Best Fitness Bands in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Mi HRX2. Fitbit Charge3. Honor Band 3





In a modern fitness freak world where almost every youngster is pushing themselves to get a healthy and fit body, fitness bands are one of the most coveted gadgets in millions of households. Fitness enthusiasts from all over the world have happily embraced with the best fitness trackers on their wrist to monitor and track their daily physical activities like steps taken, distance covered by foot, calories burnt through the exercise routines they follow.

Accompanied by these smart innovation to monitor your fitness level throughout the day, you are ready to go an extra mile to carve out a praiseworthy fit body. Technology has brought a breed of fitness tracker that can even monitor your sleeping pattern, track your heartbeat rate and other vitals. To find the most suitable and Best Fitness Bands in India you have first to analyse your requirement and style of physical training activities.


Fitness trackers track the speed, duration, consistency, patterns, and intensity of your movement with the help of its 3-axis. Some of them have a gyroscope too to record orientation and rotation of movement. Then it calculates the calories burnt from the collected data using sensors; though the result takes help of some guesswork too.

Furthermore, you can have an altimeter in your band to measure your altitude while climbing up or down the mountains or stairs. The data then help in estimating the workouts in steps and activities which further help in measuring calories reduced. Thus, you can see that wearing a fitness band throughout the day or especially during a training session, you can improve your overall health over a period. These new age activity trackers act as a great motivating tool toward adopting a healthy lifestyle leaving behind the sedentary way of living while buzzing a remainder if it finds you watching TV sitting on your couch for hours.

However, with so many choices ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 30,000 in India, you may get confused in selecting the right one to reach your fitness goal. Recently, we get to see the launch of numerous fitness gadgets hovering the Indian market for tracking, monitoring and inculcating healthy habits among us. Whether you are just a starter in fitness regimen or a hard-core gym aficionado, there is a fitness band for everyone, each differing in its functionality, style, and features.

To keep you motivated towards achieving your desired fitness standard, here, we are going to recommend some Best Fitness Bands in India, which you can connect with either an Android, Apple or Windows Smartphone to monitor the live data. But before that, this article will familiarize you with the important factors to consider while choosing an activity tracker that suits you most.

Factors to Look for When Buying a Fitness Band

1. Battery Life

Battery life is a significant criterion to consider in choosing a fitness band. Some brands use a battery that lasts for a day while others can go on for 4 to 6 days. Moreover, some use solar energy to charge up. If battery life is your top concern, you can go for brands like Misfit Shine, which allow you to use it for about six months before you replace the cell.

Also, some trackers use disposable watch batteries to last longer; they are slimmer on features but require replacement after few months of its use.

Can your Activity Tracker Monitor your Heart Rate too?

A fitness tracker that works as a heart rate monitor is an important thing to consider as it is essential to have a healthy heart to live longer. By checking your heart rate using your tracker band, you can easily get to know whether you are fully recovered or not from an extreme gyming session. For instance, if you find that your heart rate reading is more than 7 bpm, then you should take rest for few days before you start doing your workouts again to rejuvenate your body.

There are numerous fitness trackers that will automatically track your heart-rate and shows BPM. Also, you can store your heart rate data and access them to check how healthy your heart is functioning over a period. Moreover, heart rate trackers are important when you are gyming or running. Before buying a heart tracker make yourself aware of the five heart rate zones and what should be the readings of a healthy heart regarding each zone to train yourself in the most efficient way.

Participants in triathlons or marathons need advanced heart rate monitors during their practice session, but they are very expensive. However, most modern activity trackers are offering 24/7 heart rate monitoring while some track heart rate only during certain training sessions.

2. Notifications

Some smart band features notification from installed applications besides tracking your activities to provide you with fitness information and suggest healthy habits to acquire fitness. You can keep notification off if don’t like receiving unnecessary emails or messages.

3. Waterproof

Most fitness bands are waterproof since you were them throughout the day; some of the brands offer resistance for a longer time than others with rating typically ranging from 2 ATM to 5 ATM. If you are swimmer then its important that you buy bands with a higher rating. Some waterproof wearables include Garmin Swim, Runtastic Orbit, and Misfit Shine.

