Best BP Monitors In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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High blood pressure can prove fatal if not treated in time, but the problem is most of the time they act like a silent killer. With no obvious signs, it gives people less time to react when diagnosed with hypertension or high BP. If you are old and prone to high or low BP, you should definitely keep a monitoring device at home to keep a regular check on your vitals. Several reputed brands are offering best BP monitors in India with advanced features.

After a thorough research, the article is listing here 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors to ease your search in buying the most appropriate one. These medical devices measure BP and give results with high precision within a minute.


While unhealthy lifestyles are on the rise, maintaining a good health regimen has also caught attention due to growing number of deaths caused by heart diseases like heart attack, stroke etc. Now it is well-known fact that having an extremely high BP is deadlier than smoking, diabetes, and obesity. Thereby, measuring blood pressure on a regular basis is important to maintain our well being and lessen such health-risks.

You can perform the test on a regular interval and no longer need to visit a doctor for this mundane job. Most of these devices are fully automatic while some of them have a feature like talking about the procedure in Hindi or English. If you have a hearing problem, this talking feature will be a boon to you.

These modern devices are convenient to use, portable, lightweight and can store your previous test results thereby relieving you from storing the data manually. If your blood pressure has a tendency to rise and fall occasionally, you must keep the best BP monitor at home to keep a track on your vitals at regular intervals as visiting a doctor may not be possible all the time.

They are handy and easy to use even without any assistance. These modern devices are essential for taking multiple readings. It produces more accurate readings than what you get at a doctor’s chamber as you can take the average of all multiple readings at home.

Just read the guidelines before using it for the first time especially how to use the cuff to get a highly accurate result. They check your high and low-pressure and display the test results in its screen. It indicates extreme high or low with a flashing light on the device to prompt you to take effective action like visiting a doctor or taking some medication to normalize your vitals.

Moreover, these advanced devices also detect an error in the readings due to body movement; in such case, it will alert you to retake the test.

Factors to Look for When Buying the Best Blood Pressure Monitors

Before buying a BP monitor, you need to check at the following important features in the device to make an optimum decision.

Choose the Right BP Monitor

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must first manage your BP level as anomalies can rise to many serious health issues like hypertension, heart problems etc. You need to keep a tab on your vitals at home on a regular interval or various time of a day to get a more accurate result. It can help you and your healthcare provider to evaluate the situation and diagnose an effective treatment.

Though numerous brands of blood pressure monitor are available in the market, fully automatic (digital) ones are more convenient to use. The American Heart Association recommends an automatic, arm-cuff monitor for effective reading. Upper-arm blood pressure measuring devices usually give results with high accuracy and consistency and hence are preferred over wrist or finger monitors. Ask your healthcare provider for advice in selecting and using one at home.

Accuracy of the BP Monitor

The monitor you want to buy should be recommended to use for clinical purposes. Ensure it has been tested, validated and approved by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, the British Hypertension Society and the International Protocol for the Validation of Automated BP Measuring Devices. It should detect your BP accurately.

Minor deviations can’t cause many complications but if the results are highly inconsistent, then the device is of no use. They should be reliable enough to maintain your well-being. Hence, before buying a BP monitor ensure it produces test results that are trustworthy. Furthermore, note that these equipment needs to be re-calibrated at least once every two years to ensure they keep producing reliable and accurate results.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

There are two types of BP monitors – Aneroid and Digital. Aneroid models are operated manually where you squeeze a bulb to inflate the cuff around your upper arm and then you read a gauge to find your blood pressure. They are the least expensive way to measure your BP, but not as effective as fully automatic digital monitors. Digital models are usually fully automatic and self-inflate in the arm and provide an accurate reading.

Cuff Size

Look for proper fitting cuff as too tight or loose fit can result in erroneous readings. Tight fitting cuff may give high pressure while loose fitting ones may show low pressure. It should snug fit the circumference of your upper arm. Most models come with medium or large size cuff to fit most people.

