Best Selfie Sticks in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. iVoltaa2. Awakshi Aux3. Classytek Mini





Gone are those days when we ask strangers or passerby to click a nice snap with our friends or family. An innovative and amazing way to capture our photos and videos while we are traveling, partying, or hiking, has come up and took by storm. This handy and lightweight device has made our vacations and trips more fun and satisfying. This one accessory which is owned by every smartphone user these days.

With the availability of so many brands and that too at affordable rates, buying the best selfie stick in India can be confusing. To help you in your search for the perfect one, this article is listing here 10 Best Selfie Sticks as nowadays nobody seems to bother others to click their beautiful shots when they can help themselves in capturing better pictures.


Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing a Selfie Stick


Check thoroughly if your phone can be perfectly mounted on the clamp of the stick. If your device is small in size, then it will fit perfectly on most selfie stick.

However, bigger phones like new iPhone 6 line or the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge won’t fit in older selfie stick with small clamp size. So, before buying one, ensure the mount of the selfie stick is capable of holding your device.


The grip of the clamp should securely clasp your device to prevent its slip on sudden movement. The two most common styles available nowadays are either a pull-away wire clamp or an extending plastic grip with fasteners. The metal wire grip is quick and easy to mount your smartphone, but the quality of grip is not at per.

The extending plastic clamp usually takes a bit longer to attach the device but once it’s done it securely hold your phone. While choosing the latter, make sure its edges can prevent your smartphone from accidental fall.

Mirror On The Stick

To capture the best quality images, the rear camera has proved to be more beneficial than the front camera that people normally use while taking selfies. You can use some sticks with the mirror option that reflects your phone’s display. If you want awesome pictures using your smartphone, consider buying a selfie stick with the rear camera.

Hand-Free Functionality

Although you can make your smartphone take photos using the shutter timer, a remote trigger using your selfie stick is more convenient for taking lots of images. The basic sticks come with a separate remote, that allows you to trigger your smartphone’s camera from the remote.

Some advanced sticks, however, come with a smartphone-compatible remote to let your hands free of the remote as it allows you to trigger a shot right from the handle.


It is wonderful to have a selfie stick that can extend to a far away to get as much of that panoramic view while you are on mountains or sea beach. However such selfie sticks are less portable than compact and small-sized ones. Carrying around a big stick in your trip may be little discomfort owing to their weight and size.

Mount Up

If you want to buy a selfie stick for using it with GoPro Action camera or DSLR camera apart from your smartphone, you need a camera mount option in your selfie stick as well. Moreover, ensure that your stick comes with a good ball joint for either the camera mount or even the smartphone cradle as this provides a lot of options positioning your camera.

Also, check the quality of the swivels and ensure they don’t break easily.With the launch of so many selfie sticks, you may get baffled about what to buy and why. The article is detailing here the 10 Best Selfie Sticks to ease your search for the perfect one.

Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks in India 2020

1. iVoltaa Next Gen Compact Wired Selfie Stick

iVoltaa-Next-Gen-Compact-Wired-Selfie-StickNext Gen Selfie Stick from iVoltaa is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. You can download ‘camera 360’ app from the play store if having any issue integrating it with your phone’s camera. It works wonderfully on iPhone 4, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, Samsung S3, S4, S5, S6, and other smartphones. Take pictures while hiking, camping, or partying on a beach using this selfie stick without any fuse and share with your friends or family.

It offers 6 months of warranty from the date of purchase. Made of steel alloy in 7 segments, you can conveniently extend the Next Gen Selfie Stick up to 85 cm and close to 18.5cm for best views. With non-slip rubberized handle, it won’t slip from your hand accidentally. The metal shaft in the handle is durable and of good quality. Moreover, the Next Gen Selfie Stick allows you to adjust the angle of your smartphone by 270 degrees to take the best selfies easily and quickly.

How To Use:

This selfie stick from iVoltaa comes with a cord and built-in remote with a button on the handle. Place your smartphone in the monopod holder. Connect the cord from your smartphone’s 3.5 mm jack to the selfie stick handle.

