Best LED TV Under 20000 in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Mi LED TV 4C Pro 32′2. Sanyo 49′3. BPL 32′


The latest reduced rates of GST on Televisions is a clear sign that you can buy an LED TV within your budget. The world has transitioned to LED TVs for a decade. Having a large display, the LED TV looks magnificent and attractive as well. It also becomes a home decor in the living room.


If you are thinking to buy the best LED TV under 20000, you must have thought of researching the latest models of LED TVs. However, your research won’t be enough as you will be even confused about opting a good brand. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about it. The list of best led tv under 20000 will help you to select the right LED TV model.

Top 10 Best LED TVs under 20000 in India 2020

1. Mi LED TV 4C Pro 32 Inches HD Ready Android TV

Mi LED TV 4C PRO 32 Inches HD Ready Android TV

The Mi LED TV 4C PRO 32 inches HD Ready Android TV has a lot of amazing features. This is the best tv under 20000. Being great in looks, this TV will enhance the design of your living room. It is an Android TV which has HD ready Display, multiple ports, and cinematic quality sound.

The display of this TV will lead to exploration of every detail in excellent quality. You are bound to experience enhanced brightness and lifelike colors. The stereo speakers of this TV are specially customized for India for a room-filling sound with the help of DTS-HD support.

The detailed and vivid colors can be viewed with the state-of-the-art display of this TV. Every feature required for an excellent entertainment is covered by this TV. Several entertainment devices can be connected to this TV due to the multiple ports.

With PatchWall, get ready to view 700,000+ hours of content on the homepage. It is indeed a revolutionary TV experience. The google voice search gets activated with the dedicated button on the Mi remote. You can simply switch between the channels or increase/decrease the volume by commanding with your voice.

The Mi TV has a TV guide too for making it easy to discover your favorite cable content. The 360° free control feature of the Mi remote will mesmerize you for sure.

This Android TV is based on Android Oreo. It offers thousands of games, movies, and shows through your favorite apps such as Youtube, Google Play, etc. If you want to cast your photos, movies or shows from your IOS or Android device on this TV, you just need to use the Chromecast built-in feature.

This TV has Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-FI connectivity, 64-bit quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB storage. Wall Mounting and Table-top are supported by this TV. Although it is strong and solid with robust design, it is quite easy to install.


2. Sanyo 49 Inches Full HD IPS LED TV XT-49S7100F

Sanyo 49 Inches Full HD IPS LED TV XT-49S7100F

With the Sanyo XT-49S7100F 49 inches Full HD IPS LED TV, one can experience perfect reproduction of color and contrast irrespective of the viewing angle.

By this feature, the viewing experience of several people in large rooms gets facilitated and ensures that each person enjoys the content on this TV with any viewing angle.

The Dot Noise Reduction technology of this TV is so innovative that you won’t have to deal with noisy pictures anymore! Your favorite movies and TV series can be watched in detailed resolution without any noise.

The resolution of this TV is 1920×1080, providing you an experience of viewing vivid colors and sharp images along with stunning picture quality. An optimal motion viewing is ensured by the low response rate. As a result, fast-paced action can be enjoyed on this TV without distracting motion blur.

For watching the action and sports movies with an amazing experience, this TV is definitely an ideal choice. The display ensures that the colors look realistic as well as bright. It will be a dazzling experience for you to watch fashion shows, nature documentaries and fantasy movies on this TV.

The viewing experience will be memorable for sure. Eager to watch your favorite sports event with the same thrill in the arena itself? Switch to your favorite sports event on this TV and experience the thrill of watching live sports on TV with the predefined Sports Mode.

Watching live sports on TV never felt so good before! Wish to have the same experience of watching a movie at the theatre? Just play your favorite movie on this TV and have scintillating movie theatre experience with the Cinema Mode.

The viewing experience on most of the TVs generally gets hurt due to the artificial-looking skin tones. However, this TV won’t cause you such disappointment as it features enhanced skin tones with the help of advanced technology. Great picture quality and accurate color reproduction are ensured by the In-plane Switching Technology of this TV.

