Best Weighing Machines In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Health Sense PS 1262. Health Sense PS 1173. Hoffen


Keeping a check on your body weight can be pretty demanding these days. We do understand that it is quite tiresome and difficult at most when it comes to succeeding in our personal fitness and health goals, however, one should one retrospect over his or her efforts and ensure that they are moving towards the right path.

The most simple and effective method we can give you is to keep a tab and monitor your body weight, and this can be achieved easily by looking and purchasing over one of the best weighing machines available in the market.

For any healthy enthusiast out there, monitoring your weight weekly or monthly or even bi-monthly is an illustrious practice. And it is no brainer that not all of us can keep an accurate count on our body weight or guess with precision.


Therefore, it is suggested to have your very own portable weighing machine at home so that it will be easy to evaluate your progress at any given time when necessary. Not only does a personal weighing machine become a tracking machine for you but also for your whole family. Fortunately, when it comes to picking the best weighing scale, we have multiple choices to choose from.

What Is Weighing Machine?

Basically, this is a device which is used to calculate and measure the overall body weight composition of an individual. These machines are proven to be beneficial to users who desire a change and walk down the fitness road. Moreover, it can be in either two forms such as : digital or an analog

Need For Weighing Machine

Regardless of how healthy you seem to appear, weighing yourself from a time interval after the another is still a fantastic way to monitor and keep track of your body weight. When doing this, you start to make many healthy alterations to your lifestyle choices during instances such as intemperate weight loss or gain. Specialists do mention that weighing yourself once in a week lets you understand a weight pattern over time thus supports you in keeping a tab to any sort of increase or decrease as you start to introduce changes in your activity levels and diet.

Placing a high-quality weighing scale in your bathroom or in your bedroom delivers an effective way when it comes to keeping track of your weight. The best digital weighing scale grants you an estimate of precise outcomes and eliminates any sort of guesswork. There are few expensive yet best digital weighing machines which display extra data regarding your health such as body fat percentage, BMI, etc. which tends to be ultimately useful especially for those users who aim to lose weight and ameliorate their body composition.

Nevertheless, when it comes to picking the best weighing scale which is ideal for you, it is crucial to consider a few elements, such as the level of accuracy, the potential of a weighing machine, clear display, extra specifications, etc. before making the final choice.

Things To Consider When Selecting the Best Weighing Scale

1) Weighing Machine Type

In regards to the types of weighing scales, there are usually two cardinal types – analog and digital:

Analog weighing scales – Analog scales are identified as mechanical scales and they tend to function on a spring procedure, therefore, analog weighing scales don’t need batteries at all. These devices have a huge foot platform and dials which are easy-to-read. However, analog scales have started to turn out imprecise with time. Also, analog scales are not suitable when it comes to measuring other health components such as body fat, BMI, lean mass, water weight, bone mass etc. which is completely viable when using digital weighing scales.

Digital scales – Digital scales have huge LCD screens which tend to display the body weight calculations and readings distinctly and are usually battery operated. There are multiple types of digital weighing machines found in the market. There are few basic ones which only display your body weight and there are high-tech, high end weighing scales which offer information about the body composition. They even calculate other factors such as the BMI, body fat percentage etc.

Picking between an analog or a digital weighing scale: If precision is the first thing you prioritize selecting a weighing machine, then analog weighing machines should be crossed of your list. Digital scales are developed to be more clear-cut when it comes to readings than compared to analog machines. On the other hand, analog weighing machines are guaranteed to be more durable than to digital weighing machines.

2) Weight Capacity

The first thing you need to assess before picking out a weighing machine via online is to evaluate your need. You should request a machine with the capability to weigh up to that needed capacity.

Even though weighing scales with higher capacity can quantify lower weights, weighing machines with a lower capacity cannot count heavyweight or overweight masses. In order to find out the appropriate machine, you need to check if it has the capability to meter weights as per your need.

Even though a majority of standard bathroom weighing scales have a conventional capacity of 120 to 150 kgs, there are several scales which offer high capacity and even bring you exact results up to a maximum of 250 kgs. Thereby, it is key to monitor the weighing scale range so that it can bring you a precise weight currently and as you further gain or lose weight in the near future.

3) Simple Display

Many weighing scales need the user to stand up firm and straight on the scale in order to announce the exact weight. So, it is ideal to pick a machine with a simple yet clear display of which you are able to view and identify the numbers without slouching or crouching.

4) Accuracy

A majority of the analog scales do face cases where they tend to shows inaccurate results over time since their spring becomes less amenable. Digital weighing scales, on the other hand, can beat analog scales when it comes to showing accurate figures.

5) An Automatic On/Off Feature

The automatic On/Off feature will automatically switch off the unit when it’s not in usage for some period of time. This feature is found in many upcoming and current digital weighing scales and even supports preserving the battery in the scale.

