How To Use Treadmill For Optimum Results

How to use treadmillIf you happen to be new to the treadmill and want to know how to use treadmill for optimum results, then you are the keen one. Not many treat treadmill as their ideal exercise apparatus, because they don’t know the various benefits which it brings along. A treadmill is perfect for everyone, irrespective of their ages, skill levels, sizes and shapes.

Many of the top treadmills tend to come with one or the other type of deck support so to make the workout easy on your joints, which might not take the active weight of the body. Though, prior to hopping on the treadmill, there are some little things that you may want to be made aware of to have your treadmill workout enjoyable and safe.

How to Begin?

In case you have bought a folding treadmill already then ensure that its deck is reclined as well as locked in its proper placement. These folding treadmills are really good space saving exercise machines but do ensure that the deck has been clicked in its place prior to walking or running.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter if you got a non-folding or folding treadmill, but it is vital to ensure that it is set on a flat and stable surface. In case, you have your treadmill at home, do check it twice to see if it is not on the floor-rug’s corner or any similar uneven and unsafe surface that may cause you to fall with the machine.

Once you have stabilized the treadmill, you should ensure that its emergency key is placed right where it is supposed to be. In case, the key is not in its designated place; the treadmill will not become operational even if you connect it to the power point and switch it on. Thus, do check this particular feature before you consider the machine to have a fault and ‘not working.’

Once you have sorted this specific feature and ensured that it is in its right place, you should pay attention to the start key that is there on the machine. Almost all the modern treadmill machines have a ‘Quick Start’ key to them that lets you start the machine with just a push of this button, but this feature is present in specific models.

Another practical suggestion that you should follow is to stand beside the side rails of the treadmill and start the machine so you could witness at what speed it starts and then you may carefully get on to it. Thus, doing it at a pace that you are comfortable with is safe for you to start with.

Moreover, becoming familiar with all console features as well as the handrail features is necessary. The reason behind is that the treadmills depending on their brand and models, their controls may be in front of you on the console, or built into machine’s arms or built in with motion-sensor controls. Hence, it is vital to comprehend where incline, speed as well as other controls happen to be situated.

This has to be sorted before using the machine since it is not a thing that you would want to fumble with when walking or running on the treadmill. Now the additional thing that you should familiarise yourself with is the inbuilt entertainment options; if they are there in the machine. In short, know where are the jacks for a headphone as well as speakers, and audio ports are; how they work and how to maintain them for optimum usage.

How to Conclude?

When you are done with your treadmill run or walk, it is time to cool down yourself first. You slow down on your high speed of running or walking and then continue at a slower pace until the heart beats become normal. This is essential to safeguard your body from any sudden harm or injuries.

Then comes the speed key (which works towards bringing your high pace down) and also the stop key; to completely stop the machine belt from moving. Some machines come with a “Kill” mechanism, which works towards stopping the machine the instance you lose the balance and fall off the treadmill or on the treadmill belt. This feature benefits the user from keeping him or her from getting severely injured.

Some Extra Tips

Maintaining the treadmill to keep it performing at its best is what you must regularly do. Majority of people will religiously follow their exercise schedule, but they are lax on the maintenance of the equipment. Such a practice is not favorable towards the equipment condition and the overall health of a user. First, the machine needs to be checked, cleaned and greased for optimal performance.

Second, keeping the parts of the machine clean that comes in contact with the user is essential for obvious hygienic reasons. The sweat and moisture accumulation can result in germ formation which could be harmful to you. Hence, following the user manual of the machine and maintaining it accordingly is necessary.

You can buy an entry-level machine if you never used one before or go for an advanced treadmill if you are a regular user. However, do ensure that you have the proper gear to wear while using the machine. It is vital that right kind of shoes and comfortable clothes that fit snugly and don’t overheat your body are used; respectively. Going with good brands is the right thing to do, but if you can’t find them then taking whatever suits you will be just fine.

Though, it is recommended that you do good research before you buy the treadmill, but also take suggestions from your friends who are using a treadmill. It will give you a good overview of the variety of products, the opinion of people about them and also how to use as well as maintain them. However, buying one online after learning how to use treadmill is the wise thing to do, for the discount will be more.

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