4. Style & Comfort

Since you were them all the time, it should be comfortable to wear and match your personality and style. Every brand differs in design, weight, size, strap material or clamping mechanism. Go through the design and material to suit your taste before buying a fitness band. Most of the trackers are categorized into three distinct groups: first one comes with a rubberized sporty band that has a simple look and feel, the second category resembles with smartwatch and the third type of design looks like a bracelet or a quality analogue watch.

5. Fitness Apps

Fitness band should be in sync with your favourite fitness tracker Apps. With an umpteen choices for such apps from ‘Google Play’ or ‘App Store’ to serve your needs, it is important to check meticulously which fitness band integrate well with your chosen app(s), as it might be a great motivating factor for you to remain active throughout the day, besides tracking and monitoring your activities and vitals. Look for a popular fitness tracker app, which offers a wide variety of useful and motivating features you can consider among others.

6. Sensors

Number and quality of sensors vary in every brand. Greater the number of sensor, the more accurate reading the band does. Moreover, opt for bands that use advanced accelerometers (an instrument for measuring acceleration) to correctly track step and other activities. Other sensors to look for are Galvanic skin response sensors, thermometers, light sensors, UV sensors and Bioimpedance sensors.

7. GPS or Without it?

GPS is most important to consider if you are a runner as it allows you to track your running route. With GPS feature on your tracker, you can explore new routes to add challenges to your workout regimen. However, trackers featuring GPS might be little more expensive than the without GPS ones. If you want to track route using your fitness band, its screen needs to be big enough to display the map and other information. Also, the screen should be coloured one. Trackers with GPS facility is essential for those runners, who are interested in knowing every aspect of their running like pace, terrains you are having trouble with etc. Also, you will never get lost with GPS at your wrist.

Furthermore, some fitness trackers don’t need to feature GPS as they can sync with your smartphone to extract GPS information. In this case, you have to carry your smartphone while running.

8. Display

The display is also an important feature in a smart band to consider. Some bands offer fully-featured display to show you your reading every few minutes throughout the day, whereas there are others that that have a black and white display, while some come with a set of LED lights. However, more sophisticated screen offering many functionalities usually drain out the battery more often, and they are expensive too.

Moreover, too many features in the display may steal your attention every few minutes, resulting in unfocused and less exercise. If you are comfortable watching your activities details and progress on your smartphone and not the band itself, you can go for a simple display.

These are some Best Fitness Bands in India that can successfully nudge you from your sluggishness and drive you to hit the gym or walking track in your neighbourhood park.

Top 15 Best Fitness Bands in India 2020

1. Mi Band – HRX Edition

Mi-Band-HRX-EditionThe latest version of Mi Band HRX comes with 0.42’’ OLED glossy black display and a touch panel, to give you more information on your fitness activities. A simple tool to count steps, calories burnt, body temperature, distance covered and many more useful data. The “Statistics” menu of this model, will provide you activity information for an extended period say a week or a month to enable to monitor your progress over a period.

Armed with international standard protection level IP67, this fitness band is waterproof and durable; you can swim or shower for around 30 minutes with this band on without affecting its durability. Also, the UV coated display provides resistance for dust, sweat, oil, scratches, and fingerprints. The advanced pedometer technique in Mi Band – HRX edition filters out unnecessary details while tracking and monitoring your activities to give a more accurate result. It also alerts you with a buzzing sound when you are sitting idle for a long time. Such reminders urge you to take a short water break or a walk in your vicinity.

Furthermore, this fitness band carries your identity with it, means when you are wearing this band it can automatically unlock your smartphone without any passcode or fingerprint. Moreover, you can sync some features of your smartphone (with MIUI or Android 5.0 and above) like notification alerts (from UBER and WhatsApp), emails, messages and call to your wristband to get on without missing them when your hands are busy to pick the phone. Simply tap a button on this power efficient wristband to check times and your activity stats. Armed with all such useful features, Mi Band is undoubtedly the Best Fitness Bands in India.

The band is compatible with smartphones that have a minimum Android 4.4 OS or with iOS 7.0 and above, for iPhones. Track your sleeping pattern, weight, every day and improve your productivity by gaining a fit body with this smart tracker for a long time without recharging. Equipped with a locking ring and sturdy strap to ensures reliable fastening, Mi Band HRX won’t get lost even when you are doing the intense activities.

