Best Trimmers Under 1000 in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Philips BT1212 152. Kemei KM-20133. Nova NHT-1071





Everyone wants to look good. And we truly believe that everyone can, not only by using synthetic products, but naturally too. However, it does take a little bit of effort on our part, as well. After all, nothing in life comes that easy. Why do you think things like best trimmer under 1000 keep trending? It is because people have a natural urge to look their best. Now, a lot of people might think that this is centric only to women.

However, in this day and age, they couldn’t be more wrong. Looking good has nothing to do with being a woman. It is a basic human desire that is seen in both the genders. Women, however, usually tend to express it more. With men, the urge is usually more subtle, but it is there nonetheless. They want to look their best and shine through in every gathering they are a part of.


Now the thing to note about looking good when it comes to men is that it is not just all about the clothes and the accessories. Sure, a good pair of trousers and a nice crisp shirt could do the trick, but there are a variety of other factors involved too. For example, the facial hair of a man plays a really big part in how he presents himself in front of others.

Historically, men with negligible or no facial hair are seen as more of the gentleman kind, and the ones who are more civilized, while men with a bushy beard or even a light stubble are considered more of the gruff variety, and the ones who are engaged in some kind of rough labour.

However, times are now rapidly changing. No more is a stubble the sign of a gruff man. In fact, it is almost a competition among men to sport the best stubble now. The beard has become the ultimate styling tool for men and with the various styles and variations, the trend just keeps getting better.

Any woman out there will tell you that a man with a nice, well-kept beard can easily look as good and as attractive as a clean-shaven man. And with that kind of a mentality and thought process, we have also seen the rise of beard grooming products.

Chief among such personal care products is the trimmer. Along with the face wash and after-shave lotion, the trimmer has now become the number one grooming product used by men all over the world. From beards to hairlines, all of it can be neatly hedged by this miraculous product which greatly reduces the trips to a fancy salon for men.

And as a result, it also saves some big bucks. But with any product that becomes the talk of the town, comes the rapid rise of manufacturers who are incessantly eager to market it. And the case is no different with trimmers. With such huge success experienced by the product, we now have a multitude of brands which sell them, and almost all of them seem as good as the other.

And yet, there has got to be some differences of course. In this article, we plan to help you spot them. And when you do, you’ll be able to gain a much better insight into what really makes the best trimmer under 1000 out of all the options available in the market right now.

Now that you know what it is that you need to know, we think it best to simply go ahead and grab that knowledge.

Best Trimmers under 1000 for Men: What to Look For

Length Options

When you are shopping for trimmers, there is one fact you should take note of. Not all trimmers offer you the flexibility to actually modify or change the length of hair to be trimmed, but some do. With the help of a number of adjustments, each varying in size from the other, you are able to actually decide the length you want to cut it, and that in itself is a great feature present in most trimmers of today, although in varying capacity. You need to take note of the number of adjustments available, if any, along with the precision offered by the trimmer. All of these factors could potentially change your trimming experience if you are not careful

Dry or Wet?

Another option or alternative that you need to choose from when it comes to trimmers is whether or not you are interested in trimming right after you take a shower. The fact is that there are different trimmers available in the market for wet and dry trimming. The dry ones are more suitable for trimming before a shower, while the wet ones are better suited for after the shower trims.

No matter what you choose, it is always advisable to stick to your prescribed routine unless the trimmer should not output its maximum capacity. Having said that, there are trimmers available which can actually work in both conditions. Although they might be a tad bit more expensive than the others, they will let you be flexible with your trimming schedule.

Now trimmers are something that almost every other personal grooming company wants to invest in. Owing to the profitable nature of the product, they have been marketed by some major brands and companies. One of the most successful tech giants when it comes to electronic trimmers has always been Philips. Their products have always managed to become the talk of the town and the trimmers they market are delightfully feature-rich and easy to use.

With great durability and customer service, Philips is certainly the first choice for a majority of customers. If however, you are looking for more affordable and yet equally competitive brands, then we suggest you look at Nova or Maxel. Both of these brands, although new, have managed to come up with some pretty effective products. Not only are their products less expensive, but in some cases, are also much more user-friendly than their counterparts from the bigger brands.

