4 Reasons Why Men Should Start Using Blow Dryers

The words that are most often used to describe a man are handsome, rugged, macho and many other words to the same effect as these. To summarise, men are known to venture into the wild and are not really considered as who are much into personal care and grooming.

There was a time that a man’s appeal to the fairer sex, i.e. woman, came not from what clothes he wore or well he grooms himself but rather from the swagger in their walk and weight in their talk. However, the rules of the game have changed.

Since David Beckham, the retired footballer from England first came up with an iconic hairstyle, not only have sports players, but many influential men in the entertainment industry have taken to grooming their hair.

Today, rugged looking men with bulging biceps and rock-hard abs also are very particular about their hair care.

The most important tool which is used when grooming your hair is a blow dryer. It is a simple tool which looks like a big barrelled handgun and throws warm air into your hair for quickly drying them. Though it sounds like a simple appliance, its results are flawless.

The woman already knows the positive results of a blow dryer and have used it to the fullest. Now it is time for men to yield the fruit from this device. following are some reasons which will convince you to go and buy the best blow dryer right now.

1. Streamlined grooming routine

To be honest, an average man spends about an hour in the bathroom to fulfil his morning business, out of which hardly five minutes are used for grooming. Proper care of your hair and face takes more than that. Consider a blow dryer as a gateway grooming device.

As you add blow drying to your routine, you will see immediate effects. Spending extra time in front of the mirror will also help you think of all the extra things you can add to your morning routine to take better care of yourself.

2. Styling foundation

Let’s say you have recently decided to add a little personality to your hair. This can be achieved by using serums, moose, gels, creams, and many other assorted personal care items. It has been found by stylists, that the best way to start styling your hair is to blow dry it first.

Blow drying un frizzes your hair and gives it a free and manageable consistency. Now you can mold this metaphorical clay into a masterpiece of your choosing.

3. Your hair needs help

Men exercise to keep the body in optimum condition and eat right to keep the insides clean, then why is it that we do almost nothing for our hair? It is understandable as until recently men are not known for long hair, and since woman keep them they make sure that they are properly treated.

This is one of the reasons that the men hair care industry has been neglected. Your hair is an organic compound and, just like your body and mind, it requires certain upkeep. Blow dryers are able to provide that help to your hair.

3. Straight hair

Curly hair is cute, but only till you are 16. If you have decided to grow up and go for a more serious look, then straight is the way for you. Blow dryers are able to give a straight and sleek look. Just blow your hair dry after the shower and watch the magic.

4. Confidence Boost

This is the main reason why men should go for blow dryers. A good set of hair is able to boost a man’s confidence like nothing else. This can be achieved through the use of a blow dryer.


It may be out of the norm for you, butting adding a blow dryer to your daily routine will only help you in improving your daily grooming process. The above points are clear about how it can do so.

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