Furthermore, with an environmental-friendly hypoallergenic material, the strap of this model seems to be soft and pleasant to the skin; thereby reducing discomfort to the wearer. The weight of this model is 9.07 g.


2. Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit-Charge-2-Wireless-Activity-Tracker-and-Sleep-WristbandFitbit Activity Tracker allows you to track your activities like steps, distance covered, heart rate, stairs climbed, calories burned during a workout, and other movements. Measure your sleeping pattern with this tracker and make necessary changes to have the required hours of sleep to improve your overall health. It wakes you up in the morning with an alarm after you get certain hours of sleep.

It continuously pushes you to do more workouts by displaying your fat burned performing particular cardio or workout. The large OLED screen of this model displays call, notifications, text messages and other useful information to enable you to track your fitness regimen throughout the day.

Multi-sport mode with this band let you record your real-time activity details. Using the GPS technology during your running hours, you can check real time stats like your pace of running, distance covered, fat burned etc. After a long idle session, the fitness tracker will beep a reminder to remind you to stay active. Moreover, PurePulse heart Rate feature with this model will motivate you to have a breathing session to track the heart rate and improve the muscles of your heart.

Wearing this energy-saving Fitbit Activity Tracker, you can comfortably keep monitoring your vitals to enhance your fitness level for a longer period without charging the battery. Featuring such modern and essential amenities, Fitbit Charge 2 can be considered as a Best Fitness Band in India.

With black and silver colour it looks classy; also, you can change bands to customize its style. This band syncs wirelessly and automatically to most of the iPhones, Android and Windows devices. Its weight is 36.3 g.


3. Mi Band 2

Mi-Band-2-BlackThe latest version of Mi Band 2 comes with an OLED-display and a touch panel to track and monitor your activities. The display screen keeps motivating you by providing real-time data of your physical activities and other important stats like fat reduced in a particular workout, sleeping pattern, distance covered by running or walking, heartbeat rate, body temperature and many more with just one touch. The “Statistics” menu of this model, will provide your activity information for an extended period, say a week or a month to enable you to monitor your progress over a period. Smart technology of this fitness band will show the current time just when you raise your hand.

Military gravity sensors in Mi Band 2 helps in detecting movement, sleeping pattern, calories burned, and real-time monitoring of heart rate etc. Equipped with anti-sweat thermoplastic elastomers, this aluminium fitness band offers durability in extreme weather conditions. It is water resistant gadget with international standard protection level IP67. You can take a shower or swim without damaging it. With precise injection moulding and UV coating, this fitness tracker provides resistant to dust, oil, cosmetics, sweat, and scratching. Its energy-saving battery will let you carry on your running and jogging uninterrupted for about 20 days.

To measure the pulse rate you need to tightly fastened the band around your wrist, so that pulse sensors in the band get accurate data of your pulse rate. For best result keep your hand close to your chest with your arms parallel to the ground. Keep tracking your fitness progress every day with this innovative model.

With heart rate sensor and built-in motion, you can track heart rate accurately and plan an exercise regimen to improve your heart muscles. Furthermore, Mi Band 2 can alert you with vibration if you are sedentary for hours to nudge you to take up some activities to improve the blood circulation after a long idle time.

Set up your account with this fitness band to unlock your smartphone when it is tucked in your bag or pocket and automatically read call, notification and messages from the phone without any passcode for accessing it. Equipped with a locking ring and sturdy strap to ensures reliable fastening, Mi Band HRX won’t get lost even when you are doing intense exercises.

Furthermore, with an environmental-friendly hypoallergenic material, the strap of this model seems to be soft and pleasant to the skin; thereby reducing discomfort to the wearer. The weight of this black coloured fitness tracker is 68 g.


4. Honour Band 3 Activity Tracker

Honor-Band-3-Activity-TrackerHonor Band 3 is a fashionable band to track and monitor your steps, runs, sleeping habits, and heart rate. Pairing it with your smartphone you can have useful information like your daily workout, calories burned, distance covered by running or walking etc. With the M4 core, an advanced heart rate monitoring technology, you can accurately measure your heart rate by a single tap on the band.

