Reasons why Everyone Must Carry a Power Bank With Them

Mobile phones have become the most common technology that is a must-have for everyone. The reasons to own a smartphone can be many, especially for me, a phone is everything. I like doing all the things on my phone be it writing, watching, shopping, studying, or others and I am sure that you too share the same feeling.


But the fact that my battery dies in the middle of a long day is extremely annoying. Now we have great ways of never letting our batteries die with the help of a portable charger.

Top 10 Reasons You Need to Grab a New Portable Power Bank Right Now

1. Best Friend during Travel

The days when the travelers used to top just rely on change of clothes, and washroom essentials while traveling are long gone. This is the time when our backpacks include our laptops, cameras, speakers, and mobile phones.

As it is you have to cross miles in buses, planes, or cars and surely don’t wish to get bored during this time. The need for charging these electronic essentials and a power bank works perfectly for that.

2. Your Love for Gaming

I know how much we all love games like Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Mini Militia, and more. The fact that the whole concept of these games takes you to a different zone is exciting but one sad thing that the games do is dry off your battery at a fast pace.

To fix the problem and have a never-ending gaming session is by using a portable charger which gives you at least a 6000 mAh battery.

3. Portability

The task of carrying a phone charger and looking for places where you can charge your device is hectic. Instead, you can invest in a portable power bank which fits your smallest of purses and bags. This would never let you worry about the battery as it is you have your backup with you at all times.

4. Best for Commuters

I know many people who travel for around 3 hours every day to get to the office and back home. The horror of losing all your battery while traveling and thus not using your phone much is something that they have always faced.

But what can be done to fix this terrible tension? Well, invest in a portable power bank and make your travel entertaining (by watching movies and sitcoms).

5. Convenient for Hiking, Fishing, and Camping

The best way of finding solace from your busy work life is to go for short camping or hiking trips. This is the best way of providing peace to your mind and even doing something exciting. Go on and make your plans without keeping in mind the dead mobile phones, or no charging spots.

As the power banks are perfect to keep the basic electronics like speakers, cameras, and phones alive. This is so that you don’t miss any chance of posting pictures and videos on Instagram and even record the crazy solo traveling video for your YouTube Channel.

6. Fear of Missing Out – FOMO

This is that one emotion which you have probably already experienced and surely are scared of it to the core. If by any chance you tend to lose all the battery life of your phone then possibilities are that you would miss up on important calls which are may be related to a job or something.

Or maybe someone charming has even sent you a text and is waiting for your reply. How would you answer without any battery on your phone? The best way of eliminating an electronic FOMO is by using a good portable power bank.

7. The Most Fantastic Reason

Out of all the reasons mentioned above, the best and most important is that a portable power bank is extremely cheap and extremely useful. It is cheaper than anything, be it a haircut, a bottle of wine, or a dinner date. Making an investment in this direction would surely make you feel that your money has been valued.

8. The Music Festival Hustle

What is better than a bunch of you and your friends heading to a crazy music festival which is all about crazy outfits, yummy food, sleeping in tents, and nights of music? It is the best way spending quality time with your guys and girls.

The task of playing music all night and even posting stuff on social media would require you to have a lot of battery backup and it is best possible if you have a portable power bank.

9. Added Support for Your job

Of course, a portable power bank would smoothen your personal life, but it can also help you with your office work. Here is a list of best reasons as to how a portable charger can help you with your job:

  • Photographers can feed their camera batteries at all times and keep them ready at all times.
  • People working in the field of sales are always traveling and using their laptops or phones’, thus keeping them charged is easier.
  • Students love to have their study sessions at parks or cafes where the task of finding a charging spot is almost impossible. It is for the uninterrupted study sessions that you should be using a portable charger.

10. Safety

Mobile phones are indispensable in all of our lives. One big reason as to why a phone is a must is to keep yourself safe at times of trouble. It is that one thing which links you to the world, be it your family, friends, police, hospitals, or anything at times of emergency.

In all this is why you need to keep your mobile phones charged at all times and using a portable charger would make sure that your phone is alive at all times.


It is quite clear from the above points that power banks are an useful device to own. I would advice you to research for the best power banks and then make a choice based on the capacity of your phone and your budget.

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