Best Fitness Bands Under 2000 in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Health Sense PD-1022. Easypro Bracelet3. Syska SF-31 Band





There were years when the best fitness bands under 2000 used to be targeted towards very specialised niche customers who were fitness enthusiasts and performed simple tasks such as step counting using pedometers.

However, over the years, they have started to take on the market by storm since they have been developed into gadgets which have an immense amount of features and are now targeted towards a larger number of people. Also, people now treat exercise as a necessity, this has lead to sudden growth in fitness tracking devices.

Using fitness bands, you have the capability to count the number of steps, observe your heart rate, check the number of calories which are burned during the day and even measure the distance traveled in a single day.


In addition, there are some wearable types which provide an immense amount of features that can be beneficial to anyone who uses it. Currently, there are many brands and models which develop remarkable fitness bands such as Fitbit, Xiaomi, Garmin, Misfit along with other brands which still continue to produce efficient fitness bands for the near future as well. However, choosing between these options is getting confusing on an inclining scale.

In comparison to the old fitness trackers which delivered mostly sleep and step monitoring, there are latest brands which have an increase in the number of sensors, integrated heart rate monitors, waterproofing resistance and even GPS and phone notifications. All these advanced features combine smartwatches, running watches and fitness bands together into one.

There are other features which can be considered such as battery life expectancy, and the quick synchronization where you can back up data into the web or even phone and even supplement application software.

Despite all these great features and advanced products in the market, choosing the right fitness band which solves all your needs can be tricky and difficult for a majority of the people.

But, if you do select the right choice, then this tiny tech can be beneficial to enhance your lifestyle standards and live healthier. You can obtain the best fitness bands under 2,000 which can comprise of all the necessary and cool features when working out!

Keep reading the guide below in order to find more.

Is it Necessary to Purchase a Fitness Tracker Under 2000?

Even though fitness bands continue to boom in the market, it is important to consider whether owning one is necessary or not. There are a majority of questions from viewers and consumers who want to purchase fitness bands but have wrong/skewed notions regarding the data on fitness bands.

In a general sense, fitness bands will monitor and track daily activities performed by the users in terms of the number of steps taken and the calories which are burned as movement take place. You can set a target or goal on how active you aim to be and it will give you a basic guideline regarding how successful you are.

Misapprehensions of Fitness Bands

It is common how fitness brands are being labeled with many misconceptions which have been derived from blurred language and assurances from manufacturers.

Even though a majority of these fitness bands record multiple activities during the day, they are still not designed to carry out advanced measurements in particular sports. Sports such as pilates, swimming and Zumba will lead the fitness bands to make statistical reports on the heart rate or movement from the sessions and even the caloric burnout but not the performance breakdown.

In addition, there is another delusion which concerns cycling and running. Without the use of GPS, fitness bands cannot accurately monitor on the distance or pace of the user. Therefore, this would lead to fitness bands being inferior on a vast scale in comparison with specialised watches.

However, fitness bands can still provide a rough guide on the workout performed.

Currently, there are brands which design and integrate a GPS system on fitness bands making them much useful and beneficial to the users. A majority of the fitness bands provide a sufficient guide for those who jog occasionally. In addition, the best fitness band under Rs 2,000 offer useful data to the users in order to evaluate and to improve on themselves.

Selecting the Ideal Design

There have been fitness bands which can be fastened around your wrist, however, there are peculiar dongles which can be clipped to your clothes and are even comfortable to use when in motion. Even so, there are few fitness bands which can be worn inside pockets as well and even come with multiple accessories which are stylish, allowing you to wear the tech around your neck like a small pendant.

People still have the opportunity to choose between multiple options on brand colours or even if whether the fitness bands should/should not have screens but currently, analogue watches provide more options than these to the consumers. Smart fitness bands which are inbuilt into normal looking watches are the latest trend with Nokia, Fossil Q and few other brands leading the path.

Fitness trackers are available in multiple styles, shapes and sizes. In regards to design, it can be a subjective matter but it is definitely an important one. In fact, activity trackers have been introduced in the market as unappealing and bulky devices which were targeted towards fitness enthusiasts and technology nerds.

However, as time progressed, the technology community have begun to understand the importance of designing fitness bands and watches which are both operational and appealing to look at.

A majority of these fitness bands are to be worn frequently, therefore, you need to get adjusted to the strap being attached to your wrist. If you have been given the chance to try on before purchasing one then it is an ideal idea to do so.