6) Good Foot Space

Always pick out a weighing scale with adequate amounts of foot space. This can help you to stand on the scale comfortably and let you measure your weight easily.

7) Low Battery Indicator

A low battery indicator helps to notify the user on when the battery is going to deplete. This provides a signal to the user and permits them to change the batteries in time without hindering the operation of the weighing machine.

8) Durable Material

It is crucial to check the overall material and quality of the scale since it will be with you and serve you constantly in your efforts towards weight loss/gain. Many digital weighing scales are produced out of tempered glass which is durable and is also easy to maintain, clean and is certainly unbreakable.

9) Location Of The Scale

Where you wish to position the scale in your household is another key factor that you should keep in mind before you make a decision when purchasing a weighing scale. Simple weighing machines don’t have the required capacity to shield against humidity or moisture so it is best not to position these machines in the bathroom.

Another thing to consider is the environment since it plays a huge impact on the performance level of a machine. Weighing machines which are low in price do not have the potential when it comes to being placed in either high humidity or moisture levels. This is why we recommend picking a higher-end weighing machine.

Additionally, there are few elements to consider when keeping the atmosphere issue in mind. An IP rated sealing food scale is recommended to be purchased if it is being used with industries. These units are expensive but all the more worth to invest since it promises durability and quality.

ATEX machines are developed especially for hazardous area purposes. Zone 1 and Zone 2 are the two types for this scale. The Zone 1 machines are much costlier since it comes with added protection. However, Zone 2 scales are much cheaper. The best weighing scale is a portable machine which can be moved from one place to another effortlessly and at the same time, provides all the needed features.

10) Quality

The price, capacity, and style categorize the weighing machines. There are myriad of varieties available in the market such as floor scale, bench scale, pocket scale, and platform scale. Before you purchase the weighing machine, you need to seek out the perfect one which befits you.

As always, check the quality of the machine before you purchase one. This factor is deemed as an important point over than the price of the product. The quality is key since it aids in lasting the product for many years. It will even help users save money in the near future as well. In fact, digital weighing machines are most favored.

11) Extra Features

Despite simple weighing scales are created for monitoring the weight only, expensive and high-end weighing machines can do a lot more.

Lean muscle mass – There are few high-tech weighing units which measure a user’s lean muscle mass, therefore, this is beneficial to those who are performing strength workouts in order to improve their body shape.
Body fat analysis – A majority of the digital scales can calculate a user’s body fat percentage by utilizing a bioelectrical impedance analysis. This feature is certainly useful to those who aim to increase their muscle mass.
Weight tracking – There are several weighing scales which can keep a tab on a user’s weight over time as well as daily and weekly rates thus help in noting down progress levels.

So as we have seen all the pros and cons of a digital weighing scale and an analog weighing scale, let’s get into reviewing the top 10 best weighing machines in 2020:

Top 10 Best Weighing Machines in 2020

1. Health Sense PS 126 Personal Scale

Health Sense PS 126 personal scale

The Health Sense PS 126 model is a state-of-the-art, basic design which is constructed using ABS material which is strong yet gossamer in order to maintain your feet with balance.

We can say that this model is a trustworthy unit since the accurate G-Sensors which are utilized, blend well with a producing tolerance of +/-300g. This enables you to obtain exact results each and every time you step on it. In addition, it includes features such as a weight range of about 5 kg to 180 kg, a huge LCD screen with backlight, integrates Step-ON technology, 3 quantifying units i.e st, lb., kg, and effective indicators such as the low battery and error indicators.

Users can calibrate this device by placing the model on a flat, firm surface. Then, start the machine by first placing one foot down on the platform until arbitrary numbers start to display on the screen. You can take off your food once the figure falls back to zero (0.0). Finally, you can now start weighing yourself.

We do recommend to always avoid the first reading during the calibration process especially every time when the scale is shifted from one place to another. Therefore, we advise you to move the machine as less as possible in order to prevent certain malfunctions.

Lastly, the body weight can variate throughout the day depending on the liquid and food intake thereby the most optimal time to weigh yourself for precise results is on an early morning with an empty stomach. The model comes with a 1-year Health sense India warranty on any production faults in order to provide you with high-quality consumer support


2. Health Sense PS 117 Digital Weighing Scale

Health Sense PS 117 Digital Weighing ScaleThe Health Sense PS 117 model is a symmetrical machine and a sturdy-grip platform, wherein, it is coated with a ‘grey blocked’ vinyl material on a pitch black base made of glass with beautiful curved edges. It truly is an appealing and aesthetic design which is worth to see and use.

