Best Tablets Under 5000 In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. iBall D70612. Micromax Canvas P2903. Micromax P70221





Yes, Smartphones do a lot of work that we would require on a day-to-day basis, but they can’t beat the large screen advantages of a tablet. Though, there are other benefits too than just the large screen. In fact, these large screen devices have replaced the PCs to a large extent. There are best tablets under 5000 that are not just technology-driven practical gadgets, but also affordable and available everywhere.

With so many brands and technical features making the tablets separate from each other, the options to select one becomes a lot. Now, if you wish to have a tablet that costs less than 5000, still you will have many variants to choose from. Multiple factors are supposed to be considered before buying the tablets under 5000.


Factors To Consider When Buying Tablets Under 5000


The nature of usage that a tablet will serve matters the most. It is one of the most primary factors that determine the kind of best tab under 5000, which you will zero-in to buy. Now the usage may range from watching movies on the go or communicating via email for business or experience gaming apps. Few even use the tablets paired with a Bluetooth keyboard as their primary work device. Yes, indeed, few tablets support that kind of technology which can withstand the demands of an extreme work environment.

The parents tend to buy the tablets for their children as well since these are good to provide educational learning through various digital tools and videos. The hoteliers and transporters also use tablets to keep an eye on their bookings as well as operations. In a way, a tablet can have multifunctional usage, but buying one that will serve the primary purpose efficiently would be the best buy.


Size is important when mobility is one of the concerns in today’s busy world. There were days when tablets were available in just two sizes, the 7-inch handy and 10-inch large. You will wonder now, who bought the latter. However, the world has advanced many steps forward regarding tablet technology, and there are a plethora of options now in size. The present-day tablet market has devices in the size range of 7-inch handy, 8-inch big, 8.9-inch bigger, 10-inch large and 12-inch giant.

Now you have to be precise on the size that you are comfortable in carrying around ‘on’ you or ‘with’ you. ‘On’ you mean, if you will hold it in your hand or keep the tablet ‘with’ you in your bag or backpack. The former is used very frequently. Hence it has to be handy and within reach at all times. The latter is used as and when needed, which means it can be kept in a bag or briefcase to be safely stored until the requirement arises.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that you should be comfortable in carrying, holding and typing on the tablet. Furthermore, there are different screen sizes and screen types, such as AMOLED, LCD, Retina, IPS, LED, etc. No matter what screen you land with, always select one with full HD.

Operating System

The iPad by Apple was the first tablet that started the market for this device category. Then followed the Android operating system, which is still going strong with most of the tablets equipped with it. However, the Windows operating system has made their mark in the tablet market too, but it is still not much chosen among the gaming and casual tablet users.

The business populace picks the Windows and iPad for their requirement, but since that is expensive; sticking to the best tablets under 5000 would be a good choice to go for. Know that the iOS of Apple iPad is a closed operating software that can’t be tweaked by the user while Apps can only be bought from the App Store of Apple.

Contrary to that the Android operating system is more of an open source platform that is available for customisation by both manufacturers and users. It means that a user may root his or her tablet to get more resources but at the same time, risk voiding the warranty. However, it is completely up to you on what kind of operating system you have used so far and what you are comfortable using.

Storage Capacity

Though tablets do a lot of work that laptops carry out, the former doesn’t have as huge storage capacity as the latter has. Now the common most storage capacity of tablets is 16 GB and twice at 32 GB. The Apple is giving 64 GB and a good 128 GB now, in comparison to its usual 32 GB that it used to give in the past. However, the Apple tablets don’t support expandable storage memory cards.

Opposite to that the Android tablets always come with card slots for expandable memory, even when their inbuilt storage capacity is 8 GB or double at16 GB. Such expandable slots for memory cards are meant to accommodate 32 GB or 64 GB or 128 GB and above removable storage. Do know that software and applications do consume must storage space of a tablet. Never go for a device that has inbuilt storage below 8 GB because more storage capacity is always better, but it also means that you will have to shell out more money too.

Connectivity Convenience

Generally, all the tablets come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that is perfect for doing all the things that you may need in an area that has Wi-Fi facility. Though, most of the best tab under 5000 also comes with the feature of cellular support that allows for a SIM card to be inserted and use its internet service. The calling facility can also be used in such a case. You can download emails, documents as well as upload files and do web browsing with SIM card enabled tablets.