The surround sound feature of this TV provides a theatrical experience within your convenience at home. You will also get a unique cinematic experience while watching TV series, sports, and movies with the built-in enhanced bass system which generates thunderous bass. An external home theatre system can be seamlessly connected to this TV with the help of HDMI Sound Out feature. The feature can be controlled with the TV remote. This will make your living room no less than a theatre!

For enjoying any music or movie on this TV without causing any disturbance to others, you can simply plug in your headphones with the help of the 3.5mm audio output jack. You don’t have to constantly switch cables anymore for switching between the TV channels and playing on a gaming console. It is possible as this TV comes with 2 HDMI ports. The 2 USB ports of this TV enable you to connect your favorite portable hard drive and USB pen drive at the same time.

Thus, you can enjoy the content such as photos, songs, movies and TV series from your personal collection in the storage devices on this TV. The PC VGA port of this TV can be used for connecting your desktop PC or laptop to it. In this way, you can perform your productive work or enjoy browsing on the large display of this TV.

You don’t have to worry about any defect in a Sanyo TV as each of the Sanyo TV undergoes 24 stringent quality checks. So, you don’t have to worry about the problem of TV panel failure while purchasing this TV.


3. BPL 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV T32BH3A/BPL080F2000J

BPL 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

BPL develops high-quality products for institutions, healthcare providers as well as Indian homes. All the products manufactured by BPL are symbols of undying commitment to quality.

The TV viewing experience is redefined with the phenomenal picture quality of the BPL T32BH3A/BPL080F2000J 32 inches HD Ready LED TV. The incoming image is processed by the Vivid Colour Controller which ensures color-accurate picture without any display noise. This TV is designed and ideated in India with cutting-edge designs and state-of-the-art technology. The clarity and color are well-maintained by this TV.

From the comforts of your couch, you can know your favorite characters of the movies and TV shows due to a resolution of 1366x768p. Compared to a standard-definition television, the resolution of this TV is much higher. Such resolution also offers a high contrast viewing experience. This TV can be connected to your entertainment gadgets via HDMI ports. Enjoyable multimedia experience is possible by a convenient switch to each device.

The movies, videos, music, and photos from your USB flash drives can be directly enjoyed on this TV. For a personal audio experience, you can connect your headphones with the TV through the headphone output. Without causing any disturbance to other members of your family, you can comfortably listen to crystal-clear sound quality.

Your TV-viewing experience won’t be affected by the ambient background lighting. You can see an image without distortion in contrast or colors on the display by sitting at any place surrounding the TV. Thanks to the 178-degree viewing angle!

This TV has other features such as 60 Hz Refresh Rate, 16W Speaker Output, built-in speakers and A+ Panel. This TV is certified by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Being a National Standard Body of India, the BIS certification indicates good quality of the products.


4. TCL 39 Inches Full HD LED TV L39D2900

TCL 39 Inches Full HD LED TV L39D2900

The clarity of TCL L39D2900 39 inches Full HD LED TV is twice better than that of the standard HD TVs. This TV is will provide an enjoyable viewing experience with sharper images and crispier images on its Full HD display.

A milestone in LED backlight technology has been created by the latest generation of TCL’s LED backlight. The dynamic contrast ratio and color gamut are dramatically enhanced by the White LED backlight.

The massive signal noise is effectively eliminated by the Noise reduction technology of this TV. This results in clearer images of fine quality. You don’t have to worry about eye health problems while watching movies on this TV.

A variety of video and audio formats is supported by this TV with the inclusion of the latest coding system too. Input channels such as Dolby * AC3 and MPEG2, MP3, MPEG4 (h. 264) video coding as well as USB are supported by this TV. The 2 channel speakers of this TV provides sound with surround effect. More in-depth and the richer sound is provided by the sophisticated software algorithm developed by TCL.