Top 10 Best Trimmers under 1000 in India 2020

1. Philips BT1212/15 Beard Trimmer (Green)

Philips-BT1212-15-Beard-Trimmer-GreenPhilips has always been quite a pioneer in electronic products. They have always managed to come up with devices that have impressed the general public and have been used for a long period of time by the masses. Over time, they have also managed to gain a substantial stronghold in the trimmer business.

The BT1212 comes with a USB cable which can be used to charge your device at any given time. No more do you have to look for power sockets or plug points for charging your trimmer. Simply plug it into the USB port of the computer or laptop you happen to be using, and you are all set.

The trimmer promises fast charging and will also last for a long time when charged completely. If you do not want to switch on a computer or a laptop when charging the trimmer, then you have the option to invest in an adaptor for USB which you can then use anytime you want.

With the amazing DuraPower technology included, this product promises four times the durability. If that is not enough, it is also backed by a solid two years worth of warranty. Only by charging the trimmer for a mere 8 hours, you get as much as thirty minutes of cordless usage.

Additionally, now you never have to worry about cuts or scratches on your skin as with the smooth rounded tips that this one has, your face would be completely protected from all kinds of damages.

The skin friendly nature of the product promises smooth trimming. The blades are made out of stainless steel and are designed to have long lasting sharpness. The only thing you must remember is to charge the trimmer for a good eight hours before the first use. All these features makes it the best trimmer under 1000 in the current market.


2. Kemei KM-2013 Rechargeable Beard and Moustache Hair Clipper and Trimmer for Men

Kemei-KM-2013-Rechargeable-Beard-and-Moustache-Hair-Clipper-and-Trimmer-for-MenThe Kenmei KM-2013 has been designed to be extremely comfortable on the skin and cut hair with utmost precision. It is one of the most popular products in the market right now and rightly so, since it carries features that most of the other brands in a similar price range do not.

It moves gently and cuts hair perfectly without any obstacles. The best part about the product and perhaps it’s biggest selling point is the extremely long lasting battery life and charge back up. Once fully charged, this product will run for a very long time without faltering.

The rechargeable battery works just as advertised. Additionally, you get a wonderful motor which is not just strong but also guarantees a lasting life. You need to charge the trimmer for a mere 8 hours to enjoy as much as forty minutes of cordless use.


3. Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men

Nova-NHT-1071-Titanium-Coated-USB-Trimmer-for-MenWhen it comes to affordable trimmers that also do not compromise with quality, Nova seems to be the frontrunner of the lot. This up and coming franchise has already established itself as a major player in the industry and is giving serious competition to some of the big guns.

The NHT-1071 comes with precision blades that are pretty slick in design. Due to the sharpness of the blades, it is advised that you do not apply too much pressure onto the skin while using the product.

To maximize your convenience and to make charging less of a hassle than it is supposed to be, this trimmer comes with a USB enabled charging slot with a USB cable. Simply connect the device to any of the USB ports in your laptop or desktop and experience fast charging like never before.

It is a battery operated product that charges with a USB. Additionally, with great products, you get great customization as well. Similar is the case with this one, which offers you different kinds of attachment variations to modify the length of hair you need to trim.

You get to use a trimming range right from 2 mm all the way to 18 mm. The head of the trimmer is detachable for easy cleaning as well, leading to greater convenience for the user. Although the product is not suitable for plug and plays use, you only need to charge it for eight hours before you can use it for as much as forty-five minutes uninterrupted. The blades are made of high-grade titanium and will never hurt your skin if used properly.


4. Panasonic ER-GB30A Men’s Battery Operated Trimmer

Panasonic-ER-GB30A-Mens-Battery-Operated-TrimmerPanasonic has always been extremely efficient in producing and manufacturing electronics. Their products have always managed to hit the right note with the audiences and have massive sales records. This latest product which is none other than the ER-GB30A Men’s Trimmer is quite possibly no exception.

It is great in functionality and looks great too. The blades have been designed using Japanese technology which has been proven and tested to have maximum efficiency.

It is a battery operated trimmer without charging capabilities. It can be used cordlessly and thus comes with no hassles of wires and the need of staying still while trimming. Since the batteries cannot be recharged, you need to buy new batteries every time you run out.

It is ideal for both wet and dry use and gives away a level of comfort that is not generally present in most other devices. The trimmer is also completely washable and thus, you wouldn’t have to worry much about getting it dirty. The length settings are pretty diverse in the sense that you can go from 0.5 mm all the way up to 18 mm in a series of 9 steps.

