Best Pre Workout Supplements in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Grizzly Nutrition Pre-Workout2. Optimum Nutrition Pre-Workout3. MuscleBlaze Torque Pre-Workout





Fitness buffs usually have it pretty rough. For starters, there is always this strict diet plan that you have to stick to. Too much of a good thing and you will instantly lose that amazing physique you might have worked so hard to achieve. To complicate matters further, there is the long line up of strenuous and back-breaking work out regimens that you need to go through every single day, in addition to finding and sticking to the best pre-workout supplement.

Combine all of that, and you get a pretty tiring routine that takes a lot out of a person, and apart from a few cheat days here and there, there is not much respite too. And yet, people stick to this routine no matter how difficult it gets and even more aspire to reach the level of discipline that will allow them to adapt it into their lives. And all of this, just so that you could have that perfect balance of fat and muscle, to stay fit and healthy and to cleanse your body of all toxins.


Truly, perhaps the end result is worth fighting for and sticking to the routine. And yet, there are some more unprecedented problems that all you fitness freaks might not have considered. For starters, any average gym going person who knows what they are doing will tell you that in order to truly achieve your best form and gain perfection in your fitness regime, sometimes you need to rely on supplements, and more specifically, the best pre work out supplements.

The way the best pre-workpout supplements in India work is pretty simple. They prepare you in the best possible manner for the exercises you are about to go through. They give you a huge boost of energy so that you remain active throughout the workout. They give you the power to lift heavier weights and push your body to the limits. It is quite well known that a person using pre-workout supplements will generally perform much better during the actual workout than one who hasn’t taken any of them.

However, all of this is not to say that these supplements will one day become a substitute for hard work and dedication. That isn’t and will never be true. If you want a fit body, you will have to sweat it out in the gym; there is simply no other alternative. There is, however, the matter of simplifying things a bit, and that is exactly where these supplements come in. They can help you get the job done in a better way, and in a way that gets you much better results, but they simply cannot do the job themselves.

Now to get back to the unprecedented problem we mentioned earlier, a lot of the customers fail to choose and decide on a workout supplement that suits them best and promises to get the best out of their personal and very specific workout regimen. While it is true that there are a lot of specimens out there in the market which will work well for all kinds of customers, but there are also those which may or may not suit you. The problem, in fact, lies in the very abundance of such supplements in the market right now. There are so many of them, with all the different brands and all the different types, that it gets pretty confusing for an average customer to make an informed decision.

As a result, people often end up taking home the wrong kind of supplement, which has an adverse effect on not just their workouts but their bodies too. It defeats the very purpose of gymming or exercising. Thus, to not let yourself get shammed in this way, and to utilize the potential of pre-workout supplements without causing any harm to you or your body, you need to seek some guidance on what is it that you need to look for, and what are the options you have. In this article, we aim to do just that.

We seek to provide you with a handy list of ten alternatives that you can choose from when you decide to buy a supplement for yourself. All of these products have been chosen with utmost care and by keeping in mind the very specific needs of every customer. You will find that no matter which of these you choose, you will end up getting a great deal for yourself. But first, before we go into the list of products, it is important to know what goes into selecting the best pre workout supplement in India. What are the things you need to look for? Let’s try answering all of these questions first.

What Makes a Great Pre Workout Supplement?

Supplements exist solely to improve your performance during a workout, and they do that by energizing your body before the workout begins. In order to give you that initial boost of energy, your heart rate needs to go upwards while your blood needs to pump faster than normal, and these conditions are achieved through the use of certain ingredients such as caffeine. Apart from that, the other constituents of a supplement could be those chemicals which work towards building your strength, speed, power and muscular endurance.

Now the question of whether these pre workout supplements are effective or not, and whether they work as promised, is a bit tricky. It all depends on the ingredients of the supplement. For this very reason, you must make it a point to check the label on the box of a product before buying it, just to make sure that it does indeed contain what you are looking for. But you also need to maintain a certain level of caution, since a lot of the manufacturing companies out there have started relying on proprietary blends that do nothing but scam the customer into believing that their product is a good one.