Such models are extremely useful when you are travelling and away from Wi-Fi zones. However, such models cost a bit high than the usual, no-SIM tabs, while not every manufacturer makes Cellular & Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi tablets. Though, if you still go for a Wi-Fi-enabled tablet, then you can still turn your phone’s data to Wi-Fi hotspot, by creating a portable Wi-Fi network.

Applications or Apps

There are many apps available on almost all the platforms, but you must still check if any of the chosen apps that you want to use are there in the Tab or the Tab supports them. It could be gaming apps, documentation apps, multimedia apps, Social Media apps, Instant Messaging apps, or any other specific app for that matter. All three platforms support a lot of apps. There may be just a handful of apps that are not available on these three platforms, but you have to find out if those particular absent ones are the same that you would need.


Though a few years back no one bothered about the camera on a tablet, things have changed drastically now. The camera optics have improved because the demand by the consumers has increased. Now, if the tablet is to be used for capturing images or have a video conference with people, then it is advised to have a tab that has a good quality optical camera. Such tablets will be within the budget that you are looking for, and they would be appropriate for the requirements that you may want them for.


Yes, the weight is of significance here if you wish to carry it in your pocket or hold it in your hand. If it is heavy, then you will feel tired after some time as well as there is a fair chance of the tablet slipping out of your hands. Though, depending upon the tablet’s display, the weight varies. Hence, check the weight of the tablets under 5000.


The few things that make a tablet turn into a fully-equipped machine are the accessories. There are stands and keyboard docks for the tablets, while Bluetooth enabled accessories to make the entire experience seamless. The large screen tablets tend to work as switchable netbooks, which can be turned into the tiny laptop of sorts as well as converted into a tablet.

Service Accessibility

Once you buy a tablet, you +*might or might not require the servicing. But if you need it, then it should be convenient for you to access it. For instance, Apple will replace their entire product or part of it if there is a software glitch or manufacturing defect. Now other companies may not give such an advantage to the users, but most of them do give the warranty on their products and a good service to their consumers. However, it is always essential to have a chain of good service centres backing up the product.

A comprehensive listing of the tablets under 5000 has been prepared by us so you may know about the available options in the Indian market.

Top 10 Best Tablets Under 5000 In India 2020

1. iBall D7061 Tablet (7 inch, 8GB, Wi-Fi + 3G + Voice Calling)

iBall-D7061-Tablet-7-inch-8GB-Wi-Fi-3G-Voice-CallingThis charcoal blue 7-inch capacitive touchscreen iBall D7061 tablet has 2 Megapixel primary camera. The screen has a 1024 x 600 pixels of resolution, while the Android v4.4 KitKat OS combined with 1.3 GHz ARM A7 dual-core Cortex processor makes it a fabulous device. The 512 RAM coupled with 8 GB of internal memory is expandable to 32 GB, while its dual SIM slots accommodate 3G enabled SIM cards.

The lithium-ion 2500mAH battery gives a sound backup, depending upon the number of Apps you run at one time. There is a year-long manufacturer’s warranty on the tablet, while 6-month long warranty by the manufacturer is given for the in-box accessories that includes the batteries from the purchase date.At a good dimension of 19.2 cm x 1 cm x 10.7 cm, this 490 g tablet has an impressive performance.


2. Micromax Canvas Tab P290 Tablet (7 inch, 8GB, Wi-Fi Only)

Micromax-Canvas-Tab-P290-Tablet-7-inch-8GB-Wi-Fi-OnlyMicromax has introduced many versatile products to the Indian tablet market. The Canvas Tab P290 is considered one of the finest devices in the tablet segment of the company. It has two cameras to it, the primary camera is 2 Megapixel, and the secondary camera is a 0.3 Megapixel placed on the front of the tab. Its 1024 x 600 pixel WSVGA TFT 7-inch capacitive IPS touchscreen renders basic viewing pleasure of the content displayed on it.

It comes equipped with v5.0 Android Lollipop OS that works well with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, while 1 GB RAM makes it function well. Its 8 GB of inbuilt memory can be expanded to 32 GB with an external memory card. A lithium-ion battery of 2820 mAH capacity gives its user 3 hours of playback time for video, 4 hours of internet browsing convenience as well as 150 hours of standby time.

This lightweight 259 g of the tablet comes in an 18.9 cm x 1 cm x 11.1 cm dimension, while it has Bluetooth tethering feature to it. Though it does not have SIM slots for inserting the SIMs for internet connectivity, it sure does have Wi-Fi connectivity. You just have to put on the Wi-Fi and let it connect for a good experience.