Besides tracking your light and deep sleeping patterns this advanced fitness band also tracks your wake-ups in the middle of sleep. It supports fitness tracking for ten different scenarios. Equipped with a high-performance battery, it offers battery life of up to 30 days. Energy efficient circuit design in this fitness band reduces power consumption.

Moreover, wearing this band, you are ready to swim as it offers 50-meter water resistance. Linking the band with your smartphone’s GPS helps in tracking your running routes. This activity tracker features caller ID, call rejection, notification vibrations for Facebook, Twitter, calendar alerts, emails, messages, and more. With an ergonomic design and vibrant colours like Orange, Navy Blue, and Black, Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker is comfortable and stylish. The band weighs 18.1 g.


5. Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch Band

Fastrack-Reflex-Smartwatch-BandWith rectangular shaped case, black colour dial and OLED display, Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch Band look cool and trendy. Count steps and track distance covered using this band. It also monitors calorie reduced and sleeping hours and suggests to improve fitness. The silicone strap of the band fits your wrist well. You can go underwater wearing this band on your wrist as it provides ipx6 water resistant. Moreover, this activity tracker won’t allow you to have a sedentary life as it will remind you with a beep if you fail to be active after a long time.

The ‘Exercise Timer’ feature with this band will influence you to take your gym sessions passionately. Other features include call and SMS alerts, alarm, time display, 10 days power reserve, target achieved in a graphical format. This smartwatch band weighs 159 Grams and compatible with both Android and iPhone OS.


6. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit-Blaze-Smart-Fitness-WatchFitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch track your daily steps, distance covered, calories burned, active time and give details of other activities. Featuring PurePulse Monitor system you can get an accurate result of your heart rate. Check the intensity of each exercise and their impact on your heart rate. Tucking this fitness band around your wrist, you are ready to track run, cardio, biking, weight training and other intensive workouts. Syncing it with a smartphone, get your activity records on your dashboard. See real-time running, jumping or other activities stats on the display.

Connecting it with GPS, you can track your running routes, duration, and pace. Maximize your workout, set a target and gauge your performance effortlessly with Fitbit Blaze. Take your fitness to the next level with its PurePulse technology to monitor your heartbeat rate. Track your sleeping habits just by a tap on its display.

Besides tracking your activities, it also allows you to take up calls, text and calendar notifications. Fitbit Blaze SmartWatch also lets you customize its look and feel to suit your style. Enhance and nurture your workout experience with the help of step-by-step instruction from this activity tracker. Moreover, it allows you to set goals and check if you are moving toward it or not.

Equipped with SmartTrack technology Fitbit Blaze is one of the Best Fitness Band that can automatically recognize your favourite workouts and record them for you to track your progress over a certain period. It offers up to 5-day battery life. Other features include Music Control, Auto Sleep, and Silent Alarms. This smartwatch weighs 40.8 g.


7. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit-Alta-HRTrack your workouts like cardio, running, walking and other useful information like heartbeat rate, fat burned and distance covered etc. with this Fitbit Alta HR fitness band. With the smart track, the band will detect your workouts automatically and log them to your dashboard. Thus it shows your performance in every exercise you have undertaken. It also displays you the fat burned, steps and distance covered apart from tracking your exercises.

Spent little time sitting idle wearing this band as it comes with a reminder option to nudge you to move and be active if you remain sedentary for a long time. Apart from PurePulse Heart Rate to monitor your heartbeat call, It also features text and calendar alerts to keep updating you about events. It comes with interchangeable bands so that you can customize its style to your taste.

This band is coming up with a new sleep stages technique in its next release to help you in detecting your quality of sleep and time spent in light, deep and REM sleep.
With Fitbit Alta, you will end up working out more to improve your health by setting targets and meeting them. Connect Fitbit Alta wirelessly to iPhone, Android and Windows devices. It offers battery life of up to 7 days and weighs 22.7 g.


8. Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker

Garmin-Vivosmart-HR-Activity-Tracker-RegularA touchscreen activity tracker that monitor your activities like steps, heart rate, calories burned, and distance covered etc. It allows you to measure your progress against intense aerobic activities. Syncing it with your smartphone, attend to calls, read messages, and notification during your gym sessions. It vibrates and automatically displays the notification information you receive on your smartphone. You can join its online community through your Garmin connect account and set a target and share your achievements with your pals. Moreover, you can compete with other users to give your fitness regimen a new mission.

