Best Contact Lenses In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bausch & Lomb IConnect2. Diamond Contact Lens3. Freshlook Contact Lens





Being the social animals that we are as human beings, one of the most important things for us is our sense of sight, or the ability to see. Without it, the world really loses all of its meaning. Whether it is the colours, the wonderful sights or the amazing people around us, if any of these were to go missing from our visual spectrum we would perhaps lose our minds over thinking what they would look like.

And that is precisely the reason why the best contact lenses, best spectacles and other seeing medical aids have been around for as long as they have. The fact is that man will do anything to improve their sight since it is after all one of our five most basic human senses. Without it, an entire aspect of the world around us remains unbeknownst to us.


Unfortunately, now with the advancements in technology, and with the steady rise of devices with screens on them, and with people staring into them for hours on end, we have now finally begun realizing the effects of it all. Almost every other person you meet is facing some or the other defect of the eyes.

Spectacles have been in use so much that they have become somewhat of a fashion trend these days. People love to wear them and even flaunt them.

All of this is only because defects relating to the eyes have been on the rise. People spend the entirety of their days staring into computer or mobile screens all because their jobs revolve around it. There is so much eye straining exercise and so little physical exercise that we have effectively lost control over what happens to our eyes, and have simply given in to the medical sciences in order to keep making adjustments for our failing eyes.

Fortunately, the sciences do not disappoint. While spectacles have been quite the rage for over decades now, another revolutionary product has also managed to make its way into our homes and even our hearts.

While they are now available in so many different colours, sizes and variations, a lot of people are still hesitant to wear spectacles since they feel their face isn’t just cut out for wearing one. But for those people, we have managed to develop contact lenses.

Contact lenses are great. They not only manage to correct your vision as precisely as a pair of spectacles, but also do that without the need to carry an extra pair of accessories around. Those who wear spectacles will swear by the fact of how difficult it gets to keep a track of their specs and how they are often forgetting where they put them.

Luckily with lenses, there is no such problem as they sit neatly on top of your eyes without you having to take them off for anything, except perhaps sleeping, which means you will never lose them.

Also, with spectacles, there is the constant need of cleaning them periodically because those lenses tend to get dirty so easily and yet, with contact lenses, you will face no such problems. Finally, when it comes to contact lenses, you won’t ever have to worry about whether you would look good in them.

Whether your face would suit them or not, as once you have put them on, your face is virtually indistinguishable from before. Finally, if you are still considered about how you look and if you have always wanted a differently coloured set of eyes, then there is amazing news for you too.

You can always opt for differently coloured contact lenses apart from the usual transparent ones. That would then not just give you the perfect vision but also give you the eyes you have always dreamt of.

But then just like any other product, you can’t just go into the market and buy any pair of contact lenses you find. That could be wrong for you and your eyes. You actually need to put in some work and do some serious thinking before you decide on a pair.

This is because lenses are worn right in front of your eyes, and if they turn out to be the wrong pair for you, you could start facing some serious problems such as irritability or even a further loss in your vision.

That completely defeats the purpose of buying them. Which is why it is always recommended to consider your options carefully before you make a final purchase for lenses. Does all of that sound complicated? If it does, then you do not need to worry at all since that is exactly what this article aims to help you with. We are here to ease you into the process and let you make a wise decision.

The way we are going to accomplish that is by letting you know all you need to know about buying lenses and how not to mess up your purchase. We will present to you a handy guide with all the desirable features and know-how on lenses to make your experience much simpler.

Furthermore, if you still end up facing problems, we will also be going over a list of ten of the best contact lenses available in the market right now so that you can choose easily. With all of that help from us, you just can’t go wrong.

Best Contact Lenses: What to Look For

First off, you need to know that there are two basic types of contact lenses available in the market. These two are soft contact lenses and hard contact lenses.

Soft Contact Lenses

These ones, as the name suggests are soft and without a solid form. They are however the most popular type of lenses worn the world over. They are usually the ones people start with and can be used to correct a host of vision defects such as myopia, hyperopia (or nearsightedness and farsightedness are they are more commonly called), blurred vision or even age-induced loss of near vision.

Since these are the soft ones, they are much easier to wear and comfortable on the eyes. Now, there are some subcategories even within soft contact lenses. Let us go over them for a bit.

Daily Wear

These daily wear lenses, as the name suggests are used for daily wear and are then removed every night before sleeping. They are then left for the night to be disinfected and later worn again in the morning. This way, your lenses are cleaned daily and there is a minimum chance of any kind of infection occurring.

Also, the amount of time or the duration for which you can easily go without taking off the lenses depends on the manufacturer you have bought the lenses from.

Extended Wear

Now, these extended wear lenses are much easier and more comfortable for the user since they do not explicitly have to be removed every night. You could, in fact, easily sleep while wearing them without worrying about anything.

However, one thing to remain cautious about is that you need to remove them at least once in a week in order to clean them and wash away any dirt. Once again, in contrast to daily wear lenses, you need to be cautious with these since, while you are wearing them overnight, the risk of infection also increases.