You will definitely experience the grandness of cinema at your home. The most suitable audio mode can be set with this TV as per the environment such as movies, music, sports or standard program. With your preferred selection, have an amazing audio-visual experience by comfortably sitting on your sofa.

The programming volume of this TV is automatically adjusted by the smart volume feature of this TV. Due to this, the sudden sound fluctuations which are usually experienced while switching between different channels are eliminated. This TV has multiple external inputs like HDMI and 2 USB ports.

A range of peripheral devices is supported too. Thus, an easier and faster content sharing is ensured along with device connectivity. For long viewing hours, the power saving mode of this TV proves to be advantageous.


5. Kevin 32 Inches HD Ready Smart LED TV K32CV338H

Kevin 32 Inches HD Ready Smart LED TV K32CV338H

The Kevin K32CV338H 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED TV is reliable as it is manufactured by one of the pioneer brands of LED Televisions – Kevin. You are bound to immerse in a viewing experience like never before with this TV.

Get ready to turn your home into a theatre with the cinema mode feature of this TV. This mode enables you to watch movies in theatre-style video and audio settings in order to experience the feel of a theatre at your home.

The wide 178 x 178 viewing angle allows you to enjoy your favorite content on this TV with convenience by sitting anywhere surrounding it. The M-cast assists you in watching movies, playing games and music on this TV. Your Android or IOS smartphone can share its screen on the large display of this TV.

You can play action-packed games on this TV which will be an amazing gaming experience for you. The crisper and clearer picture quality of this TV will bring the gaming action to life. You don’t have to wait anymore for your favorite movie or show to start.

The Kevin smart LED TV allows you to enjoy the shows without any hassle by eliminating the buffering. The web touch remote allows you to enjoy entertainment without any issues. This remote is light in weight and acts as a one-touch solution to another dimension of knowledge, apps, music, and movies. You will be guided through your favorite applications by the web touch remote.

The shows can be relished even from the screen’s edge. The A+ grade panel is the secret behind this TV’s wide viewing angle and lifelike color. You can watch your desired content on this TV from any angle with no blurs due to the TV’s wide viewing angle of 178°/178°. The panel of this TV is free from picture fade and color wash.

One of the highest picture quality is brought by the Kevin HRDD resolution display. This TV offers a clear motion rate, better images, and vibrant colors. Better contrast, color, and clarity are enabled by the 1366 x 768 resolution and HRDD technology.

The RAM or TV space which is consumed by the running apps can also be displayed. This TV lets you know when its performance gets reduced. The tasks which take up a lot of space will be killed off for increasing the performance of the TV. For clearing default apps, the task manager can be used too. It’s indeed an ideal app manager.

You can connect your external devices with this TV through PC audio, HDMI ports, coax audio, USB, RF in, VGA in and LAN. By doing so, you can play the videos, music, and movies from your devices on this TV. The next generation of home entertainment can be experienced with this TV. Multimedia content is easily accessible with the help of an on-screen content browser.


6. Samsung 24K4100 24 inches HD Ready LED TV

Samsung 24K4100 24 inches HD Ready LED TV

Samsung is a trusted brand worldwide and the Samsung 24K4100 24 inches HD Ready LED TV stands as a trustworthy electronic product. The favorite movie and TV moments can be captured on the screen by taking picture screenshots.

Just at the push of a button, the TV captures the image and saves it on the external storage device connected to it. The stored image can be viewed anytime for re-living the favorite moment captured by this TV.

High-quality audio can be recorded from any channel, be it any dialogue, commentary or music. The recorded audio gets saved on the external storage device connected to this TV. The saved audio can be replayed whenever you wish to. Just by pressing a button, you can capture your favorite music and scenes on this TV. The external storage device connected to this TV saves the captured content.

The stored content can be viewed anytime. You can have an amazing viewing experience by switching on this TV’s Indian Cinema Mode. This mode enhances the sound output and offers bright and vivid colors on the screen. In order to provide the best viewing experience, this TV optimizes the screen size along with enhanced sound and picture. The screen viewing size can also be customized as per your requirement.

