Must know Side Effects of Fat Burners

We all have dealt with some kind of weight issues at some point in our lives. Isn’t it? Also, you must have also opted for a variety of supplements of exercising. On top of this list come the unhealthy fat burners.

The fact that we want to see results at a fast pace without even giving a shot to healthy food and exercise is letting our health down at a consistent rate.

One thing that you need to put in your mind is that artificial fat burning agents have severe side effects. In the following few paragraphs, you will get to learn this fact in depth, and then we hope you quit artificial fat burners and switch to the authentic weight loss methods.

The Fat Burner: Do they Really Burn Fat?

The first step to this journey of losing fat is to understand one thing: ‘What are Fat Burners?’

This is the era in which thousands of people in each city suffer from one big problem: Obesity. It happens due to an individual’s unhealthy lifestyle which includes junk foods and minimal body movement.

And this is the time when a person starts to look for easy ways of losing weight, but little does he or she realize those fat burning tablets are equally harmful.

The Fat Burners are also known as Thermogenics, which are made by blending herbs and stimulants that cause extra heat to the body, hence causing increased calorie burning.

Added to this, they also cause the suppression of one’s appetite and boosts energy at low times. We would suggest you to read our complete guide on fat burners if you want more detailed information.

How do Fat Burners Work?

1. Appetite suppression

A fat burner starts to manipulate the chemicals and body hormones which in turn give the brain that the stomach is full. The supplements target the fight or flight hormones of the brain which are responsible for intercepting messages to the brain by the body.

In simpler terms, their job is to distract the brain from the idea of eating by passing fake messages of saying that the stomach is full. This, in turn, cause major side effects like heart attacks or nervous issues, as it is they directly affect the nerves of a person.

2. Block the Fat

The fat burners which work as fat blockers are extracted from shellfishes and are called chitosan. This substance creates a coating around the food that you eat and doesn’t let the stomach absorb the fat.

It might seem to be working well, but in the long term, this may lead to anal leakages, severe pains, diarrhoea, and what not. This is because they are sucking away both the fat and nutrients which are crucial for a body.

3. The Fast-moving Metabolism

The third and the last trick of fat burners is to make a body lose weight by giving a boost to the metabolism. What they do is that they artificially give a kick to the metabolism so that the breakdown of nutrients takes place at a fast pace.

The key ingredient of these tablets is Caffeine, which is considered a fat burner and helps with the boosting of metabolism. Now you must be feeling that the boost in metabolism is always good. Is it?

No. In the long run, the metabolism tends to lose its original speed and might end up losing its energy.

Side Effects of Fat Burners

Till now you have already gathered pretty much all the issues that fat burners might give you. And now let us close up with the most common side effects caused by fat burners.

1. Insomnia

A routine is extremely crucial for a person and if there is any hindrance in your sleep patterns, then the whole day gets disturbed. A pill like ephedrine or caffeine do help people with fat issues but at the cost of the adverse affects on the immune system, fatigue problems, regularity of cold, and also flu.

2. Anxiety

The job of the fat burners is not only about the loosing of weight, but also, they are great at disturbing the stress hormones. An individual with anxiety issues should never opt for fat burning pills as the situation is expected to worsen.

Also if you take the lightest of fat burning pills in high dosage, then the chances of you facing the adverse side effects might increase.

3. Elevated Blood Pressure

A fat burning pill is all about the boost of metabolism and appetite suppression. They heat up the body for maximum weight loss and thus end up leading to high blood pressures and many at times even an increased heart rate. In the end, all this leads to a decrease in the blood circulation.

4. Dehydration

If an individual takes up fat burning pills during summers, then it is possible that he or she might end up losing the body water. This may end up causing issues like headaches and even unconsciousness.

In spite of all these words, even if you still opt for undertaking the fat burners then make sure to undertake loads of water.

5. Others

Fat burners have been proven to have caused mental stress and trauma to people. Added to this, issues like mood swings, aggressiveness, and emotional breakdowns have also been founded.

In the end, it’s on your hard work, and healthy eating that you will end up losing weight. It might take time, but it is the healthiest way you can achieve your dream body type. Opt for natural fat burners like Green tea, grapefruit, pears, almonds, navy beans, or more. If need be you can opt for fat burners by consulting a dietitian.

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