As we speak about design, we can create three individual groups in order to separate fitness bands/fitness trackers. The first group would be the sports band type. Generally, these bands are produced out of rubber and basic in terms of appearance. Garmin, Fitbit and Polar Loop bands are some few good examples.

The next group would be those who appear to be like smartwatch types. The Fitbit Versa and Iconic along with Polar A360 are some few examples which are fitness trackers. The final group would be those activity trackers which appear to be similar to those jewellery pieces or analogue watches such as the Garmin Vivomove HR, Misfit Phase and even the Misfit Swarovski Shine.

It can be observed that ‘wearable technology’ is worn more by men than women. In fact, Fitbit has mentioned that 70% of their wearable products are sold to men only. However, this ideology is changing slowly and more fitness bands are being designed to suit female fitness aficionados as well. There are great and amazing designs for fitness bands under Rs. 2,000 which even offer phenomenal features.

Going Water-resistant

There are plenty of fitness bands which can be used when you are in a pool, even recording and reporting on the swimming sessions being performed. Models such as the Misfit Shine 2 along with its Speedo shine friends can monitor lengths when the user is in the pool. Whereas, the Nokia Go can even record the calorie burn and duration as well. There are other brands which offer basic swimming metrics for checking progress and self-evaluation.

Even so, some brands can identify strokes and provide essential data on the technique being performed and delivers a lot of cool features to all those who are swimming enthusiasts. However, not all fitness bands can identify and monitor the heart rate when being in the pool. For this, you would need to look for specialised sports watches but it is not so great in comparison with these fitness trackers.

Comprehending Heart-rate Technology

Monitoring heart rate on fitness bands is common these days, as it provides an enhancement in accuracy levels in terms of the number of calories burnt in a day. But, the type of monitoring tends to differ on a large scale.

There are few models which monitor the heart rate every day in a week and takes note of the resting heart rate when a user wakes up. This is certainly a large factor and metric regarding the improvement of the heart in general. Moreover, it records the heart rate over a series of timed sessions as well.

On the other hand, there are few models which have been successful in making your breathing a priority and monitors the heart rate regularity in order to assess how stressed you might be.

Deciding on Fitness Bands which Provide Screens

We recommend choosing a brand which has an integrated display by which you can look at the time and different fitness goals instead of opening up the app on the phone which could be time-consuming.

Brands like Fitbit aimed to include an OLED display to its activity trackers which proves to be beneficial when it comes to guided notifications and workouts. Moreover, there are even curved OLED displays but the information being provided is finite.

Having a display on a fitness band can be expensive therefore you should ask yourself if obtaining one would be necessary or not. There are brand models that have been labelled in India as the best fitness bands under 2,000 which provide screen displays as well.

Amount of Data Required

Sleeping and the number of steps taken are usually the two focal areas for plenty or almost all the fitness trackers. Though, each fitness band’s metric accuracy is a bit difficult to evaluate.

In addition, these bands support by monitoring your movement during the daytime and even during the night through which it figures out the distance being travelled and even how well you have slept.

Despite this, we can assume that the technology used in current fitness bands are good but not close to perfect. Unless GPS takes over the tracking system and becomes a standard in fitness bands, users should continue to take advantage of them as uplifting and motivational support but not as scientific and precise devices.

A majority of the fitness bands can record data on swimming sessions, workouts, cycling and other exercises which are performed. However, it is essential to inform your tracker of what is to be done each time.

For example, there can be few models which can be placed on clothing or wrists and would need a double/triple tap in order to initiate activity mode.

The App Used is as Crucial as the Fitness Band

The smartphone application which comes along with the fitness band is an important element for the whole equation where it enables you to set goals, challenge friends, view reports, crunches through your data and many more.

First of all, you should ensure that the fitness band functions well with your mobile phone. Currently, a majority of the bands can work well with Android and iOS.

Moreover, in terms of quality, there can be a large deviation between the marque’s Android and iOS apps. To explain further, Misfit’s Android app has less amount of features compared to the iOS version and this will lead to a lot of vexation in the crowd especially to those users who have purchased their device. Therefore, we suggest you check out the app reviews before you make the purchase.

It is ideal to check out the reviews given by users on the apps from time-to-time before buying a fitness band.