The cricket viewing experience is redefined on this TV after switching on the Cricket Mode. The picture and surround sound quality is adjusted accordingly in this mode. A live cricket match can also be frozen on this TV. You can zoom into more details. The screen can be divided into 9 sections.

The hidden details of an image, as well as its quality, are drastically improved by Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer. This enhancer uses an algorithm of advanced picture quality improvement. The Wide Color Enhancer enables you to see the company on screen in their original formats. A multimedia entertainment center will be created out of your living room by the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs.

The high definition digital data will be transferred with a high-speed transmission from your devices into this TV due to HDMI. Due to ConnectShare Movie, you can enjoy music, photos or movies on the big screen by simply plugging your HDD or USB memory drive.

The lightning strikes of up to 15 KV are absorbed by the block capacitors which are equipped by this TV. For protecting the TV from moisture, the Anti-humidity glue and Silica Gel are used for coating each chipset. Up to 750V of high fluctuation can be withstood by the capacitor and varistor blocks of this TV. Samsung also provides a warranty of 1 year on humidity, power surges, and lightning.


7. CloudWalker 32 inches 4K Ready Smart HD Ready LED TV 32SHX2

CloudWalker 32 inches 4K Ready Smart HD Ready LED TV 32SHX2

Working on Android 7 Nougat, the CloudWalker 32SHX232 inches 4K Ready Smart HD Ready LED TV can play 4K content which will take your viewing experience to a next level. You will experience the power of 4K on this TV. The 4K videos shot on your digital camera or smartphone can be played on this TV via HDMI or USB.

The 1366 x 768 resolution of this TV will bring the minutest details in front of your eyes and keep you immersed in the content. The Android 7.0 nougat OS of this TV enhances your Android experience.

It is more powerful, smarter and swifter than before. During operations, this TV delivers a quick interface as it consists of quad-core ARM cortex processor along with 8GB storage and 1GB RAM.
The performance of this TV is top-notch even during multi-tasking.

The responsive user-interface of this TV makes it as good as a smartphone. The state-of-the-art content discovery engine of this TV unleashes the power of the internet as it assists you in curating thousands of hours of entertainment through digital content. Thus, you can anytime stream your favorite kids content, videos, documentaries, trailers, apps, TV shows, music, etc.

Explore the world of apps on this by just connecting to the internet. You can play popular Android apps by downloading them on this TV for enjoying content through streaming apps. This TV has an immersive android TV style user-interface which is worth experiencing. For enjoying online entertainment up to full extent, this TV offers an unmatched user experience. Anyone can use it quite easily.

Like the TV, its remote is also the smartest one. All the functions of this TV can be navigated easily with the in-built Air Mouse of the super remote. You just need to point the cursor and click anywhere you want to. For directly accessing the functions such as Wi-Fi, screenshot, subtitle and home screen, there are dedicated hotkeys on the remote.

The Cshare mobile remote app allows sharing media to this TV from your smartphone wirelessly. You can also mirror TV to phone and mobile screen on the TV. In this way, you can play music, view photos and watch videos from your smartphone on this TV. You can use your smartphone as this TV’s remote, wireless keyboard or an air mouse. This makes your smartphone more beneficial. Through OTA, this TV gets updates daily for enhancing your TV experience.

You will be offered the latest updates to your TV apps, software, settings and interface for enhancing entertainment and performance. The quality of videos and images on this TV are enhanced with sharper and smoother pictures by the DCTI/DLTI technology.

Your favorite content can be enjoyed with rich colors and stunning features. Enhanced bass performance along with powerful sound is delivered by the 20 watts front firing speakers. This makes your listening experience as good and immersive as the viewing experience. It eventually gives you a cinematic experience in your living room.

With Movie Box app, you can access a vast library of documentaries, short films and commercial movies on this TV. Content in Hindi and other regional languages can be enjoyed too. The official app partners of CloudWalker such as Spuul, ESPN, Hungama Play, Sun Nxt, and Hotstar allow you to watch their content on the big screen.