Furthermore, the integrated barometric altimeter in Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker helps in tracking the number of stairs you climbed in a day. The sleek band snug comfortably to your wrist and keep displaying your workout stats even in sunlight. Push you to do some workouts if found you to be inactive for certain hours, thus gradually instigating you toward adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Other features of the band include Music Control, Stopwatch, Activity Timer, Backlit Display, and 5 ATM water rating. The tracker weighs 32 Grams.


9. Riversong Wave Fit Fitness Tracker

Riversong-Wave-Fit-Fitness-TrackerArmed with a pedometer and a large OLED display screen to track and show the number of steps you have taken, distance covered, and calories burnt. Adjust your routine to get a fit and healthy body. Pairing it with your smartphone, you can save the tracking records for future evaluation.

Equipped with heart rate monitoring feature, Riversong Wave Fit Fitness Tracker keeps checking your heartbeats every 15 minutes during your various training sessions; thus allowing you to make adjustments in your exercise routines like which cardio to include or which one to exclude to get the optimum fitness. Furthermore, with sleep tracker ability, this fitness band track your sleep quality including light, deep and REM sleeping hours.

Wake up in the morning with a gentle alarm by the band. It will remind you to take up some activity when you are idling around for long using its sedentary reminder feature. Featuring Smart Notification system, the band alerts you with gentle vibration for all your incoming call, messages, email notification etc. Riversong Wave Fit Fitness Tracker is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Its battery can last for four days so don’t worry about frequent charging when you are working out in the gym. It also shows date and time after you connect it to your phone. Also, with IP67 Water and Dust Resistant features, the tracker will not bother you when you are diving into deep water.


10. Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker

Huawei-ERS-B29-Band-2-Pro-Activity-TrackerTrack and monitor your daily activities like step counts, calories burned and heart rate with Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker. It also offers support for running, swimming and breathing exercises. Moreover, using this tracker, you can independently position the GPS without using your smartphone. So it allows you to track your running route, distance travelled etc.

Syncing it with your smartphone, get all your notifications, SMS, emails, calls, alarms, and calendar events etc. at your wrist. Also, it displays the messages from WhatsApp and Twitter. Equipped with 50 m water-resistant power, the band incites to take some challenging underwater strokes.

Moreover, keep monitoring your daily bedtime routine and improve your sleeping pattern in the long run after inculcating some lifestyle changes recommended by the synced apps. Easily find health-related and fitness information after pairing it with your smartphone. The Huawei Band 2 with its seamless ergonomic design is an epitome style and comfort.

Carrying this one of the Best Fitness Band around your wrist, you are ready to explore the less-travelled path to beat your last record, thereby improving your endurance and fitness over a certain period. Huawei Activity Tracker provides you warm-up, workout, and cool-down instruction to increase your strength and fitness in the most efficient way. The band weighs 18.1 g.


11. TomTom Spark 3 Activity Tracker

TomTom Spark 3 Activity Tracker track all your activities and gym workouts. Record your vitals during running, biking, cycling or swimming using this Spark 3 smart band. Check your fat reduction, pace, and heartbeat rate in its screen effortlessly. With the waterproof ability of up to 40m, you can go swimming as long as you want. Measure steps are taken and distance covered using this smart band.

Also, monitor your sleep to enhance your overall health using TomTom Spark 3 Activity Tracker. Equipped with GPS facility on your wrist, it allows you to keep running and exploring new routes as it includes a feature that will map out your newly discovered running route and easily navigate you to your way back home. With an extended battery life that lasts up to 3 weeks, you can keep doing your workout sessions without any hiatus for a longer time.


12. Boltt Beat Fitness Activity Tracker

Boltt-Beat-Fitness-Activity-TrackerWith Boltt Beat Fitness Activity Tracker keep measuring your steps taken, stairs climbed, running pace, calorie reduction and lot more. Also, monitor your heart rate, with three months of free health coaching. Equipped with intelligent motion and automatic sleep detection, Boltt Beat activity tracker measures quantity and quality of sleep considering your light, deep and REM sleep.