However, you can buy a large size cuff if not provided with your chosen model of the device. Read the manual to adjust the cuff properly on your arms. The device automatically inflates the cuff and display readings with most of them having “risk category indicators” to alert you of high readings.

Furthermore, wrist-cuff models are also available in the market to wear the cuff on your wrist for your convenience. They are lightweight and portable but are less effective than arm-cuffs as the wrist isn’t naturally at heart height. Measurements taken at the wrist are extremely sensitive to body position and the cuff should be positioned at heart level for an accurate reading.


The screen size of the device should be big enough to display the reading clearly. The test should be easy to read. Also, ensure the buttons are big enough to use. The guidelines for using the cuff and operating the device should be clear.


The Price of these monitoring devices depends on the features they are offering. For instance, some brand offer a built-in memory to store previous records say last 25 days or 200 readings etc. While others are fully automatic or provide voice feedback. Consider the features according to your usability before buying.


Modern monitoring devices are loaded with extra features to assist you in various ways for measuring your blood pressure. Some features such as a memory for storing readings can be very helpful. Some brands offer risk-category indicator to indicate larger deviation or detect irregular heartbeat while measuring your pressure.

While others allow two users to store their readings and let you download results to a computer for their fast and easy retrieval while sharing them with their doctor.

Some models automatically detect an error in reading due to body movement and prompt for a quick re-test. There are numerous other amazing features to look for in a BP monitor but none should be a trade-off for the accuracy of the reading. Test result with the highest precision will always remain the most vital and important consideration before choosing a device.

Take special needs of the patients into consideration. When choosing a blood pressure monitor for the pregnant women or children, make sure it is approved for their conditions. For instance, Eclampsia Measurement is an important feature to evaluate hypertension during pregnancy.

Other Factors

Go for a reliable brand and ensure it has a reputed track record in delivering good and effective products. The fully automatic equipment provide more precise reading than the manual ones. The more work you leave to the device, the more consistent and accurate the measurement will be.

If you can afford a BP device that can evaluate up to three successive measurements and display the average of the readings. This tends to perform more reliable, consistent and accurate measurement.

You can choose a device that links to PC software to make measuring and tracking easier to evaluate. It is a well-known fact that individual readings are of less value than repeated measurements taken over time.

The easiest way to keep a track on your pressure level is with the help of specialized software available for integrating with modern and advanced BP monitors. Some models connect with smartphone apps, tablets while others link to PC to make your tracking easier.

It is important that your BP monitor has a reasonable warranty, at least 2 years, against manufacturing defects. Beyond 5 is of limited value as emerging new technologies will likely make your device an obsolete even it doesn’t fail.

If you are planning to buy a BP monitor with extensive memory ensure they also have a date/time stamp. This helps in keeping track of the readings on a particular date and time.

Blood pressure monitors are operated using batteries – usually up to four AAA or AA. You can consider buying a device with a free A/C adapter if you need to connect it with your Laptop, Power Bank or Tablets on a frequent basis. But if you plan to use it occasionally, then the adapter is of little value as most of the devices are operated on batteries which run enough for limited use.

The size of the buttons displayed on blood pressure equipment varies. If you have a poor eyesight you can consider buying one that is easy to use and read.

Who Should Buy Blood Pressure Monitor?

  • Senior citizens
  • People with hypertension
  • People with diabetes

Now, as know how to choose an effective BP monitor, check out the latest and Best Blood Pressure Monitors in India you can buy online.

Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors in India 2020

1. Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron-HEM-7120-Automatic-Blood-Pressure-MonitorBuilt with Oscillometric measuring technology, HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor from Omron gives an accurate result. Using this automatic monitor you can detect even a slightest change in your blood pressure. It is convenient to use with an on/off button and a large LCD screen to read the result.

The screen is bright and clearly shows the readings even in dark. With rubber pads at the bottom of the device, it won’t accidentally skid from your hand when you measure your pressure. This automatic blood monitor being lightweight, compact and durable, can be easily carried wherever you go slipping in your bag. It precisely measures your blood pressure and gives a correct result with a deviation of 40 mmHg.