The model employs highly accurate ‘G’ sensors which help to calculate and quantify the body weight with clear precision (up to the nearest decimal point).

Additionally, the model makes use of a huge LCD screen with a gleaming black light along with white sharp digits for better viewing.

The weight range being enacted onto this model is around 3kg to180kg. It cleverly intermingles between the units and the unit button as well. Moreover, other impressive features include low battery and ERR astute indicators which are beneficial to users and this unit would need 2 AAA batteries in order to work.

HealthSense India does offer you a one year off limited off-site warranty service for any sort of manufacturing faults. If the weighing scale does not brighten up as expected then you would need to carry out a battery replacement.


3. Hoffen Digital Weighing Scale

Hoffen Digital Weighing Scale

The digital weighing scale by Hoffen has been developed using highly accurate sensors and displays the precise weight when you place both your feet on the platform.

In regards to the platform, the model is a sturdy and heavy bearing platform which has been designed from bolstered tempered glass. It also comes with a streamlined design which enables effortless storage when it comes to storing the weighing scale when it is not in use.

As mentioned, this model comes with high precision sensors thereby, it features a very precise reading when the weight is being placed on it.

The device also brings you a notification on the display panel during cases when the battery is running low or almost dead. It also implements an overload indication which alerts the user if the weighing plate is being overloaded.

You can read clear displays since the display panel has a wide digital screen which shows the body weight along with the temperature and other elements as well. Since the view is imminent and clear to notify, it makes it extremely easy for users to read without having to slouch, bend or even strain your back.


4. Omron HN 286 Digital Weight Scale

Omron HN 286 Digital Weight Scale

The Omron HN 286 model is a highly desirable digital weighing scale which is produced using smooth silver coated protected glass, therefore, it tends to blend well with your home gym, living room, bathroom etc.

This dynamic weighing machine has a high precision mechanism which leads users to obtain a precise measurement of their body weight. It has a professional design outlook and enables you to keep a tab on your daily lifestyle and diet.

Even so, it stands with you as an amazing assistance platform when it comes to understanding and viewing your fitness journey.

What’s interesting is that it keeps note of small alterations in your body weight since it utilizes a smart and effective and intelligent four-sensor technology along with digital quantification.

The weighing scale is known to be the ideal blend of quality and fashion. It is a perfect fitness partner and motivator for men and women who are extremely health-conscious. The model has an automatic switch off feature which turns off the unit after 16 seconds.

Furthermore, it is important to note that this device comes with battery slot which is covered with a plastic strap and needs to be removed in order to use the product since the unit will not operate well as expected.


5. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale

Equinox Personal Weighing Scale

The Equinox weighing machine is labeled as the best unit when it comes to checking and measuring the body weight of an individual.

The Equinox EQ-EB-9300 is a sleek and smooth glass weighing scale which is created to offer a precise measurement each and every time you step on it for reading.

Also, the model is built with a user-friendly interface and uses an auto-step-on technology in order to give instant results, therefore, you don’t have to wait for long or keep stepping on the machine in order to retrieve results.

The huge LCD screen can reflect back the measurements with crisp details and the maximum weight this scale can buttress is an exact amount of 150 kilograms.

The model is engineered with powerful indicators such as the error, low battery, and the overload indicator. This will alert you during cases where the product seems to run out of battery or if it seems to carry too much weight (more than 150 kg). Finally, it employs a lithium battery which contains 3 volts of energy. The model comes with 18 months of warranty, therefore, users can return faulty, damaged products if found.


6. Agaro WS-502 Personal Weighing Scale

Agaro WS-502 Personal Weighing Scale

The Agaro personal weighing model is designed specifically for all your personal needs and use. It comes with an exact measurement tool and a user-friendly interface for easy readability.

This unit comes with an automatic switch technology wherein it switches on once you step on the scale. All you need to do is to simply position the unit on a flat sturdy surface and step on it. When doing this, your overall body weight is shown within seconds.

After you are done checking your weight, then step off from the machine and it will shut down automatically. When it comes to graduation, the scale has a slight increment of 100 g/ 0.01st/0.2 lb. This can enable results to be accurate with a few increments added.

With an extremely slim design, the unit only has a thickness of an approximate of 28 mm which is certainly wonderful for users who don’t want to carry heavy weight machines from one place to another. Since the design is sleek, it aids in portability, comfortability, and convenience. This model can calculate weight up to 5 kg to 180 kgs wherein it can also display the weight in either stone, kilogram or pound. Batteries included in this model are 3 V AAA batteries.


7. Dr. Trust Digital Scale

Dr. Trust Digital Scale

The Dr. Trust Absolute leather digital weighing scale uses top quality ABS material along with a free measuring tape and a digital thermometer. The complete leather material is a powerful material which leads the product to be durable for a long period.