To click picture for the first time, you need to open your phone camera and change the setting of ‘Volume Key’ to ‘Capture’. Then press the button on the selfie stick for 3 seconds to turn on the device and take photos. Extend the length of the stick or shorten it to get the best view. With adjustable head and thumb screws, you can conveniently rotate the selfie stick up to 270 degrees to take pictures from various angles.

Next Gen Selfie Stick is compatible with most of the Android and iOS smartphones. The adjustable adapter in this selfie stick fits smartphones with a width less than 8.5 cms. Being lightweight and compact, you can fold this iVoltaa selfie stick and carry it along with you to capture moments. With so many user-friendly features and usability, it can be considered as one of the Best Selfie Stick in India.


2. Awakshi Aux Wired Selfie Stick

Awakshi-Aux-Wired-Selfie-StickThis Aux Wired Selfie Stick selfie stick comes with a secure silicon padded mount to prevent accidental slip of your phone. Tested for quality and functionality with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6+ plus, 6 edge, 7, Samsung Galaxy s3, s4, s5, s6, s6 edge, Note 2, 3, 4, HTC, LG, Sony Xperia, Nexus etc.

You need to install “selfie shop camera” app for HTC phones before clicking pictures. This handheld stick works nicely for taking photos and videos on smartphones. It is undeniably one of the Best Selfie Stick available at an affordable rate.

The functionality is so simple that you can easily manage it without any disappointment. With immediate plug and play connection, it doesn’t need a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, it gives no fuse for charging and shutter lag.

It works fine for Apple and Android phones without any installation. However, if it doesn’t work, you can check the compatibility with your phone by installing ‘360 camera’ app from google play store. An ideal selfie stick for taking pictures and videos at parties or vacations.

Caution: few models of Xiaomi Redmi, Moto, Lenovo, and HTC are not compatible with this Aux Wired Selfie Stick from AWAKSHI. Kindly confirm from your mobile phone service regarding its compatibility with this selfie stick before buying.


3. Classytek Mini Wired Selfie Stick

Classytek-Mini-Wired-Selfie-StickCLASSYTEK Selfie Stick comes with an Aux cable compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows smartphones. It requires no Bluetooth connection and charging. This mini wired controller Selfie Stick works through AUX cable connectivity. So, keep taking photos during a family meet or friends get-together party without any hassle. Made of premium quality aluminum and non-slip handle, CLASSYTEK Selfie Stick is durable and long-lasting.

This adjustable Selfie stick monopod is lightweight, easy to use and carry. Equipped with extendable and wired handheld self-portrait Monopod holder to take selfies the way you want. This plug and play device for clicking photos and videos in vacation and parties is compatible with Android 4.2.2 Or Above And Ios 5.01 Or Above.

It features a unique Ball-Head to adjust the camera to any angle rotating by 270 Degree. This amazing selfie stick from CLASSYTEK is undoubtedly one of the Best Selfie Stick.

How To Use:

Place your smartphone in the monopod holder and use the quick spin knob for fast and secure mounting. Connect the AUX cable from your smartphone’s 3.5 mm jack to the selfie stick handle and you’re fine to take selfies.

Extend it up to 48 cms far, or up to 13.8 cms closer to take best selfies. Fitted with a unique Ball-Head to adjust the camera to any angle rotating by 270 Degree.

Press the button in the handle and take photos videos anytime and anywhere on the go without taking anybody’s help. Fold the selfie stick for its easy portability.


4. Generic Mini Selfie Stick with Aux Cable

Generic-Mini-Selfie-Stick-with-Aux-CableGeneric Mini Selfie Stick with Wired Handheld Monopod is suitable to click pictures while traveling, hiking, camping or in wedding or parties. This extendable mini selfie stick is lightweight and portable. With a 55 cm Aux cable, non-slip handle, and self-portrait monopod holder it is quite convenient to carry and take selfies. It is compatible with Android 4.2.2 or above and iOS 5.01 or above.