This blood pressure monitor from Omron is designed to give you a quick review of your pulse rate. Oscillometric technique, an advanced “IntelliSense” in this device helps in accurately reading of your blood pressure. Using this advanced technology, the device smartly controls the inflation without the need of pre-setting or re-inflation to measure your pressure.

The circumference of the arm cuff is 22 to 32 cm to give a snug fit to medium sized arms. If you need a wider arm circumference, you can buy a wide cuff i.e 22 to 42 cm separately. It meticulously measures systolic and diastolic pressure and If the reading is above or below the standard range, the heartbeat symbol in the device will blink. Equipped with all such advanced features HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor from Omron can be considered as one of the Best Blood Pressure Monitor in India.

This intelligent BP monitor from Omron will also prompt you to recheck the pressure if it detects an error due to body movement during reading the result. Thereby, it is designed to detect an accurate measurement of your vitals. Furthermore, it is designed to save your last BP reading in its memory to make you free from the hassle of recording the data manually. Omron offers a 1-year warranty and lifetime support for the product.


2. Dr Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital Bp Machine (Black)

Dr-Trust-Smart-Talking-Automatic-Digital-Bp-Machine-BlackDr Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital Bp Machine talks in Hindi and English to guide you in the measurement process. If you don’t like to use the sound feature, you have the option to mute the voice feedback. It evaluates your blood pressure in compliances with WHO norms.

Displays the readings after measuring your blood pressure in a beautiful and bright zebra light on the black LCD screen. With its conical cuff for arm circumference of 22-42 cm, this Digital BP Machine from Dr Trust is suitable for medium and large sized arms. Featuring advanced and sophisticated technology, it switches off its power automatically and indicates for low battery.

The in-built Fuzzy algorithm in its design, avoid over-pumping and ensures accurate measurement of your vitals. Designed with highest quality material and advanced technology, this smart BP monitor won’t disappoint you in its accuracy. Just pressing a button, you get a correct measure of your blood pressure within seconds. Besides, your pulse rate, it also read your systolic and diastolic BP.

Carry this portable and compact device conveniently wherever you go and keep a check on your blood pressure without any hassle. It allows you to save data of 120 checkings along with its date and time in its memory thereby relieving you to record them manually. Moreover, two users can easily save the reading of their BP in its memory for their easy accessibility in future.

The product offers 5 years of warranty in India. It also comes with a free Dr Trust thermometer, a power adapter, and 4 AA batteries. The micro USB compatible port in the device allows you to charge it using your laptop, tablet or any other compatible power source or with 4 AAA batteries. Undoubtedly, this sturdy and effective device from Dr Trust Smart can be considered as one of the Best Blood Pressure Monitor.


3. Omron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron-HEM-7113-Automatic-Blood-Pressure-MonitorOmron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is a highly effective cardiac monitoring device designed to measure your blood pressure and indicate hypertension and an irregular pulse rate accurately. Doctors all over the world are recommending this Omron BP monitor to their patients for an easy and hassle-free check-up at home.

This aesthetically designed from Omron sets 14 records in its memory for their easy accessibility in time of need. Giving high accuracy results and supporting automatic disturbance detection, it is considered a reliable product to monitor your vitals within seconds. If the reading is below or above normal range do consider visiting a doctor for advice as they may prove fatal if left untreated.

Just pressing a button you can measure your systolic and diastolic pressure along with heartbeat rhythm. Omron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor works on the oscillometric principle to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate accurately. With blue and white streak over the body, it measures your BP in style. With its sturdy made, and compact size, it is quite portable, also you can use it with ease. This Omron product comes with a medium sized arm cuff (146 millimeter – 446 millimeter).

Read the Cuff Wrap Guide to ensure if your cuff is wrapped correctly or not. Battery indicator with bar calibration is also an important feature of the device to check when it requires charging. It offers 5 years of warranty. This highly effective automatic device from Omron is one of the Best Blood Pressure Monitor.

