Best Green Tea for Weight Loss in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea2. Tetley Green Tea with Ginger & Mint3. Girnar Green Tea, Desi Kahwa





In today’s world of fast-paced development and travel, there are a few things which seem to have gone missing. For example, we don’t care much for peace and calm any more. Everything is just so rushed and fast. And similar is the case with our food. We have started surviving primarily on junk food which we can eat on the go. Although quite a lot of us are now waking up to the harmful effects of eating junk food, a good majority of the population still don’t realise, or maybe just don’t have the patience to eat healthily. However, that doesn’t make it any less important. If we want to lead healthy, peaceful and happy lives, then the first step towards that begins by eating healthy.

However, since that is not always an option, we can compensate by actually taking up some other natural health supplements with our food that might satisfy our otherwise lack of actual nutrition. One such supplement is green tea. In fact, if you are suffering from obesity and are looking for a change in lifestyle, the best green tea for weight loss is something you need to take a look at. It is among the top in the list of personal care products being consumed in India.


Green tea happens to be the best meal supplement you can have to gain a perfect body and a healthy mind. It has various and numerous health benefits, and it can really bring in the nutrients when you are suffering from a lack of them. While ordinary tea might give you that refreshing jolt you need every morning to wake yourself up from slumber, green tea will not just do that but also make you healthy and wise for the day ahead. While ordinary tea uses sugar and milk, green tea doesn’t need any of these products and is, therefore, a considerably healthier option.

For those of you who are currently recovering from some serious disease and would like to gain your strength back as soon as you can, green tea might just be the best option. It doesn’t matter whether you are strong or weak, ailing or healthy, green tea has benefits in store for everyone.

Now in order to better reinforce how great a product this can be for you, we have prepared a little guide which will take you through the process of buying a green tea. It’s true that green tea is healthy but what is also true is that there are a lot of options for the product available in the market. For a first time buyer, that can be pretty confusing. You wouldn’t know which brand to choose, or whether the product you have chosen is actually the best in what it does or not.

There can be several questions and no answers at all. Well, in order to change all that for the better and provide as many answers as we can, we have given below a list of factors you need to consider or look out for while you are buying green tea. Now the important thing for you to remember is that as long as you are aware of the following and choose to incorporate these characteristics in your chosen product, you should be fine. However, if you are still feeling confused, then let it be known that we will also be listing forth ten of the best green tea for weight loss available in the market right now so that you can easily narrow down your search and make an effective and informed decision utilising all the information we give out.

Best Green Tea For Weight Loss: What to Look For?

1. Fat Burning

The most striking and popular effect of green tea consumption is that it leads to considerable weight loss. While that is a great thing for many customers, people who are underweight or may already be struggling to gain some body weight may want to stay wary. The complex mechanisms in green tea enable to function as a fat burner with the help of catechins and caffeine. The use of caffeine is another strong aspect you need to look into. If you are caffeine resistant, you may not see the effects which are as pronounced as the ones experienced by caffeine affected users.

2. Exercise Caution

While green tea is a very healthy beverage, and there is no denying that there could be some small groups of people who could potentially not be able to tolerate its effects. Some people, for example, might experience stuff like sudden heart palpitations, anxiety, and other general uneasiness after consuming green tea. This doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you or your tea. It simply means that you are not as suited for green tea as the others are. If you do plan to continue consuming green tea, you must consult your doctor about these symptoms before moving ahead.

3. Periodicity

As it is with any other health supplement, it is easy to go overboard with green tea. You might think that you’re only drinking healthy and doing good to your body, and in the process end up drinking way more green tea than you should. That is, by no means advisable. Excess consumption of tea could also lead to symptoms like nausea and other kinds of discomfort. Before you start drinking, it is best that you check the dosage on the pack if available or else use your own informed discretion. The important part is to not go overboard and you should be fine.

Top 10 Best Green Tea for Weight Loss in India 2020

1. Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea Bags

Lipton-Honey-Lemon-Green-Tea-BagsThere are some brands which are very deeply associated with the products they endorse. Lipton is easily one of such brands. Whenever you think of green tea, Lipton instinctively comes to mind. With some very careful planning and market strategies over the years, they have built a considerable reputation for themselves, one that lets them call themselves definite market leaders. The Honey Lemon variety for Lipton green tea comes with literally zero calories.

The only thing it requires from you is that you have it without any milk or sugar, and in return, it would give you all the goodness of tea and more, but no calories whatsoever. If you are the kind of person who is usually very busy and often fails to take into account the fact that they need to drink enough water to keep themselves healthy and fit, then this is the product for you. Being 99% water, this product lets you compensate for the lack of fluid intake in your diet in a big way. Also, in case you are someone who is deeply worried about their skin and constantly think about what is going to happen next, then you definitely need to try this.

The Lipton green tea range of products are really great for bringing out the best in your skin. It makes the skin glow and keeps it free from all kinds of undesirable pimples and other similar conditions. But the benefits of green tea are not just limited to the skin, but in fact, it also works wonders for your heart and helps you live the healthiest of lifestyles. Perhaps the most striking feature of green tea is that it has been shown to be effective against cardiovascular diseases and acts as your body’s protection barrier against them. However, if all you are worried about is whether or not it’s going to taste as well as it is in boosting your health, then put your worries to rest coz the Lipton brand of green teas come with great taste and rich flavour. With the most soothing aroma, it is a drink which will make you forget all of your worries and relax your senses.