The Generic Mini Selfie Sticks is compact and ergonomically designed to give the best angle and adjustments for taking best selfies. This lightweight monopod selfie stick is available in assorted colors.

How To Use:

This selfie stick has two different assembly modes, the pull rod, and the handle mode to click selfies from different angles.

It is compatible with most smartphones. Using the 3.5 mm AUX Cable available with the selfie stick connect your phone with this monopod and click amazing photos on a wedding, trips, and beach parties. The non-slip handle prevents your expensive smartphone from falling. Fold it at two levels for easy portability.


5. Captcha QT-588 Professional High-End Wireless Bluetooth (Mobile/Camera Stick)

Captcha-QT-588-Professional-High-End-Wireless-BluetoothCaptcha QT-588 Professional High-End Selfie Stick can be extended up to 47 inches far or up to 16 inches closer to take best selfies. The pole is made from premium quality materials and keeps your phone or camera safe even when it is extended to the maximum level. It is compatible with most smartphones.

With this handy and affordable selfie stick, you can easily click dashing wedding pictures and post on your social media. It comes with an adjustable Ball Head to take pictures and videos from the various angle at 180-degree position.

How To Use:

Extend the pole to the extent that gives you best selfies. It can be locked at any length using the simple clip lock system. Open the clips, extend the stick to the length you desire, and close the clips. It allows you to attach your remote to the pole itself so that you can conveniently start and stop your clickings while your camera is at the distance.

The strong and secure clip locking system ensures that the phone is safely gripped and won’t fall even in heavy movement. Thus, you can use it for sports activities too.

The small mirror at the top of the pole can help you to handle the stick in the right position to take perfect selfies. You can place small cameras on the pole to take pictures. Moreover, Captcha QT-588 Professional High-End Selfie Stick comes with an adjustable lanyard which you can attach around your wrist to keep the pole secured even if you accidentally lose your grip from the stick.


6. Mystique Mall Portable Selfie Stick

Mystique-Mall-Portable-Selfie-StickMystique Mall Portable Selfie Stick is compatible for all android and iPhones. It comes with OTG Adaptor for Android/iOS Devices. This selfie stick is equipped with an extendable monopod with a 3.5 mm jack cable and remote button for Apple and Android phone.

The handle is made of premium quality and non-slip soft silicone material. With the remote build-in shutter on the stick, it works nicely to capture group photos.

Unique Ball-Head in the selfie stick helps in easy and smooth adjustment to any angle to click best selfies without taking the phone in hand.
With a remote button, take pictures comfortably at any position. Mystique Mall Portable Selfie Stick do not need Bluetooth or charging. It is lightweight, portable, easy to carry. An ideal selfie stick for taking pictures and videos at parties or vacations and a perfect partner for a solo traveler.


7. Zaap Nustar4 Selfie Stick

Zaap-Nustar4-Selfie-StickDesigned with lightweight and sturdy aluminum, it is super extendable up to 27 inches and allows you to adjust angles at 275 degrees to shot perfect clicks. The spring-loaded mount provides strong grip to your phone, preventing it from falling down. It supports iPhone 5.0 and above and Android Smartphones 4.2 and above (5.5 cm to 8.5 cm in width).

Just plug into your phone using the headphone jack and you are ready to shoot perfect selfies anywhere and anytime. No charging is required for this selfie stick.

Equipped with a unique U-shape steel clamp that provides a strong grip, it ensures the safety of your device. The shutter button designed to allow you to capture continuous photos at any moment. Weighing only 155 Grams and folded length 7 Inches, you can carry it everywhere you go slipping it into your backpack or purse.

This selfie stick also provides a wrist strap and carry bag. Moreover, it is also compatible with GoPro Action Camera. With its ergonomic design featuring non-slip rubber handle and anti-rotation technology, Zaap Nustar 4 is considered as one of the Most Advanced and Best Monopod-Selfie Stick.