Disposable Lenses

Well, these ones and their functions are pretty clear by the name itself. These are disposable lenses, meaning that you would use them for a specific period and then throw them away. They come in varieties such as daily, monthly or weekly.

During the time that they are active, you won’t even need to remove them in order to disinfect or clean. Simply remove them at night when you go to sleep and wear them back again in the morning.

They have been actively designed to repel dirt for a specific period of time. As soon as the designated period is over, you must remove them and throw them away, as further use could cause infections. Now, since these lenses are much more convenient than the ones we mentioned above, they are obviously a little more expensive too. Such lenses are perfect for those users who only wear lenses very occasionally, or the ones who can’t bother with disinfecting every now and then.

Hard Contact Lenses

We now come to the second basic category of contact lenses which happens to be hard lenses. Hard lenses, as the name suggests, are rigid and hard lenses which have a set form. These are generally worn in order to get clear and crisp vision against most of the severe eye defects.

They are much more effective than soft contact lenses. People who generally wear these are those who have tried and tested the soft ones and were not satisfied with the results, for whatever reason it might be. They are also suitable for those users who have dry eyes.

The general characteristic of hard lenses is that they are much more breathable, and your eyes are therefore much safer from infection when compared with soft ones. Also, they must be removed for cleaning and disinfecting every night in order to stay safe.

However, exceptions to the rule do exist. Some brands and variations of hard lenses let you go without cleaning or removing for as long as a week or even a month in some cases.

Another point worth mentioning here is that although hard contact lenses are more effective, they do take some time to get used to. This adjusting period might vary from anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks.

Now that we are done with all of that information, it is time to move on to the crux of the matter. What is about to follow is a list of ten of the best products for contact lenses in the market.

We have paid great attention to detail and only selected those which we considered truly worthy when it comes to best contact lenses 2018 in India. Take note that no matter which product you select from this list, you will definitely walk away with a great deal for yourself.

Top 10 Best Contact Lens in India 2020

1. Bausch & Lomb I Connect Contact Lens – 3 Pieces

Bausch-Lomb-I-Connect-Contact-Lens-3-PiecesBausch and Lomb is an extremely established brand in the world for best contact lenses. They have managed to create a reputation for themselves which only promises good quality and nothing else. With their vast experience, they manage to create products which are not just customer friendly, but also cater to all of their problems.

Their latest addition, the I Connect Contact Lenses has also been a huge success. Designed specifically for the comfort of the wearer, these lenses are special in the sense that they are able to relate to the youth and let them find their own individuality.

These contact lenses will not only suit any personality, but also any pocket as they are super affordable in addition to being effective.
Also, you do not have to worry about handling as they are really easy to handle and also surprisingly durable. Being soft and comfortable, you will always find them very soothing and calming on the eyes.


2. Diamond Eye 3 Pair (Green, Grey & Dark Blue) 0 Power Monthly Contact Lens

Diamond-Eye-3-Pair-Green-Grey-Dark-Blue-0-Power-Monthly-Contact-LensThese amazing pair of contact lenses from Diamond are as versatile as they are comfortable. They boast of features which are seldom found in other lenses and manage to make the wearer extremely comfortable, while also granting them perfect vision.

This comprehensive product comes as part of a package which contains a total of 3 pairs of lenses, one lens case and one lens solution in order to clean or disinfect the lenses. The lenses are made of 55% water and 35% of phemfilcon A which makes them extremely light and yet durable.

The lens solution is a buffered saline solution which perfectly rinses away any dirt that may have been deposited on the lens. Also, as an added benefit, these lenses are perfect for both men and women. There are only a couple of instructions that you need to follow if you end up buying this product, such as that they must not be worn at night while sleeping, they must be stored in a proper case and a fresh solution must always be used.


3. Freshlook One-Day Color Pure Hazel Powerless

Freshlook-One-Day-Color-Pure-Hazel-PowerlessFrom a brand that cares a lot about customer satisfaction comes another exciting new product called One Day Color Pure Hazel Powerless Contact Lenses. These lenses are designed for the wearer’s comfort and have been dubbed the best in terms of giving an all-around natural appearance of the eye. It makes use of a 3 in 1 colour technology which enables it to go for an all natural look even when the lenses have been applied.

These lenses are of the disposable variety and can be discarded every day so that you do not have to worry even a single bit of cleaning and disinfecting. You get to wear a fresh lens every day and thus, there are zero chances of infection. Also, they have been manufactured using the light stream technology which gives them the added benefit of being consistent with the fitting and are also super comfortable with every use.


4. Polo House USA Monthly Contact Lens

Polo-House-USA-Monthly-Contact-LensThese zero power best contact lenses are pretty great in the sense that they have some amazing features that you won’t easily find in other products. They are super comfortable for the wearer and the manufacturers have also managed to minimize the threat of infections by using new age technologies to keep them disinfected for a long time.

They belong to the soft contact lens variety and are thus, much more comfortable to wear than the harder ones.

