Best Glucometers in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Accu-chek2. OneTouch3. Countour Plus





Unhealthy lifestyle and intake of sugary foods are rampant nowadays, causing the glucose (sugar) level in the blood to increase manifold. There are many medical devices in market which help us keep track of our basic health metrics.

With the advent of technological advancement, the market seems to have flooded with high-end smart glucometers (devices to test the approximate level of glucose in your blood).


Some features include voice-activated glucose meter to help vision-impaired patients, while others support software program that keeps track of past test records. As the market is filled with a plethora of options, choosing the best glucometer in India can be a daunting task.

Diabetics patients are doing regular checkups using their glucometer to monitor their sugar level and taking necessary precautions like changing their diet, unhealthy habits or medications, to avert further complications to their health. The glucometer kit contains a meter, a plunger, a lancet, and test strips.

You can do the test just by placing a drop of blood (which you get by pricking your finger with a lancet), on a disposable test strip, comes with a glucometer and wait for few seconds for the reading to appear on the screen of the meter. The reading detects the approximate amount of sugar in your blood.

Consult your doctor if your test result is conflicting with the normal ranges, and follow a prescribed healthy regimen to improve your health. Also, seek suggestions from your health expert regarding how often you need to test your glucose level for your well-being.

Glucometers have become an inevitable device for many diabetics patients as it helps them in pursuing a healthy lifestyle over time.

Undeniably, they are making diabetic treatment simpler for the doctors and caregivers. Numerous models of glucometer have come into the scene to help people live longer, making it tough to rope in at the one that best suit your need.

Though it is better to turn to doctor’s advice to select the best meter, this article, based on thorough research, is dedicated to providing you with detailed and reliable information regarding 10 best glucometers in India.

Factors to Look for When Buying Glucometers

However, knowledge of some significant features of glucometers is indispensable for choosing the right one to curb the anomaly of glucose level in your blood. These are some features of modern glucometers to inspect, and before buying the right one.


Accuracy in displaying the blood glucose readings is one of the most important criteria to consider before buying a meter. Initially, you can test the accuracy of your glucose meter readings by comparing it with your lab tests reports; greater deviation means inaccurate result by your meter.

Another way to check the accuracy is by using a control solution, where your meter should read the specified level of solution accurately.

Size of the Glucometer

If you need to use your glucometer frequently, then its small size will help you in performing the test with ease. Also, the small size of the device adds to the portability factor, enabling you to carry it while you are travelling. If you travel regularly then go for a handy meter to avoid skipping any test.

Blood Sample Range

Models differ in their requirement for the amount of blood to perform a test. It usually varies from 0.3 to 1.5 microliters of blood. Older models require you to draw more blood from the finger. They are replaced by modern meters, that can perform the test using smaller blood sample size.

Whole blood glucose or Plasma glucose

Glucose levels in plasma (components of blood) are usually 10-15% higher than glucose measurement in whole blood.

Most of the glucometers measure the glucose in whole blood while lab testing is done on plasma glucose. Some modern meters give results as ‘plasma equivalent’, which is derived using a built-in equation on the whole blood glucose reading from the meter.

This helps the patients to easily compare their lab test result and the home result regarding the level of glucose in their blood. You can consider buying a glucometer that gives ‘plasma equivalent’ of the whole blood reading if don’t like the manual calculation for comparisons of results from home and lab.

Storage Space

The memory size of glucometers is an important aspect to consider while buying one. With bigger memory size, you can store more tests readings. If you need to test five times a day, then a 100 test memory will stores 20 days old data for future reviews.

In some cases, old data are required to look for patterns of glucose levels in the blood over weeks or months, to see if the ongoing medication or diet plan is effective or not, for the patient’s health.

Some meters help you in logging data regarding the blood sugar level, time of the test, the medication you take and also, its amount and time. Also, they allow you to add other details like your eating habits or feelings throughout the day.

Data Transfer and Software

Many glucometers offer sophisticated data handling features. You can download the test reports on your laptop to print or review. You can feed additional information regarding your insulin dose, intake of carbohydrates, or hours you exercised.

Many meters have their software to allow users to load charts, view averages, and show patterns in your blood sugar level.

Cost of Meter and Strips

The cost of meters or strips may differ, with some manufacturer often offering free meters with an intention to sell their costly strips. Some models use discs, drums, or cartridges that act like strips for multiple tests. However, they are expensive but last longer than strips as they (strips) are discarded after use.

Compare the cost of the strips of all major brands before buying the meter as it may highly influence the overall cost of your treatment. Also, look for the special features offered by dealers or manufacturers to get the best deals.

Ease of Use

Consider buying glucometers that are easy to handle. You can ask your pharmacist to show you a few brands of glucometers to ensure which one is best matching your needs. You can also watch youtube videos to understand how they work and which one is easily manageable.

Moreover, one more important criteria to consider is to check if the glucometer is allowing you to draw blood from areas like palm, forearm, calf or thigh as well, apart from your fingertip.

This is called alternative site testing, an option provided with modern and updated devices as it would be painful to prick the same place of your finger all the time for testing.