In short, this compact sized smart monitoring device:

  • Indicates Hypertension if any, while measuring your BP.
  • Save 14 measurements in its memory.
  • Automatically detects an error in reading in case of body movement and prompt for a re-test.
  • Give accurate result.
  • Convenient to use.

4. Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron-HEM-8712-Blood-Pressure-MonitorOmron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor keeps track of your blood pressure by displaying the test results in its display. It is convenient to use and gives near perfect result. This digital BP monitor from Omron detect anomalies in the test due to body movement and prompts the user to retake the measurement.

It detects hypertension with the greatest precision and helps users with high BP in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This BP monitor from Omron displays systolic and diastolic pressure on its large LCD screen. It also stores the last reading and detects body movement, irregular heartbeat, and hypertension effectively. This long-lasting BP monitor is operated through a battery and offers 5 years of extended warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. This device comes with arm cuffs of three size and an adapter.

Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor features:

Cuff Wrapping Guide Lamp

The device guides you to use the right cuff wrap by indicating “OK” to ensure a reliable blood pressure measurement. The package includes Wide Range Soft Cuff with an arm circumference of 22 – 42 cm, S-Size Soft Cuff with an arm circumference of 17 – 22 cm, and L-Size Soft Cuff with an arm circumference of 32 – 42 cm.

Hypertension Indicator

Heartbeat symbol in the device blinks in case if your systolic or diastolic pressure is showing result outside the normal range (above 135 for systolic and 85 for diastolic in mmHg).

Enhanced IntelliSense Technology

The enhanced algorithm in the IntelliSense Technology ensures the more precise result of your BP with just a deviation of less than 4 mmHg. Simple to use and deliver an accurate result within a minute. The device inflates the cuff to an optimum level for fast and accurate readings. It is fully automatic and doesn’t need manual adjustment of the inflation level each time you measure your BP.

Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor is highly effective and convenient for those with hypertension and other heart disorders because their blood pressure has a tendency to fluctuate now and then. Equipped with IntelliSense Technology, this Blood Pressure Monitor from Omron is undoubtedly fits into the Best BP Monitor category.

In short, IntelliSense Technology is

  • Fully automatic
  • Personalized inflation to provide maximum comfort
  • Quick deflation releases valve for speedy measurement
  • Measurement Range Pressure 0 to 299mmHg. Pulse 40 to 180 beats per min.
  • Accuracy: Pressure +- 3mmHg. Pulse +- 5 percent of the reading.

5. Dr Trust Automatic Talking A-One Max Blood Pressure Testing Monitor (Gray)

Dr-Trust-Automatic-Talking-A-One-Max-Blood-Pressure-Testing-Monitor-GrayAutomatic Talking A-One Max Blood Pressure testing Monitor from Dr Trust offers in dual talking mode, Hindi and English for your assistance. If you don’t like to get this service, select the silent mode. This BP monitoring device is a product of the USA patented technology. Moreover, it is a USFDA and CE approved BP Monitor Device.

It comes with a hypertension indicator in 3 colors. If the reading is normal the screen color is green whereas if it is slightly above normal, the backlight changes to yellow indicating pre-hypertension. Extremely high BP is indicated by the red backlight.

With an advanced Fuzzy algorithm in the detection process, it gives high accuracy in the BP readings while avoiding overpumping. It also offers a good quality thermometer in the package. Apart from having easy to use features, this Talking Blood Pressure Monitor can also be used with an Android mobile charger (USB cable); so no need to buy a power adaptor if you don’t want. It comes with 5 Year extended warranty in India to cover covers manufacturing defects in the device, subject to registration on Dr Trust website within 15 days of purchase.

It comes with:

  • 4 Batteries
  • Pulse Rate Indicator
  • Memory Function
  • Movement Indicator
  • Thermometer and
  • Other Services

6. Omron HEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron-HEM-7130-L-Blood-Pressure-MonitorHEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor from Omron accurately measure your blood pressure and has the ability to record 60 readings in its memory with date and time. With dual talking featuring, Hindi and English, Omron HEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor is a boon for those with hearing disability. You can mute the voice feedback as per your need.

