Best Deodorants for Men in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Park Avenue Signature Deo2. KS (KamaSutra) Deodorant3. Nivea Fresh Active Original





The best deodorants for men lasts for a pretty long time. Many brands claim that their deodorants last for 24-48 hours, but this is exaggerated. However, your deodorant should not have to be reapplied frequently throughout the day. The deodorant applied once in a day should be enough. A deodorant is a must have among all the personal careproducts.Some of the deodorants can be used only a few times in a week. The best deodorants work well at fighting sweat and odor.

Even if the user performs any physical activity or if the surrounding is hot, the best deodorants in India fight wetness and odor at the source. The packaging of deodorants comes in a way which is easy to use. Make sure that you buy deodorant sprays which are designed for the easy, intuitive and even application. A majority of customers prefer sprays and stick applicators as they are easiest to apply. Some customers also prefer to use their fingers for applying deodorant creams.


What To Look For in a Deodorant for Men?

A good deodorant won’t leave any white marks. The best deodorants go on clear without staining or rubbing off on the clothing. Go for a deodorant which dries quickly. The deodorants which dry slowly can be messy and uncomfortable as they leave residue behind on clothing. Choose a deodorant with a favourable smell. It should smell appealing and pleasant, not overpowering.

If you are going for fragrance-free versions, then makes sure that they are actually free of any fragrances, including the ones which mask the natural smell of the deodorant. The deodorants don’t irritate skin. People with sensitive skin can suffer from rashes due to the harsh ingredients of deodorants. Such deodorants can also lead to irritation when applied directly after shaving.

As the body chemistry of every person is not the same, some people might be sensitive to specific ingredients such as essential oils or baking soda, while others face no such problems at all with the same ingredients.

You should also decide whether you need a deodorant, antiperspirant or both. The sweat ducts are blocked by antiperspirants, eventually reducing the odour and perspiration. For reducing odour, deodorants contain bacteria-fighting ingredients, but they can’t prevent sweating completely. There are many products which contain both deodorant and antiperspirant.

You must also decide whether you want unscented, fragrance-free or scented deodorant. Odour can be masked by scented deodorants as they can smell pleasant. Unscented deodorants also contain masking fragrances and you can use them too. Go for a deodorant which is marked as ‘fragrance-free’ if you are sensitive to fragrances.

Antiperspirants should not be used right after shaving or showering as they may irritate the skin if used at that time. Go for a different active ingredient if that doesn’t help. Ingredients such as aluminium zirconium trichlorohydrex glycine and aluminium chloride can cause skin reactions in some people. Some of them find gels, roll-ons or sprays irritating. Even natural deodorants can cause rashes in some people.

If you need ‘clinical strength’, then go for antiperspirants which keep you drier instead of using regular antiperspirants. As per doctors, the best ones will really help you in being drier. But such antiperspirants can also cause skin irritation due to their higher concentrations of active ingredients.

Women’s deodorants and men’s deodorants do not have much difference. The ingredients in both the products are basically the same. There are only the major differences in packaging, marketing, and fragrance. Perspiration cannot be prevented by natural, aluminium-free products as they do not block sweat ducts. Such products only provide deodorizing benefits. Baking soda and clays are contained in some natural deodorants which help in absorbing the moisture, thus, leaving you feeling drier.

You must always follow the directions which are printed on the label of a deodorant. Detailed application packaging is contained on the packaging or labels of the deodorants. You may experience irritation if you don’t follow such instructions carefully.

Benefits of Deodorant

It’s unlikely to dislike to a perfect summer day when the breeze is blowing, the sun is shining with all its might and you are travelling or roaming around a beach. But let’s face the fact that summers are scorching and sweltering most of the times.