Battery Life Expectancy and Charging

Considering battery life is an essential factor to note since charging fitness bands after every few days in order to monitor fitness routines can lead to irritation. This is because it will lead to users leaving the device at home or it running out during a workout routine.

There are brand models which require you to keep recharging and yet, there are few fitness bands which use batteries that would require a change every six months. The best fitness bands under 2,000 offer remarkable battery life expectancy which is sufficient to last long during a workout but this does depend from one model to another.

The Need to Track and the Choice of Standard Metrics

A majority of fitness bands keep records on the calories, distance, steps and activities performed.

They even alert a small buzz if a user sits for too long or for a certain period of time in their workplace or at home. This is beneficial as it helps users to keep moving through the entire day.

Latest and advanced models will contain a GPS feature in order to carry out accurate measures of distances. If your foremost activity is to walk, run or even hike, then any brand model will do just fine.

However, if you attempt cycling, swimming, walking on a treadmill or even mountain climbing then you need to pick a fitness band which can store data for a certain sport or activity you perform the most.

Furthermore, sleep tracking is turning out to be a popular feature. It is widely known that sleep plays an essential role in keeping good well-being and good health throughout an individual’s life.

Fitness bands diversify on a vast scale in terms of the information they deliver which consists of a range of basic monitoring time (in total) to offering details on multiple phases of sleep such as light, deep and REM sleep.

There are many devices which have in-built silent alarms that begin to vibrate on the wrist in order to wake users up without hindering their partner’s sleep.

Apart from all these common standard metrics, there are few fitness brands which can keep note on a lot of other things. These things involve the body temperature, the heart rate, UV exposure and galvanic skin response.

Moreover, there are models such as the Vivosmart 3 and the Fitbit Charge 3 which lets you know where you stand in terms of VO2Max. This is a standard measure of the paramount aerobic capacity.

There are fitness bands which do not have many sensors but do provide coaching which is beneficial to those who cannot afford personal coaching. For example, brand models can monitor the activity in real time and lets you know how to optimize a workout being performed. Such meaningful and effective data on our body and movements is the pathway to the future.

The best fitness bands under Rs 2,000 in India offer amazing real-time response rates and updated standard metrics for evaluation as well.
GPS or no GPS?

Fitness bands which contain an inbuilt GPS system are a tad bit expensive compared to those average brand models. The price can be justified due to the need to have a display which is big enough to read data and a colour screen to view data properly. Moreover, maps seem to be beneficial when you can read them without the requirement of reading glasses.

If you happen to be a frequent and ardent runner, then you might need to be informed on every detail regarding your training sessions. Things such as moving fast, when were the times/ obstacles which made you struggle and what the type of terrain which slowed you down are all important data.

Therefore, when you jin GPS into a fitness band, then all this data is right in front of your fingertips. In addition, if you fret over on being lost then having a GPS is surely a handy tool and feature.

Overall, a GPS system is remarkable but you should decide whether or not you might need it. There are few fitness bands which can be paired with smartphones in order to obtain GPS information.

This would mean that the user should carry his/her smartphone. If an individual happens to walk the same path every day at a constant pace, then a GPS would not be of much help. But, if an individual was to hit the gym regularly instead of walking, then the results would be more interesting.

It is not necessary for you to search and pick an expensive option since we have done the research for you in order to select the best fitness bands under Rs. 2,000 in India and have compiled a list as well.

Top 10 Best Fitness Bands Under 2000 in India 2020

1. Health Sense PD-102 Watch

Health-Sense-PD-102-WatchAre you a person who enjoys his/her days being active, technology being precise to your needs, workouts to be really challenging and being stress-free. Regardless of being enthusiastic about walking, hiking, running or even staying fit, the HealthSense smart pedometer is an amazing device for pursuing fitness apprehension and physical activity.

Moreover, this watch is being designed to aid in monitoring distances and other statistical data related to workouts, therefore, delivering a set of tangible records which states multiple achievements. With a lot of features within a single fitness band, this device is an ideal fitness tool which can push you every day, at every step in order to achieve pre-set goals.

In terms of specifications, this model is being engineered using the latest Tri-Axis 3D sensor technology in order to develop accuracy and efficiency. Apart from this, it measures other steps and parameters (which are related) regardless of the watch being placed horizontally, flat or vertically. The integrated features makes it one of the best fitness band under 2000.

Furthermore, the pedometer provides other features such as distance, activity time, goal stopwatch, a week memory, alarm, amount of calories being burnt and counts the number of steps.