Moreover, this BP monitor is designed to save records of 120 usages in its memory thereby relieving you from the hassle of manually storing your BP readings. Also, it allows you to save data of two users. This Omron BP monitoring device also saves the average of last 3 reading in the device for its future accessibility.

It evaluates your BP and detects abnormalities in the measurements (i.e high or low) according to the WHO guidelines. The indication is depicted in three-colour backlight in its large size LCD screen. Green light means normal BP; yellow indicates elevated BP while red specify high BP. Moreover, it can also detect an error in the reading if you suddenly move your body during the test. The procedure for the test is quite simple and easy.

It measures systolic BP, diastolic BP and pulse rate without any hassle and displays the reading on its large LCD screen providing 3 color options. This Omron device is compact, sturdy and portable, thus enabling you to carry it wherever you go. The conical arm cuff (22-42 cm) provides results with high accuracy. It detects irregular heartbeat easily, thus enabling you to take required action in time.

Furthermore, you don’t need to buy expensive adapters to use this device as it comes with a micro USB compatible port and 4 Rechargeable Batteries. Connect it with your laptop, tablet or any other compatible power source and get it charged. Omron HEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor offers 5 years of warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. With the growing popularity of this Blood Pressure Monitor, it can be easily considered as the one of the Best BP Monitor in India.


7. Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax-GB102-Aneroid-Blood-Pressure-MonitorRossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a chrome-plate brass air release valve to measure your blood pressure indicating results with high accuracy. The lightweight Stethoscope is Rossmax patented and is of excellent quality. However, some tweaking is needed to get the most accurate results.

It shows an accurate systolic and diastolic measurement of your pulse rate. To measure your blood pressure put the stethoscope cup at the center of your elbow crease. You can easily turn the ear tubes about 30 degrees in their holding clamp to comfortably fit them in your ear canals. You need some practice with a stethoscope to get used to it.

This device from Rossmax is designed to maintain calibration even if accidentally dropped. 2 AAA batteries in the device provide up to 3,000 measurements. With the built-in alert feature, the monitor offers easy calibration after 10,000 measurements. The Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor from Rossmax doesn’t read zero when the arm cuff is fully deflated.

To adjust it first remove the rubber tube from the nozzle of the meter, then loosen the nut holding the nozzle and then turn the nozzle anticlockwise to get the pointer to zero. After the adjustment, tighten the nut again. It comes with black color 300 mmHg non-stop pin reliable manometer and latex-free cuff for great usability. It offers 2 years warranty against any manufacturing defect.


8. Health Sense Classic BP120 HeartMate Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Black/Grey)

Health-Sense-Classic-BP120-HeartMate-Fully-Automatic-Digital-Blood-Pressure-MonitorHealth Sense Classic BP120 HeartMate Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor provides an improved detection of your blood pressure and gets an accurate measure of your BP in compliance with globally acclaimed chart defined by WHO, consisting of six levels, ranging from Optimal to Hypertension.

Moreover, using the Oscillometric measuring technology, this monitoring device from Health Sense offer accurate measurements of your systolic, diastolic, and pulse rate along with date and time. This traditional technology has pressure sensors to sense arterial wall vibrations. With its skid proof made, this BP monitor is a more reliable and cost-effective method in monitoring your pressure at home compared to another non-invasive method.

It efficiently calculates and displays the average of 3 consecutive readings. The extra-large bright LCD with black font clearly displays the readings within a minute. This monitor is designed to detect Irregular heartbeat and body movement for high accuracy measurement. With a memory capacity of two users with 120 readings each, this device from Health Sense is quite useful when two people need to share the monitor to main a healthy heart.