The hot and humid weather makes you sweaty and you crave for a cold shower frequently. If you stand beside an odorant person during such days, then your frustration will have no bounds. So make sure that you aren’t that odorant person by using deodorants for tackling sweat and odour issues in such days. The following are the reasons why a deodorant is essential in summer:

1. Kills Bacteria

In humans, sweating is a natural phenomenon which prevents the body from overheating in warm surroundings in order to keep it cool. One sweats more in summer days and sweating increases the growth of bacteria under feet or armpit. For killing this bacteria, use a deodorant.

2. Keeps Away Unpleasant Odour

Sweating causes an unpleasant odour which can become a reason for your embarrassment during social interactions. The bacteria on the skin breaks sweat into acid, leading to the formation of body odour. The unpleasant smell can be expelled by the deodorant.

3. Using for Fragrance

For eliminating body odour, a deodorant becomes useful. Not only this, it will also replace your body odour with a good smell. People around you will be pleased with the good fragrance. The smell keeps you cool and makes you feel revived.

4. Making You Feel Fresh

You feel pristine after taking a good shower in the morning. Applying a deodorant with good fragrance after showering will keep you fresh throughout the day. You will stay active. For those who workout at the gym, it is necessary to take a bath after exercising and using a good deodorant for staying fresh.

5. Savior During Humid Days

The worst thing to experience in summer is humidity. The moisture on the skin doesn’t dry due to the humid climate and so, you end up feeling sticky.
Taking showers twice a day isn’t helpful in this situation. For tackling this issue, use a deodorant as it will help you a bit in preventing pores from excess sweating.

Uses of Deodorant

You might be thinking that deodorants can only be used as antiperspirant under the arms for controlling your smell and sweat. But there are many other uses of deodorants. There are many unusual replacements for deodorant. But there are many things for which a deodorant can be used for. Deodorants can be useful for removing the odour of your uncomfortable work shoes. Don’t underestimate the use of deodorant sticks in your everyday life. The following are the uses of a deodorant:

1. Taming Frizzy Hair

You can use a deodorant for de-frizzing your hair. Before going out on a clammy and hot day, add some deodorant around your hairline to prevent it from frizzing up. You might prefer hairspray for fixing it properly. But you can use this trick when you are travelling. Women won’t face any flyaways in front of their faces anymore when they will be wearing a ponytail!

2. Preventing Blisters

In a woman’s closet, heels are the most loved and equally most hated item. Women wear them to feel better and look taller. Heels make a woman feel more confident. But when the heels are taken off, there can be blood on your blisters or toes due to them. So, before putting on your uncomfortable shoes, apply deodorant as it creates a layer for preventing blisters. This will act as a buffer between your skin and shoe. You don’t have to worry about bubbly blisters now!

3. Soothe Chafing and Rashes

By applying a thin layer of deodorant on the inside of thighs, a buffer will be created for the legs. Thus, rashes and chafing will be prevented. It will also smell good and sweating will be prevented even if you are running around!

4. Soothing Bug Bites

The most annoying little problems in the world seem to be mosquito bites. Deodorants can be used for soothing these annoying bug bites. Applying deodorant directly on the itchy area will calm the skin. The itching can subside within a few seconds, relieving you from the pain. Wilderness lovers, note down this trick!

5. Fixing a Squeaky Door

A squeaky door can be fixed by a deodorant. It’s pretty unusual to use a deodorant on a household item, but it works. After applying the deodorant on the hinge, the door must be moved open and shut a few times. This will increase the effectiveness of deodorant on the door and it will stop the squeaking. The deodorants should be applied on both the sides of the door and you should make sure that it is really in there.

6. Stopping Sweat

You might be thinking that deodorants are only useful for underarms, but they actually are helpful for all kinds of sweat! Women always face the struggle of underboob sweat. All women struggle with this problem. Surprisingly, this kind of sweat can be tackled with a deodorant. One can use it anywhere – underfoot, underarm, underboob, etc.

7. Safe Storage

It is one of the unusual usages which will be your absolute favourite! This trick doesn’t require the fragrance of deodorant itself. It is essential to keep your belongings safe when you are travelling. You must have used various tricks for hiding your money somewhere other than your purse or wallet.