Additionally, if anything goes wrong or if the product happens to be in the need for minor repairs, you get to avail a warranty that lasts up to 24 months from the date of purchase.


5. Kemei KM-27C Rechargeable Professional Hair Trimmer for Men and Women

Kemei-KM-27C-Rechargeable-Professional-Hair-Trimmer-for-Men-and-WomenWhen it comes to trimmers, there are certain things that you look for at once. First of all, it should be safe on your skin. There is no point of a trimmer if all it leaves you with is cuts on your skin.

Secondly, it must have sharp blades that are precise enough to cut through even the tiniest hair on your body. And just once in a considerable amount of time, a product comes along that manages to check all of these boxes. The Kemei KM-27C might just be one of those products.

It is a heavy duty product that claims to be maintenance free. It is truly a one-time investment and once bought, it sure is going to last you for a very long time, with absolutely no degrade in quality. It is a corded device, one which needs to be plugged into to run. Thus, there is absolutely no hassle for reaching out for new batteries every now and then.

All you gotta do to use it is to plug it and you are set. No more will you have to worry about charging your device. Another fantastic aspect of the product is that it also works as a hair straightener. Thus, it is not just intuitive in what it does but is also, in fact, a multi-purpose and multi-usage product that requires minimal investment and gives maximum results.


6. Nova NHT – 1020 100% Waterproof Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men

Nova-NHT-1020-100-Waterproof-Rechargeable-Cordless-Beard-Trimmer-for-MenNova is a brand that has been rapidly making waves in the space for online marketing of trimmers. With their affordable pricing techniques and great new age products, they have managed to create a separate niche for themselves over the years that they have been onto the scene. The reason for their success lies in none other than the products they sell.

Most of them are built for perfection and do manage to give away all that which is promised. Among the many different variations of the products they have, the latest is the Nova NHT 1020.

This one markets itself as a completely waterproof device which, if you think about it, is actually quite a useful feature. It doesn’t matter whether it’s shaving or trimming or scalp, there is a good chance that there will be some amount of water involved.

And due to that, there is always the risk of your trimmer tipping over and coming into contact with water leading to severe damages and circuit failure. But now with this product, that is never going to happen. Built to withstand water, it is also washable apart from being cordless and rechargeable.

The cordless functionality is actually quite a great feature for users who are always on the move and also facilitates convenience. On the other hand, due to being rechargeable, you never have to run for new batteries time and again. The trimming is pretty high precision and the range varies from 0.20 mm to 9mm.

The blades are titanium coated for better sharpness while the primary material is high-grade stainless steel. One specification that you must follow, however, is the fact that it is not suitable for plug and play use and must be adequately charged before each usage. As a recommendation, somewhere around 8 hours of charge is enough to drive it for around 30-40 minutes.

There is a charging dock provided and the head is actually detachable so that you can put it under the tap and wash it thoroughly. Finally, if all of these features were not enough, it also does come with 12 months worth of manufacturer’s warranty in case there are any accidental damages of any kind.


7. Syska HT1309 Hair and Beard Trimmer

Syska-HT1309-Hair-and-Beard-TrimmerWhen a person buys a hair trimmer, one of the first things they look for is how diverse it is, in the sense regarding the number of features it has. Also, it is quite important to note the kind of recharge backup your product is capable of giving.

You need to confirm the number of hours it would take to fully charge the device, and then the number of hours it would last on a full charge. Without these numbers, it is practically useless to make a purchase.

With the Syska HT1309, fortunately, the numbers are in our favour. This device is extremely intuitive and lets you have access to a variety of functionalities. First if all, it is rechargeable and is actually very easy to charge and use. As a part of one of it’s most amazing features, you get to have access to as many as 25 different varieties of length settings.

There is a precision value as low as 1.0 mm so that you can perfectly nail the hair length you are actually looking for. This is basically customisation and customer satisfaction at its finest. With one full charge, while other trimmers generally offer somewhere around thirty minutes of usage, or at the most 45 minutes of usage, this one will give you as much as 60 minutes of uninterrupted use.

The blades used are very precise and are actually primarily made of stainless steel. Additionally, the trimmer is also very easy to clean as the head is detachable in variety, which you can then put under a tap to clean thoroughly. There is an adjustment setting which lets you switch easily between a trimmer and a clipper.