It offers dual power mode for usage with 4 AAA batteries and 6V adapter. USB devices like laptop, power bank, branded mobile charger can be easily compatible with this monitoring device, thus offering a great usability. It also indicates for low battery and error while reading the vitals. It alerts you to retake the measurement if you move your body during the test as it may give inaccurate result owing to shaking or movement of the body.

Wider arm cuff (22-42cm) to fit for regular and large sized arms for a more comfortable and accurate measurement. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular checkup with this smart Health Sense device and keep heart risk and other diseases at bay. With smart design and user-friendly interface, Health Sense Classic BP120 HeartMate Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is highly effective in keeping your vitals in check to avoid complications in future.

Equipped with latest Oscillometric technology, the monitor has a user-friendly interface with a large display screen to show your BP results in legible, black characters for easy reading. This fully automatic digital BP monitor from Health Sense can be considered as one of the Best Blood Pressure Monitor.


9. Equinox Digital Blood Pressure Monitor EQ-BP-101

Equinox-Digital-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-EQ-BP-101Equinox Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a lightweight and handy device to detects your pulse rate and display the result in its large LCD screen. Sitting at the comfort of your home, you get a reliable result quickly to keep your pressure level in control, thanks to the use of revolutionary DPDA measurement technology in the BP monitor.

Conveniently read systolic, diastolic and pulse readings in the large screen with large fonts. It is Indicates the high and low pressure with high accuracy.

Equinox Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is equipped with an intelligent function of Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) detector. During each test, this device records the heartbeat intervals and works out the standard deviation. If the calculated value is larger than or equal to 15, it will light up the IHB symbol on the screen when displaying the measuring unit. This BP monitor comes with a large sized comfortable arm cuff.

A category indicator for three pressure level (normal, less than normal and more than normal) is displayed on the device to help you evaluate your reading. It detects any error while taking the measurement due to body movement and alert the user to retake the test. If the reading of a category falls, it will be indicated with a blinking on the monitor.

The inflation technology of this device is comfortable compared to others. The monitor examines pulse signals during inflation of the cuff without any ache or irritation as the pressure on the upper arm is gentle, results generated are quick and accurate. As soon as all necessary signs are recorded, the air in the cuff is discharged and the blood pressure value is immediately displayed with high accuracy.

This BP monitor from Equinox allows you to store 60 test data automatically. It will delete the oldest reading when the memory becomes full. The package also includes 4 AAA batteries and the cuff. You can buy an adapter also to use it with the device. This equipment offers 18 months of warranty from the date of purchase.


10. Healthgenie BP Monitor digital Upper arm BPM 03

Healthgenie-BP-Monitor-digital-Upper-arm-BPM-03-Automatic-with-irregular-heartbeat-indicatorHealthgenie BP Monitor is designed with a fully automatic functionality to measure blood pressure and pulse rate. Using this device you can easily record data of two users in its memory with 60 readings each, along with the test date and time. The extra large LCD display shows clearly the readings of your blood pressure.

This Blood pressure monitor from Healthgenie is equipped with an intelligent function – Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) detector. Use it in your upper arm to get more accurate detection for irregular heartbeat detection. The upper-arm cuff has a comfortable fit and features graphic instructions to help you use the device correctly.

Take the test after laying still on the bed for 5 minutes and at similar times of the day, to get near perfect readings. Besides measuring the systolic and diastolic pressure in mmHg, this Healthgenie BP monitor also displays the pulse rate in beats per minute. It also has an irregular heartbeat indicator which helps detect hypertension. It keeps the average of last 3 test for further evaluation.

The accuracy of pressure measurement is ±3 mmHg, while for pulse rate ±5 percentage of display reading. The package also contains 4 AA Batteries. AC adapter needs to be bought separately. You can activate its 2 years warranty within 30 days of the product delivery from the Healthgenie site.



With all the information about the Best Blood Pressure Monitors and how to choose them, you can buy the most appropriate one according to your requirement. Read the guidelines before using the device and take action as required after taking the test. Do multiple testing to ensure the readings are consistent and reliable. If necessary, visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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