3. Micromax P70221 Tablet (7 inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi+ 3G+ Voice Calling)

Micromax-P70221-Tablet-7-inch-16GB-Wi-Fi-3G-Voice-CallingAnother gem from the house of Micromax, the P70221 is a 7-inch, with Android 4.4 Kitkat operating software run 1.3 GHz Dual Core tablet. It has 16 GB ROM and 1 GB RAM with 2 Megapixel back camera and 2 Megapixel front camera. Two cameras with same specifications may sound a bit weird to many, but that is what makes P70221 different from the other tablets, where the primary camera is more powerful than the secondary camera.

This feature makes the selfies more profound, and video calls much clear. The 558 weighing tablet body of 21 cm x 5 cm x 14 cm dimension is easy to carry around and convenient to operate. The exterior design is impressive as well.


4. iBall Twinkle i5 Tablet (7 inch, 8GB, Wi-Fi+3G+Voice Calling)

iBall-Twinkle-i5-Tablet-7-inch-8GB-Wi-Fi3GVoice-CallingAnother iBall in this list. Yes, it is an i5 tablet, but it has no connection to Apple’s “I”, though the quality is still impressive as any of the best tablets under 5000. Its primary camera of 2 Megapixel comes with an LED flash, while the front camera is also 2 Megapixel to capture good quality still as well as moving images. However, they both are not meant for high-end photo operations. You can still check out amazing picture quality on its 7-inch HD IPS completely multi-touch 1024 x 600 pixels capacitive touchscreen, which has a density of 170 PPI pixel.

It works on v5.1 Lollipop Android operating system that is supported by Mail-400MPP GPU, Cortex A7 1.3 GHz ARM quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal memory that is expandable right up to 32 GB. It is compatible with the 3G network where it can accommodate 3G SIMs (dual SIM slots). So you can very well, use two different networks to get the internet connectivity on the go. This will help in staying on top of the absence of Wi-Fi as well as other hassles of connectivity when you are dependent on only one SIM for the internet.

At 19.2 cm x 1 cm x 10.7 cm it weighs 259 g. Its 2500 mAH battery of lithium-polymer lasts as per the use, but 13 hours of phone talk time is assured by iBall. The more Apps you have on in the tablet, the quicker any battery would drain off the power. A year of manufacturer warranty is given on the device by iBall and 6 months of warranty by manufacturer remains on the in-box accessories that includes batteries; from the particular date that the device was bought.


5. Acer One 7 Tablet (7 inch, 8GB, Wi-Fi + 3G, Voice Calling)

Acer-One-7-Tablet-7-inch-8GB-Wi-Fi-3G-Voice-CallingAcer makes many things such as laptops and other devices, but its tablets have been much ignored by the populace, whereas this brand has some fine devices in its inventory. The One 7 of Acer weighs barely 200 g with a dimension of 18.8 cm x 1 cm x 10.8 cm. However, it is packed with 2 Megapixel camera on its back and 0.3 Megapixel camera on its front. The 1024 x 600 pixels of resolution is the configuration of the 7-inch multi-touch HD LCD capacitive touchscreen, which makes the visuals appear flawlessly amazing.

The operating system of v6.0 Marshmallow Android combined with a quad-core processor of Mediatek MT8321 1.5 GHz, along with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of built-in memory which is expandable to a descent 32 GB; makes for a perfect combination. The dual 3G SIM slots can accommodate two different SIM, which helps in going online with the SIM data when Wi-Fi is not available.

The usual manufacturer warranty of 1 year and another warranty by the manufacturer for 6 months towards the in-box accessories, including the batteries make it a good deal. This tablet is deemed exceptionally good by its users, for whom the weight matters more than anything else.


6. iBall Q45 Tablet (7 inch, 16GB , Wi-Fi+ 3G+ Voice Calling)

iBall-Q45-Tablet-7-inch-16GB-Wi-Fi-3G-Voice-CallingThe Q45 tablet by iBall has Android as its operating system, while this 7-inch tablet runs on a 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor. Though a bit heavy at 599 g and 22 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm dimension, it gives a lot to its user that is expected from it. The 7-inch screen is fully HD, while the connectivity can be done over Wi-Fi or with 3G SIM.