2. Tetley Green Tea, Ginger, Mint and Lemon

Tetley-Green-Tea-Ginger-Mint-and-LemonIf you are looking for flavour along with a blend that boosts your health such that you never have to suffer from minor ailments again, you have come to the right place. Tetley is another brand that is massively popular and has been hugely successful with the customers. It has always been able to uphold the standards of quality that they initially set out with, and the best part is that they tend to really take into account what the customer wants and then give it to them. But the most strong aspect of their blends is the flavoursome side of them, owing to the brilliant mix of elements like lemon, mint and ginger, all of which are pretty much great for health. But when combined together, these elements prepare a blend that can easily combat a good number of ailments of the body.

Ginger, as you all must already know, is hugely beneficial when it comes to relaxing your muscles and easing muscle pain. At the same time, it helps in assimilation and digestion. Mint, on the other hand, acts as a purifier of the blood while the lemon being a great source of Vitamin C helps in boosting your immune system so that you remain naturally protected from diseases. The instructions to cook Tetley green tea include bringing some fresh water to a boil, preferably at somewhere around 85 degrees and then pouring it into a cup. Afterwards, you simply dip the tea bag in it and let it sit for about two minutes until all of the flavours seeps in. Since this is most effective without milk, we suggest you avoid that and add sugar or honey as per whatever level of sweetness you desire.


3. Girnar Green Tea, Desi Kahwa

Girnar-Green-Tea-Desi-KahwaAlthough not as popular as the other brands on the list, Girnar is a great brand that focuses on health benefits and boosting immunity. Its all natural ingredients contribute to a better lifestyle for the consumer and the rich flavour is something that you are going to love. These are basically detoxing green tea bags which come packed with all of the essential herbs and spices. The primary ingredients include clove, green tea, black pepper, tulsi, asafoetida, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, rock salt, citric acid and ginger. If you’re suffering from a bloated stomach, then we strongly suggest you go for the Girnar green tea since it helps to relax the body and aids digestion to combat such conditions. Also, it is also a natural remedy against the seasonal cold and cough that proves to be quite a problem for your productivity.


4. Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo-Green-TeaBeing completely vegetarian and dairy free, you don’t have to worry about anything when you consume green tea. Whether you are a vegan or lactose intolerant, all of these conditions mean nothing to green tea simply because it is water mixed with all of the natural goodness that there is. The unique blends that different brands create ultimately all differ in some minor aspects such as which are the key factors or areas of the body they want to focus on.

For example, while some brands focus on a better immune system, some try and cure you of the impurities in your blood while some are deeply focused on giving you a healthy glow for your skin. Typhoo’s green tea range of products, in a similar fashion, is packed quite richly with antioxidants. These antioxidants help not just to purify your bloodstream but also can seriously boost your immune system to give you a natural cover against most diseases. The blend is completely free from sugar and also shuns the use of preservatives that could potentially harm your body along with artificial flavours which could also have some adverse effects.


5. Heapwell Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Heapwell-Japanese-Matcha-Green-Tea-PowderHave you ever been to Japan? If you haven’t, then don’t worry about Heapwell brand of teas has basically brought in the essence of Japan for you to experience. Their matcha flavoured teas will give you an unmatched dose of freshness and an energy dose that will easily get you through the day. Matcha is one of the most distinct flavours of Japan and to experience and taste it right from here is something that many of us would love to do, and that is where Heapwell comes into the picture. Their matcha has been carefully chosen and handpicked right from the summer crop of mountains in Kagoshima and Kyoto. Afterwards, they are stone ground perfectly to preserve their distinct aroma and freshness.

The reason why they use matcha in their tea is that it has been proven to be a very rich source of antioxidants along with essential nutrients like amino acids. If you are recovering from a disease or an addiction then Heapwell teas will prove to be perfect for you since their matcha infused products are made for detoxifying the body and making it as healthy as it was before. It’s cleansing properties are almost magical and the best part is the versatility that matcha comes with. Apart from brewing teas with it, you can even use it to bake cakes, desserts or blend shakes.


6. Twinings Green Tea and Lemon

Twinings-Green-Tea-and-LemonSome brands, although not as popular as some of the bigger brands out in the markets, are just as effective and prove to be really resourceful upon use. Twinings is one such brand which prides itself upon its ability to market great products and having a small but significant and loyal consumer base. Their products have always been well received by their customers and the best part is that they tend not to get commercialized but always stay true to their promises and perform exceedingly well on the parameters they had set for themselves. For example, their range of products has been proven to be effective against common ailments and problems with the skin. Also, they are free from all artificial flavours and any kinds of harmful preservatives.

