Flash Drives: How to Keep Your Data Safe?

Flash drives have become the longest used storage devices after CDs and external hard drives. It is because of their compact size and extensive storage capacity. They are easy to carry around and very efficient in transferring data from one device to another.

Flash drives give the advantage of being organized and creating folders and other extensions. Users can privatize their data and keep it safe from online crimes by being stored in computers and online software. Mostly, flash drives have the advantage of cutting specific data from the technical world by storing it elsewhere, but are they really safe?

This is a very common question that arises whenever flash drives are concerned. Not being connected to any software, they are mostly safe from online frauds. But they are small devices that can be easily misplaced. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget that flash drives have to be used through computers or other USB portable devices. This makes them sensitive to viruses and computer bugs.

Here are some common threats that can be faced when using flash drives and simple ways to avoid them.

1. Misplacement of Data

Misplacement of data is a very common problem when using flash drives. Your personal or sensitive data can reach the wrong people with just a little carelessness and you can permanently lose it or expose it. This is because many times the flash drives are on the loose and are easily forgotten.

To avoid getting your data misplaced, make sure you keep the flash drive at an assigned spot. Do not carry it around anywhere you go. And if your work requires carrying a flash drive around for useful information and data in it, you can just assign a pocket to your wallet or the bag you carry so that you can timely check if it’s in place or not.

2. Mixing of Data

Another problem that arises when using flash drives for work purposes is the cluster it creates if not organized quickly. Most people store their personal and professional data on the same flash drive. This often creates chaos and there is a high risk that your personal data can be exposed due to the wrong transfer.

All you need to solve this problem are a few organizational skills. Systematic handling is the key to avoiding any mismanagement. The small steps that can be taken to avoid mixing different data are by using different flash drives for different niches

For example, you can use one flash drive to save all your personal data while in the other you can carry all the professional data. For even further organizing, you can divide professional and personal data into further subdivisions like using different flash drives for different clients.

3. Leak of Data

Though this is a very rare condition, it is still possible if the flash drive gets misplaced. To protect your data from leaking, you can always buy a flash drive with encryption software and use the security key to stop its misuse.
Good encryption software can also protect your drive from viruses and other computer bugs that damage your data. So you won’t have to worry about losing your data.

Flash Drives Are Efficient Storage

The one thing about flash drives that makes them so effective is that they come in various storage spaces, from as low as 4 GB to 256 GB, there are pen drives and hard disks which cater to all requirements. So you can buy as much space as you want and don’t have to invest in large drives.

Though there are possibilities of losing your data, they are also a very safe platform to store it. With just a little precaution and small steps, you can keep your data safe. This is why flash drives are very cost-effective storage devices.

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