8. Sony 24 inches Bravia HD Ready LED TV KLV-24P413D

Sony 24 inches Bravia HD Ready LED TV KLV-24P413D

The Sony KLV-24P413D 24 inches Bravia HD Ready LED TV has several features to enhance your overall viewing experience. Accurate reproduction of fine textures and details can be enjoyed even in flat image areas due to the Clear Resolution Enhancer.

The perception of on-screen depth is boosted due to the heightened contrast, which also leads to the production of clearer and crisper images. Also, this doesn’t lead to the sacrifice of black saturation in any way. The powerful 20 W speakers deliver more clear vocals and natural sound when you play a music video or a movie soundtrack.

This TV is guarded against electrical surges by the advanced protection shields. Unstable electricity is combated by a primary capacitor of this TV. Short circuits caused by high moisture are prevented by an anti-humidity coating on this TV’s circuit board. One can navigate in several multi-regional languages of India by the new on-screen interface of Bravia. Select a language for the TV so that it can communicate with you in the specified language.

You can view photos, play videos and music from your USB stick on the Bravia’s big screen via USB. You can also listen to your favorite radio stations with the FM Radio feature. The powerful speakers of this TV offer a clear and crisp reception of FM stations. By using the TV remote, you can easily switch between the FM stations. You can even name those stations. This TV can store maximum 30 FM stations.


9. Panasonic TH- 32F204DX 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

Panasonic TH- 32F204DX 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

A wide viewing angle and high light transmittance are provided by the IPS panel of Panasonic TH- 32F204DX 32 inches HD Ready LED TV. The brightness of the display can be efficiently increased by the LED backlight.

Necessary features for a dazzling viewing experience such as clarity, naturalism, color vibrancy and sharpness are achieved by the IPS LED technology of Panasonic. Any random noise is reduced by the processing techniques of noise detection and correction after its identification by the Panasonic unique picture engine. Thus, one can enjoy crisper as well as cleaner videos and images.

This TV delivers plenty of punch and deep blacks in bright and dark scenes respectively. It also reproduces smooth fast moving images with the selective shutting mechanism and unique backlight control technology. While displaying motions, most of the LCD TVs judder and lose resolution. This TV doesn’t have such a weakness.

This issue is addressed by the back light’s sections getting turned off while the rendition of every image frame. Two USB ports are featured by this TV. These ports can be used for connecting your digital camera with this TV for viewing your photos on the big screen.

You can easily view your favorite videos as well as personal photos from your external devices on this TV. The multimedia content which is stored in your USB memory sticks can be played on this TV by the media players. You just need to slot your USB memory stick into the sockets of this TV. The customization options like the addition of background effects and music can be done for customizing playback.


10. Micromax 32 inches HD Ready LED TV 32P8361HD

Micromax 32 inches HD Ready LED TV 32P8361HD

The Micromax 32T8361HD LED TV takes entertainment on the next level with its Crystal Luminous Colour Polarization technology. With such technology, you will be a witness to crystal clear graphics.

The sound surround system of this TV will make dance on your favorite songs due to the fantastic sound quality. If you stream a live concert online, the Surround Sound Speakers will recreate the feel for you. Enjoy clear vocals and dive into the world of music with the full range speakers.

The content navigation can be set easily and you can choose the Hindi interface. The motion-sensing games on this TV combine interaction with immersion! Get the feel of playing in a stadium while playing cricket and other sports games on this TV. While playing shooting and adventure games, the loud gunshots will give you the feel of being in that arena itself!

You can enjoy music without any disturbance with the help of power saving music mode. For avoiding any interruption, this mode shuts off other features of this TV which drain the battery quickly. For watching your content from an external storage device on this TV, you just need to plug the USB enabled device to this TV and transfer your favorite videos, music, and movies.


Choose The Best LED TV Under 20000

These are the best LED TVs under 20000. You can choose any of them as they have brilliant specifications. Some of them are manufactured by well-known brands while some of them are from brands which offer quality products at decent prices.

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