They are grey in colour and specialize in providing the wearer with an all-new look that makes them the highlight of every conversation. Further, these lenses are designed to last as much as a whole month.

And if that is not enough, then the amount of comfort they are designed to give will always remain constant from the very first day up until day 30. Finally, as an added benefit, these lenses are unisex and can easily be worn and used by either men or women.


5. Charming Eyes Quarterly Contact Lens

Charming-Eyes-Quarterly-Contact-LensAs the name suggests, if a charming set of eyes is what you crave, then this is the product for you. Charming Eyes Quarterly Contact Lenses have been designed to give your eyes a unique but, at the same time, an all-natural look that would make you the talk of the town.

The product comes with a 100 ml bottle of the Crystal Care Lens Solution which you can use to carry out cleanings and disinfection. Also, there is a sturdy lens case also present which will handily hold your lenses and give them the kind of protection you want.

The lenses are designed to last you for a good three months, whereas, other products in the market barely last a month. This in itself is a huge advantage that you get in addition to a product that is as effective as it is comfortable. The material used is polymacon while it is designed to deliver crystal clear vision with added comfort.


6. I-Look Deep Blue Colour Monthly Contact Lens

I-Look-Deep-Blue-Colour-Monthly-Contact-LensMade from 45% of water and 55% of polyhema, the I-Look Contact Lenses aims to give you the perfect vision with the most amount of comfort. These lenses are designed for the wearer’s convenience and have been called the best in terms of providing all-round protection and also facilitating the natural appearance of the eye.

These lenses are of the soft variety and can be discarded every two to three months so that you do not have to worry even a single bit of cleaning and disinfecting. They are one of the most versatile and long-lasting lenses available in the market and the best part is that there are zero chances of infection. Also, they have been manufactured with the utmost care which makes them extremely durable and safe to use.


7. O-Lens Russian Velvet Gray Coloured Contact Lens

O-Lens-Russian-Velvet-Gray-Coloured-Contact-LensIf you are someone who can’t handle removing and disinfecting lenses every single day and find that quite troublesome, then this is the perfect product for you. These best contact lenses are designed to last at least a month after which they need to be discarded. Thus, they are perfect in terms of user convenience and come with the promise of no side effects.

They are also available in a variety of colours and allow the wearer to create their own unique style by choosing from their unlimited eye styling and lens design range. Being disposable monthly, they are also highly hygienic for the eye and happen to have a diameter of 14mm with a base curve of 8.6.


8. Acuvue 1 Day Moist Daily Contact Lens

Acuvue-1-Day-Moist-Daily-Contact-LensThese lenses are of the disposable variety and can be discarded daily without ever having to worry about cleaning or disinfecting.

They work wonders in keeping your eyes moist all throughout and also offer an all-around protection against all kinds of irritation and eye damage. They are available for both, near and farsighted corrections and the power can be adjusted as per the user’s convenience.

Another fantastic feature that you won’t easily find in other lenses is that it offers complete protection from the super harmful UV rays of the sun. Another highlight is that they are synthesized using the amazing Lacreon technology which acts as the cornerstone for moisture retention and also guarantees comfort like never before. Finally, you get as many as 30 lenses per box and there is also a dual technology used to combat dryness and irritation at the same time.


9. O2 Optix (-2.50) – 6 Lens Pack

O2-Optix-2.50-6-Lens-PackThese are bi aspheric optics which means that it is completely guaranteed that you would have perfectly crisp and clear vision upon wearing these and will never face any difficulties with regards to any kind of eye damage or irritability.

Also, they guarantee brilliant oxygen transmissibility which means that your eyes will always have a healthy supply of oxygen and will never fall short of fresh air to keep them hydrated. They would also always remain healthier, brighter and whiter than ever before.

Finally, these lenses are made using the silicone hydrogel formula which promises lesser dryness than ever before. Amazingly, it also guarantees extreme comfort to the wearer and absolutely no hassle in putting them on or removing them.


10. Tropical Colors 3 Month Disposable Contact Lenses

Tropical-Colors-3-Month-Disposable-Contact-LensesThese lenses are pretty great in the sense that they have some amazing features that you won’t easily find in other products. They are super comfortable for the wearer and the manufacturers have also managed to minimize the threat of infections by using amazing technologies to keep them disinfected for a long time. They need to be disposed off quarterly or every three months and that in itself is one fine feature to have.

The primary material used to create them is polymacon which lends them added comfort and flexibility. As an added benefit, these lenses are unisex and can easily be worn and used by either men or women. Comprising of as much as 45% water, these are inherently designed to deliver a clear vision to the wearer and maximize comfort.



That brings us to the end of the list for best contact lenses available in the market right now. We hope we were able to clear away all of your confusions. It is not that complicated of a process, really. All you need to do is put your priorities first and opt for a pair that focuses more on comfort and comes from a brand that seeks customer satisfaction. That is all you need to know before you embark on your quest to purchase your ideal contact lenses.

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