Some model requires you to enter a code (found on the container of the test strips) to use them with that batch of test strips. Coding helps the meter to calculate accurate test results. However, modern and advanced glucometers don’t need coding as they are providing finest test strips, capable of producing correct blood glucose readings.

If you incorrectly code in the meter, the reading can give inaccurate results, which can seriously complicate the diagnosis of the diabetic patient. However, some models contain code information in the test strips itself while others contain a microchip in the pack of the strips that we can insert into the meter for reading, thereby reducing the possibility of mistake in coding.

Special Features: While buying a glucose meter you can look-out for some special features provided by dealers or manufacturers, like easy handling buttons, LED screens for better display of readings, and audio display that may be useful for visually impaired patients.

Top 10 Best Glucometers in India 2020

1. Accu-Chek Active Glucose Monitor

Accu-Chek-Active-Blood-Glucose-MeterThe Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter has a bundle of powerful features to consider it as one of the best glucometer in India. Its smaller size fits it into every hand with ease. It gives an almost accurate reading in just 5 seconds. This model of glucometer also exercise some safety measures like you will get alerts if your test strips are expired or if you’ve underdosed, within 10 seconds you can get re-dose.

Moreover, with this meter, you can set, pre and post-meal alarms to perform a test. If you desire to acquire a meter with huge memory for daily purpose, this one is the right choice for you as it can hold three months old test readings, equivalent to 500 blood samples, to track your glucose level over a period. It comes with 10 test strips, a lancing device and sterile lancets suitable for pain-free tests. It involves simple auto-coding through the coding chip.

To use this largest selling glucose monitor, use the lancet device to draw out a small amount of blood (‘Blood Sample Range’ of the device is 1-2 microlitres) from the tip of your finger and squeeze it onto the strip and then put the strip in the meter. Wait for 5 seconds to read the test result on the screen of the device. This product comes with lifetime warranty.


2. One Touch Select Simple Blood Glucose Monitoring System

one-touch-simple-glucometerOne Touch Select glucometer is simple to use and comes with an important feature like high-low sound and colour alerts, aimed at alerting you when your blood glucose levels are extremely high or low; thereby let your doctor device a diet and medication plan to control the irregular level of blood sugar. Its user-friendly interface with icons to activate its functionalities that require no coding, no setup, and no buttons to confuse you, makes it a great device to monitor your blood glucose level at home or anywhere you go.

To perform a test, you just need to insert a strip in the meter, squeeze out some blood (Blood Sample Range of the device is 0.5 microlitre), and wait for 5 seconds to get the results. Doctors have highly recommended this product as it reported to give consistently accurate readings. On the cons side, the device has storage space enough to store the last reading only. It offers free lifetime replacement.


3. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

Dr.-Morepen-BG-03-Gluco-One-GlucometerDr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer is a smart device with ergonomic features to monitor your blood glucose level accurately and effortlessly. It requires only 0.5 microliters of blood and has 25 strips. It has a beeper alert to warn deviants in readings. No coding is required with Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer.

The kit includes lancing device and 10 lancets and a plastic case to keep the device and other accessories neatly at one place. Built with great storage capacity, the device can store 300 blood sample results. This meter comes with lifetime warranty. On the cons side, the strips of this model expired early compared to that of other glucometers.


4. Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucometer

Contour-Plus-Blood-Glucose-MonitoringBayer Contour TS Blood Glucometer comes with a large LCD screen, which makes the reading of display results quite a comfortable affair; even people with bad eyesight read with ease in the massive LCD screen. Monitor your blood sugar level in a painless way using this intricately designed glucometer. It can store 50 blood samples.

The ‘Blood Sample Range’ of the device is 0.6 microlitre. With this model of glucometer, no coding is required thus ensuring easy handling. It offers a lifetime warranty. On the cons side, the device takes longer (approximately 8 seconds), compared to other popular meters to display the test results.


5. Truworth G30 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Truworth-G-30-Glucometer-BlueTruworth G30 Blood Glucose Monitoring System comes with Easy-Slide Strip Ejector, and a storage capacity of 450 blood test samples with the date and time. Just a tiny drop of blood (‘Blood Sample Range’ of the device is 0.5 microlitre) is required to monitor the level of glucose level in blood. The device shows the reading in 5 seconds on its LCD screen.

You can transfer the result to your laptop or smartphone by connecting them via a USB cable and can use them for further diagnosis and analysis. Truworth G30 Blood Glucose Monitoring System comes with 25 Strips, and no coding is required. It allows the user to set 4 alarms and record pre and post meal test readings. Warranty on this device is available for a lifetime.


6. Omron HGM 112

Omron-HGM-112-GlucometerOmron HGM-112 is one of the most reliable and considered to best the  best glucometer in India and is  recommended by certified health experts and doctors as it consistently shows the correct blood glucose result. Popular glucometer HGM-111, which had helped millions of people detect their blood glucose level accurately, is upgraded to Omron HGM 112. It is an aesthetically designed device with smooth edges, resembling a smartphone, to monitor the blood glucose level and display results in its large LCD screen. It is a lightweight and user-friendly device that you can easily carry anywhere you go.