Now while at first glance such products may look great simply because they contain a wide range of ingredients, the fact is that most of them are pretty useless for your body when you look at it from a scientific point of view. Alternatively, even if the essential ingredients are present, it is possible that they are simply not in the right quantities, something which most of us naturally fail to check. And upon the ingestion of such a product, although you may end up feeling a little bit amped up, the result would be nothing that can’t be achieved by a good strong cup of coffee.

On the other hand, a supplement that has been prepared carefully and proportionately, with the mixing of all the right ingredients and in the right quantities, does have the capability of improving the quality and efficiency of your workout to a certain degree.

In order to easily identify which supplements are good for you and which are not, the easiest and the first step is to always check the label and look for the words ‘proprietary blend’. If you find them anywhere in the ingredients section, you know that the product is not right for you. Proprietary blends are always used by the manufacturer simply to fool the customer into believing that the product contains a good mix of ingredients, while the truth is quite different.

Now apart from the above, there is a standard list of effective and non-effective ingredients for a supplement that you must know, and whenever you step out to buy one for yourself, all you need to do is simply check the label and if you happen to find a good number of the effective ones present, you will know the product does as advertised. Let us start with the effective ones first. The most important and primary ones are caffeine, creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, vitamin D and magnesium. Additionally, peak ATP and beetroot also work great in a pre-workout supplement.

Now to talk of the ones that do not work so great in a supplement, you have the standard glutamine, branched chain amino acids, arginine, agmatine sulfate and D aspartic acid. Please note that the above ingredients won’t necessarily set you back or cause any hard to your body. However, they do not serve any useful purpose either.

Now we need to talk of the more serious and potentially harmful group of ingredients. The way these differ from the ones mentioned above is that not only do they not serve a useful purpose in your body, but can also, in fact, serve to lead your body towards hard an dangerous diseases. Chief of such ingredients is DMAA, which has been proven to increase your blood pressure up to a point where it gives rise to serious and severe cardiovascular problems such as tightening experienced in the chest area, difficulty in catching your breath and even heart attack. Please note that DMAA becomes even more fatal when consumed in conjunction with caffeine, which just so happens to be one of the primary ingredients of these supplements.

Next, another ingredient which all of you customers need to be extremely wary of is synephrine. While this common ingredient which is sometimes also called bitter orange is not exactly illegal for use for athletes, it does raise some serious health concerns. For example, ingesting it can easily lead to a resting heart rate or even heightened blood pressure.

Now we get to the one part of this article that carries the most importance, and which will also perhaps prove to be most useful to you and your workout routine. If you feel the need for a workout supplement, we suggest and highly recommend that you choose one from the following, and you should be pretty safe in terms of health concerns, and even get the best deal in terms of the money you spend. Finally, you can be sure that the following products will get the job done as advertised, that is, give your workouts a boost of a kind that you may not have experienced before.

Top 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements in India 2020

1. Grizzly Nutrition True Instincts – Pre Workout – 350gram/70 Servings

Grizzly-Nutrition-Pre-WorkoutThis pre-workout supplement contains the standard caffeine and beta alanine ingredients among its many healthy constituents. Additionally, it contains leucine, which although doesn’t easily dissolve in water, does contain essential nutrients necessary for that pre-workout boost. This product has all positives which makes it one among the best pre workout supplements in India.

The product works great in providing an overall development and boost to your body, by chemicals that directly and positively affect your focus, endurance, intensity and energy. It is also known to have a positive impact on your metabolic or fat burning rate in addition to aiding in protein synthesis. Finally, it assists hugely in muscle gain by helping you pump up your muscles.


2. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Amino Pre-Workout Energy Drink 

Optimum-Nutrition-ON-Pre-Workout-SupplemenTNow workouts and supplements get tastier because the Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Drink is available in a number of different flavours all of which are sure to tantalize your taste buds in addition to providing that much-needed jolt of energy before a workout. The flavours include cotton candy, green apple, watermelon, orange cooler, fruit fusion, strawberry lime and many more. Completely vegetarian, this product is safe to ingest for customers who prefer not eating meat. It contains a total of 5 grams of micronized free form amino acids blend which aids towards faster absorption and effect.

There is also a 100 mg of caffeine present which has been derived completely from natural sources. Additionally, if you are someone who is routinely conscious about their weight and their calorie intake, then you don’t have to worry at all since the product contains only a meagre ten calories per serving in addition to zero sugar. Among the many fantastic effects of this supplement, two of the most important ones are that it gives anti-catabolic support in addition to intra workout hydration.

Also, if you tend to feel tired or exhausted during or after your workout, then this product is a must for you since it facilitates recovery during and even after the exercise. You can take the supplement any time before you start your exercise or even about a quarter of an hour after you are done with weight training.


3. MuscleBlaze Torque Pre-Workout – 500 gms, 23 Servings

MuscleBlaze-Torque-Pre-WorkoutAmong the many constituents of this supplement, the ones worth mentioning here are creatine, beta alanine and betaine, all of which have been mixed in perfectly optimum quantities to bring about significant returns in terms of heightened endurance and strength. Also, you get enhanced muscle strength to power through your workouts and heightened stamina which does not let you tire easily. Other ingredients include tyrosine mixed with caffeine which works to build your focus and alertness, basically pushing you to achieve more.

Additionally, citrulline malate and l-arginine help by aiding the swelling of your muscles which facilitates muscle growth and blood flow. All of this then results in monster pumps that are felt after the workout. Also, if you happen to buy a supplement with a proprietary blend, you are effectively being kept in the dark about what goes into your body, but with MuscleBlaze, there is complete transparency, that is, you will know exactly what goes into making the supplement and all of its ingredients.


4. Grizzly Nutrition Pure BCAA Botanically Vegan Ferma Extracted Lime Mojito

Grizzly-Nutrition-Pure-BCAA-pre-workoutIf there is one aspect of this great supplement that you may not like, it is that it tastes somewhat bitter. This is because BCAAs are naturally bitter, and although that can be improved or concealed by using artificial flavours or ingredients, Grizzly Nutrition doesn’t believe in such additives and thus doesn’t use them. There is, however, the fact that you can be sure that you are giving your body the purest form of nutrition without any form of adulteration.

It is also much healthier and more effective than a lot of other supplements which tend to use artificial flavours. As a side note, it is recommended that you use a shaker to properly mix the BCAA with the water since it tends to remain undissolved otherwise due to being hydrophobic. Additionally, Grizzly Nutrition doesn’t contain any preservatives too, which is why it is recommended that you consume the product at the earliest once the seal has been cracked open. Again, this has been done to preserve the nutritional integrity of the product.


5. Scivation Xtend BCAA 30 Servings

Scivation-Xtend-BCAA-before-workoutAvailable in a variety of flavours, you will no longer dread having to drink supplements before your workout since they are now tastier than ever. The flavours they have on offer are watermelon, grape, strawberry mango, tangerine, pineapple, pink lemonade and many more.

The primary ingredient of this supplement is glutamine, whose primary function is to facilitate muscle intracellular branched chain amino acids metabolism. It also works great as an intra workout catalyst. Finally, there is a 2:1:1 ratio of branched chain amino acids, which has also been validated by research and testing.


6. MusclePharm Glutamine Mineral Supplement

MusclePharm-Glutamine-Mineral-SupplementIt doesn’t matter if you are using other supplements as well. MusclePharm has been proven to be safe for use with other products, and in fact, in some cases, the combination can prove to be quite fruitful. The product works especially great when used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise routine. The reason why MusclePharm works as well as it does is because it contains a unique and carefully crafted blend of not one or two but three different types of glutamine, which are alanyl-l-glutamine, l-glutamine and glutamine peptides.

