Top Reasons for Power Bank Explosions

There were times when people had their smartphones plugged into the wall sockets. If they wanted to use their phones then, they had to sit in one place until they were done using the phones. There was another problem. When people were commuting, they had to look for a source of power where they could charge up their devices.

Long drives were difficult when the phones ran out of juice. The companies strived to make things easy by making phones with bigger and more efficient batteries. However, it was the invention of power banks that made things easier.

Reasons why Power Bank Explode

People had a power source on the go, and they could simply just hook up their devices to the outlets and charge them up without any hassle. Companies started making the best power banks with additional functionalities to charge more than one device at once.

They successfully integrated the ability to even charge laptops and other bigger devices with the power banks which had increased capacities.

People began to use them extensively, using the wall sockets only to juice up the power banks. Gone were the days when we had to sit in one place and wait for our phones to charge when we could go mobile and charge them up anytime anywhere.

The Not so Good Relationship Between Power Banks and Explosion

Like everything that has been created on Earth, problems began with the power banks too. There was trouble in paradise when companies started mass producing power banks to bring down the price and stay competitive in the market.

This caused quite a lot of trouble since the parts had to be produced quickly to meet the demands of the market. Companies started making compromises on the quality of the parts.

When people started getting products that were cheaper and more quickly available, the market for the power banks exploded, both metaphorically and literally.

Many people reported that their power banks have been bursting up like huge crackers. This has caused quite a lot of damage financially as well as to the health of the people. What was once celebrated as quite an invention quickly became a warning?

Power Bank Explosions: Who is to be Blamed?

The fault at both ends of the spectrum. Both the companies as well as the users were at fault. People have been using the power banks in all scenarios.

Using them in places with high temperatures as well as humidities, spilling water on them and using them nonetheless, overcharging them without knowing if there is a facility to protect the power bank from a surge, etc.

These practices have caused quite a lot of damage to the power banks, building them up from the inside like a bomb just waiting to explode.

This is just one end of the blame stick. The other end is held by the companies that manufacture the power banks. There could be flaws in the design or the aforementioned compromises made by them, which could cause explosions in the power banks.

Companies test their products before they are brought to the market, and there are many tests performed on each batch before it leaves the facility too.

This limits the possibilities of explosions to quite a low extent, but since no system has ever been designed to perfection, there is always some or the other batch that has faulty pieces which ruin the reputation of the company.

Since there is quite a lot of competition in the market, the companies are trying to undercut each other and making power banks that will be cheaper than the rest.

The batteries that are used in the power banks are usually either Lithium-polymer or Lithium-ion. The Lithium-polymer batteries are better, but they are expensive as well.

This is why most of the companies have been using the Lithium-ion batteries since they are cheaper and allow them to lower the prices of their products while keeping their margins the same.

It has been reported that the explosions which have been caused due to the poor battery quality have occurred because the manufacturers began to use recycled batteries to further lower the cost of production.

Some Reasons Why Power Banks Tend to Explode

Another likely cause of explosion from the end of the company could be a wrongly designed circuit. This is the most important part of a power bank after the batteries.

The design of the circuits of the power banks have to be intricately made since the whole working of the power bank depends on it.

However, sometimes in a hurry to produce the product, some companies miss out on a couple of things on the inside of the power bank, which causes an explosion in them after some time.

Ideally, there are three parts of a power bank that should be integrated into its design so as to make it safer.

These parts of the design include power protection, short circuit control, and temperature control. All these three parts are quite necessary and missing out on even one can increase the chances of an explosion quite considerably.

Each of these three parts has its function to perform. The power protection makes sure that the power bank stops charging once it has hit its full capacity.

Then there is the short circuit control which prevents the wires inside the power bank from touching each other, ensuring that they are insulated. The last one on the list is the temperature control which shuts down the power bank in case the temperature is too high.

It brings back the functionality of the power bank only once the temperature has cooled down enough for it to work in an optimum way.

Power banks have been quite a boon to humankind. The only problem with them was their explosions which can be curbed on the consumer’s end by taking care of small things like not overcharging it.

From the end of the company, the care has to be taken while designing them. Compromises on the quality should not be made instead of lower costs since it is all about bringing the best product to the customers.

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