After you squeeze out a small droplet of blood (‘Blood Sample Range’ of the device is 0.5 microliter) from the tip of your finger in a strip, Omron HGM-112 glucometer beeps out the test result in 5 seconds. It shows error alert at the time of blood testing if we insert an expired, damaged or reused strips in the meter. You can set alarms for pre-meal and post-meal blood glucose testing. The device kit also contains a lancing device for easily pricking out a drop of blood from your fingertip, carrying case, AST cap, and log book (to note down test details, medications, and habits) with an operational manual. It offers auto-coding and 1 years of warranty.


7. Alere G1 Blood Glucose Monitor

Alere-gluco-meterAlere G1 Blood Glucose Monitor is an excellent blood glucose monitoring device, made of a superior quality material, to keep track of the sugar level of diabetic patients on a regular basis in a safe and hygienic way. It performs testing on whole blood drawn from the fingertips, arm, palm, thigh, and calf. Along with the glucose meter, the kit contains 25 test strips, a lancing device, a carry bag, 25 lancets, and a user manual. It is auto-coded and allows you to set up-to four reminders for important activities like when to take medication, when to perform a test etc.

To determine your blood sugar, squeeze out a droplet of your blood, with a sample size of 0.5 micrometers, on the strip and in 5 seconds, you will get an accurate result. It is a painless way of carrying out your sugar testing. Other benefits of the device are its ease of use, hygienic way of handling the test through ‘Automatic Strip Ejector’ to prevent spreading of infection, accurate results, a storage capacity of storing 500 blood glucose results, etc.

Alere G1 test strips are made of 99.9% pure gold electrodes, to ensure you most accurate results from the comfort of your home. One specific feature of Alere G1 is that it can maintain records (test results) up to 5 unique patients. Moreover, the strips will last longer compared to other strips as they are not disposable after one use, you can keep using them for a few months. This technologically superior glucometer has kept its price low to allow the diabetics patients to perform glucose test on a regular basis and remain healthy by altering their sugary diet and damaging habits.


8. Accu-Chek Performa Glucometer

Accu-Chek-Performa-Glucometer-KitAccu-Chek Performa Glucometer comes with a large LCD display and fast data transfer capabilities. Its test strips are cheaper compared to the other strips. Improved technology incorporated with simple usability and accurate measurement of blood glucose result, makes this latest brand of glucometer, one of the most sought-after and best glucometers in India. It provides a painless and fast way to test your blood sugar level so that you can take immediate action for your betterment.

Other than the meter, the kit contains a carry bag, a lancing device, user manual, quick reference guide and warranty card. With no set-up and no coding, the process of checking the blood glucose level using this device is fast and easy. You can set a maximum of four reminders in this device. The device can store 500 test readings in its memory. To perform a glucose test, insert the test strip in the meter, prick out a drop of blood (it requires a blood sample of 0.6 microliters) from your fingertips and place it on the yellow coloured ‘dosing area’ on the test strip. In five seconds, the reading appears on the large LCD screen.


9. Accu Sure Glucometer

Accusure-Simple-GlucometerDr. Gene Accu Sure Glucometer comes with a download compatibility option with the capability to store 450 blood test samples with a date and time. The kit contains lancets, lancing device, 50 test strips, a carry bag and a warranty card along with the device. Dr. Gene Accu Sure Glucometer allows you to set a maximum of four reminders to perform important actions. To test your blood sugar level, first, squeeze out a drop of blood (‘Blood Sample Range’ of the device is 1.4 microliters) on the strip and wait for 8 seconds to read the results. As no coding is required with this device, the testing is carried out fast and with ease.


10. Nipro TRUEone Blood Glucometer

Nipro TRUEone Blood Glucometer

Nipro TRUEone Blood Glucometer is one of the smallest and best glucometers in India. Performing a test to detect blood glucose level is easy and fast with this device. Nipro TRUEone Blood Glucometer gives you an accurate reading of your blood sugar to help you in maintaining a proper diet, medications and healthy habits for your well-being. To detect the concentration of sugar in the blood, you have to draw out a tiny drop of blood (‘Blood Sample Range’ of the device is 0.5 microliter) using a lancer and wait for 4 seconds to see the results. It can store 500 blood glucose samples for future reference and diagnosis.

Data can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone using a cable. As coding is not required for carrying out a test, the device is quite easy-to-use and handy. The meter allows alternate site testing, that is you can draw out blood from areas like an arm, pal, calf, thigh other than fingertips. It offers a lifetime warranty. The kit of this glucometer also contains a lancing device, ergonomically designed to cause less pain while drawing out blood. It offers a lifetime warranty.



Millions of people are successfully self-monitoring their blood glucose through these latest advanced models of glucometers to stay healthy. These devices are crucial for tracking the record over a period and instigating prompt action to mitigate the deviation in sugar level from its prescribed ranges. Thereby helping in keeping diabetics and other related diseases at bay.

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