By taking out all the parts of the deodorant container, you will have a secret wallet at your disposal! You can put anything you wish inside. There’s likely a less chance of a deodorant being stolen. Women have higher chances of using this trick. Even men can make use of this trick.

Due to its composition, a deodorant has many bodily uses. A deodorant mostly includes anti-bacterial ingredients, Cyclomethicone, aluminium compounds, and antiperspirant. A substance is formed by these ingredients and it is thick enough for masking odours of smell. However, it is not thick enough for stopping the sweat. A layer is created with the help of this combination which can prevent chafing and blisters.

You can expect many more unusual uses of deodorants in the upcoming times.

The Working of a Deodorant

The truth is, sweat doesn’t have any smell. When bacteria on the skin mixes with the sweat, an odour is released. Bacteria and sweat are held by the thousands of hairs on pubic regions. The bacteria on your skin are killed by the deodorants. The amount of sweat is reduced by the deodorants as they also work as an antiperspirant. In the 1940s, the modern antiperspirant was invented.

For reducing the amount of sweat, antiperspirants contain an active ingredient which is mostly an aluminium compound. The electrolytes in the sweat react with the active ingredients in order to create a thick gel. The top of the sweat glands are effectively blocked by the gel and the sweat pores are contracted.

Top 10 Best Deodorants for Men in India 2020

1. Park Avenue Signature Deo, Voyage

Park-Avenue-Signature-Deo-VoyageThe Park Avenue Signature Deo (Voyage) is for those masculines who have the guts to explore life. The invigorating and strong notes of amber intertwined with Mandarin will make you smell damn good! A hint of musky and woody notes will evoke the inner explorer in you. The fragrance is quite irresistible.

This deodorant also has antibacterial properties. A long-lasting fragrance is assured by this deodorant. The freshness lock technology offers 8 hours of freshness. Keep your body odour away with the help of this deodorant.


2. KS (KamaSutra) Deo for Men, Spark

KS-KamaSutra-Deo-for-Men-SparkThe KamaSutra Deo for Men (Spark) evokes burning passion with its sizzling chemistry. It sets the pulses alight and hearts on fire. With the help of this deodorant, get ready to blaze a trail where women follow. The sizzling and spicy fragrance of this deodorant will maintain your activeness throughout the day.


3. Nivea Fresh Active Original 48 Hours Deodorant

Nivea-Fresh-Active-Original-48-Hours-DeodorantIf you wish to feel fresh all day long, then you must definitely use Nivea Fresh Active Original 48 Hours Deodorant. Long-lasting freshness is quite necessary during a long day. This deodorant helps to maintain the suave men’s poise, confidence, and freshness throughout the day. The special formula of this deodorant contains Ocean Extracts.

Along with appealing to the senses, this deodorant keeps your body odour away even while you perform rigorous tasks. It has the ideal combination of Nivea Men Care Complex and reliable deodorant protection as well as a fresh masculine fragrance. Nivea is aware that great things begin with you. This deodorant is dermatologically proven to be skin-tolerant, so end your worries about skin irritations.

It provides protection against body odour throughout the day and cares for your underarm skin too. With this deodorant, enjoy your long day with supreme zeal and confidence without worrying about your body odour.


4. AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant

AXE-Dark-Temptation-DeodorantAxe has immense pride for being the creator of unique and irresistible fragrances. The fragrances by Axe keep you clean, confident, fresh and charming along with providing fantastic smell. A long-lasting protection is offered by the Axe range of deodorants.

Go from one party to another without being tiresome with Axe. Be yourself, the man who is confident enough to pursue his dreams and take the world by storm with Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant.

This deodorant provides a temptation which is irresistible due to its the mischievous interplay of seductive, long lasting fragrance. It is a crafted for a refreshing beat in the iconic style of Axe.