The primary areas impacted by this supplement are muscle growth, digestion and recovery time. Additionally, it also works wonders for growth hormone facilitation and paves the way for a healthy and fit digestive system. Finally, in order to stop yourself from tiring easily, you must take this supplement in the prescribed doses since it heightens endurance and promotes re-hydration.


7. GAT Nitraflex Pre-Workout Supplement 

GAT-Nitraflex-Pre-workoutIf you are looking for a fit body, and especially, a lean muscle physique which lets you showoff your perfectly toned abs and triceps, then we suggest you go for GAT Nitraflex. Combined with a carefully prepared workout routine and a nice but balanced diet plan, this supplement will work wonders for you and your body.

Among the many fantastic and beneficial components that make up this product, the chief are the CFB which have been clinically tested and verified, in addition to certain vasoactive compounds to aid your muscle growth and overall fitness. Finally, you will also be consuming testosterone enhancing powder and hyperaemia as a part of this supplement, both of which will aid you and provide you with the essential jolt of energy before a workout.


8. MuscleBlaze Pre-Workout Ripped

MuscleBlaze-Pre-Workout-RippedAnother great product from MuscleBlaze, this supplement has been known to specialize in an extremely powerful and intuitive blend of fat loss supplements along with pre-workout vitamins. While the fat loss supplements help you shed weight quickly and burn fat while doing intense workouts, the pre-workout vitamins will essentially help you master a perfect workout by giving the much-needed jolt of energy. Among the many components it has, the chief are L-Citrulline DL-Malate and L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate.

All of these chemicals have the sole purpose to facilitate vasodilation and to help in the transfer of an increased number of nutrients to affected or distressed muscle areas so that you may not feel tired easily or experience muscle cramps. Additionally, the product contains a 1000 mg of Tyrosine along with 200 mg of caffeine which again helps you with endurance during the workout and improves mental focus and alertness. Finally, these workouts and supplements which used to be bitter will now soon become something to look forward to since MuscleBlaze comes in a new and refreshing raspberry lemonade flavour.


9. Naturyz Surge 4x Advanced Pre-Workout Supplement with 16 Ingredients for Pump, Energy & Power

Naturyz-Surge-4x-Advanced-Pre-WorkoutThe great part of this Pre-workout supplement is that it instantly triggers a muscle pump, maximizes focus and reduces fatigue. It contains 3.2 g of Beta Alanine to build your endurance while also containing 650 mg of Betaine which aids in physical performance and power. Additionally, 2 g of L-Citrulline facilitates muscle pumping while 1 g of L-Arginine helps pump your blood faster, thereby aiding your strength for a more strenuous workout session.

It does also contain a number of vitamins such as Vitamin B3, B6 and B12 which not just complement muscle growth but also heighten muscle mass. Finally, there is a dose of Vitamin C in there too to maintain testosterone levels at an appreciable high.


10. Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump

Kevin-Levrone-Shaaboom-PumpThe Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump pre-workout supplement works just as advertised. It works especially great to pump your muscles up for the big strenuous routine and gives you the required boost of energy along with a near-perfect immunity from easy fatigue or exhaustion. The primary components include Beta-Alanine along with Citrulline Malate. Additionally, it contains Arginine AKG and Agmatine Sulfate. Finally, there are small doses of caffeine to keep you alert and active during the workout along with a tested blend of creatine mix.



The above products have all been tested and confirmed to be instrumental in bringing about great returns when it comes to workouts and physical exercises. We recommend you not to indulge in the purchase of an unverified or questionable supplement product as that is simply akin to playing with your body. For best results, simply choose whichever one appeals to you the most out of the above-mentioned alternatives, and you should be fine.

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