8. Dealpick Combo Of YT 1288 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Dealpick-Combo-Of-YT-1288-Bluetooth-Selfie-StickDEALPICK Combo Of YT 1288 Bluetooth Selfie Stick comes with mini tripod/monopod and compatible with all smartphones (having a width up to 80 mm), GoPro Action Camera and DSLR Digital Camera. It comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote, which you can use separately with smartphones too.

Keep clicking photos for up to 4-5 hours connected with smartphones while you are traveling. Bluetooth remote has a connectivity range of 35-40 meter between remote and your phone.

With zoom in and zoom out feature, it helps in taking quality pictures. It works only with Android smartphones 4.3 or above, and iOS 5.0 or above. You can buy mount separately for Action Camera. Some handsets of Android and iPhones may not support zoom in or zoom out feature owing to their camera restrictions.
The adjustable head and thumb screw locks is for shooting with 360 degrees position in various angles. With a rubber handle, it is less likely to slip from your hand. The attached strap in the selfie stick ensures it is attached to you even when you are not holding it.

With the standard adapter, it easily attaches to any camera or camcorders. The selfie stick comes with aluminum tubes to enable you to reach a length of 48.4 inches while maintaining the desired distance perfectly. The remote shutter is detachable for separate use whenever you want. It can nicely hold any smartphone up to 80 mm width.

The monopod comes with a lock to adjust it to your desirable length (from 425 mm to 1250 mm). The standby time of the Selfie Stick makes it feasible for everyday use, while its stout build ensures security to your phone in a variety of environments. Providing multiple points for customization and adjustment, it allows you to take brilliant selfies without any hassle.

The package included: one YUNTENG YT-1288 Handheld Monopod, one Phone Holder Clip, one USB Cable, one Bluetooth Remote Shutter (only works for mobile phone)


9. Unibis Selfie Stick for Mobile Phones

Unibis-Selfie-Stick-for-Mobile-PhonesUnibis Selfie Stick is suitable for Android phones. With no requirement for battery or Bluetooth, it helps you in taking amazing pictures conveniently. Simply plug in the 3.5 mm aux cable with your smartphone and press the shutter button to take pictures. Easier to extend and retract to click better selfies. This selfie stick from Unibis is 6 inches when folded and 2 feet 6 inches when extended.

How To Use

Open the camera and find and select the “Volume Key Setting” icon, then switch the “Volume Key Setting” to “Camera Key” option. Mount your smartphone in the clamp and connect the cable into the headphone jack. Press the button on the stick to take selfies.

Take brilliant group selfies while enjoying parties or vacation using this selfie stick. With a lightweight design and easy adjustments, it helps you in carrying it wherever you go, slipping it into your backpack or purse. You can easily take close-up or high angle shots using the Unibis Selfie Stick.


10. Renyke Foldable Selfie Stick

Renyke-Foldable-Selfie-StickRenyke Foldable Selfie Stick is super mini and wired device, suitable for Moto G5, G5 Plus, G5S, G5S Plus, E4, C, G, X, G3, G2, G4, X Play, and all other Moto mobile phones. With adjustable selfie stick monopod, click amazing selfies while traveling, hiking or partying. Capture wonderful videos and photos from various angles using this amazing handheld selfie stick. Let it accompany you on concerts, sports events and friends meet and take pictures of your moments. No charging is required for this foldable selfie stick from Renyke; it offers 1 year of manufacturing warranty.

This super mini device is compatible with most smartphones. Featuring 360-degree rotation, it gives wonderful clicks of your moments that you can use in your video diaries or blogs or simply share with your family and friends. The wire in the selfie stick acts like a Bluetooth Shutter. With its easy operation, where you just need to press the button to take photos, it gives you no hassle in clicking pictures to capture moments whenever you want.



With all the above information under your belt, you are ready to buy the perfect selfie stick to capture all the beautiful moments in your life. It is better to go for premium quality paying a little extra if you want to get the best shots for years. Also, ensure that your selfie stick provides stability when taking photos from tricky angles. It should also allow you to click selfies instantly and with ease.

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