Their green tea is light as well as delicate and comes with lemon bags for that extra dose of flavour. If you are someone who isn’t just satisfied with the health benefits and are also looking for taste, then the lemon bags which come with Twinings green tea will surely delight you. With a natural, gentle and pure essence, you just can’t go wrong with this one. Finally, apart from all of the benefits described previously, it also comes with a huge batch of antioxidants infused in it so that your immune system always remains properly supplemented and acts just the way it should in preventing diseases for your body.


7. The Indian Chai – Slimming Healthy Green Tea

The-Indian-Chai-Slimming-Healthy-Green-TeaNow although almost the entire world drinks tea, no other country in the world drinks it quite like India. Here, tea drinking is almost like a ritual which is religiously followed by more than half of the Indian households at least twice a day. Tea forms a big part of all of our lives and it’s all because of the fact that it manages to bring with it some unique properties and ingredients that you don’t get elsewhere. While different cultures make tea in their own different ways, a lot of the world is now waking up to the phenomenon that is the Indian chai. This green tea brings in all of the flavours of the Indian chai and manages to stuff it into one healthy green tea bag.

The many benefits of this comprehensive product include a slimmer waistline in addition to reduced blood pressure, a healthier immune system, a much better nervous system, detoxification and reduced cellulite. Fat is not just burned off quickly to reduce bloating but is also prevented from accumulating together again meaning it would be much harder for you to gain weight once you start drinking this. With the perfect blend of medicinal and therapeutic herbs and spices, you get the best possible quality of antioxidants and healthy nutrients infused into your body which helps you regulate your weight and keep fat in check.

With enzymes that break down saturated fat, it is especially effective in getting rid of the excess and stubborn fat that just wouldn’t go away. It is also very delicious in taste and has been exclusively crafted to guarantee good flavour and a rich aroma. Finally, it is a NABL certified product which testifies it’s abilities to break down complex fats and also make you feel energetic and enthusiastic all throughout the day.


8. Teamonk Darjeeling Organic Green Tea for Weight Loss

Teamonk-Darjeeling-Organic-Green-Tea-for-Weight-LossWhen it comes to premium grade green tea, you just can’t miss Teamonk. Made from all natural ingredients that are as great for your skin as much as they are for your internal health, this green tea comes packed with antioxidants and healthy supplements that will boost your immune system and let you combat diseases better than ever before. It is a detox tea which specialises in helping you lose weight in addition to carrying out cleansing action all throughout your body, purifying the blood and boosting your metabolism so that you do not just feel better but also remain energetic all throughout the day.

The best part about this product is how pure it is and that there are absolutely no oils, aromas, flavours, essences or any other artificial ingredients added. The smooth and rich texture of the tea makes it totally worth having and is perfectly suitable for those with a luxurious palette and with an evolved taste. The caffeine level is very low while it is certified by not one but actually many different agencies such as USDA Organic, UTZ, Demeter, Fairtrade & Rainforest Alliance. This no additives product comes straight from the laps of the Himalayas and brings with itself all of the goodness of the world famous Darjeeling teas.


9. First Bud Organics Tulsi Green Tea -100 Gram – Green Tea Leaves with Rama Tulsi and Shyama Tulsi

First-Bud-Organics-Tulsi-Green-Tea-100-Gram-Green-Tea-Leaves-with-Rama-Tulsi-and-Shyama-TulsiTulsi, or basil as it is more popularly known around the world, is a very powerful herb that has some considerable medicinal properties. It can heal or at least have a positive impact on a great number of ailments and is particularly famous for its effects on the common cold or a cough. And now First Bud Organics has harnessed these very properties to come up with a blend that is both energising and healing to the max, and have put it into their green tea which makes it even more healthy than it already was.

It is rich in antioxidants as it is a common property of the basil and it makes use of only the freshest and all natural leaves to prepare the extract. Being all natural, it is obviously free from all kinds of chemicals which could potentially imbalance your body’s nutrition levels. It is grown right in the lap of the Himalayan range so that you know that when you’re consuming the product, you are basically letting yourself become one with nature. The common green tea leaf is first blended and mixed well with the Rama Tulsi and Shyama Tulsi leaves to create a powerful medicine blend. Boosting immunity, supplying the body with antioxidants, stress reduction, metabolism improvement, fighting toxins and resisting infections are some of the many varied functions of this product.


10. Eco Valley Organic Green Tea, Tulsi

Eco-Valley-Organic-Green-Tea-TulsiWhen it comes to green tea or any other tea for that matter, you instantly imagine lush green fields full of tea plantations and freshly brewed cups of tea extracted from those very leaves boiled to perfection. And that is exactly where the Eco Valley Organic Green Tea comes from. It’s all in the name. It comes right from the valleys, it is all organic and it is one best varieties of green tea you could ever have. It is a variety of high grown orthodox green tea and the blend is a unique combination of Tulsi and citrus. The taste is unusual yet pleasing while it is also an excellent source of vitamins and essential nutrients.


Burn Some Fat with the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss!

Tea is basically what India runs on. And green tea is simply the healthier version of the same goodness that we have all come to love and enjoy. And plus, when so many benefits come packed in a single small sachet, why wouldn’t you make full use of it. But if there are ever any lingering doubts in your mind as to which brand to place your trust on, simply consult this guide and you should be good.

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