6 Benefits of using Projectors for Teaching

In recent years technology has developed at such a fast pace that we don’t realise how far we have come. For example, this article is currently being written on a piece of machine whose processing capabilities could not be fathomed by the creators in the 1980s.  the technology which was created back in the days for controlled office spaces only is now accessible by everyone.

Technology has been able to affect every sector that could be thought of, may it be medicine, defence, science etc. Education is one such sector that has embraced technology and produces great results in the form of well-learned and capable individuals.

Today we will be talking about one piece of technology which has seen much popularity in the classroom. The best projectors are electronic devices which can be used to project images on a solid surface, which in this case is generally a white surface like a wall or a large sheet of plastic like material.

In the following article, we will be looking at all the benefits that projectors bring with themselves in the field of education.

Benefits of Teaching with Projectors 

  • Versatile teaching

When we think of a classroom, we think of a large room full of drowsing students while a teacher in front of a blackboard and a piece of chalk in their hand keep drowning on. the problem with this picture is the monotonousness. The human mind is amazing but fickle and easily distracted. It needs to be engaged if you ever plan to teach it something.

The blackboards are too static and consistent. With the use of projectors, you can show them moving illustrations, sow them online videos of the subject matter they are being taught or show power point presentation. This keeps the material fresh, and the students engaged.

  • Better use of time

A student spends about 6 to 7 hours in school with each class spanning about 45 to 60 minutes. A teacher should be able to use all of the provided time to teach and do so amicably. Unfortunately, most of the beginning minutes if a class go in preparing the required aids to teach the students. This may involve setting up a model or drawing a detailed diagram. With a projector system, all that the teacher needs to do is connect their laptop to the projector and start the class with the already prepared slides. This makes sure all of the student’s time is used in learning.

  • Simplifies note taking

The note-taking process is a painstaking one. The teacher needs to write the whole thing down and then erase it before the next part could begin. The casualties are the students who are slow writers and end up losing out important content. When using a projector system, you can always just swipe over to the content that someone might have missed out. The content is legible and easy to copy.

  • Reduce cost

We can only imagine how much schools spent on things like chalks and blackboards, not to forget the teaching aids like models and charts for the teachers to use. By buying one projector and providing the teachers with a decent internet connection, the schools will be providing the teachers with more resources than they can think of, and this becomes just a one-time investment.

  • All fun and games

Schools are boring, it is a fact that no one can deny. No child was ever really happy to wake up early and go to the school. The issue was not the lunch brakes or hanging with our friends, but the pesky classes we had to attend. Using projector systems, teachers can make the whole learning experience a fun one. Using tools like fun videos and interactive games, a teacher can achieve more than what they would have otherwise.

  • Improve student presentations

When the students grow up, they would become businessmen and team leaders, and being able to talk and explain themselves in front of a group of their peers will become an invaluable tool to them. Most schools encourage project work, but it involves students bringing in written or crafted work which later catches dust in the corner of the school store. Using a projector system, schools could encourage their students to make powerpoint presentations which can be then explained by the student to the class. This will help in boosting the child’s confidence and teach an important skill which will come handy in the future.


Most schools and institutes are scared of adopting any new technology as they are worried about them being more nuisance than of use. But, if the technology is used and regulated properly, it will be a big boon to the organisation. Projector systems are a very useful tool and are beneficial, not just for the students, but also the teachers.

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