Finally, the Healthsense India offers a 1-year limited warranty with a policy of collection and return if there seems to be any manufacturing damages/defects.


2. Easypro Bracelet Watch

Easypro-Bracelet-WatchThe Easypro model proves to be the best in terms of chipset, segment display, touch as well as working memory. These are the same features which are used by the top leading manufacturers in the industry.

This model offers features such as the amount of distance travelled, an alarm alert, a sleep monitor, calling reminders, a time clock, a heart rate monitor system, counter for counting calories. In fact, there is also a fitness tracker which detects the distance walked or moved, the number of calories which you currently burn and a pedometer as well.

This model offers a GPS system, therefore, you can keep real-time records, check the area around you if lost and use it for other purposes as well. Along with this, users are able to make use of reading notifications on facebook, messages, WhatsApp, call logs via the watch if the phone is not in use. In addition, to all those users who sit for a long period of time can take advantage of the alert-remote camera which pulls of alarms in order to make the users active.

Finally, it has an anti-lost-colour display for better viewing and supports models such as Android 4.3 and above along with iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6p ios7.1 and above.


3. Syska SF-31 Fitness Band

Syska-SF-31-Fitness-BandThe Syska model is a lightweight and ergonomic model which can easily be attached to the wrist and delivers a natural feeling. In fact, it has a silicon water-resistant strap design which repels/defects sweat and water, therefore, you do not need to worry about the model being spoiled.

It has a heart rate monitor which records data frequently so you would know if your heart is operating properly and getting adequate exercise or not. Moreover, the band is linked to the phone so that text and caller id notifications are not missed at all. With this, it also uses a movement reminder system which informs and alerts if you are sitting for too long.

In addition, it has a step pedometer designed to sit comfortably on your wrist and provide accurate information. You can check the number of calories being burnt as well as you start exercising and it even has a clock and alarm in order to wake you up at the set time and avoid disturbing the partner’s sleep.

Lastly, users have a 1-year warranty on this product if there seems to any kind of damage or defects found.


4. Anytech™ Fitness Smart Band

Anytech™-Fitness-Smart-BandThis fitness band comes with a full touch display, a heart rate monitor and is also designed to be unisex, therefore, being ideal for both men and women.

The fitness band is compatible with all iOS 7.1 and above models as well as Android 4.4 and above smartphones. Moreover, smartphones such as Vivo, Gionee, LG, Google, HTC, Lenovo, Samsung and all the other iPhones can be used with this model.

In terms of specifications, it counts the number of steps, the amount of calories burnt, the time taken to travel and measures the distance as well. It has a direct USB cord for charging purposes with a charging time of 30 minutes and lasts till a week. This is pretty amazing for all those users who tend to use the watch a lot/ every day.

Furthermore, it has a Bluetooth system which it enables call/social/message alerts. You can check new notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even normal SMS messages as well during workout sessions. The app synchronizes with the phone and even includes a strap-call which is made of soft silicone material.

Apart from this, it delivers sleep quality monitoring and reports data on light sleep and deep sleep using advanced sensor technology.


5. Syska SF-01 Fitness Band

Syska-SF-01-Fitness-BandWith this band, you can monitor the amount of distance walked or if you are walking enough with the pedometer which is inbuilt. It is calibrated especially to fit comfortably with your wrist and precise in calculating data. What’s even more brilliant is that you can check how much you have walked/ran/jogged using the “Track Run” feature found in the app.

Even so, you can count the number of calories burnt during workout sessions and check if the pre-set goals are met or not. Moreover, this watch has a sleep monitor which enables you to check and see if you are obtaining quality sleep and even displays the number of hours slept in a graph form.

It has other splendid features such as a movement reminder and a clock and alarm for setting alarms during the day in order to avoid being sedentary.


6. Fitbit Charge Band

Fitbit-Charge-BandThe Fitbit charge band is a personalised accessory which proves to be a refined replacement and a perfect fit on your wrist.

The band offers 2 watch lugs on both rear ends wherein it locks the fitness band’s interface securely and accurately. This reduces the chances of the fitness band to fall on grounds which can be easily damaged or stolen.

In fact, it has a stainless steel buckle grip to tighten closure. The material used to produce this watch is soft silicone which offers a sleek and sporty look and is comfortable to wear and use. The product is durable in the long run and is certainly worth every rupee spent.

