Sure Fire Tips to Grow Your Beard Effectively

Since past thousands of ages, we have seen kings who have been known for their wrathful beards and mustaches. These were a way of expressing their fierce personalities and aura. If you are a boy, then I am sure that even the society hasn’t left you alone with its logic of, ‘Beard is the aura of a man’.

Beard growth tips

Well, in all, beards are all about showing the world that you are finally a man now. The trick in getting a great beard is tough and takes quite some dedication. One needs to make sure that the ways they chose to get a nice beard need to be authentic and healthy.

We are sure that you too are amongst those who are struggling with the low growth of mustache and beard. But don’t worry, now we have got your back.

Here are Some Effective Ways of Giving the Boost to the Growth of Your Facial Hair

1. Skincare and Body Fitness

One top priority when it comes to stimulating the facial hair growth is to have a good personal care routine so as to let your skin get pampered.

Start by following a simple yet effective skincare routine and stick to it. Do inculcate the following steps in your skincare routine so that you know that you are going in the right direction:

1. Exfoliate the skin with the help of a light gel to help yourself remove those unwanted dead cells and skin.

2. Moisturizing is extremely crucial as it will help the beard grow by supplying enough moisture.

Now if we discuss the part where you need to keep your body fit is when you need to stay stress-free and give the beard all the rest or peace it requires to grow.

Also, always remember that blood circulation is extremely crucial for the growth of beard, so do not forget to exercise.

2. Vitamins for Hair Growth

If you aspire for great thick facial hair, then vitamin supplements are what you should opt for. One good supplement would be biotin which helps in the growth of nails and hair. These are easy to get and are full of Vitamin B and Proteins that can help you in achieving the goals.

3. Goodbye to Frequent Trimming

Always make sure to stay away from triming your beard and moustache frequently. Well, of course, you can groom it when it is at its peak. A big reason as to why one should refrain from frequent trimming is that it might end up slowing the pace of growth.

And one more thing, if you are also a believer of the myth ‘shave multiple times to grow the hair fast’, then kick the thought out of your brain as it is of no relevance.

4. Beware of the Ingrowth

Due to a lot of ingrowth on the face, beard tends to show up pretty unevenly. Sadly not many men know about this term. Added to this, do you sometimes notice those patches on your skin where the hair is too stubborn to come?

Well, this might be some fungal problem or moisture problem. In our opinion, you should opt for meeting a Dermatologist once to get to know your skin type. Also, at last, make sure that you let the beard grow to its fullest and then shave it off so that the growth enhances.

5. Groom it and Take Care of it

The worst that can happen during this process is that you might end up giving up on your beard exactly at the time when there is some kind of progress. Getting a hard growth is quite common when you start to see those stubbles on the skin right after a few days of a shave.

This might end up giving your skin some sort of itching or drying. And this is the time when you have to control yourself from shaving immediately and opt for shaving after four or five weeks.

If you are not a fan of shaving, get a good trimmer and maintain the shape of the beard once in 3-4 weeks depending on your growth.

Eventually what will happen is that your skin will adapt to all the drastic changes happening all over your skin and the growth of facial hair. If you are getting a lot of itching during the initial days of growth, you should opt for a Dermatologist, and it is possible that you will be recommended to use the hydro-cortisone cream.

6. Try out Some Natural Home Remedies

The best way out for treating natural problems like itching, pimples, etc. is by opting for natural home remedies. Here are a few ways by which you can boost your facial hair growth and keep the skin all healthy.

  • Coconut oil has always been loved by our mothers and why not it does fix so many hair problems. Take some coconut oil and massage it on your skin with the help of cotton balls or maybe even add on few drops of rosemary oil for enhanced results. Post this just let it settle on the skin for 15 minutes before you rinse it off. This remedy will help you with the stimulation of hair growth.
  • Mix some lemon juice and cinnamon to form a solution which is great for facial hair growth. Let this settle for 20 minutes and then go on and rinse it off with cold water.
  • The third way of pushing the hair growth is by massaging the skin with amla oil.


In all these are the most benefitting ways by which you can get your dream beard but you need to keep more things in mind. These include: switch to one single regime, be patient as your body will take it’s on time, and also after you get your desired result, keep the beard groomed

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