The Boltt health app provides AI personal coach to tracks your fitness, activities, sleep and dietary habits. Thus stick to your goal and inculcate healthy habits in your daily routine. Get nutritional information via text and audio regarding your daily intake of food from the Boltt Beat fitness app to lose excess fat. With a battery life of 72 hours indulge in non-stop activities.

The tracker alerts you with messages from social media sites. Moreover, keep yourself active wearing this activity tracker as it doesn’t allow sedentary hours for longer. Featuring advanced data tracking technology the band detects your movement and activities automatically. With its advanced Bio-Sensing technology, keep measuring your heart rate during your training.


13. OMNiX™: P1 Plus Sports Band

OMNiX-P1-Plus-Sports-BandWith OMNiX Plus Sports Band, measuring and recording your fitness activities like steps taken, stairs climbed and distance covered is an effortless affair. It also displays your fat burned during the workouts. Advanced heart rate chips in the band help in the real-time measuring your heartbeat. Also, It automatically monitors your sleeping pattern to detect light and deep sleeping hours. It offers support for Android 4.3 and IOS 8.0 or above phones.

OMNiX Plus Sports Band offers OLED Color Display, Waterproof resistance (IP67) and monitor heart rate, and blood pressure in a most accurate and efficient way. With a battery life of 3 to 5 days, you can endure for a longer time on a single charge. Furthermore, receive calls and view messages from social media apps like WhatsApp, Skype, twitter, facebook, and Instagram etc.

It provides supports for multi-languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, French, and Portuguese.


14. OMNiX™: iWOWN i6 HR-C Stylish Fitness Tracker

OMNiX-iWOWN-i6-HR-C-Stylish-Fitness-TrackerOMNiX HR-C Stylish Fitness Tracker comes with an HD quality colour screen. It can automatically adjust the screen brightness to give you a clear view of the display. Dual-color and stylish design of the strap snug fit your wrist and coach you in your endeavours towards your fitness goal. Track your workouts, exercises, heart rate, steps taken, distance covered and activity time with this stylish band. Pairing the band with your smartphone app, get notification alerts, calendar events, alarms, and messages from social media. Also, receive calls in the middle of your cardio session without any hassle.

Keep monitoring your sleep quality by automatically measuring the number of hours you slept and its quality i.e. whether it is light or deep. With a long battery life that lasts up to 10 days, the OMNiX iWOWN Stylish Fitness Tracker won’t allow you to have inactive hours. It is compatible with iPhone & Android OS.


15. Medicative Fitness Tracker

Medicative-Fitness-Tracker-Heart-RateMedicative Fitness Tracker monitors the highs and lows of your heart rate and displays the reading on its OLED screen while you are busy doing push-ups. Featuring touch screen and pedometer, the tracker lets you easily count your steps. Also, track your calorie burned and mileage covered with this band. With the help of its waterproof ability (IP67), you can swim for longer hours without any concern for the band.

Monitor and track your quality and quantity of sleep and do the necessary changes in your lifestyle to nurture a healthy bedtime regimen. This fitness tracker allows you to record weekly, monthly or yearly activity details for future assessment to check if you are moving toward your fitness goal and take necessary actions on time.

Stylish and comfy, the Medicative Fitness watch is an accessory which you won’t like to leave at home while you are running or jogging in your neighbourhood park. Featuring Anti Lost technology, the band will vibrate when it is beyond the reach of your Bluetooth device. Syncing it with your smartphone, get social media messages, emails, and notifications. The Call Alert feature in the band will display the caller name and ID on its OLED screen. With Medicative Fitness Tracker you can store activity details of around seven days. Featuring Music Control ability, the tracker lets you play, pause, and control volume of the music just by tapping the screen while you are running on a treadmill.



Whether you are a die-hard gym addict or runner or swimmer, the fitness bands described above won’t disappoint you. These unparalleled products for fitness enthusiast will motivate and push you to wake up every morning with a new goal. They are embraced by millions in their wrist to improve their health and lifestyle. Some are available at an affordable price while some are expensive; choose from these Best Fitness Band in India according to your requirement and style.

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