In terms of specifications, it offers features such as date logs and monitors calorie checks as well. The band fits those perfectly who have a 145mm-210mm wrist but works well with everyone in general.


7. KKronas TW64 Wristband

KKronas-TW64-WristbandBeing 77.1 kg, the KKRONAS TW64 model presents itself as a smart fashion band which breaks boundaries in terms of providing operational functions such as sleep management, measuring distance covered, time display, calorie consumption monitoring, counting the number of steps and even holds intelligent reminders.

These intelligent reminders involve drinking reminders, in-call reminders, wake-up alarms, sedentary reminders, etc. This will allow you to be on track and follow a disciplined routine.

Users can make use of other functions such as calorie burnout measurement, reminders to take calls, monitoring light and deep sleep, reminding to send SMS messages, distance measurement, and provide Bluetooth 4.0 memory with 64KB ROM + 64KB RAM.

It even has a sports tracking system where it records the number of steps taken, the distance being travelled and even the amount of calories being burnt. If you are a sports enthusiast, it can support you as a tool to help you achieve your pre-set goals.

Finally, it is used with all versions and models belonging to the same brand and ensures high-quality performance.


8. Generic W5S Fitness Band

Generic-W5S-Fitness-BandThe generic W5S fitness band proves to be of high quality and brand new in the market. Being lightweight and compact, it makes it really easy for the user to carry it around effortlessly. It has a 3D pedometer which is built in with high sensitivity and can trace every small action performed, thus, enhancing itself as a precise pedometer.

Moreover, it can even trace movement steps, check on the number of calories burnt, distance moved by the user and set moving goals each day. It also has an exercise date memory where it could record the movement data if being connected to the laptop.

This small accessory is basic and fashionable wherein it has a circular arc design which makes it portable as well. The functions offered within this band are: time & data, silent flash remind, sleep monitor, view time when the hand is raised, distance and calorie, pedometer, temperature, polymer battery which is rechargeable and an exercise data memory which can power off when not in use.

Regarding data memory, it saves 30 days of statistical data, it has a step counter which is active for 24 hours and there are no limitations on the steps being recorded.

Finally, in terms of battery, it has charge-discharge cycles which are 300 times along with a rechargeable function where it could charge and even transmit data if connected via computer/laptop.


9. Shopzie Sports Fitness Band

Shopzie-Sports-Fitness-BandThe SHOPZIE model is a legendary fitness band which provides compatibility with a heart rate sensor or Bluetooth technology. Moreover, it supports tablets, smartphones and PCs along with iOS and Android as well. This band is versatile and can help the user to display data and provide flexibility over multiple devices.

It has a call and notification alert which displays messages and even receives call logs and alerts from different applications such as Whatsapp, Uber, etc. The model has a sleep smart tracker to enable good quality sleep along with data counting, walk tracker, heartbeat monitoring, etc.

Furthermore, the band is waterproof and it can go deep up to 50 metres IP67. The battery life can be used up to 25 days with normal usage which is definitely remarkable for users who do not need to wait for each week to charge up.

This band also has a ‘find my phone’ feature which rings the phone in case the user misplaces it.


10. Sketchfab Pulse Fitness Band

Sketchfab-Pulse-Fitness-BandThe SketchFab pulse band offers monitoring and recording of data every day. Such data would be the distance covered, step pedometer, calorie consumption management, and also ooffers sedentary reminders which vibrate within a time period in order to remind users to get up and move.

In addition, it has an automatic sleep tracking system where the Altum HR monitors the sleep status automatically along with delivering the statistic data of your sleep, the sleep duration period and even assess the sleep quality.

This watch is sweat proof, life-level proof and rain-proof, however, it is advised not to wear this band when swimming or even when taking showers.

Other functions include having a touch key, a time clock, a phone finder system, wrist sense remote camera, alarm clock and a USB for charging directly along with an extended standby time which works up to 6-10 days when charged fully.

The band integrates a blood pressure monitor which senses if a person is overdoing a certain exercise or not performing enough. Finally, it is compatible with softwares such as Android 5.0 & above and iOS 8.0.


Track Your Fitness With the Best Fitness Band under 2000!

So, we have just shown you the top best 10 fitness bands under Rs. 2,000. It is important to note that fitness bands can perform amazing features and you should choose one which suits your needs. There is no need to purchase an expensive band for obtaining extra features which won’t be used in the near future.

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