Leaning towards seductive bliss, its unique intense fragrance of dark chocolate helps the metrosexual man in kick-starting his day in the ultimate style. The bottle is travel-friendly as it is extremely lightweight. You can also gift it to your loved ones.

This deodorant is not only mesmerizing but is also safe on skin and suitable for regular use. Prepare yourself to charm the world with your hipster sexiness and the power of this deodorant. Don’t wait long to gift yourself the dazzling scent of dark chocolate.


5. Nivea Men Fresh Protect Body Deodorizer Ice Cool

Nivea-Men-Fresh-Protect-Body-Deodorizer-Ice-CoolThe Nivea Men Fresh Protect Body Deodorizer (Ice Cool) is India’s 1st Body Deodorizer. Compared to an ordinary deodorant, a deodorizer is more beneficial. This deodorizer offers odour control throughout the day in just 1 use, unlike ordinary deodorants. There is no need to reapply this deodorizer again and again.

For preventing odour formation, this deodorizer has a unique deodorizing formula which is skin-friendly. This deodorizer doesn’t irritate the skin. An instant cooling sensation is provided when this deodorizer is applied. You will feel refreshed due to the powerful icy cool scent of this deodorizer.


6. Park Avenue Good Morning Body Deodorant for Men

Park-Avenue-Good-Morning-Body-Deodorant-for-MenThe gourmand accords of the Park Avenue Good Morning Body Deodorant will kick-start your day with enthusiasm. This deodorant is one of the highest selling body fragrances in India. Belonging to the Oriental family, this fragrance will keep you fresh throughout the day. Just use a few sprays of this deodorant after your bath for keeping away body odour.

Each day will start on a fresh note with the Park Avenue Good Morning Body Deodorant. The fragrance is quite irresistible. This deodorant also has antibacterial properties. A long-lasting fragrance is assured by this deodorant. The freshness lock technology offers 8 hours of freshness.


7. Nike Up Or Down Men Deo

Nike-Up-Or-Down-Men-DeoThe stylish design of silver and golden wording on the back of the Nike Up Or Down Men Deo makes it an attractive container. The impressive contents of this amazing product will unleash through a simple spray. The contemporary fragrance of this deodorant is effective against sweat and body odours. The urban men should make the most use of it due to the changing weather. It has a long lasting fragrance and it can be used at any time of the day.


8. Wild Stone Copper Deodorant

Wild-Stone-Copper-DeodorantWild Stone is popular for its male grooming-personal care products. It is best known for its range of perfume/deodorants. It has a huge customer base and stands among the top 3 men’s talc brands in India. Brand Equity has recognized Wild Stone to be amongst top 10 most exciting Personal Care Brands and amongst India’s 100 most exciting brands.

The Brand Trust Report 2014 recognized Wild Stone as the most trusted fragrance brand in India. The woody hints of armoise with citrusy notes of pineapple and lemon make Wild Stone Copper Deodorant the best deodorant with playful fragrance.


9. Ustraa Cologne Spray Base Camp for Men

Ustraa-Cologne-Spray-Base-Camp-for-MenThe Ustraa Cologne Spray Base Camp is not a deodorant, it’s a cologne! It has no gas. Compared to a deodorant, the Ustraa Cologne Spray Base Camp comes with 3 times more perfume. With this cologne spray, experience the magic of the cool mountain air. You can use this mesmerizing fragrance for your daily routine as well as for special occasions. It is suitable for every skin type. With the Ustraa Cologne Spray Base Camp, carry the fragrance of the mountains along with you everywhere.


10. Brut Original Deodorant Spray for Men

Brut-Original-Deodorant-Spray-for-MenThe Brut Original Deodorant Spray provides long lasting protection. Its 7 unique variants offer distinctive fragrance which gives you the confidence you require throughout the day. For the classic BRUT proper man, this deodorant gives classic and unmistakable fragrance. Level up your masculinity with the distinctive fragrance of Paris.



These are the top 10 best deodorants for men, use any of them in order to smell good and stay fresh throughout the day.

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