant product which offers extra stability and a strong signal. It comes with 802.11ac Wifi standard and a dual bandwidth adding up to 1167 Mbps speed. This unmatchable speed and the extra reliable signal has made this router extra attractive and so much in demand by the masses.

With its beamforming and intelligent amplifiers, it offers 2X signal strength than the normal routers. AC6 from Tenda also makes sure that you save up on the power consumed as it comes with a power saving technology. It also has 4 antennas in its structure, which provide extra signal strength and an extraordinary bandwidth. The use of these four antennas is that it gives out the angular alignment of the signal which is tried and tested for the best possible signal.

AC6 also comes with a one Gigabit internet port and a 10/100 Mbps WAN port so that the user can enjoy all the merits of an uninterrupted network. Be it heavy video streaming or an online game; you can now enjoy each of them without any worries. One of the demerits that come with the product is that there is no warranty that comes with it.

This might cause doubt in customers minds and may result in them not going for the product at all. But the overall unmatched speed and the presence of four antennas make it unique and one of the best in town. You can also look into different customer reviews so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.


9. iBall 300M Extreme High Power Wireless-N Router

iBall-300M-ExtremeOne of the fastest internet connectivity is provided by the iBall 300M Extreme High Power Wireless-N router. It comes with blazing fast internet and makes sure that you get a stable network. Your basic tasks like transferring data files or downloading movies will be quite easy for you now, with this router. It has an 802.11b/g/n standards, which complies with ieee802.3 and ieee80332.3u standards. This with 4 10/100 m LAN port and a WAN port makes it possible for you to get the fastest possible internet speed.

This router from iBall comes with a static IP and a dynamic IP connection type, making it ideal for people who want to surf the internet all day and download movies or series consuming heavy data. iBall 300M also has an app isolation feature which enables restriction within WLAN built-in nat and DHCP server. It makes sure that the bandwidth is automatically managed with the two directional antennas, and can also be manually adjusted using the remote control management.

The package comes with 4 products included and weighs about 649 grams, making it ideal for you to hang it or keep it anywhere in the house.Above all, this router from iBall has wireless security such as WER, WPA-PSK and Multi-SSID Security and AP isolation.

This device comes at a reasonable price, taking care of both your needs and your budget. Once you have gone through all these specifications, you must also look into the different customer reviews to make sure that you have found the right product for yourself.


10. TP-Link TL-WR941HP 450 Mbps Wireless -N Router

TP-Link-TL-WR941HP-450MbpsHaven’t you always wanted a wifi router that offers you with unlimited internet access and also adds elegance to your place? Well, TP-Link TL-WR941HP router has come to save your day. It does not come with a modem and works the best with cable broadbands. It has an input type of RJ-45, supported by a lot of popular cable broadbands, like Airtel Fibrenet, My WOrld, Hathway, ACT, Tikona, Siti Cable and many more. You can now enjoy an unlimited fast internet without any interruptions, making sure that you can have everything online at your fingertips.

The router offers wall penetrating signals, making sure that each room of your house of office gets the best internet connectivity without any hindrance. It is built with the latest technology which makes sure that the signals cut through walls and obstacles, eliminating the possibility of any dead zones, unlike most Wifi routers.

The superior range and a durable signal make sure that you get everything that you want from your Wifi. It comes in three wireless modes, including a router, range extender, and access point. The 450Mbps wireless speed and an enhances the signal range of up to 10,000 square feet makes it all the more attractive. Also, you don’t have to worry about setting it up anymore as it comes with an easy setup and an instruction manual which talks about each step of the initial installation.

It comes with three antennas, which are the best feature of this wifi router, as they amplify the signal to a great extent. You get unmatched flexibility of using this router in different modes. A 3-year warranty from the manufacturer acts like a cherry on the cake by ensuring complete customer care.


Here are the Advantages of a WiFi Router

Connectivity: One of the major benefits of routers at your place is the maximum connectivity range that it offers. You can place your router almost anywhere in your home or workplace and enjoy it after connecting it to your smartphones, tablets or laptops. With just a few clicks, you can connect your device and enjoy easy internet access.

Security: Apart from connectivity, Wi-Fi routers also allow you to secure your network so that your internet surfing experience and all your searches are safe. The best routers available in India offer much more than that. They come with firewalls, keeping your network secure with complete privacy.

Easy-to-use: The best part about Wi-Fi routers is that they are extremely easy to install. Anyone who knows the difference between a cable TV connection and your internet connection can do it. It doesn’t require too much effort or technique to install your Wifi router. All the best routers come with an installation guide which helps you to simply plug it in and play it right away.


We know how internet access has become a necessity for all of us today. The best routers in India give us the unlimited access to the internet so that we can do all our daily tasks while sitting in your homes. It is therefore important that we know everything about these Wifi routers so that you can invest in the right router for yourself.

Our extended research and the expert’s recommendations will also help you to know about each type of wifi routers available in India and also how wonderful all of them are. We hope this wifi router buying guide helped you get the best one for yourself.

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