Since it supports the SIM, voice calling is also possible, which makes it a large-sized cell phone as well. The 1 GB RAM makes the various Apps and OS work flawlessly smooth, but do keep in mind to have the cache cleaned now and then. It has a standard 8 GB internal storage, while expandable memory slot supports storage accessory up to a good 32 GB.

This is the best tablet under 5000 that has simple features, yet gives a good performance that is the need of today. If gaming and heavy applications usage are not going to happen, then this is a perfect device. Mostly users who have just started using a tablet for their work requirements such as checking emails, making video calls with clients or colleagues and sharing documents.


7. IKALL N4 (4G+WIFI) Tablet 1GB RAM/8GB Internal Memory Expandable Upto 32GB/Android 6.0

IKALL-N4-Tablet-1GB-RAM-8GB-Internal-Memory-Expandable-Upto-32GBThe name may make it sound as if it is an unusual entry in this list, but know that this is one of the best tablets under 5000. Its 8 GB of internal memory may sound a bit undertone, but it can be expanded to 32 GB for storing the necessary data, while 1 GB of RAM serves all kind of purpose. The 0.3 Megapixel camera is good enough to capture the still and moving images, while GPRS and Bluetooth over Dual GSM + GSM SIM work well as 900/1800 MHZ. The 1000 mAH battery is indeed a less capacity power provider, but the functionality of this tablet makes up for the low power backup.

At 21.6 cm x 13.7 cm x 5.6 cm dimension and 558 g of weight, this may not appear impressive to many, but once you start using it; you will not let it go. The maximum resolution of this 6.0 Android tablet is 720p, which is also HD ready. The SIM slots allow for accommodating the 4G SIM for data usage, where Wi-Fi will not be available. Its price is substantially reasonable, and you can start with this tab if these products are new to you. IKALL N4 will give you what you need, nothing more, nothing less.


8. Ambrane 3G Calling Quad Core Tablet AQ-700

Ambrane-3G-Calling-Quad-Core-Tablet-AQ-700A tablet that supports 3G SIM for surfing the web as well as for all data related usage, and also for making voice-call is a must-have. This 7-inch Android Quad-core processor tablet has a dimension of 22.8 cm x 13.4 cm x 6.4 cm, while it weighs 572 g. Equipped with 8 GB of inbuilt memory and 1 GB of RAM, this tablet runs a variety of apps on 5.1 Lollipop OS, which makes many things convenient for the users who are used to Android OS.

Indeed, for people who have never used Android (which is rare) would find it too loaded and not to their taste, but for anyone who has just got into tablets; will certainly love it.This tablet may be a bit heavy because it is over half a kilogram, but it serves all the essentials that you will require.


9. iBall Slide Q400x+ Tablet (7 inch, 8GB, Wi-Fi Only)

iBall-Slide-Q400x-Tablet-7-inch-8GB-Wi-Fi-OnlyYes, we have filled this list with iBall tablets, but each one of these are specifically picked to cater not just the first criteria of being economical but also to give the value for money. The Slide Q400x+ has a plethora of elements in it. The primary camera is of 2 Megapixel while the camera on its front is 0.3 Megapixel, which gives decent images and videos. 1024 pixels x 600 pixels resolution in the 7-inch capacitive multi-touch touchscreen makes for a perfect experience when you operate this tablet.

The operating system is Android Nougat v7.1 that is backed by ARM Cortex-A53 1.34 GHz Quad-Core 64-bit processor and 1 GB RAM. The inbuilt 8 GB memory can be expanded to 32 GB. Now the impressive part of this tablet is its 317 hours of standby time that is delivered by a lithium-polymer 2800 mAH battery. At 327 g and 19.1 cm x 1.3 cm x 11.5 cm dimension, this tablet under 5000, does give a lot.


10. Intex Aqua Amaze+ with 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM

Intex-Aqua-Amaze-with-1GB-RAM-8GB-ROMAn Intex product, with 4.7-inch IPS HD display, but it has a 5 Megapixel AF camera on the rear with flash and another 5 Megapixel Selfie FF camera combined with flash on the front. Now that is what anyone would say a power packed device with its functionality, but there is still more. The 2000 mAH battery of Li-ion gives good backup, while light sensor, proximity sensor and G-sensor give more control over the tablet functionalities.With Marshmallow 6.0 Android operating system, this is indeed an impressive device that can become a complete machine if proper accessories are fused into it.



Finding best tablet under 5000 is not a challenge, selecting one from the available lot could be. But with the few factors that we mentioned above, you can conveniently narrow down your search to the one that you need.

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