8. Hesley HST-1 Men’s Cordless Beard Trimmer

Hesley-HST-1-Mens-Cordless-Beard-TrimmerRechargeable hair trimmers are truly some of the most convenient devices when it comes to men’s grooming. All you need to do is plug your device into a USB slot or a power slot as per your product’s specifications, leave it for some time, and soon you will have a fully charged device.

You can then use the trimmer for as much 30 minutes to an hour depending on your variant. It just can’t get more convenient than that.

One prime example of a rechargeable trimmer is the Hesley HST-1 which comes with a power cord which you can remove or insert as per your desire and charge the trimmer whenever you want. You also get as many as 10 adjustable length settings, all of which are equally useful and allow you to perfectly customise the way you want your hair.

The removable head of the device makes it really easy to actually clean since it detaches easily and you can then just put it under a tap. As per the charging back up, you actually get a pretty impressive 45 minutes of usage after 8-9 hours of charging. With this trimmer, you also get an adjustable comb with varying lengths along with a small oil container.

The oil will actually be used to clean the trimmer effectively and help it run smoothly when it starts clogging up or facing problems. The power switch itself comes with varying degrees of cutting lengths. The box of the product comes with some very useful items besides the trimmer which happen to be a power cord, a cleaning brush, a lube and a position comb.


9. Syska HT200 Ultra Trim Beard Trimmer

Syska-HT200-Ultra-Trim-Beard-TrimmerSyska happens to be quite a prominent brand in the world of electronics. With products that have always been a hit with the audiences, to being diverse enough to come out as a leader in not just one but multiple sectors, this brand has done it all.

They are primarily known for their lighting equipment, which is definitely quite fantastic and worth checking out, but their recent foray into trimmers has also been a huge success.

The Syska HT200 manages to take the brand even higher by introducing some pretty intuitive features. It can get you as many as ten different length settings all varying from 0.5 mm all the way up to 10 mm.

The precision is as low as 1 mm so that you get to ace that perfect look by achieving just the exact length of hair you want. Next, the device is USB rechargeable, which means all you need to do when you run out of charge is to plug it into any of your desktop or laptop devices. For doing that, they also provide a USB cable, which will be compatible with any of your USB ports.

Additionally, another pretty amazing feature you get is that the blades are self-sharpening so that you never have to worry about them becoming dull or losing their edge. They are made out of premium grade stainless steel and will guarantee a soft but effective trim every single time you use them.

Finally, there is another feature that has been put in exclusively for your convenience. The head of the trimmer is detachable so that it becomes much easier for you to clean. That way, you get to put it under the water and rinse it clean.


10. Maxel Nova AK8801 Men’s Rechargeable Trimmer

Maxel-Nova-AK8801-Mens-Rechargeable-TrimmerIf you are looking for quality trimmers, and you have stumbled upon Maxel, perhaps you have come to the right place. This brand manages to check all of the parameters that a decent grooming products business must possess.

They do not just care about their customers, but with intensive feedback and great support, they actually also managed to reinvent themselves and their products from time to time.

The Maxel Nova AK8801 is simply one of the best devices available in the market right now. And it’s all because of not just it’s amazing functionalities but also due to the economic feasibility of the product.

It is really difficult to find a product that works this well at such a price. It lets you ace the perfect clean look with blades that are sharp to the fullest. With stainless steel and other high-grade materials used, you will certainly notice a definite upliftment in your trimming experience.

The build quality is amazing, and so is the design that it comes with. Sleek exteriors matched with sturdy interiors make this product not just attractive to look at but also durable from the inside. It is a precision trimmer which works exactly the way it should. It is also cordless so that you can easily move around while working. With its elegant design and skin friendly features, you know you have got a winner on your hands with this one.


Choosing the Best Trimmer under 1000

With this, we now come to the end of this buyer guide on best trimmer under 1000. While it’s true that there is no dearth of great trimmers in the market right now, it is also true that it is quite easy to get lost in all the chaos and get yourself a product that you didn’t really want in the first place.

If you are looking for a great trimmer, you need to skip past all of the not-so-great ones and get your hands on something that’s actual value for money. And for that, we advise you to stick to the ones we just went over above, because it is only with a certain help from the experts that you’ll be able to ace that purchase.

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