This weighing scale has a precise reading measurement program along with a clear LCD backlight display. Users can find this advantageous since they don’t need to slouch down when reading their body weight on the machine.

In addition, it includes a plethora of features such as an overload indicator, a highly accurate strain gauge sensor, and even measures weight up to 180 kg. Do keep in mind that as you calibrate, the first reading is to be always ignored.

In terms of the warranty, the company offers a 2-year guarantee which is adhered to certain terms and conditions. This warranty is provided when there are faults or damages in the weighing machine sensors.


8. Health Sense PS119 Weighing Scale

Health Sense PS119 Weighing Scale

The Health Sense PS119 model is designed to perfection. In fact, it is a suitable fitness partner when it comes to maintaining your healthy diet and daily life since it helps to support weight management targets. This is possible since the model implements highly precise settings and are proven to be of high efficiency.

Being strong and long-lasting, the scale is covered on an ABS back body and glossed with a beautiful jet black color scheme and even includes a toughened glass platform with a gleaming LED display in red color.

This model is packed with the best specifications and technology, therefore, the scale is being created to complement any sort of home décor and even bring you a much healthier life.

Additionally, as mentioned, the model implements an extremely sleek 6mm strengthened glass for guaranteed durability and thermal resistance. The machine comes with four G sensors which are designed for instant and precise readings. Moreover, it comes with a weight range of 3 to 180 kg and incremental graduation of 100g. You can even change between units such as from lb to kg to st and vice versa.


9. MCP Weighing Scale

MCP Weighing Scale

The MCP weighing scale is a remarkable product especially when it comes to offering a clean weighing process along with a user-friendly design.

In addition, the model comes with an LCD blue light clear display. Users can now read off their body weight instantly at a large distance and don’t need to bother slouching down or squinting their eyes when viewing the weight.

Other great features include a maximum weight range up to 180 kg and utilize a 4mm balanced platform with toughened glass which is explosion-proof.

This enables the model to be durable in the long run and allows users to save a lot of money in the near future. Furthermore, it includes a smart booting operation and an intelligent shutdown specification. This will automatically shut down the device after 10 seconds of inactive use.


10. Omron HN 289 Weight Machine

Omron HN 289 Weight Machine

This customized digital weighing unit is being produced with a smooth silver coated protected glass which blends really well with your home gym, bathroom, living room, and many more. Therefore, not only does it help you when it comes to losing weight but also matches well with your home decor any day.

When using this machine, you can expect highly accurate results to be received since the model is engineered with a precise measurement program and retrieves the exact human body weight.

Moreover, it is designed by professional experts who have considered multiple factors before developing this product, therefore, enabling you to bring a consistent healthy balance to your daily diet and lifestyle choices.

At the same time, it delivers invaluable support especially during monitoring your fitness targets and progress. It even keeps a tab of several small changes in your body weight and utilizes a digital measurement mechanism as well as a four-sensor smart technology.

This model is dynamic for anyone, irrespective of gender and size and serves pretty well when it comes to being a fitness partner and is an ideal fusion of both quality and fashion.


Since we have looked into the top 10 best weighing machines in 2020, let’s weigh down some of the most frequently asked questions by the online community:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Brand is Best for Weighing Machine?

Usually, there is no one universal answer but different brands do offer different features and there are some brands which implement the latest technology into these machines. However, we find these 4 brands the best and even recommended:

  • Health Sense
  • Omron
  • Unique Gadget
  • Equinox

2. Which Weighing Scale is the Most Accurate?

Before we start naming brands, it is important to note that there are typically 7 reasons on why a scale can be inaccurate which are: water weight, carbohydrates, and sodium, muscle mass, exercise, irregular weight-ins, constipation, clothing allowance.

Here are some weighing scales which we feel offers precise results:

  • Weight Guru Digital Body Scale
  • EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale
  • Tanita BC554 Body Composition Monitor

3. Is Analog Weighing Scale Better Than Digital?

Digital weighing scales tend to have a better impression than over an analog scale since they are suitable for measuring the body weight. Digital scales have the potential to quantify body weight and other useful data with high precision. These are some of the few reasons on why people prefer digital over analog scales.

4. What is the Function of Weighing Scale?

Scales are generally used to measure and calculate the body weight composition of an individual. In order to utilize a scale, the user would need to stand on the machine in an upright position without slouching, relaxed. Once this is done, the weighing machine will start to measure the weight of the user by calculating the pressure forced onto the foot platform.

Read, Evaluate and Choose the Best Weighing Scale

We hope you have decided the right weighing machine for your use. If you are eager to lose/gain weight, the models mentioned above will provide a good service. However, do select a weighing scale which matches up to your needs, convenience levels, and budget as well.

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